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Try-On Haul: Athleta, P448, Amazon, Naadam, Jenni Kayne & J.Crew

Hi friends! I’ve got another new try-on haul for you this week. I’ve got some activewear from Athleta that’s 20% off this weekend and a few budget friendly options from Amazon. Plus, I ordered the cashmere joggers from Naadam, some new styles from P448, and I finally bit the bullet and tried the Jenni Kayne fisherman sweater so I could see what all the fuss is about.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ with an hourglass shape, and I usually take a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, and size 8 shoe.

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Athleta Try-Ons

Athleta is running a 20% off sitewide sale this weekend, and a few of these pieces were already on sale, so you’ll get an additional 20% off those!

Spirit Wool Cashmere Wrap in Grey Heather

cardigan (S) // top (S) // joggers (S) // shoes (8.5)

A few weeks ago, I was freezing in my house, and I went upstairs to my closet to find warmer clothes and couldn’t seem to find anything good to layer up with, so I started hunting for a cozy cardigan. The Naadam ones I featured in a recent try-on haul didn’t work out, but someone in my Facebook Group suggested a wool/cashmere wrap from Athleta, and a few others pointed out that a wool blend will likely be warmer than 100% cashmere, so I ordered this one to see how I liked it.

It’s definitely thick and soft and heavy. It’s just a lot of fabric, but that’s okay because again, this is more about being cozy and warm than looking slender and chic. The biggest drawback for me is the cut of the sleeves. They narrow towards the wrists and feel tight and binding. I’d also prefer more length in the sleeves so I can pull them down over my hands when I want to.

VERDICT: I probably should try this on with more things before making a final decision, but it’s probably going back. For this price, I need to fall in love right out of the box. I’m hoping I can get a price adjustment if I decide to keep it.

Athleta Essential V-Neck Top in Minimalist Grey (size Small)

top (S) // joggers (S) // shoes (8.5)

I thought I should order some long sleeve tops to go under said cardigan, since I tend to wear short sleeve tees or tanks, and that’s probably another reason why I’m cold. I don’t like the feeling of layers, which is why I tend to wear a lot of pullovers, but sometimes layering is necessary.

This tee is really soft and feels nice, and I love this color, but it’s really long — too long for what I want, I think. Definitely too long with these joggers. Maybe if I wore this tee and the cardigan with leggings… I need to try that.

Size-wise, this tee is pretty generous. I would say it’s true to size, or size down if in between. The small is perfect for me.

Athleta Essential V-Neck Top in White (size Medium)

top (M) // joggers (S) // sneakers (8.5)

This is the same tee in the medium. I ordered some of both sizes to try. It’s definitely too big, and the white is thinner than I prefer. It’s going back, for sure!

Altitude Jogger in Polartec Power Stretch (size Small)

top (S) // joggers (S) // shoes (8.5)

I also ordered some thicker joggers, mostly for wearing around the house, but I suppose I could wear them out and about for casual errands. These have a really weird fit, though. I do like the Polartec fabric, but they are super wide through the legs, and because the material is thick, they stick out in a funny way.

I actually think they’re too big, so I re-ordered in the XS, which is undheard of for me. I hardly ever wear XS in anything, and certainly not joggers or leggings.

Athleta Altitude Jogger in Polartec Power Stretch (size XS)

t-shirt (M) // joggers (XS) // sneakers (8.5)

These definitely look better, but they don’t feel as comfortable as I’d like. They just feel kind of bulky all over. They’re warm, though!

Athleta Brooklyn Lined Camo Jogger

t-shirt (M) // joggers (S) // sneakers (8.5)

I thought I might like this slightly more elevated fabric, and they seem flattering and cute on the models, but once again, they just look too big and baggy to me. I’m getting 1980’s gym teacher vibes… no offense to anyone who might have been a gym teacher in the 80s, but we’ve come a long way in the activewear department!

VERDICT: I plan to send all of these back. I think I’d rather wear the Polartec leggings (see below) if I need warmer activewear.

Athleta Renew V-Neck Long Sleeve in Dark Sky Violet

t-shirt (M) // joggers (XS) // sneakers (8.5)

This top is cute, but it runs verrrrry small. I’m in the medium here, and it’s still quite snug. In my younger years, I can see liking this top, but all I see right now are the bulges around my mid-life middle, plus it’s too tight across the chest.

