Trunk Club Unboxing + Try-On Sesh

Greetings, friends! I have another try-on post for you today. I got a box from Trunk Club last week as well as a few other things from various retailers I want to show you.

I did a quick unboxing on my Facebook Page on Friday afternoon, and then I hopped over to Instagram for a try-on session. You can still see those if you missed them.

I saved my try-on sesh to my Instagram highlight reel, which you can view if you go to my Instagram profile on a mobile device. The circles at the top are my highlight reel.

If you’re on a desktop computer or laptop, you can see the Insta Stories from all the people you follow on the right-hand side of your Instagram feed, but you can’t see my highlight reel if you go to my profile, so you’ll have to get on a mobile device if you want to watch that.

For reference, I’m 5’5″ and 140#. I’ve got a short-waisted, hourglass body type, and I typically wear a size small in tops and a 6 or 8 in pants and dresses.

Trunk Club Unboxing

My box arrived on Valentine’s Day, and this was the message from my Trunk Club stylist:

Wanted to send over my favorite Valentine’s Day swag for any occasion…going out on the town or staying in cozy! Treat yourself 🙂 

This box was definitely different from most, as it included lounge pants, a couple of robes, a pair of underwear, and some cozy socks. I told her to throw in a few pairs of white slides, as I’m still looking for a pair, so they may seem a little out of place with the rest, lol!

First up, this Chelsea28 ruffle sleeve tee is a medium, but I think I need a small. It’s cute, but the color is a little light/peachy for me. I like the grey one a lot tho! I many have to order that.

Yes, this top needs an iron, and no, I don’t iron things before I do try-ons. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

The jeans I’m wearing are an older pair of AG midi ankle jeans that are no longer available. Sorry about that! I had them on already that day and just kept them on for the first part of this try-on sesh.

Chelsea28 ruffle sleeve tee // AG middi ankle jeans (similar) // Tory Burch Minnie travel flats

This Willow & Clay cold shoulder ruffle sweater also a medium, but it’s too small. Go figure! It seems to be an older style because it wasn’t available online at Nordstrom when I first checked, and now it’s there but only available in one size.

I don’t love that ruffle detail on the shoulder, although the sleeve of the sweater is pretty, and I like the color a lot. Needless to say, it is going back.

Willow & Clay cold shoulder ruffle sweater // AG middi ankle jeans (similar) // Jeffrey Campbell Cleos mules

As I said, my stylist also sent a couple pairs of white mules to try. These  Jeffrey Campbell Cleos mules are kind of goofy. The slit is cool if you like shoes that are a bit different, but they are almost impossible to walk in, and the online reviews say the same.

Jeffrey Campbell Cleos Mule

I like these Halogen Elly slides a bit more, but they aren’t also aren’t easiest to walk in. I don’t have great luck with Halogen shoes; they don’t seem to work well for my narrow feet. All that to say, both pairs went back.

Halogen Elly Slide

After I did this unboxing, I went ahead and ordered the R Minkoff Mika mules in the white because I love my black suede ones so much, and the white ones just went on sale. I’ve tried on a bunch of different styles, and I keep coming back to this one, so I think they’re “the ones.” I’m waiting anxiously for them to arrive so I can start styling them with spring outfits.

I also just bit the bullet and ordered these blush suede Sole Society smoking slippers. I loved them the second I saw them in an email from Sole Society a few weeks ago, and I was waiting to get a discount code (Sole Society seems to send those with some regularity) but I never got one and my size sold out, so I was thrilled to see them pop up at Nordstrom. I ordered them before they have a chance to sell out there too.

These are a great in-between season shoe — you know, while it’s too soon to wear sandals and open toe shoes but we’re getting sick of wearing boots.

Okay moving on… these Lazy Mornings lounge pants and Barefoot Dreams CozyChic® socks also came in my trunk, and I’ve barely taken then off since. In fact, I’m wearing the pants right now!

