Who Knew A Free Trip Could Cost So Much?

I am back from yet ANOTHER day of shopping. This trip is adding up, and I haven’t even left yet!

After wearing them around for a couple days, I decided to take some of your sage advice and abandon the idea of the luxury flip-flop for something a bit more practical — a pair of sneakery mary janes.


My husband wanted to know what was wrong with my ordinary sneakers, and after I let out an enormous sigh, I explained that the goal is to be cute AND comfortable. And besides, I never wear sneakers. I actually do not find them comfortable. I find them confining. So then I asked him how he’s been married to me for 13 years and still doesn’t know this. He might have rolled his eyes, but I chose to ignore it for the sake of marital harmony.

In addition to the new shoes, yesterday we picked up a point-and-shoot camera at Costco because my beloved SLR doesn’t exactly fit in the…

NEW PURSE that I picked up today — it’s a small cross-over, just big enough for my phone, my new camera, a tube of lipstick, ID and some cash.  Cause it’s that or a fanny pack, and if I have to explain why I’m not wearing a fanny pack, you haven’t been reading my blog for very long.

My bank account is reeling from this “free trip” already!  Oh, and then there was that bathing suit…  Mercy.

I think I might actually be ready. I need to lay everything out and make sure I can fit it all in my unnecessarily large suitcase. Can we say high maintenance? Hey, I’m okay with that.