That said, this color is on sale, plus the 20% off, and it’s a really nice top for layering. If you need something like this, I would recommend it, but you probably want to size up.

Athleta Altitude Tight In Polartec Power Stretch in Black (size Small)

 tights (S) // sweatshirt (S) // sneakers (39)

I already have these tights, but I wanted to share them while they’re on sale. These are my warmest running tights; I save them for the coldest of days… like yesterday. It was 15 degrees, and I went out and walked/ran for 45 minutes and I was very comfortable in these tights, along with the Zella Cozy Tech Turtleneck Training Top and Inlet Jacket (below).

These tights are thick and soft with a high waist that doesn’t bind or slide down when I run. They’re true to size; I have the small.

Athleta Inlet Jacket in Decadent Chocolate

jacket (S/M) // tights (S) // sneakers (39)

I’ve had my eye on this jacket for a while, and I actually ordered it and returned it in a different color last year. I don’t remember why I returned it, but it’s definitely bulkier than any running jacket I’ve ever owned.

At the time, I may not have wanted that, but I don’t run with the intensity that I used to so I don’t work up as much body heat. This year I’ve found myself wanting something a bit warmer than what I have for super cold days. These first 3 pictures are the size small, by the way.

This jacket has a flattering fit, and it has a lot of the features of a good running jacket — the quilted placket on the front and back blocks the wind, but the sides and arms are a stretchier scuba fabric, for ease of movement.

Here it is zipped all the way up. I really like the high neck and the hood. I used it the other day, and the toggles keep it in place. When I’m not wearing it, it doesn’t flop around or annoy me at all. I also really like how the neck of the jacket comes up higher over my chin, and it’s soft and comfortable against my face.

These last two pictures are of the size medium. It was kind of a toss-up to be honest. I know sizes are limited right now, so if you’re trying to decide, you can probably go either way.

VERDICT: I’m keeping the small, as it still zips comfortably over my training turtleneck, and it’s a little less bulky.

Athleta Polartec Funnel Neck (size Small)

sweatshirt (S) // tights (S) // sneakers (39)

I saw another blogger reference this pullover, and I know I like the Polartec fabric (it’s the same as these tights), so I ordered it on the spot. I thought it could be a good piece for walking the dog and hanging out at home.

It’s cozy and really soft inside, and it skims the body without clinging, but there’s something about that kangaroo pocket that I don’t love. It’s so big, and it seems to call attention to my midsection and create extra bulk in an area where I definitely do not need it.

VERDICT: I dunno… I’m undecided on this one. Maybe I’ll see if they’ll give me a price adjustment, since I did not get it on sale. I feel like this is one of those items I need to hold onto and keep tags on and see if I reach for it, but I’ll need to keep a close eye on the return window.

Cashmere Joggers: J.Crew & Naadam

Okay, moving on! I’ve been thinking about investing in cashmere joggers and some type of matching top. Luxury loungewear, if you will! Again, I spend a lot of time at home, and it tends to be cold in my office. It’s on the corner of the house, with a lot of windows, and it’s always about 3 degrees colder in here than it is in the rest of the main floor.

I want to be comfortable and warm, but also feel somewhat elevated and stylish, even when I’m just at home all day.

J.Crew Cashmere Drawstring Sweatpants + Cardigan Sweater

pants (S)  // sweater (S; more colors) // ATM tee (M) // sneakers c/o (39)

All that to say, I ordered this set from J.Crew, but it is a big, fat nothankyou. I don’t know what is going on with the rise of these pants, but it is all kinds of wrong. Plus, super staticky. I couldn’t rip this off fast enough.

Naadam Cashmere Balloon Joggers

hoodie (S) // joggers (S) // sneakers (39)

This Naadam pair, though… now, these I like. I was nervous to order cashmere joggers on a final sale, but I really wanted to try them, and I didn’t want to pay more than $100 for a pair.

I know I love Naadam cashmere, and I find them to be pretty reliable with sizing, so I read all the reviews, and decided on this pair. (I also considered these cashmere cropped pants and these merino cashmere wide leg pants, but I was afraid I wouldn’t like the length of either.)

