Trunk Club Unboxing November Edition

Greetings, friends! I got a delivery from Trunk Club this week, and I thought I’d share because there are a lot of fun pieces in here. I specifically asked for holiday attire — dresses and festive tops, and my stylist sent quite a few. I hope you can help me decide what to keep.

For those new to Trunk Club, it’s a clothing subscription service owned and operated by Nordstrom. It’s one of those deals where they send you a box of clothing (and shoes and accessories if you wish) every so often, and you only pay for what you keep. It’s a great risk-free way to find new pieces, and I love trying things on in the comfort of my own home.

I styled most of these pieces the way I’d probably wear them because I think that’s helpful — both to me when trying to decide what to keep, and also to you so you can see how they would look in an outfit. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you really like something or not unless you see it styled.

I am not working with Trunk Club, but I do share my referral link and I get Trunk Club credits if you sign up through my link and place an order. If you sign up, you get a link to share with your friends too!

Let’s start with this festive Loop Stitch Foil Print Sweater by Vince Camuto. I like this in theory. For those of us who attend a lot of casual holiday house parties, a festive sweater with jeans or pants is the easiest outfit to pull together. I like how the style of this jewel neck pullover is casual and comfortable, but the sparkly foil print definitely says holiday.

I paired it with coated black skinnies and black pumps to show how I might wear it to a party or out to dinner. For reference, this is a small, and I think it’s the right size. I typically wear a small in Vince Camuto tops.

also wearing: Sam Edelman Hazel Pumps // DL1961 Emma Coated Legging Jeans

I’m not such a fan of this Milly Ruffle Metallic Top by Bardot. I feel like I should be on Star Trek! LOL!!!

also wearing: Sam Edelman Hazel Pumps // DL1961 Emma Coated Legging Jeans

I wore this metallic pointelle cardigan by Halogen in the previous post with black bootcut pants and a blush cami. I threw it on here with a white cami and jeans and ballet flats. I wouldn’t wear these ballet flats with this, but they’re what I happened to be wearing already. I like this sweater, but I think it’s a size too big. (For reference, it’s a medium, and I typically wear a small in Halogen.) I also think it needs a more body conscious top underneath… maybe a thin black turtleneck?

also wearing: AG Legging Ankle Jeans // Tory Burch Minnie Travel Flats

She also sent some dresses because I’m still looking for something to wear to my husband’s holiday office party in a few weeks. I specifically requested dresses with sleeves because I hate to be cold and I don’t want to deal with a wrap, and I also mentioned that I love Eliza J dresses. She sent four, and they’re all contenders. I need you to help me decide!!!

First, this bell sleeve shift dress in purple has the most gorgeous sleeves! While purple generally isn’t my first choice for a holiday party, I love the deep v-neckline, the oversized bell sleeves, and the structure a lined crepe dress offers.

That said, it is a shift more than a sheath, and I wish it had a little more shaping through the waist. And again, the color is flattering, but perhaps not quite holiday enough?

Those sleeves, though….. *swoon*

Another purple dress… actually they call this maroon, but either way, I like that it’s an iridescent velvet — it seems more holiday party-ish to me.

I like this a lot, but I’m not crazy about the neckline. Maybe with a big statement necklace it would work??? It’s flattering otherwise, and it’s really comfortable. I love the ruching. My hand is in a funky position here because I’m trying to hold the tags aside so you can really see the side of the dress. I think it needs a metallic shoe and a blingy necklace.

This cold shoulder velvet sheath in hunter green is my least favorite of the lot. I wore a black cold shoulder dress last year to this same party, so for that reason alone I wouldn’t choose this. Also, I don’t like how you can see the line of my shapewear. I may need a bigger size, but I’d prefer to wear a dress that isn’t as body-conscious. FYI, I am wearing an 8 in all of these dresses. That’s my usual size in Eliza J.

Finally, I think this cobalt blue bell sleeve lace sheath is stunning. It was the first of the four dresses that I tried, and I think it’s probably the one I’m keeping. Although, again, I’m thrown off a bit by the color… I don’t think of blue for holiday, but I guess it can be.