These pants are super soft and cozy, and I absolutely love them for the comfort value, but they’re basically a step above pajama pants. I wouldn’t wear them out of the house.

Lazy Mornings lounge pants // Barefoot Dreams CozyChic® socks // Madewell whisper v-neck pocket tee // Splendid draped waffle knit thermal hoodie

If you’re looking for something comfy to throw on at home that is also decent for wearing out and about, I recommend these Long Weekend joggers. They’re not quite as soft and cozy as the lounge pants, but they’re still very comfortable, and they look a little nicer if you need to run an errand.

Also in my trunk were the Estella Bartlett Open Heart NecklaceNatori Shangri-La Robe, and Midnight Bakery Satin Kimono Robe. I didn’t photograph those, but you can see them in my Insta Story.

I particularly love the Natori robe. It’s a lovely luxe fabric, not too sexy but not too casual either. It would make a very nice gift.

If you’re interested in trying Trunk Club, feel free to click through my referral link. It’s really a fun service, and it’s especially nice for women who don’t have a lot of time to shop and prefer to try clothes on at home.

Random Try-Ons

Now for a few other things that came recently that weren’t a part of my Trunk. I ordered this lace-up yoke shift dress in both the solid navy and navy stripe many weeks ago. I haven’t felt like trying them on because it’s been so cold, so they’ve been hanging on my rack. I finally took a few minutes to throw them on and I love them both, but the stripe one definitely has my heart. Bonus, they’re on sale for $17 right now PLUS an additional 30% off!!!

Also note the Sam Edelman Gio slides. Yes, I ordered them! I like them a lot, and they’re definitely keepers. Please pardon my unmanicured feet. I rarely go without polish, even in the winter, but I’ve been letting them breathe.

This dress would also make a great swimsuit coverup, making it a great little piece to have if you like to travel light. You can certainly wear it as both a dress and swimsuit coverup.

For size reference, I’m wearing a size small, and it’s a tad snug. I’m afraid if it shrinks, it will be too short and tight.

Old Navy lace-up yoke shift dress // Sam Edelman Gio slides

The solid navy is a medium, and I’m not sure it’s as flattering as the stripe one in the small, but I’m thinking I should order the stripe in a medium and put it through the washing machine. Then it might be perfect.

These dresses are also available in petite and tall. If you’re worried about the length, a lot of women have told me they order Old Navy dresses in tall, even though they may never wear talls in anything else. For size reference, I’m 5’5″.

Old Navy lace-up yoke shift dress // Tory Burch Miller flip flops

These jeans are the Madewell 9″ high-rise skinny jeans in allegra wash: rip and repair edition — how’s that for a long name? I like them a lot, although the rear pockets are rather large. Otherwise the fit is great, and they’re very comfortable. For size reference, these are a 29.

These jeans also come “tall” (recommended for women 5’9″-5’11”) and “taller” (recommended for women 6′ and up).

I’m wearing the regular, and they have a 9″ front rise with a 28 1/2″ inseam and a 10″ leg opening.

Madewell 9″ high-rise skinny jeans in allegra wash: rip and repair edition // Madewell whisper v-neck pocket tee // Tory Burch Minnie travel flats

I also ordered this pair of Madewell high rise cuffed denim shorts. I realize these are probably shorter than some of you prefer, but I like this length. For reference, they have a 4″ uncuffed inseam with a 24″ leg opening and a 11″ front rise. (Yes, I’ll be featuring some other lengths. I plan to go to the mall in a few weeks and do a big try-on shorts comparison like I did last year.)

I’m not used to high rise jean shorts; mine from years past are all low-rise, and they tend to stretch out and get baggy as I wear them. I’m wondering if these will hold their shape a little better since they won’t be as likely to slide down. I will have to wear them for a few hours to really know if I like them, but I decided to keep them and take the risk.

