26 Days of Fall Fashion Recap

Greetings, friends! It’s a new week and a new month, and 26 Days of Fall Fashion has come to a close. I always enjoy doing these style challenges, but I admit I breathe a sigh of relief when they’re over. Today I’m sharing a recap of my 26 fall outfits.

Let’s break it down. Click the corresponding number below the picture to see the post.

DAYS 1-4

26 Days of Fall Outfits 2017: Days 1-4

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

DAYS 5-8

26 Days of Fall Outfits 2017: Days 5-8

5 // 6 // 7 // 8

DAYS 9-10

26 Days of Fall Outfits 2017: Days 9-10

9 // 10

DAYS 11-14

26 Days of Fall Outfits 2017: Days 11-14

11 // 12 // 13 // 14

DAYS 15-18

26 Days of Fall Outfits 2017: Days 15-18

15 // 16 // 17 // 18

DAYS 19-22

26 Days of Fall Outfits 2017: Days 19-22

19 // 20 // 21 // 22

DAYS 23-26

26 Days of Fall Outfits 2017: Days 23-26

23 // 24 // 25 // 26

I don’t feel like I had as much variety this time as I’ve had in some past seasonal style challenges, and I realize it was heavy on the denim, but I think I like more of these outfits than I usually do. There were only 2 or 3 that I felt were misses, and even they weren’t horrible.

I’m always curious to hear what your favorite outfits were. I think mine are #1, #14, and #18. I like #23 a lot too.

As I said yesterday, I’m open to ideas for future posts, and I’m looking forward to creating other fashion content, although I feel like I’m on a roll right now and I’m kind of excited to put together more outfits. I think it’s because the weather has finally gotten the memo that it’s fall!

Don’t forget, the Loft 50% off sale ends tonight at 3AM ET, so if you’ve had some things on your wish list, now is the time to grab them. Loft sales don’t get any better than this. I posted a roundup of my favorites on my Facebook Page.

If you’re not following me over there, I hope you will. In addition to posting links to my daily posts, I also try to share extra sales and great finds that I think you might like that don’t necessarily make it to the blog.

I’m also wondering if y’all would be interested in a Facebook Live sometime. I have to admit, the thought of that makes me equally parts excited and squeamish, but it could be a fun way to interact and answer some of your questions.

I’d basically be taking questions about pretty much anything. I’m not one to have a topic and talk about it monologue-style, but I’d enjoy the interaction if you guys showed up and asked questions. Let me know your thoughts on that.

I’ve also seen bloggers using Instagram Live the same way. I’m not sure where I would get the most interaction. Ironically my overall follower count is almost the same on both platforms, so if you have a preference, let me know.

Have a fantastic Monday!

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43 Responses

  1. Love the Roundup post, saving it for ideas when our weather gets cooler. I normally not a jeans kind of girl but love the way you have styled them, so may find myself wearing jeans more come Jan.

  2. My favorites are 1, 14 and 17! 

    I have really enjoyed this series since fall is my favorite and it’s my first fall incorporating more style into my wardrobe. I love denim, so enjoy all the denim posts. Before I started paying attention to your blog, I exclusively wore baggy bootcut jeans with athletic sneakers 😮 and once in awhile, I’d wear my one pair of black shooties with them for dinners. I appreciate learning how to style all of my denim jeans now with different footwear!

  3. Love it recap!   I really liked the pop of pink heels you had on for Sunday.  It really gave the outfit some extra attention.  I copycatted (is that even a word) a few of your outfits with some items I already had in my wardrobe.  14, 19 & 21 were hits for me.  Day 14 especialy caught my eye, as I have  a green down vest. The only only issue was the navy stripped top.  I ordered the XL from J. Crew & the arms were waaay to tight for this Grammy!  #ineedtoworkout. I have several down vests, so I’m always looking for a new combo to wear them.  Facebook live sounds fun, but I’m not on Facebook, just Instagram.  Whatever topic you pick, I’m sure it will be a good one!  Have a great fall day!

  4. Another awesome series, thanks so much! My favorites are 14 and 17 no question! I’ve already mentally recreated those with items I have -just waiting for TX weather to get on board!
    I would definitely enjoy a fb live. I may not be able to participate, but I always like to go back to view them (although I guess that defeats with purpose!). Not a fan of IG lives. The comments can get vulgar and out of hand, and they never load well for me. Just my experience!

    1. Yes, I was watching one the other night and it was bad. I guess you have to set your account to private first, and then only “real followers” can see it? But still… there are spammy followers. I dunno. For some reason FB lives don’t seem to have that issue.

  5. So enjoyed this series…thank you for putting it together! I’m always looking for different ways to style denim and you keep me out of a fashion rut!!
    My favs are #11, #19, #23, and #26.

  6. This has been a great fall syle series from both you and  Cyndi! #pinworthy
    I do also follow you on Instagram and love your instastories.

