The Ultimate Luxury Flip-Flop and a USMA Sweatshirt Photo

The main topic of discussion among the moms going to the Disney blogger mixer this weekend is what we will wear on our feet.  We all have two goals in mind — comfort and style.  But finding a shoe that meets both criteria is harder than it sounds.  We will assumably be doing a LOT of walking.

For me, my ideal summer shoe is the flip-flop.  But I know that flip-flops are generally not known for support and practicality when excessive walking is involved.  So I was planning to bring a pair of comfy ballet flats as well as my sneakers for backup.

UNTIL.  I came across someone in Big Mama’s Fashion Fiesta touting the Born flip flop.  Now, I know a bit about Born shoes.  They pretty much join marriage and style in holy matrimony.  So this morning I ran over to Marshall’s to see if I could luck out and find a cute pair for an affordable price, and behold — the ultimate luxury flip-flop!

Now I just have to break them in before Friday.

Also.  Here is proof that I have no pride.  My best friend from college read my blog post from this morning and promptly emailed this picture to me (me in the USMA sweatshirt) and I figured it might be good for a laugh or three.

Yep, that’s me as an undergrad, wearing far too much makeup and an unfortunate curtain of bangs while bumming around in her ex-boyfriend’s sweatshirt.  And I have NO idea why I have that frightening grin on my face.

Rest in peace, old friend.

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23 thoughts on “The Ultimate Luxury Flip-Flop and a USMA Sweatshirt Photo

  1. My mom has those sandals and I can attest to the fact that they are unbelievably comfy AND look great with most anything. I threaten to steal them every time I slip them on. One of these days, I just might.

  2. The picture is from the album you made for me and you’d labeled it “junior year”. It doesn’t give details but I am sure it was taken right before something really exciting happened, like you were leaving to go and babysit.
    The sandals look great, wish I had a Marshall’s nearby.

  3. OK Comfy thought my SOLES may be in those shoes, you cannot convince me that a leather strap between by toes is going to be comfortable if I am walking for miles. Maybe the same reason I don’t wear the other kind of thongs?? hehe

  4. Were you reading my mind this morning?

    As I was vacuuming this morning I was thinking about how I needed to go get some new flip flops. I bought cheap-o Target “flops” last year and I regretted it.

    So I will have to try on a pair of Born’s soon!

  5. No! No no no! You cannot wear Born sandals to Disney!

    Listen, I LIVE in Born sandals. But I would NEVER (never, never) wear them to Disney!

    You need Keens.

    I’m so sorry for not being there in your desperate time for shoe advice. I’m a lousy fellow blogger. I beg your forgiveness.

    But it’s not too late.


    You need Keens. They are sandals/ sneakers and adorable to boot!

    I feel like I’ve failed you.

    And now I also wonder WHAT is happening at Disney this weekend?!

    I’m only 7 hours away, y’all.

  6. The flip flops were $40 at Marshalls. They had about five different styles of Born flip flops, and those were just the flat ones. They had some adorable wedges too. I had to tear myself away!

    Solioquy, are you the one with the Born sandals on the Festival? I think you were. Well dangit. I have to buy MORE shoes? This is rough, yall. ROUGH. 😉

  7. Love the flip flops – so how much was Marshall’s charging. On line they are $75 – ouch!
    And the picture – love it! Hubby has a memory box that he refuses to part with any of its contents – he is very sentimental that way. I could do without the letters fromt he ex!

  8. I don’t know about wearing a flip flop walking around disney all day. We had passes and went a lot two years ago. I think some keds and sketchers (did I spell that right…..my mind is going. LOL)

    $40 for the flip flops isn’t bad at all! I must find a Marshall’s! LOL

  9. Well, IF I were going, of course, I’d wear nothing but Chacos. Uh, that’s not precisely true – I mean, shorts, t-shirt, etc, etc, and Chacos. But, even if you decide the Borns aren’t all-day flip-flops, I have no doubt you’ll get your $$$s worth out of them. Have a great time!

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