Tie Front Floral Blouse + Waterfall Midi Cover-Up

Well, this is it — day 26 of 26 Days of Fall Fashion! And with that, our third fall fashion series is in the books! This is a variation on an outfit I wore to church a few weeks ago so it seemed appropriate to share on a Sunday.

Usually I try to end these style challenges with a slam dunk. You know, an outfit that I love and am super proud of, but I can’t say this is one of those.

I’ve actually tried this sweater and blouse a few ways and even had the blouse tailored to be more fitted, and I still feel like something isn’t quite meshing here. I think it’s the combination of the drapey sweater with the somewhat drapey blouse, and my figure gets lost somewhere in there.

That said, I like each piece individually and I’m loving these pink pumps with this blouse so at least there’s that.

I was first drawn to the floral tie front shell when I was shopping at White House Black Market a few weeks ago. The waterfall midi coverup was a last minute add-on when I noticed the sales associate wearing it as she was ringing me up. It has really pretty details, and the knit is soft and very high quality. I love the rivet and split cuff detail. I think it will look nice over more fitted tops with pants or jeans this fall and winter.

For size reference, I’m wearing a small  both pieces. They wanted me to try the XS in the coverup because they felt it would look better if it were more fitted in the back, but it didn’t lay right in the front and the sleeves felt too tight so I stuck with the small. I typically wear a small at WHBM so it is true to size. FYI, this sweater comes in regular and petite sizes, and it also comes in a pretty cabernet color. Both colors are 30% off.

SALE ALERT >> Get up to 50% off select full price styles at White House Black Market till 11:59PM PT tonight, 10/1/17. 

The bell sleeve dress I styled a few weeks ago is 30% off, and so is the cold shoulder striped sneaker dress I wore back in the summertime. This would work for fall with a black cardigan on top. The choker necklace and ruffle sleeve blouse I wore together a few weeks ago are both 30% off, plus this floral tie front shell is 50% off.

I also love this taupe waterfall midi coverup, and I’m tempted to order it. I have a couple of thermal cardigans in this style that I love, and I like how this is dressier but you could still easily wear it with a t-shirt and jeans. Anyway. I digress! But WHBM doesn’t run sales very often so this is a good time to snap up a few pieces. I love their quality.

Here’s the blouse and jeans without the coverup. They had all of these blouses knotted this way in the store, so I left it that way. On the website, they show it tied closer to the neck, but I’ve never liked these bow tops tied up at my neck. I prefer to leave it open so I either let the ties hang down or fold them over once. I never tried tying them in a knot like this, but I think it’s cute.

It’s a little longer than the blouses I typically wear, but I think it works okay on its own. With the sweater on top, I wish I’d tried the front tuck with the bootcut jeans. This blouse also comes in petites, and it’s 50% off!

I had it on yesterday with black skinny jeans and ballet flats because I was planning to wear it for an event I was hosting at my house, and I really like it with black on the bottom. I shared this picture on my Instagram.

It got chilly so I threw the coverup on again, and by then I had edited these pictures and was thinking I wasn’t loving this combo so I tried front-tucking the top. I think it looks better this way, and I’m really wishing I’d tried front-tucking with the bootcut jeans.

I also wore it a few weeks ago to church (before I had it tailored) with cropped skinny jeans (25% off) and peep toe booties (20% off) and the midi coverup, but I definitely prefer it with the longer skinnies. The cropped jeans throw the proportions all off, even though the booties are dark too and it should work in theory.

Again, a front-tuck would have probably helped the situation. It would shorten my torso and make the proportions work better with the cropped jeans. Oh, well. Live and learn!

At any rate, I think I need a more structured jacket with this blouse or I should just wear it without another layer.

But the post must go on! So, here are a few more looks at this outfit and a few words about the bootcut jeans and pumps.

I’m excited to tell you that my go-to bootcut jeans are on sale at Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom! Use code FRIENDS at Bloomingdale’s. Nordstrom is price matching so there’s no code needed there. I’m a member of both loyalty programs, but Bloomingdale’s has Shoprunner so I can get my orders in two days so I usually order there if I have a choice.

SALE ALERT >> It’s the Friends & Family Sale at Bloomingdale’sTake 25% off a great selection of items with code FRIENDS, and Loyallists get a $25 Reward Card for every $100 you spend on select items. These offers are valid online September 29-October 9, 2017 and in store October 2-9, 2017. Plus free shipping for everyone during Friends & Family.

I’ve talked about these jeans a lot, but if you’re not a regular reader, this b(air) material is super soft and comfortable but it holds its shape really well. They also have a contoured waistband for a gap-free fit. Read through the reviews on the Nordstrom website; everyone loves these jeans.

With the 33″ inseam, they’re perfect for my 5’5″ frame without tailoring if I wear them with a 3.5″ or 4″ heel. Of course, every woman is built differently, so this is just a reference point.

If you’re looking for bootcut jeans that are under $100, I recommend trying the Wit & Wisdom bootcut jeans, but you’ll want to size down because they do stretch out some with wear. Or Loft has a modern bootcut that is 50% off right now.

SALE ALERT >> 50% off EVERYTHING at Loft plus FREE SHIPPING with code SURPRISE. It doesn’t get any better than this! See my favorite picks on my Facebook Page. 

Finally, I love how the pink pumps coordinate with this blouse. These Sam Edelman Hazel pumps are my favorites. I have them in a couple of colors because I have such a hard time finding pumps I can walk in without my heel slipping out of them. The Very Berry color I’m wearing is on a teeny tiny sale at Zappo’s. I say teeny tiny because they’re only 16% off, but hey, every bit helps!