I tried to get all angles because shorts can look really schlumpy from behind if you aren’t careful. These seem promising, but again, you can’t really know till you wear them for a while. I’ll keep you posted!

Madewell high rise cuffed denim shorts // Madewell whisper v-neck pocket tee // Sam Edelman Gio slides

And that’s a wrap!

I can’t believe we’re already talking about sandals and shorts. YAY! We’re actually working on booking our beach house this week, and I’m super excited about all things summer at the moment.

I realize that some consider it sacrilege, but I’d be perfectly happy to skip right over spring and get to summer. Spring here in these parts can be really depressing, and I’m a summer girl at heart.

I hope y’all have a terrific Tuesday!

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42 thoughts on “Trunk Club Unboxing + Try-On Sesh

  1. Love that first top you posted and I would also go for the gray if I decide to get it. The shorts look great on you, but I know the length would be out of my comfort zone. Except for the trees starting to turn green (I love seeing everything come back to life), I would also skip over spring and have an extra long summer. 😉 People think I love summer because I’m a teacher (nope…I actually love my job), but it’s the warm weather I love. 🙂

  2. I got my long weekend joggers yesterday and they’re really comfortable!!! I’m only 5’3″ and so they’re a little long but I have that problem all the time. I will probably just wear them at home anyway. My sister is tall so they’ll probably fit her perfect (they’re her bday present this year). I’m excited to see the shorts try on session when you get to it. I’m going to need some new ones this summer!

  3. I think your try on sessions are my new favorite. Whether you’re at the mall or at home, I love all the different items you pick. I wouldn’t give some a second look, but seeing them on makes such a difference. Thanks!

  4. It will be a long while before I start wearing shorts, but I am very curious; is the 4 inch inseam based on what’s trending, personal comfort or what actually suits a person’s body type?

    1. I would say all of the above. 🙂 Shorter shorts are definitely trending, but I’ve been wearing mine this length for years. I find them the most flattering on me personally. They’re closer to 2 1/2″ or 3″ when rolled, but usually the lower rise ones sit lower on the hip as they get worn in, making them a tad longer, which I prefer.

      I’m not sure the higher rise is going to be as comfortable, but I need to wear them around for a while to decide. (Nothing worse than shorts that ride up in the crotch… I hate that word but it really is the only word to use!)

      Tomorrow is supposed to be 72 degrees here, so I may throw them on and wear them around the house for a few hours.

  5. This post was just the push I needed to finally make me pull the trigger on those SS loafers I’ve had in my cart for a week! I didn’t want to spend that much, but they are pretty much exactly what I’ve been wanting for awhile now, and I didn’t want to risk them selling out, lol. They’ll likely be my only spring shoe purchase though. Love those ON dresses too and the price. Wow! I can most definitely see the striped one as a cover-up. So cute.

  6. All cute on you. I don’t like white shoes for me because I feel it makes my 8 1/2 stand out. Also wish cold shoulder would go away but does look cute on lots of people. Including you. Guess some people don’t post anything but that so gets old after awhile. Beautiful here in Savannah. But 80’s a little warm for February

  7. I really like the style of the peach colored tee because it’s a little different and feminine.  The white mules with the slit top made me laugh.  I am going to put the nice joggers at Nordstrom on my wish list to purchase after Lent.  The dress from ON is really cute.  If only I wore dresses and felt comfortable in them!  Enjoy getting back in your normal routine today.

  8. Just snatched up the Old Navy Dress. I got it for $11.00! Lots of good things on sale there. Not a fan of either top you unboxed. The sleeves are just different.

  9. I bought the same Old Navy striped shift dress a couple of weeks ago. I’m 5’8″ and don’t like things to be too short on me so I bought it in a Tall Small. It fits just a little looser than a regular small but it gives me a bit more length. If you’re in between sizes, and don’t mind a little more length, I find buying Talls works for me. I too tried the regular medium but it felt too loose. It’s a good thing so many stores have liberal return policies as choosing the right size online is really tricky!