I also feel that lace is kind of “last year” because it was sooooo super popular for the past few seasons. The velvet dresses seem more “now” for that reason, but this does have those great sleeves, and I also like the boatneck. Plus it has more structure than the stretchy velvet and it’s more forgiving if I eat a few too many h’ordeuvres, ha!

I think I’d wear verrrry sheer black hose with this and maybe velvet pumps? I guess that’s how I could get my velvet in there!

I don’t know, what do you say? Blue lace or maroon velvet???

Okay, back to my comfort zone… casual wear! I wanted to like this merino star sweater by Madwell, but it’s a bit big. (FYI, there are more sizes available at Madwell.) I typically wear a small at Madewell, and my stylist sent a medium. It looks okay from the front…

But look at the side… Yoiks! So it is going back, but it’s a really cute sweater. Just size down if you tend to run in between sizes.

also wearing: AG Legging Ankle Jeans // similar loafers

This keyhole back v-neck tunic by Caslon isn’t a favorite. I like the neckline and that it’s a nice sweatshirt material, but that panel at the bottom isn’t quite working for me. Maybe I should have tried it with black leggings and tall black boots… I definitely wouldn’t wear it with these ankle jeans and ballet flats anyway. It’s cute, I guess. I just don’t see myself wearing it that much.

also wearing: AG Legging Ankle Jeans // Tory Burch Minnie Travel Flats

I had high hopes for this rib knit cashmere bell sleeve sweater by Nordstrom Signature, but fit really weird and bulged over the hips, plus it’s too low-cut. Oh well, it’s not in the budget anyway. And pardon my disgusting mirror. I really need to Windex that!

also wearing: AG Legging Ankle Jeans // Tory Burch Minnie Travel Flats

That’s it for my Trunk Club unboxing, but I have a few other things I was trying on so I photographed them too.

I ordered this wool cashmere turtleneck sweater from Ann Taylor during a 40% off sale in both black and ivory. A good black turtleneck is on my short list right now, and this one is ALMOST perfect… I love the length of the arms, the raglan sleeves, the ribbed turtleneck that isn’t too tight or too loose, and I like the idea of the tall ribbed hem, but I feel like it’s making the fit just a tad boxy.

Also, it’s kind of scratchy. I wore the ivory already, but I haven’t worn this black one yet, so it’s going back. I’m still on the hunt for a great black turtleneck.

also wearing: AG Legging Ankle Jeans // similar loafers

This flare sleeve sweater is from Nordstrom and I think it’s really fun, but it’s a little too dramatic and the quality isn’t great. Also, the color is awesome for Thanksgiving, but I don’t think I’d wear it after that.

also wearing: AG Legging Ankle Jeans // Tory Burch Minnie Travel Flats

I like this wide rib mock neck sweater better, and it’s a color I’ll wear all winter long. Cyndi actually styled this a few weeks ago, and I liked it on her too. Again, the quality isn’t fantastic, but it’s pretty, and I can see myself wearing it for a lot of things. I can see it with my black jeans and black mules or with blue jeans and black over the knee boots.

also wearing: AG Legging Ankle Jeans // Tory Burch Minnie Travel Flats

Finally, I wore this Woodside Pullover Sweater by Madewell in my Facebook Live earlier today. (Yes, I survived! And it was actually FUN!)

I actually ordered this in the Hthr Rust, and it came in this Antique Cream. I was annoyed, but whatever. I re-ordered it and put this in the box to send back. The second one came… in Antique Cream again! So decided it was meant to be and I kept it. Ha!

also wearing: AG Legging Ankle Jeans // Tory Burch Minnie Travel Flats

Finally, another Madewell sweater. (They’re killing it lately!) I actually ordered this Northfield Mockneck Sweater in Donegal Snow before I went to the mall and saw the same sweater in Hthr Cactus. I forgot I’d ordered this one or didn’t realize they were the same, and I ended up buying and wearing the green one before this one arrived.

