High School Yearbook

I can’t BELIEVE my trip is almost here.  I am overwhelmed with packing, shopping, planning blog posts through Monday, and working through my design queue before I leave.  Fortunately the house is clean, there are groceries in the fridge, and the laundry is caught up.  Of course, we all know that those things will all be undone by Thursday night if I don’t keep up with them.  So that’s my goal.

I promised I’d share some of the gems I found in my high school year books.  There are a lot of the typical "stay sweet!" type of comments.  And then there are some gems.  Here is proof that my OCD was alive and well in high school.

Dear Jo-Lynne, I know my handwriting is sloppy compared to your neat particular"ness".  But that’s o.k., because that’s you, and that’s how I like you.

Poor girl was afraid to write in my yearbook because she feared her handwriting wouldn’t meet my standards.  Sheesh!  What kind of tyrant am I?

Oh, here’s a good one.

You are such a fun, hyper person.  I’m going to miss you a lot.
If you ever have a problem about your hair, call me and I will try my
hardest to help you!

Clearly nothing much has changed.  Evidently I was an exclamation point even back then, and my hair gave me as many fits then as it does now. 

In every year book, my best friend S wrote over about 3/4 of the book.  Reading her notes is by far the highlight of finding these year books.  I’d share some of it, but it’s pretty much chock full of inside jokes.  In every issue, she took up 2 of the 3 empty pages in the back, and then one year she wrote on the inside pages just to annoy me.  For instance,

TURN TO PAGE 99 – I know you hate it when people write on inside pages but I’m running out of room.

Again, proof of my OCD tendencies at an early age.

Every year she ended with something like this. 

We have an untouchable bond.  There are no two friends quite like us.  I hope it will be that way forever.

It’s nice to know that some friends really are friends forever.  This is us then.

And us now (or last November, rather.)

Stay sweet!

* * *

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