  10. Do you typically wear a 29 in Madewell jeans? Did you feel you needed to size up in these? I have one pair of Roadtripper jeans that you recommended and I love them so thought I would give these a try but I am between a 29 and 30 so just wondering which size to order?

  11. JoLynn, Do you have a pair of long weekend joggers? I would like to get a pair. Do they run large or small? Should I size up or down? Also I love the dresses!! You look really cute in them!!!

  12. I vote for the striped dress. So perfect to throw on for summer. But, I hate worrying about things shrinking too. I also love the lounge pants.

  13. I love spring! The air seems fresher, the trees are budding, my flowers are planted and I can sit out on my porch with my morning coffee. 
    Have you ever tried Everlane shoes? My feet are narrow and I wondered if they would fit. 
    My favourite of your trunk unboxing was the peachy tee. I’d get that one in the grey. 😉

  14. I, too, think your try-on sessions are my favorite posts. I like them all- the ones at the store, Trunk Club, and things you have ordered. You always show a large variety and explain why (or why not) you opted to keep each item. I would imagine these posts take a lot of time and hard work- but I sure enjoy them!  I love your conversational style combined with attention to detail in both fashion and writing. Hope you have a great day! 

  15. Love, love, love the ruffle sleeve tee…the back is so cute too. I still can’t get on the white shoe train just yet. I just see cousin Eddie from Christmas Vaca whenever I look at them…LOL😂 #sorry You will rock them though, I have no doubt. I’m usually a little late to the party, but I might eventually get there.😉 Love the Barefoot dreams pants too. I live in the sweaters, so I should probably add the pants to my collection. Have a great day!

    1. I think the backless ones look a little less Cousin Eddie, lol. Also the ones that are more off-white, which these aren’t, which is why I was holding back. But I think I’m going to try them and see. 🙂

  16. Oh ICK on the white loafers with the slit. 🙂 LOL  I’m glad you ordered the ones you have in black suede.  🙂  I like the peachy tee, but agree, the grey would be nicer.  Cute sleeve on it.  I like the striped dress on you the best, but agree, if you had shrinkage, you might want the size medium like the blue one.  Such a good price but I find Old Navy’s clothes to be made cheap and don’t last, so I stick to LOFT, GAP or Nordstrom sales.  You really can’t beat LOFT clearance and their quality. 

  17. PS Did you sent your snow across country?  Its snowing here in the Northwest.  More to come this afternoon.  Odd for us in Feb.  Its beautiful though.  

  18. Love the blush loafers but I definitely would not be able to keep them clean!  Great tips on the dresses.  Looking for a pair of faded (but not distressed/ripped) straight leg jeans.  Any suggestions?
    Try-on posts are the best!  Thanks for doing them!

      1. That’s good to know. I’ve never ordered anything from them but heard they have narrow shoes. So hard to order shoes online without trying them on when you wear an A. 

  19. Keep the navy lace up dress! The solid color looks great on you and is very flattering. The white shoes…. oh dear. They remind me of Clark’s cousin Eddie in the movie “ Vacation “. Lol

  20. Hi Jo-Lynne-
    Love, love, love your blog! I have the Sole Society smoking slippers and you will not be disappointed. I wear them all day long and they are so comfortable. Enjoy! 

  21. So went to Old Navy today (haven’t been there in YEARS!) and was ready to purchase the striped blue dress, but when I looked at the register, the dress was $10 MORE IN THE STORE! I asked salesgirl, what the deal was, and she said the prices online aren’t the same as in the store!!! They were ready to match the price, but NOT the extra 30% off! So I said, thanks I’ll go home and purchase it from my computer. I bought 4 items total, and saved more than 30% buying online, because the store prices were more expensive. I don’t know if other people have run into this situation? So luckily, I can go to a store to try on and return, but I’ll buy ON online.

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