I wore gold filigree earrings and a watch, and that’s it for accessories. The outfit has a lot going on so I kept it simple in that department.

blouse 50% off // sweater 30% off // jeans 25% off (option) // shoes // bag // earrings // watch

So that’s a wrap for 26 Days of Fall Fashion 2017! I’ll be doing a recap tomorrow because I know a lot of you like to see all of the looks in one place, and then we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming. I’m open to any post ideas or requests.

I’m planning to continue my Fight the Frump series because those posts seem to be well received, and I’ll do a September Favorites very soon. I’m also working on another Five Under $50 post, and I’ll have an Instagram Roundup sometime this week. I also have a couple of outfits we shot this weekend that I’ll be sharing soon.

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the fall outfit she’s styling today, and I hope you have a blessed Sunday!

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33 Responses

  1. This outfit is a slam dunk to me! The wonderful shoes put in a wow factor, and make it super cute. Plus it’s a very smart looking outfit that would be easy to wear. I think this is the kind of outfit that would look good when I’m looking and feeling good, and it would also be forgiving and still look just as good if maybe I’ve overindulged and feel like maybe I look a little thick through the middle. This type of combo you’ve shown today won’t ever let you down. Loved the fall series–thank you!

  2. Love those pink pumps!  But I’m with you I don’t think the blouse untucked works with the cover up.  I did like it tucked in with the cover up on your instagram picture a little better. Separately they are great!  Maybe try it with a little more fitted blazer?  Or your new Moto jacket?  ????

    Can it be 30 days is already over?  The older I get the more time flies – or so it seems.   


  3. I have been slow to wear the skinny jean look instead of straight legged. Now, I love them! But…every time I have seen you in boot cut jeans, I am reminded just how great they look. They are a very becoming look. 

  4. Your analysis on this was so helpful! I agree, I love the colors and the idea of everything with the bootcut jeans, but I think doing a blazer on top would have worked better (even with the top untucked). And I loved the blouse front-tucked with the coverup over skinny jeans. It is so interesting how proportions, lengths, and widths can totally change an outfit. Thank you, again, for being vulnerable and showing us real life as we try to problem solve through our outfits! 🙂

  5. just ordered a beautiful cocktail dress online from WHBM….they have such lovely dressier items but only available online! I would love for you to do a feature just on evening wear..what to wear to a gala/fancy event!!!! How to flatter all body types, etc!! We do a lot of “galas” where I live and I usually need several cocktail dresses/gowns a year!

  6. Jo-Lynne, Once again, thank you for sharing what you felt did and did not work with your outfit.  That helps me sooo much!!  I agree that once you front tucked the top, the overall look went up a few notches.  That made a whole lot of difference.  When I ordered the Wit and Wisdom jeans, I ordered my regular size and down one size.  I couldn’t get the smaller size on so that I could wear them long enough for them to stretch out.  So, if the ones I kept stretch too much, I guess they will end up in the donations pile.
    We are getting a taste of Fall today with highs in the seventies after highs in the nineties last week, sun, and wind, so it’s wonderful, even with me sick.  Next week our highs will be in the eighties, but that’s an improvement.
    Oh, your photo in the email messages look normal now!  You are not all stretched out like a Gumbie toy.
    Enjoy the family time today.  God bless!

  7. I like the top with the skinny black jeans the best but you always look amazing and I love all the details you give us! Thank you for a another fabulous 26 Days of Fall fashion. I really enjoyed it and I do look back at all the posts for reference when I’m shopping. We are finally getting a bit of cooler weather in Texas and it will inspire everyone to get out and start shopping for fall, until we go back in the 90’s again, which almost always happens just we as get our sweaters out. Lol 

  8. The pump makes that outfit!  I didn’t see anything wrong but totally got happy after I saw the pink pop through the bottom of those perfect-length jeans!!!  Fun and easy looking…

  9. LOVE this outfit.  It’s a home run with those shoes for sure!  I watch fabric as much as fit, so non-wool blend sweaters and suede shoes just don’t work most of the year in the Pacific NW.  So I try to use your gorgeous ideas with our weather in mind….Happy October 🙂

  10. How about wearing this gorgeous floral top with blac pants or black jeans and a jean jacket? I agree that the lovely waterfall cardi would look great as another outfit with a fitted tank or long sleeve t-shirt with jeans. 

  11. You may not have thought the outfit was a slam dunk but the entire post is!!  Thanks for a great series!  

  12. Our church “dress code” is pretty casual too, and I grew up dressing up, so outfit ideas like this are great inspiration.
    Thank you for featuring several outfits with boot cut jeans during this series. ????
    I totally enjoyed every post in this series. They were fun, honest and informative. And I loved the interactions with you!

  13. Your legs look a mile long when you wear bootcut jeans. You just look taller!! But, I also loved you in the skinny jeans too. Great outfit!!

  14. Love, love, loved the entire post! It’s really helpful to me to see the variations & hear your thoughts on both what you thought worked/didn’t work and why! Definitely appreciated!

  15. I just recently started checking out your blog through Cyndi… Thanks so much for your 26 days of fall fashion. I look forward to seeing what you have in store next. Have a nice Sunday:)

  16. I have this blouse and honestly I had no idea how to style it Thank you so much… I like the all black idea

  17. I like the blouse with the black skinnies & black flats best. I’d put your black moto jacket over it for the juxtaposition between floral feminine blouse & edgy black jacket and black distressed skinnies.
    The blouse would probably be really cute with a black pencil skirt and black pumps too. 
    Wishing for fall weather out here in California! It’s still pretty warm. 

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