Fall Fashion Forecast: 2019 Fall Fashion Trends

Last week, we talked about fall wardrobe essentials, so today I want to share the top fall fashion trends for 2019… and my thoughts about them.

Fall Fashion Forecast 2019 Fall Fashion Trends

I always feel the need to make a disclaimer on these types of posts. Not all trends are meant to be adopted by everyone; it’s best to take each trend on a case by case basis.

Take into account your lifestyle, your personal style aesthetic, and your body type; and decide if a trend works for you or not. There’s nothing wrong with sitting out certain trends and partaking in others. That’s the best way to stay current without looking like you’re a slave to fashion.

2019 Fall Fashion Trends

CAMO // This is a trend that has been around for a while. It kind of ebbs and flows, but it’s still hot this season. Because it’s a neutral, it’s pretty easy to wear.

Camo pants are always an easy way to wear this trend, but if you prefer this print in smaller doses, consider a camo print tee, tote, scarf, or even shoes!

You can pair camo with other neutrals, like black, grey, white, or beige. Or wear a contrasting pink, burgundy, or coral. I also like camo with navy.

MY TAKE: I like camo in small doses. I’ve done the camo pants thing, and I think I’m over it, but I like a good camo tee, and I also like those camo pointed toe flats. The juxtaposition between the rugged camo print and the feminine shoe is fresh and fun.

shop camo:

SNAKE PRINT // You know I can’t write a post about fall trends without including snake print. I hope y’all aren’t sick of it yet, because it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

I’m seeing snake print everything right now — snake print belts, shoes, bags, dresses, skirts, blouses, t-shirts… You name it, you can find it in snake print!

MY TAKE: I love, love, love python and snake print. I’ve always liked a good snake print pump, and I’ve had a few pairs over the years, but it’s fun to see the print coming out in other pieces.

I recently purchased snake skin slip-on sneakers that I’m excited to wear, and I also love the snake skin blouse pictured above. Ohhh, and this Gibson cozy fleece fitted top is really cute on.

For more on snake print, see my post Currently Crushing: Snake Print.

shop snake print:

PLAID // Plaid for fall is nothing ground-breaking (name that movie!) but we’re definitely seeing a resurgence this fall. Think less school girl uniform and more classy working woman.

This trend crosses over nicely into a few other trends this season — namely blazers and extra long coats. I’m also seeing a lot of plaid trousers, which make a nice work wear alternative to the ubiquitous black pants.

MY TAKE: I love plaid because it’s classy and easy to wear. While plaid pants and blazers may not work well with my casual lifestyle, I love the plaid pumps pictured above. They’re a great way to dress up jeans and a sweater this fall and winter, and I like that they’re unexpected.

shop plaid:

STRAIGHT CROP JEANS // Denim trends are in transition right now, and skinny jeans are getting pushed aside in favor of cropped straight jeans and kick flares.

I’m not telling you to toss your skinnies, but if you like to be on trend, you may want to experiment with this more fashion-forward silhouette.

If you like the cropped straight silhouette, but struggle to find a flattering pair, try cigarette jeans. They are basically a skinny jean that is straighter from knee to hem, so they read as more of a straight. You can cuff them to get a cropped look, or you can sometimes find a crop cigarette.

You might also like yesterday’s post: What Are Cigarette Jeans? {and Why I’m Embracing Them This Fall}

MY TAKE: I am sloooowly getting on board with this trend. I prefer the slimmer straight styles, like the cigarette jeans we talked about yesterday.

shop straight crop and cigarette jeans:

DENIM DETAILS // If you can’t get on board with straight crop jeans, there are plenty of other fun denim trends to partake in.

This year, it’s all about the details — exposed button front, belted, chewed hems, side stripes, split hems, and animal prints… to name a few!

MY TAKE: I like subtle details, but nothing too far out. Chewed hems are a fun way to update your jeans without being too dramatic, and it adds a bit of texture and interest to your look.

shop denim with details:

SQUARE TOE SHOES // I’m not seeing a ton of square toe shoes just yet, but I’ve read it a couple of places, and I definitely found a nice selection when I searched on the Nordstrom website.

This can be a bit of a matronly look, especially when paired with a low, chunky heel. I think the best way to keep this modern is to find styles with a thinner heel and/or a more fashion-forward detail.

THE VERDICT: I am a huge fan of a wider toe box because I have squarish feet (and thin heels… horrible combination!) so this is a trend I can get behind. I’m also not very tall, so I will need to choose wisely and probably stick with higher heels when participating in this trend.

shop square toe shoes:

EXTRA LONG COATS // Every fall season for the past few years, it seems like coat trends have gotten longer and longer.

If you live in a colder climate, this is a fun way to update your wardrobe. Of course, coats can be expensive, so you may only want one trendy coat in your closet.

