Try On Haul: Denim, Fall Dresses, Cocktail Attire + More

I’ll just put it right out there — this post is a doozie. And it is all over the map . . . jeans, cocktail attire, fall dresses, and about 25 retailers represented.

Okay, I exaggerate. But still. It’s a lot, so I’m just going to dive right in.

Try On Haul: Denim, Fall Dresses, Cocktail Attire + More

The usual disclaimers apply — I’m 5’5″ with a slightly hourglass shape, and I usually wear small tops and a 6 or 8 in pants. My average dress size is an 8, but depending on the brand, I have everything in my closet from 4 to 12.

Links and descriptions are below the pictures, but I’ve split up my commentary a bit this time because I have so many pictures and so many thoughts about each piece.

Try On Haul: Denim Comparison

I’ve been experimenting with a bunch of different crop straight jeans, and I’ve tried them on with various shoe and top combinations, trying to figure out how to wear this new silhouette.

I’m learning that getting the length right is key to making this look work. I like mine to be a good inch or two above the ankle bone for a true crop. The ankle-length ones just look like floods — at least on me.

First up, a true crop straight . . .

GAP High Rise Cheeky Straight Jeans size 29 // These are a true crop straight jean. They look a lot like the Levi’s that have made this look so popular, right down to the thicker vintage-inspired denim and the lighter wash.

Believe it or not, I actually like these. I got a mixed response when I posted a picture to Instagram, but I think they’re fairly flattering, all things considered. I mean, I still think I look best in skinnies, but these are fun for a change.

I styled them two ways, trying to figure out if I wanted to commit. This first way is a fall look with a shorter sweater and loafer mules.

And then for summer, with a tank top and leather sneakers.

Notice how there’s a good two inches of skin showing between the hem of the jeans and the shoes. Since our ankles tend to be the thinnest part of our leg, it’s flattering to expose some skin when wearing a cropped pant.

I like the distressed hem on the back, and I also like the smaller rear pockets. In fact, the pocket placement in general is very flattering.

Also, these jeans are verrrry comfortable. Well done, Gap! I’m impressed.

THE VERDICT: I kept them, but I’m not sure how much I’ll actually wear them. My 16-year-old is horrified that I’m wearing them and reminded me that my tagline says, “Friends don’t let friends wear mom jeans.”

I’m not sure I’d qualify these as mom jeans, though. They don’t give me the long butt (haha!), and the rise isn’t super high. I’m definitely going to keep experimenting with them.

FYI, these jeans also come in tall and petite sizes.

GAP High Rise Cigarette Jeans size 29 // I also ordered these cigarette jeans from Gap, wanting to compare them to the AG Prima that I like so much.

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I’m not crazy about these. While they aren’t necessarily unflattering, they’re a little longer than I like, and the wash looks cheap to me. I can’t explain why, exactly, I just don’t like it.

The fit is okay, although I think they look better cuffed. See below.

THE VERDICT: I returned these because I have others I like better, but if you’re looking for a pair of cigarette leg jeans in this price range, these are a decent option.

They also come in tall and petite sizes.

MOTHER Rascal Ankle Snippet Jeans size 29 // I really like how these fit and feel, except they’re ankle jeans, and I prefer my straight leg jeans to be an inch or two shorter.

Unfortunately I can’t cut them or cuff them because they have a split hem, and I wouldn’t want to lose that detail.

According to the website, these have a 26.75″ inseam, but I’m not sure about that. They seem longer to me.

I wish I’d measured and compared these to the Gap pairs above, but Shopbop has a 15-day return policy, so I sent them back ASAP when I knew I wasn’t going to keep them.

It’s too bad because they are soooo soft and comfy, I like the rear pocket placement, and the wash is great too.

I also tried them with ankle boots, to see if I liked the length better with a different shoe, but they just meet the top of the bootie, which is awkward.

They should expose about an inch of skin, or they should cover the top of the bootie without getting caught on them.

I gave them one more try with these peep-toe booties, and they did the same thing.

What I should have tried is a pair of sock booties with a higher shaft so the jeans can be worn over-top, but mine are currently packed away.

THE VERDICT: As I said, I returned these, but I might revisit this style when fall is in full swing and I have more booties to experiment with.

