Trunk Club Unboxing + Coatigan Redux

Greetings! I hope everyone’s week is going well. Somewhere along the way, Cyndi and I got out of sync on our fall fashion series and we’re on different days, so I’m taking today off and posting a Trunk Club unboxing instead of an outfit, and we’ll finish up 26 Days of Fall Fashion on Sunday.

It actually works out well because I ended up in the ER on Tuesday night so we didn’t get to shoot an outfit yesterday morning as planned. (Long story, but all is well.) Thankfully I’m feeling better so I’m headed out in a bit to shoot a couple of outfits so I can finish up our series. It’s a gorgeous morning here and cooler than it has been lately, so YAY for fall-like weather FINALLY!

In addition to my Trunk Club unboxing, I tried that coatigan again so I’ll include those pictures here as well. Let’s just start there. As you may recall, I styled this Loft sleeveless coatigan on Monday with a green cinched sleeve tee, dark wash skinny jeans, and metallic loafers.

We all agreed that the cool silver metallic shoes didn’t work with the warm cream color of the sweater, and some pointed out that a lighter top and/or lighter jeans would work better with the light sweater. I don’t think anyone loved the combination of the sweater and the cinched sleeve top — too much going on and perhaps a longer sleeved top with plainer sleeves would be better.

I did ask for feedback, and I appreciate all the thoughts and ideas. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m no fashionista. I’m just a girl who likes clothes, and I’m learning as I go so I really enjoy these conversations.

SALE ALERT >> 40% off select tops and sweaters at Loft! No code needed.

So here’s my second attempt at styling this coatigan. I swapped out the cinch sleeve top for a long-sleeve striped tee, I changed to lighter wash skinny jeans, and I swapped out the silver loafers for taupe ankle boots. It’s better, but I still don’t love it.

First, I tried crossing it over and belting it in the front, but this does my figure no favors. #nothankyou

So then I tried leaving it open in the front, and belting it. I’m still not a fan, but I think it’s better. I never belt things because I’m short-waisted, and if I tied it at my actual waist, it would throw off my proportions and accentuate my chest. But tying it where the belt loops are located doesn’t show my curves and makes me look boxy.

Finally, I tried it open in the front and tied in the back, the way I styled it for the blog post on Monday. I still don’t love it, but I like this best.

coatigan (40% off) // striped tee (40% off) // jeans // booties (similar 20% off) // necklace

I didn’t try a plain white or cream long-sleeve tee, but I think I might prefer it that way. The striped tee is better than the green cinched sleeve top, but it’s still too distracting for my plain Jane tastes. Also, this tee has cool undertones, and the cream is warm, so that’s bothering me too. I actually think I’d like the striped tee better with the maroon coatigan.

Okay, funny, I just clicked over to the Loft website, and that is exactly how they styled the maroon coatigan – with a navy and white striped long sleeved tee underneath. Ha! I guess I’m onto something there.

Anyway, that’s enough of that. #movingrightalong

Trunk Club Unboxing

For those unfamiliar with Trunk Club, it’s a personal styling service owned and sourced by Nordstrom. When you join, you’re assigned a stylist, and she hops on the phone with you and gets to know your style, your lifestyle, and your needs. Then you get a box of clothes and shoes to try, and you only pay for what you keep.

I always tell people to give it a few tries because it takes a new stylist some time to get your style down, but once she does, it’s really fun to see what she finds for you. Even though I pretty much shop for a living, I still love seeing what she picks for me.

I’m not in a working relationship with Trunk Club, but I do share my referral link and receive Trunk Club credits if anyone joins and places an order from my link. If you join, you’ll get a referral link to share as well. Also, because Trunk Club is owned by Nordstrom, you can earn Nordstrom Rewards points on your Trunk Club purchases, which is a nice bonus.

Usually my trunk contains a variety of price points, but you can request that they stay in a certain range, although I think part of the fun is getting to try things I normally wouldn’t notice and learning about new brands. This trunk was a pricey one, so I will only be keeping one or two things, but I love almost all of it.