The fabric is every bit as good as I had hoped, and I love this color. The waist seemed a tad tight at first, but it isn’t binding, and I think it will feel fine as I wear them around. It’s also quite high, but I don’t mind that. I can set it where I want it, and the rise doesn’t get too long and baggy.

In my perfect world, I would choose a straight leg pair, but I don’t mind that ribbed cuff so much. After all, I will mostly wear these at home with a pair of socks.

Naadam Cashmere Balloon Sleeve Hoodie

hoodie (S) // joggers (S) // sneakers (39)

I did go ahead and order the matching hoodie so I could have a set, and I love this hoodie. It’s the perfect size and fit, and I can also wear it with jeans, so I should get a good cost per wear out of this.

VERDICT: Keeping both! They’re final sale, anyway, but I am pleased with these purchases. If you’ve been on the fence, I would recommend them.

Amazon Fashion Finds

I have an appointment to get to, and I’m running out of time, so I’m going to rush through these last few. I ordered a couple of Amazon sweatshirts to offer some more affordable activewear options, since so many of you loved those Gym People leggings I shared last week. They sold like gangbusters!

Amazon Essentials Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt

sweatshirt (S) // leggings (S)

This is a good basic sweatshirt, and it’s soft and comfortable. The fit is true to size, but you may want to size up for some more wiggle room, and also in case it shrinks. I would definitely want to exchange for the medium.

VERDICT: Returning. If I needed this, I would reorder the medium.

Dokotoo Button Collar Sweatshirt

sweatshirt (S) // leggings (S)

I really like the styling of this one, but it fits kind of weird. Again, it runs a little small — especially through the arms.

The fabric is comfortable, though, and I really like the neck detail. I also like how the kangaroo pocket lays; it doesn’t seem to add too much extra bulk.

VERDICT: If I needed this, I’d exchange for a medium.

Two Random AllSaints Finds

Ironically, these are two repeat items. I repurchased one for size and one for a different texture.

AllSaints Edbury Leather Shoulder Handbag

bag // t-shirt (M) // jeans (28)

Totally loving this bag. I did end up returning the one I got from the #NSale, even though I loved it, because the color wasn’t working with my wardrobe. I was thinking this would be more white than cream, but it’s not, so I dunno. I do love the contrasting black strap. I feel like it’s kind of edgy and casual and fun, and it could be a nice addition to my closet, but the cost per wear may not be there.

VERDICT: Deciding….

AllSaints Emelyn Budon Women’s T-Shirt

t-shirt (M) // jeans (28) // sneakers (39)

It’s probably mean to share this, since inventory is low, but I wanted to update since I shared the small last week. The medium is a much better fit, but it’s a little long for my liking. I think it will probably wash up well, though.

VERDICT: I love the fabric and the styling, so I’m keeping it with tags on. I have a feeling I’ll be glad I have it when the weather warms up.

P448 Spring Styles

P448 John in Pdp/ Black

sneakers (39) // t-shirt (M) // jeans (28)

I ordered a few new styles of P448 to share with you! I kind of wanted a pair with black accents to wear with black jeans, and these are fun, but that white leather is SUPER white. Very contrasty with the black and grey details of the show.

They have that fun hot pink sole, like the P448 Jack pair I recently got from Evereve, which is fun and quite the surprise.

VERDICT: These are cute, but I have a lot already, and I’m just not feeling it.

P448 John in Molly

sneakers (39) // t-shirt (M) // jeans (28)

This is a very neutral pair, and it will go with so much! I love the subtle python texture and the way it integrates some grey with the white. Also, the tongue is that tweedy fabric.

The sole is black, so in keeping with the overall neutral vibe.

They come with optional grey laces, and I think I like those better.

Here’s another angle. Because they have the suede toe, they’re super soft and comfortable right out of the box. I slipped these on, and they feel like I’ve had them for years.

VERDICT: I certainly don’t need more sneakers, but if I keep any of these, it will likely be this pair.

P448 John in Nautilus

sneakers (39) // t-shirt (M) // jeans (28)

Okay, here’s one more style. These are fun for spring, and I like the blush accents, but the toe is a little stiffer because it’s leather, not suede.

They’re still very comfortable, lightweight, and feel like they will need no breaking in.