I love a good donegal knit, but I have a thing about not buying duplicates. I know, it’s a weird “rule” to keep, especially for a fashion blogger. But I just feel like there are too many cute styles out there to buy two of the same sweater in different colors. I’d rather find another great donegal sweater.

But this is me, and I shop for a living. If it makes your life easier to find something you like and buy it in multiple colors, go for it! No shame in that. These sweaters are super soft and very good quality, and I recommend them without reservation. I expect to have my green one for years, unlike the cheaper BP. ones that I tend to wear for a season and then pass on.

also wearing: AG Legging Ankle Jeans // Tory Burch Minnie Travel Flats

And that’s all I’ve got! Also, Black Friday sales are starting early again this year, so tomorrow I’ll try to post a roundup of what I’ve found so far, but let’s just say Tory Burch has 40% off select styles and they’re GOOD ONES!!!

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79 Responses

  1. My vote is for the cobalt blue dress.  Great color on you, fits perfectly and a flattering neckline.  All the jewel tone colors were your colors, but the other three were typical.  I think you’ll see many of the women with dresses with the cold-shoulder look or bell sleeves.  The blue one is sophisticated, and not the typical sleeve detail.  Anytime you tune into a daytime talk show, you usually see the same styles being worn–cold-shoulder or bell sleeve and I’m kinds tired of it.  I like how you plan to accessorize it with sheer black hose (check into Donna Karan) and black velvet or even suede pumps.  Of course a beautiful clutch.  I wouldn’t wear a necklace.  All you need is crystal earrings (maybe a linear or drop crystal) and a tennis bracelet (either real or faux).  Swarovski makes some beautiful crystal bracelets and check out the brand Nadri for crystal earrings or bracelets too.  

    I didn’t care for the neckline on the purple velvet dress.  Something was off but the ruching was flattering.  If it had a different style on the upper portion of the dress it would have been a contender.

    Please remember to show us a picture on the blog of the complete outfit, whatever you choose, with all the accessories.  

    I’m having trouble with your blog.  I tried to post this comment twice before but it kept cutting me off.  

    1. Thanks for the input. I don’t love the neckline on the maroon either but I’m still considering it… also, I may not have had it zipped up in the back. That could be why it looks off.

      I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble commenting. If it continues, can you screenshot what it is doing so I can send it to my tech team?

  2. Hmmm, I’m torn.  I like the first purple one with the dramatic sleeves, just would have the waist taken in a smidge.  I think that’s very flattering and festive on you.  I am on the fence with the blue.  The cut is awesome, the color is lovely, but it seems a tad matronly to me.  I’m leaning towards the maroon velvet versus the blue.

    Make no mistake though, you look darling in all of them!  Nice to have so many good options!

    1. I think you nailed what is bothering me about the lace when you said a tad matronly. I think it’s elegant and gorgeous, but maybe more suited to a wedding? And maybe in 10 years… it looks like a mother of the groom dress to me, lol.

      1. Totally agree with Heather and yes it reads “MOTB” which isn’t an awful thing just not holiday-ish. I love the first one, agree you could have the waist tweaked. I think you would stand out in a sea of reds,blacks and metallics. The sleeves are stunning and it feels as if you’ll get more use out of the purple dress beyond the holiday season.

  3. I like the purple dress with fun sleeves, Why don’t you have it altered in the waist? You would probably get a lot of wear out of it. My second choice is the blue lace dress.

  4. I like the purple dress with the bell sleeves. It looks fine fit wise to me, but you could also have it altered a bit. 
    The blue is a close second. You couldn’t go wrong with either.
    I don’t think the other 2 dresses even come close. 
    Have fun at the party!

    1. Thanks, Karen. Yes, I have been busy. This time of year kills me. And I haven’t even STARTED a gift guide yet! Maybe I’ll just do a teen one and be done with it. That seems to be the one most people want.