Let’s get started! This Rag & Bone sweater is sold out online. It’s really cute but I don’t like how the neckline shows my bra straps. I don’t want to deal with a strapless bra for this, so I’m sending it back. It’s also a little shorter than I prefer. I know the cropped sweaters are trending, but I prefer mine to be a couple inches longer. This one is 21″.

also wearing: AG legging ankle jeans and similar black suede pumps

I am in LOVE with this leather jacket. I have always loved a leather jacket, but I haven’t had much luck with them in recent years. I’ve tried many, and I even bought a cognac one during the Anniversary Sale; but even though it’s a size small, it’s a little too big, and every time I go to wear it or style it with an outfit, I end up taking it off and not wearing it.

This one fits perfectly. I realize that my issue is generally with the flaps on moto style jackets. I like how this has a more rugged moto styling but without those big flaps. For size reference, it is a medium, and it’s also on sale for $199! For genuine leather, that’s about as good as it gets. (FYI, Trunk Club will match any sale prices on the Nordstrom website.)

These 7 For All Mankind Josephina destroyed boyfriend jeans are tempting me. I wish I’d tried rolling them up — not sure what I was thinking except that they look rather nice left straight. For those looking for more of a straight leg pant, these might work for you. Oddly, the zipper is off-center, and that’s a deal breaker for me. I expect it’s just this pair and not the design in general, but they’re going back.

also wearing: Jeffrey Campbell booties (similar at 20% off)

These are a different pair of the same 7FAM Josephina style, but I can’t seem to find them on the website. I’m not a fan of this much distressing against the dark denim, and I just don’t like the way they cut off the leg at the bottom. I wish they had a little bit more of a taper.

Next, she sent me a couple of really fun (and pricey) black tops along with an amazing pair of burgundy velvet booties.

I wanted to love this ruffle sleeve silk blouse, but it’s a little big on me. It’s a medium, but it says size 6-8 so it should fit. I’m not familiar with this brand so I don’t know how it runs although the website says true to size.

Here you can see me cinching it in the back for a better fit. It’s also super pricey so I knew it had to go back, but I really do love the details.

I tried to get a close-up of the sleeves.

And the back. The back shots are the hardest. They’re always grainy. The model on the website has it tucked in, but I like it better untucked. And also, seeing it from the back, it probably is the right size. I think it’s supposed to be flowy, and it still shows my shape.

Here’s a better view of the booties. This was before I got smart and put them on with shorter jeans so pardon the cuffs. I wouldn’t cuff jeans with these booties, I don’t think. The cuffs seem too casual to me.

These pictures don’t do them justice. These boots are absolutely gorgeous. I almost cried when I boxed them up to go back. LOL! Velvet shoes — booties, flats, pumps, all of the above — are a huge trend this year, and I most definitely think I need a pair. I love how the booties dress up a look with an edgy flair, but I think if I invest in velvet, it will probably be a pair of pumps or ballet flats. I feel like I’d wear them more.

This Milly cascade sleeve top stole my heart, but I just don’t think I’ll have a place to wear it, except possibly a holiday party, and I need to wear it more than once to justify the price.

I am in love with the sleeves, the cut of the neckline, the fitted bodice, everything. As for styling, I think it would work with a pencil skirt since it’s so short, or maybe jet-black high rise jeans and those velvet booties… I dunno. But I just don’t have the appropriate occasion, so sadly, the top and the booties are both going back.

It’s not tucked in; it is this short so it definitely needs something high-waisted on the bottom, but isn’t the back adorable?

And these sleeves… SWOON! For size reference, this is a 6, and I’d probably be more comfortable in an 8, but I’d need to try it to be sure that it wouldn’t be too big.

Okay, so back to real life. A cozy sweater… now this I can get behind. I love Joie tops, and this lace-up sweater is super duper soft. I also love the tie feature, but I’m not sure why the strings are so very long on me. They’re much shorter on the website.

It has a nice shape without being clingy, which is nice. I like the slit on the side and how it is slightly longer in the back than the front.

While it’s ivory, it isn’t too terribly see-through so I don’t feel that I need a cami under it, although as you can see, the tag shows through so it is on the thinner side. For size reference, this is a small. That’s what I usually wear in this brand.

