High Maintenance + Indecisive = Nutcase

So yeah.  This is what my bed looks like right now.  Keep in mind, I’m going away for just THREE days.

That’s four possible evening going-out outfits and two possible casual daytime outfits and then a few extra tops for good measure.  And this doesn’t even include the array of denim jackets (thus my fashion question of the week) and shoes.  Oh, and handbags.  Because the little cross-over bag I got yesterday isn’t going to work out.  So I think I’ll just work with what I have, seeing how I pretty much could open a store with my handbag collection, anyway.

It’s hard to pack, not knowing exactly what we will be doing, so I feel like I need a lot of options.  My favorite evening going-out outfits involve long jeans that need
high heeled shoes, but I have to imagine that pretty much anything we
do will involve a lot of walking.  So I have a couple of skirts that I can wear with flats in there too.  And then there are my airplane/traveling outfits.  Which DEFINITELY involve jeans and flat shoes.

Oh how I long to be one of those delightfully low-maintenance women who can pack for a long weekend in a carry-on bag.  Maybe in my next life…