Fall Fashion Trend: Slouch Booties

Hello and cheers to Friday! I am SO ready. It’s been a bit of a crazy week, and the weather here in Philly looks absolutely beautiful for the weekend so I plan to enjoy it. Thanks for all your kind words on yesterday’s post. I’m feeling much more like myself today.

Today I’m styling one of fall’s big shoe trends, slouch booties.

At first I wasn’t a big fan of this style because generally you want to try to accentuate the narrowness of the ankle area, and these sort of give you cankles (ha!), but now that I’ve tried them, I kind of like the slouchy, casual-chic vibe. Plus bulkier shoes help offset wider hips or a bigger upper body so they can be helpful if that’s your goal.

Along with the slouchy shaft, these Sole Society booties have a comfortable rounded toe and a trendy 3 1/2″ cylindrical stacked heel. They also come in Bordeaux and black. I’m kind of kicking myself right now for not getting the Bordeaux. How gorgeous are those!?! They’re very comfortable to walk in and fit true to size.

The easiest way to wear slouch booties is to tuck your skinny jeans inside, or you can also wear them with a dress. I haven’t had much luck with dresses this fall, but these are the perfect booties to elevate my typical fall uniform of skinny jeans and a pullover.

This cuffed ribbed sweater is from Loft. You may remember that I tried it in the silver for my last Shop With Me post. I decided to order the navy because I prefer bolder colors near my face, and I love pairing navy with taupe or cognac shoes in the fall.

STYLE TIP >> The key to wearing navy with bluejeans is to wear a lighter wash denim so there is some contrast between the top and the pants.

This sweater is super flattering. It has a nice weight to it so it’s not clingy like ribbed sweaters tend to be, and the ballet neck is wider than some. Then there’s those sleeves… I know, I know.  I have enough bell sleeve sweaters to open my own store, but I couldn’t resist this one!

I like how this bell sleeve isn’t super dramatic, and the cuff is a fun accent. It also makes the upper arms look really thin. (Note to self: wear a different bra next time.) For size reference, I have a small in this sweater. I’d say it runs true to size for Loft.

For those who asked about wearing these sleeves with a coat, I tried it and it worked just fine. With each sleeve, I folded it over, grabbed onto it, put my arm into my coat, and let go. No problem! I should have had my husband snap a picture of me wearing the coat, but I didn’t think about it till after he left for work. I think the key is to wear a coat with wider sleeves that don’t have any cuff at the wrist. I have a camel reefer coat that is perfect over tops with bigger sleeves, and my trench coat works too. (The silver is sold out, but this is a great trench!)

I accessorized with a tri-tone pendant necklace. Since the front of the sweater is so plain, I wanted something big enough to make a statement but still casual enough to work with the vibe of the outfit. My earrings have both gold and silver as well, and they’re small enough not to compete with the necklace. I find myself wearing these earrings a lot lately.

(Pardon the crazy hair! It was windy, lol.)

These jeans are my go-to AG legging raw hem ankle jeans from the Nordstrom sale in July. With legging jeans, tucking into booties is easy. No rolling, folding, or cuffing required. I didn’t even wear socks, but if I did, I’d just wear them under my jeans. I used to wear my socks over my skinny jeans when I was wearing boots over them, but that was with jeans that had a wider leg opening than these.

And finally, I carried my R Minkoff Love crossbody. I like how the gold hardware compliments the necklace, and the mushroom color coordinates nicely with the taupe booties. They don’t match exactly, but that’s fine.

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  1. I haven’t seen too much of this style of bootie, but I’m sure I will now!  I like the more subtle bell sleeve, I think if I buy anything with this trend, this will be the way I go.

  2. Jo-Lynne, I love how you paired navy with jeans. I don’t often do that because I can’t quite get it to look right– can’t seem to decide what to do about shoes/bag. But you just gave me great ideas! I guess one trick is picking a lighter jean with the navy?

    Hope you are feeling better! I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well a few days ago.

  3. This is a fantastic spin on a classic look. I have a fondness for boots with a mid-height shaft because I think they visually lengthen your legs and as you said, they balance out wider hips or shoulders. Style and comfort are a hard to beat combination in boots so I will definitely check out this brand. Thanks for the styling inspirations and for the link up. 


  4. Ok, these boots are fabulous. I want them in the Bordeaux shade. I think they might be the answer to my issue with skinny jeans. I have big legs from powerlifting and I think these would balance things out a bit….at least that’s how I picture it in my head….I will have to order the boots to know for sure, but I am EXCITED to try them!

  5. You mentioned no socks with your booties. I’m struggling with the whole sock thing with various booties. Boots with perforations show socks, skinny jeans with booties look better with a bare ankle, etc. Sometimes I concede and put on my old black Chelsea boots because I can wear socks with them! I don’t find bare feet to be comfortable inside boots all day but am still looking for the holy grail of nude footies. No matter what I buy, they NEVER stay on. I am a size 10 so I think that’s part of the problem. Really now, how can a sock work for a size 7-10?
    Phew. I feel better after that sock vs bootie rant. What are your thoughts on this conundrum, Jo-Lynne??
    Happy Friday!

  6. I’m so glad you are feeling better and have a little fun planned for the weekend.  If only my budget would low for me to purchase all of the fun trends!  Ha!  Take care of yourself!

  7. I was just trying to find boots to wear with my outfit for Boost Your Influence Summit next month. That Bordeaux color is amazing. Any ideas of something similar in a more affordable price range?

  8. I’m a pear shape who refused to give up her skinny jeans after AYW.  I have slouchy mid calf boots from Lucky and have always loved the look to balance my wider hips.  Glad to see the trend as my boots are almost to the point they need to be replaced. 

  9. Hi Jo-Lynne!

    Does your husband take all your outfit photos? They always look so nice and professional. Good for him if he does!

    Have a great weekend!


  10. Love the entire outfit. Looks great. I tend to be the opposite – don’t stay home enough and things pile up like today on my stay home day. Overwhelmed.

  11. Love this look, Jo-Lynne. The sweater is so pretty. I have a gray pair of slouch booties, but they are flat soles. I wear them a lot. Sometimes I put a pair of leg warmers on, over the skinny jeans when the weather is colder and slouch those a little at well. It makes for a fun look and adds extra warmth. Have a great weekend. – Amy

  12. Very cute!  A great casual hip outfit.  The bell sleeve is even nice.????  I work with children, and my hands are constantly in water and result in wet sleeves so I have to push them up.  Then somehow my sleeves always find their way into tempera paint  

    Sorry you had an ER visit this week.  Praying all is still well.  Take care of yourself girl, you are much needed and obviously loved!!  We can’t have you not well!

  13. I love that sweater! It’s the perfect length and the bell sleeves are not exaggerated. That color blue makes my blue eyes seem bluer. You look great, as usual. 
    Happy to hear you’re fine. 

    1. No hotter than any other boots, I guess. I actually like that they provide some extra coverage and warmth than an ankle boot but aren’t as high as tall boots. I guess you’re asking because you’re in Florida? I’m not sure I’d wear them in 80 degree weather, lol, but they’re fine if it’s in the 60s.

  14. I’m really liking these boots. I still love the rounded heels…a detail that adds refinement to the proportion. I’m wondering if you’ll reach for these boots more if you wear them with a bit dressier outfit – like color jeans vs blue jeans?

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