      1. Yes please do a teen gift guide!! I have 3 teen girls and need help!  Btw I love the purple or maroon velvet the most and agree that while the blue is beautiful it is a tad matronly. The velvets stand out.

  5. Thanks for the link on the coated jeans. I asked about them today in your live feed (hadn’t seen this post yet). I don’t think I’d where them often enough so I’m going to check out the Old Navy and Kohl’s versions.

  6. First purple dress with the fun sleeves! No question! Put some fun jewelry with it to make it more “holiday.”

  7. Blue dress is the best by far.   For real that dress is awesome and the sleeve detail is such an elegant take on the statement sleeve.   I’ll be sad if you pick a different one.  

  8. I like the velvet with the ruching. I think It is more age appropriate and flattering than the blue.  I agree with the other commenter who said the blue was more matronly looking. Plus, purple is very regal so festive. Don’t like the cold shoulder dress. 

      1. Looking at the blue dress again in better light and it is beautiful on you & love the sleeves but I agree – definitely more of a wedding dress. Let us know what you choose! You’ll look gorgeous no matter what!

  9. Oooh, I actually think you look fantastic in all the dresses so I’m not much help! I think the first one would be even more gorgeous if it could come in just a smidge in the waist. You have a great figure but it’s not showing as well as it could in that one. Bring it in some and with that neckline and sleeves… smokin’! 😉
    By the way, thanks for the head’s up on the Halogen sweaters earlier. It took me all of like 30 sec to get one ordered, lol. The camel one has been on my wishlist for a year, just waiting for a sale and my size.

    1. LOL, thank you! Yeah, the more I Look at the pictures… the more I feel like the blue lace looks like a wedding, not a holiday party. And I have no weddings to attend so… I may swap those out. My box is packed up and ready for UPS but I didn’t seal it b/c I wanted to see what you all said about the dresses. 🙂

  10. I think the beautiful purple dress with the v neck and bell sleeves is the most gorgeous on you!! I vote for that for your holiday party!! 

  11. I love your blog and so enjoyed your FB live this morning– thanks for jumping out of your comfort zone and doing that! 🙂 The dresses: I love you in the maroon velvet– you OWN that one, and it makes YOU look great rather than showcasing itself, as the other 3 do. I agree the neckline is a little high, but you’re right about a statement necklace complimenting that. I also love the ivory Madewell sweater, and I’d totally keep the donegal mockneck too because it is AWESOME. I think you scored with the black turtleneck; the bottom ribbing is adorable and super flattering! KEEEEEP ITTTT!!!

  12. Love the first dress and the fourth one. The first purple dress is beautiful, with those amazing sleeves. It fits you so well, and it’s also slimming IMO. I like where the hem hits, too.

    The blue lace dress is stunning, and it fits you like a dream. If you love it, I think you should keep it. I can see that dress at a winter wedding, too. I think you’d wear it again.

    I don’t think the holidays are limited to green and red, silver and gold. I often wear blue to holiday parties; it’s a bit unexpected, and I like that. Sapphire blue velvet is especially pretty.

    LOVE the star sweater! It’s sold out in small sizes at Nordstrom, but they have it in all sizes on the Madewell website.

  13. I forgot to say, I love, love, LOVE the coated black pants on you!  Super flattering and sexy!  And I also really like the black turtleneck sweater on you.  I think it’s very flattering and slenderizing (not that you aren’t already slim, but hey, don’t we all want to look as thin — not sickly — as possible?  LOL)

    I’d keep the black turtleneck and donegal sweater, even if it is a duplicate.  The flecking on the donegal is very unique, and somehow the seaming at the shoulder isn’t bulky but flattering — a rare feat for that kind of seaming!

    The blue dress would be lovely for a winter wedding, but if you aren’t dying for something to fit that hole in your wardrobe, I’d use Rent the Runway.  They are awesome for those one-off occasions.  So nice not to clutter up my closet with stuff I’ll only wear once or twice and then feel guilty about ditching.

    P.S.S. re:  I’m with Ellen, which does hubby like?  LOL.  