VERDICT: Not sure I like all the color on these. I probably should go with color, since my others are so neutral, but I still kind of like the Molly color better.

Jenni Kayne: Is It Worth It?

Jenni Kayne Cashmere Fisherman Sweater

sweater // jeans // sneakers (39; more options)

Okay! Last one. I ordered this when it went 25% off because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I really did not expect to like it, but I DO. It’s so simple, but the cut is just perfect. I dunno… it is calling to me.

This is me trying to get back shots with the forward facing camera for better picture quality.

It’s definitely on the shorter side, which was one of the criticisms in the reviews, but that doesn’t bother me. I rather like it, actually.

And the knit is thinner than I expected for this price, but it feels really nice and isn’t see-through at all. I like this ivory color a lot.

The cool kids would front tuck it, but I probably won’t bother. This looks odd to me, maybe with higher rise jeans, though.

VERDICT: Deciding… I don’t need it but I do think I would reach for it a lot if I had it. Even with the 25% off, it’s still realllllly spendy, though. I don’t have any other Jenni Kayne sweaters, so I can’t speak to how it will hold up over time. Anyone have experiences to share?

Okay, with that, I’m off to an appointment! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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29 thoughts on “Try-On Haul: Athleta, P448, Amazon, Naadam, Jenni Kayne & J.Crew

  1. How do you knot your P448’s? It looks so cute! I’m between sizes so sized up but with untied laces they’re a bit loose. But I don’t like the look of them tied. I think your knot could solve all my issues!

  2. Just received my $39 Quince cotton fisherman sweater and couldn’t love it more – a total Jenni Kayne dupe. Excellent quality. I have another Jenni Kayne cashmere sweater and basically depill every time I wear it which is super annoying – especially for the price. Maybe the fisherman style is different. Planning to order the Quince cashmere version soon.

    1. Laura, I hope you see this & I hope it’s ok to post & ask a question of another reader. I looked at that Quince sweater last night. Is it true to size or did you size up? And how thick is it? I live in the South & just don’t need thick sweaters. Thanks!

      1. I found it true to size. Definitely a little on thicker side for cotton sweater, but perfect for our New England springs. I believe they have free returns??? So definitely worth a try!

        1. Thanks Laura! I tell myself I don’t need to buy clothes this month but these good sales are calling out to me—ha, ha.

  3. I loved waking up this morning. It’s chilly here again and reading through your try on haul. It’s a perfect day to get online and order some of your items. I love a good try on haul. Thank you for your dedication. I’m definitely in a rut of staying home and getting a little too comfortable with lounge wear.

  4. If you want a pair of polar fleece joggers that aren’t real bulky, but are nice and cozy, I highly recommend the ones from ON. I know what you mean about the kangaroo pocket adding bulk where you don’t want . I sent back a cozy top from Amazon for that very reason. If you want some cute sneakers that are different from your P448’s, checkout Birkenstock’s! Have a great day K

  5. Been wearing Athleta for years. Always a solid size 6 in bottoms. But like you said it feels weird to order smaller sizes. It’s true with the Trekkie North Jogger. A size 2 fit me perfect. Always read the reviews. I also have the intel jacket . I’m not a runner but I love that it’s less bulky than my North Face down coat.

  6. I love my Jenni Kayne fisherman sweaters – I have 2 (both purchased on sale!) and wear them all the time. They do pill – but they are very soft and comfortable, and I just love the style/fit. I know you have a lot of sweaters but I don’t think you’d regret keeping this one!

  7. Jo-Lynne, Thank you for picking the perfect tops and sweaters for those of us with mid-life middles…I’m in that club (unfortunately)! lol

  8. I ordered the warm leggings yesterday when you shared them. I’m hoping they work bc I walk first thing or I’ll find an excuse not to go! And it’s darn cold that early! My link to the survey doesn’t work?

  9. Did you say which size of the Jenni Kayne sweater you got? I have the JK cotton fisherman’s sweater in a similar color and haven’t worn it much. There’s nothing wrong with it, but the color doesn’t work as well for me as a blonde and it’s not as soft as the cashmere would be. Not sure I would buy from JK again.

  10. What size did you order in the Jenni Kayne sweater? Also, the link to the sweater goes to a general Nordstrom page rather than the sweater itself. Thanks!!

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