The Perfect All-Occasion Summer Dress #FashionFriday

Hello and welcome back to 25 Days of Summer Fashion! Today is Day 2, and I have a the perfect all-occasion summer dress that is on point for pretty much any summer event you can conjure up — well, except for maybe a cocktail party or black tie wedding, but you get the point.

The Perfect All-Occasion Summer Dress

This linen blend sheath will be great for graduation ceremonies, afternoon weddings, baby or bridal showers, and church on Sundays. I actually wore this outfit to church last week.

It has a super flattering fit, and it’s very well made with a full lining. I love the lacy embroidery detail and the way the split neckline shows some skin without sacrificing modesty.

Love the white embroidered detail and flattering split neckline on this navy linen sheath.

The Perfect All-Occasion Summer Dress

The perfect navy summer sheath paired with white pumps -- perfect for all of your summer dressy events!

A year ago, I would have paired this dress with nude pumps or dress sandals, but I took this opportunity to wear my new white pumps. Yes, white pumps are making a comeback. See my post on 7 ways to wear white pumps if you’re not convinced.

I know, I know, some of you will tell me you can’t do it and you aren’t seeing them yet where you live, but give it time. I predict our eyes will adjust and white pumps will be everywhere a few summers from now.

This summer's hottest trend -- white pumps! | Summer 2017 | Fashion for Women Over 40

Of course, white pumps aren’t a necessity. White sandals would also be a fresh pairing with this dress, and nude would work as well. Navy is another option, but I think they might look heavy for summer.

I carried a structured satchel in a lovely linen color. I like how it blends without exactly matching the outfit, and the ladylike style compliments the classic sheath and pumps.

The Perfect All-Occasion Summer Dress

I kept my jewelry simple because the dress pretty much stands alone. I wore my oversized faux pearl earrings and some white and gold bangles, although I think I’d prefer a plan gold cuff bracelet. I grabbed the first thing I could find because we were late for church, lol!

If you’re in need of an all-occasion summer dress, I highly recommend this one. It also comes in black and white (the white one has ecru lace trim.)

The Perfect All-Occasion Summer Dress

For size reference, this dress runs a little bit small, but true to size for Eliza J dresses. I’m wearing the 8, which is usually what I wear in this brand, although I can get away with a 6 in Ann Taylor, White House Black Market, and Banana Republic dresses. I hope that information is helpful.

If in doubt, just order two sizes and mail back the one that doesn’t work. With Nordstrom’s free and easy return policy, you’ve got nothing to lose!

The Perfect All-Occasion Summer Dress

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embroidered neck sheath dress // white pumps // faux pearl earrings // make it mine candace satchel c/o kate spade new york // bracelets c/o Alex and Ani

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer outfit she’s styling today! And it’s Friday, so that means my Fashion Friday linkup day! If you have a fashion blog, I’d love for you to join us. If you’re here for your weekly dose of style inspiration, you’ll find plenty of that here. Have a beautiful weekend!

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47 Responses

  1. You know how I just love seeing you in a dress, Jo-Lynne!! You have the perfect body for it!!
    And what an easy way to get dressed up for a fun event!!
    I just bought a pair of white sandals after seeing your post on white pumps!! I love the summer for exposing my toes, so I had to go with the sandal version. Maybe later, I’ll get a closed toe version!!
    Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

  2. You look gorgeous and this dress is stunning on you! Have a great long weekend and I hope you feel better soon’

  3. The dress is perfect on you! So sorry you’re dealing with vertigo……for the last 20 years I’ve had the occasional bout with it…..I used to panic over it but now, I take it in stride, watch what I do with my head, and wait for it to subside….it is very unsettling, though……

  4. That is a very pretty dress, very versatile, and you look so nice in it! I’m so sorry you are still dealing with the vertigo! Most schools around GA are already out for summer.