  14. Hi jo lynne I really like the blue dress or the burgundy with those amazing sleeves they just look so easy and don’t require many accessories!  Ate you going to be styling any more festive tops?  Hope you have  great weekend x

  15. I think you look great in both but I’m drawn more to the maroon velvet. Like you said with some metallic shoes and a statement necklace I think it would be a little more edgy feeling and you could put your black Moto jacket over it. The sleeves on the other one will be harder to wear an overcoat and it just doesn’t wow me as much for some reason. If you equally like them have your husband pick his favorite on you. 

  16. The purple one with the flarred sleeves. Love the V neck on you. I didn’t mind that it was a sheath. Maybe in person, it’s different. And I think of purple as a holiday color too! I think the blue lace is a bit matronly – all lace can do that? You’ll look great whichever you chose!

  17. Maroon velvet all the way. Looks very hot on you and it’s more on trend color and material wise. I like the sleeves of the blue but other than that it doesn’t have a wow factor going on and I’m with some of the other ladies “matronly” is what I’m seeing in the pics. You always look beautiful though, no matter what! I hopped on your fb live session yesterday for a bit while working and you did a great job. Very fun! 

  18. I really like the purple velvet. Beautiful color and so soft and rich looking. Do you ever wear your hair up? Think that would be pretty with that dress and how you mentioned styling it. 

  19. I LOVE that blue dress. It’s soooo pretty!!!!! BUT, I think for a holiday party I’d pick the wine colored, velvet one. That looks really elegant. So…maybe keep both? lol.

  20. Hi. You look absolutely gorgeous in the purple dress (first dress) with the awesome sleeves! While the blue dress is a pretty dress, you are far too young and too pretty to wear such a matronly looking dress. That dress does not do your figure or “fun attitude” justice. Wear some funky, sparkly jewelry with the purple dress to make it more festive. Enjoy your weekend. ????

  21. Without a doubt, the purple dress!!! It looks great on you! I loved the length and the V neck …. the color is beautiful! Add some pretty and sparkly jewelry ???????? 

  22. I love the purple dress. I like purple a lot for the holidays, it’s just different enough. It looks more like a party dress to me than the blue one does.

  23. My vote is for the purple dress with the bell sleeves. I wore purple to my party last year with sparkly silver accessories. A great pair of sparkly silver shoes would look amazing with that dress. Have fun at your party and let us know what you decide! 🙂

  24. Maroon for sure.  It really shows off your figure in a modest way and the color is gorge on you.  The blue lace is pretty, but a bit more matronly.  

  25. Maroon velvet dress is my vote.  Classic, stunning fit on you, gorgeous color, and wearable a few years from now.  The blue one is, IMHO, matronly, lace is “last year,” and I’m afraid the whole sleeve thing is dating a lot of clothes.  They’ll be gone soon, and we’ll all be stuck with gorgeous but dated tops/dresses.  These are such fun posts!!

  26. Love the maroon velvet! Fit you so nicely and it’s so festive. Second choice is the purple with those amazing sleeves! Both colors looked great on you. Let us know what you decide!

  27. I think the maroon velvet is awesome!  It shows your figure off, and you deserve that with all of your hard work!  I could see it being your husband liking it. I agree about the blue lace looking matronly.  I’m not a big fan of lace, anyway, and the length seems a little long.  

  28. Love the purple dress and you are killing it in the maroon velvet. Save that blue dress for when you are older…it’s pretty but it is more matronly and rather conservative for a party dress. 

  29. I have to agree with a few others commenters….the blue dress is lovely, but I think it’s for a more mature lady. It just screams “matronly” to me. The maroon velvet is stunning on you. Add a great statement necklace and you are good to go. I also agree with your assessments of all the sweaters you tried on. Most of them seem very boxy. I love sweaters and am definitely a “sweater girl”, but I can’t wear wool (not even 1% wool will work and cashmere and merino are no better). Finding great cotton sweaters isn’t easy!