AG Prima Ankle Skinny Jeans size 29 // For comparison sake, I took a few pictures in my AG Prima cigarette jeans. These are called skinny, but they have a 12″ leg opening, making them more of a slim straight.

They are ankle-length, so I usually wear them cuffed to give them more of a cropped silhouette.

Here’s how they look worn un-cuffed with the same shoes.

This works okay with loafers, but not so much with booties. I always cuff them with booties.

THE VERDICT: I own and love these. Highly recommend!!! I did get them on sale for $149 during the #NSale, so I don’t really recommend paying full price, but I’ll let you know if I see them discounted again.

Kut from the Kloth Cigarette Jeans size 6// For a more budget-friendly option, these cigarette jeans by Kut from the Kloth are a nice fit. They’re a couple inches shorter than the AG Prima, so cuffing isn’t necessary for most of my shoes, but I do like to give them a small cuff with booties.

THE VERDICT: These are a great pair of budget-friendly slim straight crop jeans. You can tell that the whiskering and distressing details aren’t as natural looking as the higher priced jeans, but for the price, these are great.

These are currently on sale for $53.70, and they come in petite sizes!

AG The Prima Raw Hem Crop Jeans size 29 // When I saw these AG Prima crops, I knew I had to try them, since I’m always cuffing my ankle-length Primas. These have a 26″ inseam and a 12″ leg opening with a split hem.

I really like the darker wash for another option, and the shorter 26″ inseam is perfect with mules.

I think they’re a little too short with these sandals, though. It’s an awkward amount of skin showing.

But they seem to look okay with these booties, which are only a half inch taller in the shaft than the sandals. I dunno, what say you??? #fashionishard

Also, does anyone else find it curious that the Mother Rascal jeans (above) with a 26.75″ inseam were too long with these booties, and these have a 26″ inseam, and they’re almost too short? I can’t believe those measurements are both accurate. I wish I still had the Mother jeans to measure.

THE VERDICT: I’m undecided on these. Since I got them at Nordstrom and their return policy is so generous, I’m going to keep the tags on and hold onto them for a while until I have more opportunities to style them with different shoes and tops.

Ann Taylor Sculpting Pockets High Rise Straight Leg Jeans size 6 // These jeans have a 27 1/2″ inseam so they’re definitely ankle length.

Again, maybe my eye just needs to adjust, but I’m not crazy about this length in a straight fit. They also seem to flare slightly at the hem, giving them more of a kick flare silhouette.

They are comfortable, though, and I like the black wash for a change.

I tried them with a these sandals to see if I like them better with a heel, and I do. I’m not quite sure what it is about this combo that works, but I think it does.

THE VERDICT: I did return these, but I might revisit them later in the season. I think they’re a good option for those looking to update their silhouette.

They’re 40% off with code LASTHURRAH.

also wearing: Kasper snake print blouse

Ann Taylor Sculpting Pockets High Rise Skinny Jeans size 6 // These are great for classic black skinnies, especially if you like a higher rise. They have a 11″ rise with a 29″ inseam, and they’re very flattering.

THE VERDICT: I returned these because I don’t need them, but if you are looking for high rise black skinnies, they’re worth a try, especially at the sale price!

They’re also 40% off with code LASTHURRAH.

also wearing: Kasper snake print blouse and Sam Edelman Laurna mules

Okay, let’s move on to dresses!

Try On Haul: Fall Dresses

Ann Taylor Polka Dot Wrap Dress size 4 // This dress is giving me all the Pretty Woman vibes. I love the rust color, and the polkadots are fun.

I had to size down to a 4 in a similar AT dress a couple months ago, so I ordered both the 4 and 6 to try. The 4 fit well everywhere, except it pulled just a bit in the chest.

(Pictures of the size 4 are above. See the size 6 below.)

Ann Taylor Polka Dot Wrap Dress size 6 // When I put on the 6 and tried to snap it, I was surprised that it barely closed. Then I realized the snap was located in a different place — it had been moved over an inch or two from its original location. Can you see that?

I think someone moved the snap, probably wore it, and then returned it. Isn’t that crazy!?!

THE VERDICT: Both of these went back, but I’d like to try a size 6 that hasn’t been tampered with. It’s a gorgeous dress. In fact, I just ordered it.