And finally, a dress. I wanted to love this dress. I do love the sleeves, but I don’t love the jewel neck, and it’s a little too clingy in the wrong places. If the material were heavier and skimmed the body better, I’d be tempted to ignore the neckline. I added a long necklace to show how that helps with the high neckline. It creates a V-shape that imitates the hourglass figure we’re all striving for and draws the eye in and down to the waist.

And before you tell me how good it looks, I am sucking in my belly for all it’s worth and holding my breath. LOL!!! It does look really amazing with the red pumps, though, doesn’t it? At $128, it’s not a bad price if you’re looking for something like this.

also wearing: Cole Haan pumps

Okay, so that’s a wrap! Why do I always feel the need to finish these try-on posts that way? I do not know.

Anyway, I hope this was fun. I realize the price point on these items is quite high. For next time, I’ll ask my Trunk Club stylist for more tops under $100 and shoes and booties under $200, but it was still fun to try on some higher end pieces. The quality is evident, and the details really do take them to the next level. If nothing else, it’s nice to know what to look for when shopping lower priced styles.

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56 Responses

  1. I think your 3rd attempt at the coatigan looks great, just leave it open with the belt tied in the back. It looks more slimming. And those velvet boots, gorgeous color! I’m not sure how you even take care of velvet, is there a spray like with suede?

    Sydnee | Design by Sydnee

  2. Good Morning!  I loved seeing the cardigan styled again- version 2.0!  It is a much better outfit with these lighter colors.  And, I think its more flattering tied in the back.  I don’t think I would have thought to even try doing that!   I have learned so much from following your blog!   As for the Trunk Club Box- That jacket is fantastic on you!!!  I like it with the grey sweater also.   Glad your ER visit is behind you.  Wishing you and your family good health.  

  3. That jacket! It is the perfect combo of sleek and rugged, and it looks like it fits you perfectly. It is fantastic. And I’m with you on the velvet booties. They are gorgeous, but they definitely aren’t a versatile, everyday type. I’ve been tempted by flats, but I really don’t even wear them that often so I’m holding off for now.
    Off topic, I’m still debating on that brindle LB bag from before. I searched your blog and flipped through several pages, do you have any other posts with it?

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  4. I love how that Milly cascade sleeve looks on you, I’m just worried in reality that the sleeves would bug me during a normal wear. The taupe booties look great with the first coatigan outfit but I think you’re right, the coatigan is a struggle to get right. I love the black leather moto jacket on you.

  5. I went to the ER recently for the same thing Jolynne!!! All kinds of tests and they didn’t come up with anything. This may be tmi, but I think it was because I took Dulcolax. It was the worst cramping of my life and it was none stop pain for over 8 hours! Never again!! 

  6. I think it’s fabulous that you tried styling the coatigan again, Jo-Lynne. Sometimes I think once we don’t like something, it goes in the bad pile, and we never wear it again. Whereas, sometimes, it just needs a little tweaking…. Not to keep hounding the subject, but sometimes I find switching out the belt that came with it for a different one, can help tremendously too??

    1. Yeah, belts and I just aren’t very compatible. 🙂 It’s funny, I’ve always known that but didn’t really understand why until I took the Adore Your Wardrobe course, and it turns out belts are against “the rules” for my figure type. I guess I was onto something! Tying it in the back gets around that, but I usually just stay away from tie sweaters like this. There are so many cute open cardigans out there, I guess there’s no need to keep trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. 😉

  7. I love the third version of the coatigan too. I don’t like tops that tie in the front either they seem to throw my look off. I’d be interested to see if you come up with a better combination of top, pants and shoes with it – not that I don’t like this one I think it looks great – just curious to see how you finally end up wearing it. 😉

    LOVE that moto jacket! The reason I haven’t gotten one is as you said those darn flaps! But I might have to go try this one on and see what I think – and you’re right at that price for leather?? Whaaattt? I hope you really bounce back today from your ER episode. Blessings …

  8. Jo-Lynne, I like the Coatigan with the green tie sleeve shirt and first jeans you wore but with the booties. I go for the tonal and the stripes don’t work with the sweater. That’s just my opinion. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. I was thinking exactly the same thing.  I liked the first look, but think the booties would tie the outfit together better than the silver loafers.  Was not rolling with the stripes.  Maybe a darker sweater would be better with the stripes.  And I didn’t think any of the tied looks were as flattering as tie in the back.