  5. The dress is nice but not feeling the white pumps. But I think that even when they were in fashion, I didn’t wear them, even then. There are so many good alternatives now….so I’ll just take your word for it, that they are coming back strong. Lol

  6. Have you gotten physical therapy for the vertigo? My husband has had vertigo a few times and the therapy really helps! Also, now that I’m in adore your wardrobe, what is your body type? I’m wondering if I can use your ideas but adapt them to my body type of short waisted pear.

    1. What I have is labyrinthitis and it is mostly likely the result of that head cold I had a couple weeks ago. I have meds but they just make me tired so I have been suffering thru. It just has to run its course. 🙂

      I’m a short waisted curvy. I think you’ll find you can adapt my ideas once you get more confident knowing what styles work best for you, and you will probably start critiquing me as well. 😉 I don’t always follow the rules, lol. I look best in structured and/or form fitting tops, but with all the voluminous styles out right now, it’s hard to stick to that.

  7. I love this dress on you. So pretty. I hope your feeling better soon, and enjoy the long weekend ahead. I would love to see pictures of your yard all freshened up.

  8. This dress looks like it was made for you! I love the navy and white. I have had bouts of vertigo, too, and I found that taking Bonine pills (which are for motion sickness) helped me. Have a great weekend!

  9. Hope you are feeling better soon! I’ve read vertigo can be a symptom of migraines, so I’ve successfully treated a few bouts I’ve had with migraine medicine. Good luck to you in finding relief.

  10. The dress looks great on you. I love the white on blue. I’m wondering if you meant to say the dress runs a little big, not small……..if you say you wear an 8 in it and 6 in other brands? 🙂 Didn’t want you to have a typo. 🙂 I’m just not ready for the white pumps, but I’ve learned in fashion to NEVER say never. I remember when I said I’d NEVER wear skinny jeans and now that is all I wear and the thought of wearing flare scares me. 🙂 LOL But….I can tell you I think I would say NEVER if you said wear white pumps with nylons. 🙂 LOL Thanks Jo-Lynne……love the summer series so far.

  11. PS Sorry about the vertigo…..hope it passes. I have a cousin who suffers from it every so often. Sounds terrible. It might be worth a try to try the migraine medicine like one comment mentioned. I have migraines and the 3 I know of are Imitrex, Zomig and Maxalt. But, of course talk to your doctor.

  12. Excited to see what outfits you come up with for the summer! I miss you sharing your nail colors- I’m finding myself in a rut and always looking for fun mani/pedi color combos besides my go to shell pink. Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. You nailed it with this one! You look a million dollars! Jackie O but cooler. I love love love this. I was sceptical about white pumps, but they look amazing with this dress! So fresh.

  14. Wow! Such a good post for me and timely! I have a cobalt blue dress I am trying to decide shoes for… I may just try the white! That dress looks simply lovely on you!

  15. I wasn’t sure about the white pumps either, but they look perfect with this dress. So ladylike!

  16. You look stunning! Everything is working! So sorry you are struggling with vertigo. You have been going nonstop. You’re body could be protesting! It has a way of doing that! Rest up and enjoy your weekend! Will say a prayer for you.

  17. “Your body” not “you’re body!” I swore I typed that right. Going on 4 hrs of sleep so not firing on all cylinders!

  18. Hi, I have dealt with vertigo as well off and on the last few years. The ENT called it Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (That’s a mouthful isn’t it?!). The bed would spin, lifting my arms above my head was a challenge to stay upright and heaven forbid if I bent over to pick something up. Anyway…there are simple exercises that help, just look up BPPV online. I hope this helps.

    1. Yikes. I’m glad the exercises helped. This is a result of a cold and the exercises really don’t work b/c it’s inflammation not loose crystals. I am waiting it out but it seems to be getting a little better. 🙂

  19. Beautiful, classic dress. I love the navy and white combination. I remember having some white pumps in my teens and swore I’d never wear them again, but you’re right, trends kinda creep up on you and before you know it you love them again! I was the same with mules!

    Emma xxx

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