  7. #2,#11,#13  and #25  I would love face book  live and a post on which shoes/boots look best with which pants would be great!

  8. 10, 14, 18, and 24. I liked 18 so much I bought the sweater from Old Navy and reproduced the outfit for church this Sunday with similar items in my closet. I loved the quality, fit, and feel of the cardigan so much (and the price!) that I went back and got the black and the tan ones. I actually like them better than the Nordstrom ones. And I still think you look great in those boyfriend jeans.

  9. I enjoyed following this series, thank you. My fav was #13. Have my eye on that blouse, so pretty on you!
    I would love to see how you would style high top slip ons. I just bought some in grey suede (Steve Madden) and am loving them!

  10. For some reason, when I clicked over to this post I thought, “I didn’t really like many of the outfits this time around.” BUT then I looked at them all again and had a lot of trouble narrowing it down to a few favorites!! No idea what I was thinking…this was a great fall series! I agree with you that there were only a couple of near misses and lots of hits.

    My favorites are 6, 14, 18, 19, & 23. See?! I couldn’t narrow it down. 🙂 I love the gray and burgundy jeans. And I’m a big fan of both bell sleeves and longer sweaters right now. And that date night look with the black top and red shoes is just perfection!

  11. I had to laugh at myself when I picked my favorites. I thought they would consist of the boot cut denim but I actually loved 16, 18 and 24 the best…
    Facebook Live, pretty please!! Not to sound all stalker-ish but I have so much fun reading your blog and it would be awesome to see you “live”…. Again, not wanting to seem like a stalker, but you have an easy friendly way that makes it seem as if you actually know your subscribers and a live video would be an extension of that..

  12. 1,2,13,18 are my faves. I’m trying to steer clear of black this season and there is soo much of it. Love the long sweaters however as a petite they can definitely drag me down if it is too long. So I have to shop carefully. Like seeing all those pics together! Great job!

  13. I don’t instagram, so FB Live would be better for me. How do you decide what your “sweet spot” for where a shirt falls on you is? How do you successfully mix black and brown? How to choose where a long sweater should hit you?
    These are all questions I have.

  14. My top picks are numbers 13, 14, 17, 25, 26.  Because our lifestyle is super casual, I favor your more casual outfits.  However, I still learn things when your outfits are geared more towards those in the business world.
    I’m so loving everything Pumpkin!

  15. Could you do a post on coats? Winter is coming and it is time to purchase a couple new ones. Thanks!

  16. 1, 4, 8, and 12! Yes to FB Live…let’s try it! Looking ahead, I’d love to see a Fight the Frump for holiday wear: office parties especially. I’ve said this before, but your commentary…what works and why, what to tweak, why you added the jewelry you did, etc…sets you apart and makes your blog fabulous!

  17. #14, #18, #19. Thanks for sharing the recap, Jo-Lynne. As a person who wears jeans most days, being heavy on denim was fine with me. I’ve never joined a Facebook Live chat, but I’d definitely participate. I’d love a meet-up sometime, too.

  18. 8 is my absolute favorite!  That outfit was my shopping inspiration when our power was out for so long, and I basically did nothing but shop, lol.  I also love 1 and 2, and 16, 19 and 23 are a close third.  I’m curious, which outfits did you think did not work, and why (I didn’t see an answer, but I apologize if it’s there and I missed it)?  I know you weren’t crazy about the long white vestigan (or whatever it was you called it) – I enjoyed seeing you re-work that one.  I will admit that I think you look better in skinnies than boot cut pants, but that may be because I prefer skinnies generally.  A video thing would be entertaining for sure, but better would be for you to come to Atlanta and go shopping with me!  🙂

  19. My faves are #13, 14 and 26. I would love to see an entire post on fall dresses. It is so hard to find dresses with sleeves that are still flattering — and of course length is always an issue, too. A Facebook Live chat would be fun!

  20. I think my favorite is 18, with other favorites being 2,7,23, and 26.  I think red is a lovely color for you.   The boot cut jeans make you look tall and thin, but the skinnies are great too!  Thank you for sharing a good variety of outfits.

  21. I loved this fall fashion series! You did a great job as always!  My favorites were #1, 5, 14. I purchased items from each of those posts.  I really love #23 And I’m really hoping that top goes on sale! Thank you for all that you do. I love the fb live idea 🙂 

  22. My favorites are 1, 7 & 20.  Simple, clean looks that pack a punch!  Thank you for putting your heart into your work!

  23. My favorites are 7 and 18. I like you in brighter colors. I think your tastes and styling transcends across age lines. I am a retired 63 year old grandmother and I copy many of your looks.

  24. #18 is perfect, like so many ladies have already said! And I do love #10, even though I know it’s “those” jeans! HA! Still love it, though! 🙂

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