When He Needs A Little Help In The Gift Giving Department

Have you ever wished your husband could get in your head and know exactly what you want for the next gift-giving event on the calendar?  Have you received more than your fair share of bum gifts over the years?  Even though they mean well, sometimes our men need a little help to know exactly what we want.  After all, we’re a fickle lot, we women are.  (Admit it, ladies.)

My husband does pretty well when it comes to gift giving.  He knows it’s one of my love languages.  Okay, who are we kidding, it IS my love language.  Especially when it involves something shiny and sparkly.  And he knows this.

The best gift he’s ever given me, and by far the best surprise he’s ever pulled off, was this past Christmas when he hid a ring I had been wanting in the top of a boot (which I had also been wanting).  I didn’t expect either, and I was thrilled to pieces with the boots.  Between you and me and the fencepost, they were surprise enough. But then.  THEN there was that little gold box hiding inside.  He definitely got that one right.

I am pretty choosy, so I usually just come right out and tell him what I want.  I’ve even been known to buy a gift, wrap it, put it under the tree, and inform him that he’s done shopping.  He loves that, actually.  Hey, who says I’m high maintenance?

But that DOES pretty much negate any surprise factor.  A while back I found a website where I could keep a wish list, and I tried to keep it up to date with gifts ideas, but I think my husband forgot it was there unless I sent him a link, which, again, surprised?  Notsomuch.

Well.  This weekend, members of The Parent Bloggers Network (that’s me!) are collaborating with a cool new website, Get In Her Head, which is a free service that keeps track of your wish list AND emails your honey when special events are approaching.  It also keeps your sizes on file for your his easy reference. 

What makes it really cool is the site is designed for couples.  So there is a profile for each of you
where your wish list and sizes and preferences are stored.  Then
there’s a joint calendar where the dates for upcoming events are kept.  You record the dates that pertain to you as a couple and also dates that pertain to your family and friends.  You can get email reminders for those too.  I entered the birth dates of every family member and scheduled reminders, so now I have no excuse for forgetting anyone’s birthday ever again.  Pretty nifty, huh?

And beyond that, the site is full of wish list ideas, links, and even a discussion forum.  So what are you waiting for?  Go check it out.  And get your wish list going right in time for Mother’s Day!