Top Handbag Trends for Spring 2022

Greetings on this first day of March! Today I’m picking up where I left off with the Spring Trends, and it’s all about handbag trends for spring 2022. I get a lot of requests for this post, and as you probably know, handbags are one of my favorite fashion topics.

I’ve always loved a handbag, and I enjoy the hunt of finding The One with the perfect marriage of style and functionality. If I had to choose between new shoes or a new bag, the bag would win every time. I’ve also learned after years of writing this blog that women are very opinionated about their handbags. You know what you like, and you need it to function for you.

Women also vary quite a bit on what they’re willing to spend on a handbag. Some will splurge on investment pieces for a carefully curated collection, some just want the cheapest thing they can find to do the job, and others fall somewhere in the middle — willing to spend on the right bag that meets all their criteria, but not wanting to break the bank. For that reason, I always try to include a mix of price points in my handbag recommendations.

First, let’s discuss what handbag styles are trending for 2022, and then I’ll round up a bunch of options at different price points.

What Handbags Are In Style for 2022?

SAVE: House Of Want Hobo Bag // Hat Attack Mila Bag // Houes of Want Shoulder Bag // Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag // R Minkoff Edie Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag

SPLURGE: Kate Spade Shoulder Bag // Chloé Woody Woven Basket Bag // By Far Baby Amber Bag // Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Tote // Saint Laurent LouLou Puffer

While neutrals are still current, especially white and off-white tones, bold and bright colors are making a big comeback this spring. We are also seeing lots of straw and rattan bags, which have a great summery vibe.

Trending styles are very 90s-inspired, but of course classic bags always have a place. I would spend more on a classic style than a trendy one.

The baguette bag — a true 90’s throwback — was gaining ground last year, and it’s definitely hitting the mainstream this season. A lot of them have optional crossbody straps (like the Coach Tabby 26) that makes them more versatile.

Slouchy shoulder bags trump structured satchels, and bucket bags are also very much on trend this year. We’re also seeing a lot of the puffy quilted bags, but I think these will be short-lived.

Save: Spring Handbags Under $150

Spend: Spring Handbags Under $500

Splurge: Spring Handbags $500+

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9 Responses

  1. Between getting a new pair of shoes or a handbag, I’d go with the handbag, as would you. I am very picky when it comes to the style and features I need. Unfortunately, for me and the trends this spring, the real slouchy styles just don’t cut it since I need organization inside the handbag. Thankfully, I like and own a few bright colored handbags. Good luck getting your office back in shape and enjoy the hair appointment.

  2. I agree, coffee has some sort of magic in it. Glad you have a helper for some things today. Your handbag posts are my absolute favorite! And I am drooling over one or two you listed here. I got tickled over the brand name Hat Attack, thinking about the literal translation, ha! But the brand name is pretty ingenious- definitely memorable. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect straw handbag. I had one years ago – everything about it was perfect – but I wore it out, and haven’t found anything exactly right since. I’ll keep searching though, and snap it up when I find it. Have a great day!

  3. Just glancing at the photos, without looking at prices, I gravitate to the spendy bags. I know the difference in the quality of leather or fabric and the quality of the workmanship, but what do you think it is about the designs that make the spendy bags more appealing?

  4. I honestly can’t choose between shoes or bags – my mom always said put the money in shoes, bags and coats and you won’t go wrong. I will say I love the color trend and I think pricey bags look better due to the fact they are more architectural in style along with the hardware details – you can just tell. I just bought a Staud rattan bag to go along with another FV bag I have. I am also concerned over slouchy styles – my latest Demeiller (love the crescent shapes) is impossible to organize. The only trick I have found is dark bag – light wallet and vice versa otherwise the hunt is on! Same for cell phone cases which is why I’ve collected so many:={

  5. I must have at least 150 really good classic bags, so I won’t be purchasing any more, however, I do want a good orange bag yet! Purchased too many clothes for spring already so I will wait a couple of weeks to pick out some bright colored colored sandals with interesting heels. I am way too pause happy🤪

  6. I’m really feeling the bags with brighter colors like orange this year! That linen Saint Laurent tote that is a walking advertisement and costs $1,490 though… I got my laugh for the day!

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