      And to continue the contrarian thinking, I loved the black blouse that you thought was too big.  i thought it looked gorgeous on you without the cinching.  Yes, it is flow-y, but with skinny pants, it is a nice balance, and shows your great figure.  I also liked the first sweater that you thought was too short and showed too much bra strap.  I agree with you on the cream colored tie sweater, though, that looked great (could you cut and retie the ties – they were long).  That tie up style is Ellie’s absolute fav these days, so it must be hip (I trust her far more than me!).

      Fun post!  I enjoyed seeing the things they picked out for you.  What is up with the off center zipper??

      1. I think you’re right about the blouse. It is only b/c I took all those pictures, though, that I saw the light. It’s funny how telling pictures can be! I am going to look at those sweater ties and see if I can cut them. If not, I’ll take it to Nordstrom and have them do it right. (I kept it.) 🙂

  9. I like that you tried the outfit again with the striped shirt and agree, maybe a darker Coatigan would be better. Love the moto jacket on you. Hope you are feeling better soon! Take care of yourself. If that ever happens again, just do a pjama and housecoat post for us so you can rest up! 🙂

  10. It’s interesting to read everyone’s thoughts on the coatigan….I loved the look where you tied it snugly in the front, even though you felt it didn’t flatter you. To me this seems like the perfect way to wear it…. You looked cute, warm and cozy. I’d wear it on a day like today where it’s breezy and damp but not cold and raining and I just want to wrap up a little….
    That black blouse is to die for! But if you can’t think of an occasion to justify the purchase, then a stay at home mom/ full-time babysitter like myself could not possibly justify the purchase lol ????

    1. LOL, I know, I kept looking at both of those tops and those booties, thinking, If I had the life… LOL!! I usually like my quiet suburban life, but it would be fun to have the occasion to dress up sometimes. I should probably go to NYFW one of these years just for the fun of getting dressed up!

  11. I appreciate your candor about fashion missteps. We all make them, that’s for sure. How about a floral T or blouse with the coatigan? 

    1. Yeah, they picture it with a floral blouse. I tried a floral T with it and didn’t care for it. I think a blouse would make the whole look too bulky for me, but it could definitely work on someone else.

  12. Coatigan is much better with the light top/jeans and booties. So close….just agree the coolness of the top is competing with the warm sweater. Those boots….SWOON!!! Have you seen the Sam Edelman D’orsay embroidered flats? They are on my list for fun and trendy for fall but still conservative enough they can be considered classic in my opinon. That leather jacket looks like it was made for you and looks amazing. Thanks for another Trunk Box post.

  13. Hope you’re as good as new. Sometimes the ER can be more traumatizing than the ailment you went in there for! How funny that the coatigan seemed to be the main topic! So I’ll jump into the opinion arena on that one. My preference would be to wear it just open. I like it with the stripped t. The color of the velvet boots was just beautiful! They would be perfect for a special occasion, but the practical side of me would pass, as you wouldn’t want to wear them in rain or snow! And in PA in the winter, that would be pretty infrequently! Always love hearing you take on your Trunk Club items. Feel better!

  14. Still not a fan of the cardigan. It is just too bulky for you. But I love the gray sweater. You should reconsider it. It looked great with all the outfits.

  15. I like the third coatigan look best but agree a darker color would be better. This one reminds me of a lab coat for some reason. I just love those velvet boots but worried that I would be all dressed up with nowhere to go. I do have the SW grandiose boots in cognac suede and they look similar in shape.

    1. A lab coat, haha! Now that’s all I can see. I have those grandiose booties in cognac too. These are similar but cut a little differently. More of a pointy toe than almond, and inside they hug the foot better. They were comfy. I don’t find the grandiose booties super comfortable – considering the brand and the price. They’re gorg tho.

  16. I’d rethink that Rag and Bone sweater. It looks fabulous on you! What if you cinched the bra straps together at the back with that little clip that on the strap.

