Think Spring!

Take a look at my latest blog design!  I am SO ready to be that mom in the header.  It feels like spring here today in Philly.  What about your neck of the woods?

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9 thoughts on “Think Spring!

  1. Super cute design. Well, down here in TX we are currently listening to a cold front blow in (the windows are rattling from the wind) and it is a depressing 51 degrees right now. I thought it was spring?

  2. I love what you came up with! I couldn’t be happier. You are so wonderful to work with. I’m going to recommend you to everyone, so get ready! And yes there is a cold front coming in right now. It will 60 and windy at the ball park tomorrow! So much for sitting and watching while trying to catch some sun. Thanks again for all of your hard work!! Bless you!!!

  3. I want to be her too! Especially that waist size!

    Nicole, I’m in TX too, how funny! What part are you in? The weather has just been rainy almost every day and thunderstorms which I like to believe is just God’s way of justifying my blah mood lately! It leads me to wonder if the atmosphere is having a bad effect on me or I’m having a bad effect on the atmosphere?!?! Things that make you go…HMM!

  4. That is wonderful! I love the baseball.

    Here…didn’t get above 32 today. Plus, north is getting rain so the river will crest tomorrow…very scary since my Aunt is up there.

  5. Love the header and design!
    I’m in AL and after the lovely torrential rains pass through, I think we might be headed to spring for good (that means 2 weeks of it). I can’t forget Easter, though, because it will always be cold on Easter Sunday with your sleeveless dress and sandals. I think that’s in the Bible somewhere.

  6. Yesterday was definitely spring like with temps in the 60’s and sunny!! Today it is warmer, but gray, rainy, and now starting to get foggy. However, April showers bring May flowers right?? I have lots to do in the house too so having the rainy day gives me an excuse to putter around in my pj’s. Happy weekend.

  7. Oh very pretty.

    Lots of rain here this week and now the sun is breaking through. Very warm, though. Love it!

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