And it’s also on sale for $66.99!!!

Ann Taylor Terra Floral Smocked Flare Dress size 6 // This is a nice dress for fall, and I like the print a lot. I feel like it’s flattering and would be great for work, church, or date night — depending on your footwear.

I think it would be smashing with rounded toe suede pumps for work, and I like the strappy sandals for date night. You could also do a black bootie.

THE VERDICT: I sent it back because I don’t really need it right now. If I was doing 25 Days of Fall Fashion, I would have featured it for sure.

This dress is currently 40% off with code LASTHURRAH.

Vince Camuto Highland Printed Midi Dress size 8 // I wanted to love this leopard print dress, but it just doesn’t flatter me. It looks like I have no waist, but I think it would be gorgeous on the pear-shaped gals out there! It runs TTS; the 8 fit me perfectly.

VERDICT: Returned, but I think it’s a great dress. Just not for me.

also wearing: Sam Edelman Yaro sandals

Try On Haul: Fall Wedding Guest / Cocktail Dresses

I’m still on the hunt for the dress for this black tie optional wedding I have coming up. I loved all of your input on this post, and it really helped me hone in on what I want for this event.

First, let’s recap.

Xscape Mesh Inset & Embroidered Evening Dress size 8 // This was my favorite dress of the lot, but I think I’ll be more comfortable with a knee-length dress as long as its formal enough.

Eliza J Sequined Sheath size 8 // While I love this navy dress from last year, I feel it’s too short and glitzy for a wedding — especially one where the ceremony is held in a church. It’s more of a holiday party dress, so I’m going to hold onto it and hope I get to wear it later this year.

Eliza J sequined cap sleeve shift dress size 8 // Likewise with this taupe shift. I love it, and it fits like it was custom made for me, but I feel like it’s more appropriate for New Year’s Eve or a wedding in Vegas.

I decided I want something knee-length and not so sparkly — but as elegant and as formal as it can get without being a floor-length gown.

Aqua Scuba-Crepe Dress size 8 // I had high hopes for this scuba crepe sheath, but it was a total bust — pardon the pun. It was so revealing, I couldn’t even take pictures to show you. The fit is just really off for me.

Eliza J Cowl Back Ruched Stretch Sheath Dress size 10 // This one is closer to what I want. I like the length, the fit, and the ruching details, and the cowl back is dramatic and fun.

But it’s not very flattering from the back, and it’s hard to move in. I think that would be annoying over the course of the evening.

THE VERDICT: I sent this one back. If you like it and are considering placing an order, size up. The 10 barely fit, and I am typically an 8 in Eliza J.

Aidan Mattox Women’s Floral Printed Jacquard High-Low Gown size 8 // I first saw this dress on Bloomingdale’s, but it was sold out in my size so I tracked it down on Amazon.

THE VERDICT: I returned it. I don’t want to stand out THIS much at my nephew’s wedding. But if you have an appropriate event, I think  it’s really fun.

Eliza J Ruffled One-Shoulder Dress size 8 // This dress has potential. For one thing, I love the navy scuba fabric. It’s super thick and luxe and very forgiving for a sheath.

The length is perfect for a more formal event, and the ruffle shoulder detail is gorgeous, but I just don’t want to deal with a strapless bra if I don’t have to.

THE VERDICT: While this one could work, I decided to return it on account of the bra issue. And because . . .

I found this . . .

*cue angels singing*

Eliza J Side Drape Laguna Crepe Cocktail Dress size 10 // I knew Eliza J would come through for me if I looked hard enough! She always does, even if I did have to size up to a 10.

This dress is exactly what I wanted — the length and material are understated and elegant, the v-back adds some extra pizzazz, and the bow detail is just the right amount of drama to set it apart.

Best of all, it fits perfectly without the need for any alterations.

THE VERDICT: Keeping, duh!!! Now I just have to figure out my shoes and accessories, but that’s the fun part!

I’m thinking of having my hair put up. I usually curl it for dressy events, but I feel like this dress requires something more sophisticated than my loose curls.

I do hate to go to the trouble of making a salon appointment, though. I guess I could wear it straight and get a sequined clip for the side. What do you think?

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