  30. Maroon velvet for sure! It looks amazing on you. The blue dress is very pretty and looks great on you too, but I agree with the others- a bit matronly and would be better for a wedding.

  31. I vote the blue dress for this year, but keep the maroon velvet for next year. (As if something more exciting won’t come along later, but, dang it, I love them both.) I’m reading all the comments saying the blue dress is more matronly….I just don’t see it. I picture it with sparkly jewelry, and it’s not matronly at all. It is the more elegant of the two, but I don’t equate that with matronly. Both dresses show off your figure. You really can’t go wrong. And blue for Christmas? Elvis? Blue Christmas? It’s totally a thing!!

  32. Definitely the blue. I love the sleeves on it, plus it fits well. I find lace is festive, so there’s that too, I think blue and silver are great Christmas colors. Look at all the Christmas decorations in that color combo. With your velvet heels and some great dangling earrings, you’ll look current, classy and sexy. 
    I’m on the lookout for the perfect black turtleneck sweater, too. It has to ribbed knit, not a bulky or boxy fit and maybe some buttons on the sleeve. I like mine to fit closer to the body so it fits under sweaters and blazers. I’ll be watching for the one you post. Ha! Let you do all the work!

  33. I think both the Maroon Velvet and the Blue Lace are winners. I’m partial to the Maroon, maybe keep both! 🙂 That star sweater reminds me of the ’80 to be worn with high waist jeans and maybe some white high-top sneakers. Can you tell me why the rage with the “coated” black jeans? Does it come off on things, like a white chair or couch? 🙂

  34. Am I the only one who thinks you look drop dead gorgeous in the green dress?! Maybe it’s hard to see in the pics but it doesn’t look too tight and really shows off your figure. I’m sure that’s not a contender at this point, but that being said I’d go for the maroon velvet one. The color flatters you, it’s more current and I think with a statement necklace and pretty earrings you’d look stunning. You might even consider taking it up a bit. it would look cute with pumps or high heeled sock booties. No doubt the blue lace one is a gorgeous dress and looks great on you, but that seems to be such a safe choice. it’s pretty and would look great for a wedding. For a holiday party, I’d go with the maroon dress which is edgier and more figure flattering.

  35. I feel like I m a day late and a dollar short in commenting.  I really like the blue lace dress and the maroon velvet dress, so I’d say go with the one you feel the most comfortable in.  Because I like all of the jazzy tops, I’d have to make my choice based on the care instructions.

  36. Gotta say, my fave is the first purple one that’s posted. I’m late to the table on this post and you probably chose one already. I’m partial to purple esp for brunettes. I think purple is sooo festive too! You look lovely in all the dresses but my fave is the first one!

  37. I’m sure you’ve already sealed that box by now but I’m hoping you kept the maroon velvet dress. ????????I agree with everyone else who said that the blue dress is more matronly and doesn’t look like a fun holiday dress. You’re beautiful and will look great in anything you choose. Maybe on a future post after the holidays you could give us some tips on how you photograph yourself in the mirror? I have tried when I’m selling clothing on Tradesy or just to show a friend something for an opinion. Let’s just say I look ridiculous. LOL There has got to be a trick for how you stand, where you hold the camera, etc. 

    1. LOL, Debbie, I always feel ridiculous in those pictures! After trying a gazillion different ways, I guess I’ve landed on a pose or two that work best for me. It’s a lot of trial and error. 🙂

  38. Would love to know which dress you decided on!

    My first pick is the velvet dress and the second is the purple fun sleeve dress. While I do like the green dress, not a fan of the cold shoulder trend…it’s great for summer but not December lol.

    I agree with everyone that said the blue dress looks matronly on you. I couldn’t put my finger on why I didn’t like it until I read the comments.

    Out of all the sweaters, I like the donegal one best on you.

  39. The blue dress by far is the classiest and thats my 1st choice. It fits you perfectly and i think its perfect for a holiday party. The first dress with the sleeves would be my 2nd choice, it is “the fun dress” but definitely needs alterations. It all depends on how you feel that evening. You will look great regardless.

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