MY TAKE: I’m not much on trendy coats, I don’t know why. Around here, it makes sense to have a variety of coats because we wear them so much and for so long. But I’d still rather invest in a few nice, classic coats that I wear all the time.

That said, I think the extra long coat trend is fun if you live or work in an area that stays up-to-date on trends, and you want to add some variety to your wardrobe.

shop extra long coats:

DARK FLORALS // Florals continue to be popular this season, especially those grounded on dark backgrounds.

My advice is to tread lightly here. Florals can be aging, or they can be fresh and fun. It’s hard to explain how to tell the difference — it’s more of a gut-check for me. I tend to stay away from the smaller scale florals, or anything that looks like it belongs on Little House on the Prairie.

MY TAKE: I love floral dresses and blouses for church or date night type of activities. I usually wear an edgy piece with my florals so they aren’t too precious.

shop fall florals:

I could go on, but I have to run!

Which of these trends has you itching for fall??? Which ones will you pass on?

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37 Responses

  1. Great post! I immediately ordered the Gibson fleece. I’d seen it previously (was it part of the NSale?), but the snakeskin print was always sold out. I ordered it in petite, as I’m 5’0″ but I hope it isn’t too short. Even though I’m short, I don’t like my tops to be AT my waist. I’d also previously ordered the Wit & Wisdom camo pants (currently getting them hemmed), and I have the Linnea Paolo wedges that I bought last year. Sadly, even though they’re very cute and comfortable, they’re not a pair I wear that often. I just don’t think of them when I’m getting ready in the morning. Love my AG Prima jeans (although currently getting THEM hemmed). I know I’ll be sitting out the long coat trend, and I also don’t wear a ton of florals, although I have a couple of boho tops that I really like. I’m also not in love with the square toe shoes, but possibly that will grow on me. 🙂

    1. Glad you mentioned the Linnea Paolo wedges because I just bought some at Nordstrom Rack in a grey wedge sneaker but debating on weather I will wear them much? But glad to hear they are comfortable. 

  2. Another great post.  For myself, I’m so over camo.  Period.  I’ve struggled a bit finding the right snakeskin accessory. I found some cage ankle booties/sandals. They are fun and the snakeskin print doesn’t overwhelm.  Look incredible with skinny ankle cut and my new AG Prima cigs.  I don’t own much plaid, I blame this on 12 years of parochial school uniforms.  I did find a large print plaid sweater coat in grays with a red accent that’s adorable, so it came home with me. The solo plaid item in my closet. I’m digging the cig jean leg as a nice alternative to my skinnys. As for denim details and square toed shoes, I’ll have to see what crosses my path. Currently I’m searching out a tasteful (key word) bold gold chain multi strand necklace. Thick but not utility chain variety. For accessories, they seem big this year and look great on dark sweaters as the solo focus with plain hoop earrings. I know you’re not much on jewelry but maybe this accessory for a post idea?  As always, thanks for keeping us up to date. 

    1. I’d like to see a bold multi chain post too. I received an email from Gorjana this morning and they had some pretty options.

  3. Nice roundup of trends, Jolynne! At one point the page reloaded and I noticed your pics were all there but not in the right places. You might want to check to see if it’s a general problem or not.

  4. Well, I actually took notes while reading this post, so that I could comment.  💞 Camo print; snake print – now that I have a pair of snakeskin booties, I will be trying it; plaid – not for me; cropped jeans – I do like them and have ordered a pair of the K&K cigarette jeans to try.  Can they be worn during the cold months?; denim details – to be in my closet, the details have to be very subtle; square toe shoes – while my toes would appreciate this style, I don’t have plans to buy them; extra long coats – not my thing &; dark florals – this trend is one I will approach like walking on thin ice.  I hope you have a great time doing the photo shoots today!

    1. I think cigarette leg jeans can be worn with taller ankle boots – with the jeans over top. I will see if I have any I can experiment with. I still need to bring up my fall clothes from the basement. Maybe this afternoon…

  5. Nice job on this post and I too just ordered some slip on snakeskin sneakers. I went with a less expensive pair just to be sure I will be comfortable wearing this trend. But I don’t like mixing snakeskin with leopard. Not my thing but I do have a few leopard shoes from last season so hopefully those will still be in style? 

  6. I could never embrace the camo tread, probably because I grew up in a small town where kids still get the first day of Deer season off school😂

    Snake? Nope, just no! 😳

    I loved the cigarette jeans from yesterday’s post. Always love plaid in the Fall!

    I agree with you Jo-Lynne regarding coats. I’d rather spend a little more on a nice classic coat that I know will last a few seasons. When I was younger the “maxi coat” was a thing and I found them tiresome to wear. 

