What Are Cigarette Jeans? {and Why I’m Embracing Them This Fall}

Ever since I fell in love with these AG Prima cigarette jeans at the #NSale, I’ve been getting two questions a lot, “What are cigarette jeans?” and “What is the difference between cigarette jeans and skinny jeans?”

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I thought those questions deserved a dedicated post, and I also wanted to share why I think they’re a great option for those of us who are stuck on our skinny jeans.

What are cigarette jeans?

Cigarette jeans have a slim silhouette and are cut straight from knee to ankle (like a cigarette), and they are typically ankle-length. (Ankle-length jeans end just above or below the ankle bone.)

cigarette jeans

Which begs the question…

What is the difference between cigarette and skinny jeans?

While cigarette jeans are cut straight from knee to ankle, skinny jeans follow the line of the leg and fit snugly from hip to ankle.

cigarette jeans // skinny jeans

Given that information, you may be wondering how cigarette jeans and straight jeans compare.

What is the difference between cigarette and straight leg jeans?

There isn’t much difference, but straight jeans are generally cut straight from hip to ankle, and cigarette jeans may be more fitted in the thigh area and are cut straight from knee to ankle.

Also, while cigarette jeans are usually ankle-length, straight leg jeans come in cropped, ankle-length, and full-length styles.

Basically, cigarette jeans are in between skinny jeans and straight leg jeans. 

What is the difference between cigarette jeans and skinny jeans?

skinny // cigarette // straight

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Why am I embracing cigarette jeans right now?

Trends are a funny thing. A few years ago, when we were seeing the shift from bootcut and full-length straight jeans to skinny jeans, many of us were in an uproar over skinny jeans and perplexed as to how to wear them.

At the time, I slowly transitioned into wearing cigarette jeans because I couldn’t seem to embrace the skinny jeans that are tight all the way to the ankle.

Of course, my eye eventually adjusted, and I’ve been loving and wearing skinny jeans almost exclusively for a few years.

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Now that the pendulum is swinging back toward straighter styles, and straight crop jeans are trending, I find myself once again balking at a “new” silhouette.

Straight crop jeans don’t seem to flatter my particular body type, or maybe my eye will eventually adjust and I’ll be able to embrace them… but for now, the cigarette jean is a great way to transition into that new silhouette without going all-in.

cigarette jeans

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Now, before I get the comments about ignoring trends and wearing what looks best on you, let me say that I fully endorse each woman wearing what looks best on her individual body. Absolutely.

But, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the trends.

Many trends that seem far out and unrealistic at first end up being the mainstream style of the day in a few years.

I take trends with a grain of salt, and I’m selective about which trends I wear and how I incorporate them into my life, but ignoring trends is a sure way to look dated and out of touch fast.

I’ve always enjoyed staying a little ahead of the trends, but now that fashion blogging is my profession, it’s part of my job to watch the trends and determine which ones are going to have some staying power.

And I’m here to tell you, this one is going to stick around.

Pant styles and silhouettes are always evolving, and for the past few seasons, I’ve watched the straighter styles becoming more and more mainstream.

This year, I’m finally seeing straight crop jeans more than skinnies on the wearable fashion blogs I follow. It took a few years for them to firmly take hold, but now they’re definitely here.

So while I love (and still plan to wear) my skinnies, I’m also feeling the need to incorporate the straighter silhouette into some of my outfits to keep my style current.

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I’ve been experimenting with various styles of straight leg jeans for some time, and at the moment, I like how cigarette jeans can be cuffed to play into the cropped straight trend while maintaining a slim silhouette.

Or, better yet, look for crop cigarette jeans.

I recently found (and purchased) a pair of AG Prima crop jeans, which eliminates the need for a cuff. Even better!

What are cigarette jeans and why I love these cigarette crop jeans.

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Yes, I know I said that cigarette jeans are usually ankle-length, but I’ve started seeing jeans labeled crop cigarette, which is basically just a slimmer straight crop jean.

I know, it is confusing! I compare leg opening measurements when shopping online, to tell the difference. Typically a cigarette leg opening is around 12″ and a skinny jean is 10″.

Straight jeans are anywhere from 13″ to 16″, depending how wide they are in the knee. These jeans below are straight crop jeans from Gap.

outfit details

I’ve been trying a bunch of different denim styles, and I’ll share more in Thursday’s try-on haul.

Also, stay tuned for my post on how to wear the straight crop trend! (Or, crop cigarette jeans, if you prefer.)

Shop Cigarette and Straight Crop Jeans:

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