    1. Yeah, I didn’t think about that with the bra. It’s short, though. I liked it better under the jacket than I did alone, LOL. I could only keep 2 pieces, so I chose the ivory lace-up sweater and the leather jacket. 🙂 I think I’ll get a lot more wear out of the ivory sweater than I would out of the rag & bone, but it really is a pretty pice.

  17. Not every style, or trend, is meant for our body shape and I think the coatigan just does not suit you. You have a lovely curvy figure and most everything you wear looks great. I think a coatigan would look best on a taller person. 
    I love the black leather jacket on you. A perfect fit! I can see it being your go-to jacket of choice to throw on. 

    1. I absolutely agree on all of the above. My problem is, since I know what looks good on me, I’m tempted to never try anything else. A fashion blog will get really boring that way so I keep trying new things. 🙂 I still think I could improve on the coatigan with some of the other ideas suggested here, but at the end of the day, I think I’m going to be fighting against it because as you say, it really doesn’t work for me.

  18. I like how you retried the coatigan, it does look better. But I think the leather jacket is so much more flattering on you. Not sure how I feel about a coatigan to begin with, probably just prefer a cardigan instead. Your box of goodies was very interesting… the jacket, dress and black blouse are true winners . The sleeves on the other black top were awesome!!! But didn’t care for the back. Thanks for sharing … hope your having a better day???? Take care

    1. Oh, totally agree that the leather jacket is way more flattering. That is always going to be my best silhouette – something with structure. Plus I love the edgy meets classy styling. And I also think I prefer a cardigan to the coatigan, lol. Who comes up with these terms? Haha!! Thank you, I am feeling much better today.

  19. Wow I love that black top, but agree that finding places to wear it might be difficult.  Regarding the coatigan,  I would try something totally different and I may order one just to check it out.  I’m thinking going totally monochromatic underneath;all black with a long gold necklace or 2   If I had a longer neck, I’d try a black turtleneck with black leggings or skinny jeans and gold jewelry.  Just another idea.  It’s great to read ideas for cute fashion that’s difficult to style!  Thanks for that Jolynne!

  20. Glad you are feeling better and hope you’re back to 100% by the time you read this. The coatigan definitely looks great worn open, and I really like that long pendant with it because it really does draw attention to your waist. It’s fun to try things different ways. Love the unboxings! Agree with everyone else that you made the best choices, although several items were great. I hate to criticize the dress, but since you’re not keeping it, I guess I’ll tell you what ran through my mind. When I saw it, two thoughts instantly hit me: You look great in it, and it would be great for a Halloween party. But then that’s not good because that means it’s reading kind of costume-like. Maybe it’s just me, but I think maybe slinky black dress + dramatic sleeves adds up to Elvira/witch somewhere in my brain. The tops don’t strike me that way at all–just the dress. Maybe if it were another color?

  21. Happy to read you are back up and running today. My favorites are the cascade sleeve blouse (beautiful sleeves) and the leather jacket is great! I agree about getting more use out of velvet flats or pumps. Happy Friday Eve!

  22. Hi Jo-Lynne, I’ve been following you for a while, but this is my first comment. I always enjoy your choices and observations, and have learned a lot! Thanks! Like others, I think the leather jacket looks great on you. To me, the main problem with the coatigan is that it seems too long for you, and adding the belt in front makes it look matronly. It looks much better open. The black dress is beautiful, but again I don’t think the length flatters you. Too long!! You always look great when you feel comfortable, and it is good to know that sometimes a style just doesn’t suit some of us for whatever reason. Keep up the good work and glad you are feeling better.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Jan. I think you’re right about the length of the coatigan. I’m 5’5″ and while that’s tall enough to pull off most things, I do have to be careful of styles like these that are longer. Maybe a nude shoe with that dress would elongate the leg and help offset the longer length, but overall, I prefer dresses that are knee length on me.

  23. I really enjoyed this post! I eyed that coatigan at Loft and for me, I prefer almost a vest version, no belt and loops so it just hangs and there’s no guessing how/where to tie it and it’s less bulky. It seems more easy breezy I guess? I have lighter weight “ vest” versions and have worn with short sleeves or a tank top underneath for Spring and Fall. I guess that’s why I was drawn to this one but I think it was too bulky for me. I always like seeing the process of getting the right look!! 

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