    Thanks for this post, it was fun to read! Yay Fall Fashions 🍂🍁🍎🎃

    1. LOL 😂Deb!  did we grow up in the same town?? Where I went to school, 1st day of deer season was a free day-if you hunted, you had the day off! 
      Probably why camo doesn’t do it for me either 😉

  7. Well I think I’m on board with it all except the longer coats. I’m 5’3 so I’d be more likely tripping or looking like I’m in a mystery movie lol. I do like camouflage( have joggers) but feel like you stick out more, which seems funny considering it’s camouflage 😉.  I tried a really nice camo sweater on at Banana Republic outlet and really liked it until I tried on the leopard print, guess which one won? I’m really liking the animal prints as always and will be incorporating small doses of snake skin. Thinking shoes. I too had a snake skin pair of pumps from years ago.. I’ve been seeing lots of the animal and snake skin at the banana republic store though so it’s finally catching on here.. 
    Have a great day

  8. I had been resisting the snake print because I’m a classic kind of girl but I’m thinking I’m in on this one. I’ll be searching for a cute snake print top and also, perhaps a camo top. I’ve been of the mind set that I don’t want to seem that I’m trying to dress too young but it appears that these trends are becoming more classic.

  9. Really fun post!  I can say snakeskin is a big NO for me. Snakeskin just makes me shudder.  I’m short, so even though I like them, the long coats and even the very long cardigans will be a no for me as well.  I like Karen’s comment about looking like she would be in a mystery movie.  😊  The cigarette jeans are looking good, though.  And I always love plaid.  I’m late to the party, but I finally bought a couple of leopard print things for the Fall.  I found some Steve Madden leopard print slip on sneakers that I’m loving right now.

  10. I can’t seem to get into camo or animal prints/ snake prints, but do love the square toe boots and shoes. Not sure how long coats would look on me as I am short, and I always feel like they look better on taller women…but they would be very practical for our cold winters.

  11. I never did get on the Camo trend. I’ll leave that to my son who hunts.

     I have a snake print coat, that I love! Glad to see that it’s trending. I would like to find a pair of oxfords in snake prints. They’d be in my cart in a heart beat the same with plaid ones.

     I’m going to opt out of the long coat. While they are slimming, warm and styling they just don’t fit my lifestyle. Besides, they tend to be heavy and wrinkle while driving. 

    I have a pair of square toe shoes so .i’m on With that trend, 

    I like the dark florals. I’ve already picked several in different sleeve lengths and degree of warmth. I don’t know if I would like a floral dress. It might be a little too much. 

    I’m in with the straight/slim leg jeans/pants. I bought two straight leg jeans, one straight leg dress pant and one cigarette pant. But, my skinnies are still right beside them. Come tall boot weather they are the best fit. 

    I love the new chunky chains that trending. The trick is to find one that doesn’t look cheap. Would you wear a small stud earring with that chain so it’s the main focus? 

    The temps here are getting cooler at night. I do enjoy the cooler mornings when I power walk. And, I noticed it’s getting dark by 8:30 instead of 10:00. I’m still trying to hold onto that summer feel for a couple of more weeks. 

    Are you adjusting to your new routine now that your kids are in school? 

    1. Yes, I’d probably keep my earrings minimal with a heavier chain necklace. Studs or maybe some complimentary hoops.

      It’s getting cooler here too, but I think we’ll find that summer comes back around. It never turns to fall for good this soon.

      I’m loving the new routine! It is a lot more peaceful around here. 🙂

  12. I’m not feeling the crop pants just yet, I always feel like I grew out of my pants, lol. Love the snake print look, I still have some from previous years that I will wear again. Thanks for all the updates!

  13. I love all the trends you highlighted, but oh my , those plaid shoes. Yum yum Sadly, I cannot wear heels any longer so I will be on the look out for plaid square toed flats. haha

  14. I just can’t get on the camo trend, and I’ve never liked florals.  I can do plaid in small doses. But…..I am all about the snake print!  I have been looking for a pair of snake print loafers or sneakers….or maybe both! 😂 I had a pair of Ralph Lauren snakeprint driving Mocs that I literally wore out….they came apart at the seams. 🤣 I know the square toes are probably better for our feet but they still aren’t my favorite style.  It will just depend on the shoe with that one, I think.  

  15. Snake is great, tired of leopard!  Square toes also great, much easier on my toes than pointy!!  I’m tall so lovin’ the long coats 🧥😍

  16. Loft carries a great deal of Floral tops. Is the Vine Flutter Cap Sleeve Shell “Little House on the Prairie” style? 🙂

    1. I hope not, I have it and love it. Haha! Or, maybe I don’t have that one, but I have a similar one. I think it would be a little bit questionable in a dress, but I like it in a blouse.

  17. I just can’t get on board with those chewed hems!  They look juvenile, and it’s like designers ran out of trendy ideas, and let the dogs out!  The other trends are way nicer and doable, but like you said some trends are just far out😂.

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