My Daily Looks: What I Wore

Greetings and happy hump day! It’s time for another edition of My Daily Looks: What I Wore. It’s been a busy and fun couple of weeks, so I have quite a few looks to share with you today.

This post is a mix of summer and transition styles because our weather has been a little up and down lately. And because it’s the end of the season, some of these pieces are no longer available, but I tried to find something similar in those instances.

You can click the picture or the link below it to access the outfit details.

My Daily Looks: What I Wore

I wore this first outfit to run errands on a weekday. I believe I had a nail appointment as well. When in doubt, black and denim always works.

My wrap bracelet is from Victoria Emerson, and the other details are linked below.

outfit details

This next outfit is what I wore to my daughter’s marching band preview performance on a Friday night. It was hot and humid, and as soon as I got there, I was wishing I’d brought a clip to put my hair up!

I kept it casual in a tank top and shorts, and I wore sneakers because I knew we’d have a long walk from the parking lot to the football stadium.

outfit details

This was my travel outfit the day we drove up to Massachusetts for a family wedding. This linen tee is several years old, but I love the neckline and the cut of the sleeves, plus the linen is lightweight and breathable.

outfit details

I’ve talked a lot about this AG Prima cigarette jeans already. They are probably the softest, most comfortable jeans I own, which makes them perfect for travel days.

We got to the hotel just in time to head over to my aunt’s for dinner, so I quickly freshened up and changed tops.

The next day, I wore the same floral top with white jeans to church and out to lunch after.

Typically I’d wear heels with this to church, but I knew I’d be standing (and dancing) in heels all night at the wedding, so I threw on my Miller sandals to save my feet.

Dontcha love a classy bathroom shot?

outfit details

You’ve seen my wedding guest look already, but here’s a shot with both Paul and me. My dress runs small; I recommend sizing up one or maybe even two sizes.

Paul wore a dark blue suit and a shirt with a subtle print, and since it was such a hot day and an outdoor wedding, he ditched the tie.

outfit details

I wore this next outfit to ride home on Monday, and then I picked it up off my floor the next day and wore it again. #justkeepingitreal

These jeans looked a little long in the travel picture above, so I made a bigger cuff to shorten them about an inch, and I think they look so much better. Isn’t it funny how an inch can make all the difference?

outfit details

Another hot humid summer day, another pair of jean shorts and linen tee…

I wore this to get my haircut and colored, and then I spent the rest of the day working here at home.

outfit details

Thursday night was my Kendra Scott color bar party, and I played around with a few different outfits before deciding on this one.

This ruffle top is a newer purchase, and I love this burgundy color for this time of year, when the weather is warm but we’re thinking ahead to fall.

I didn’t have a Kendra Scott bracelet (a situation I rectified that night) so I wore this Victoria Emerson one instead. I did wear KS earrings, though.

outfit details

Friday was a day of errands and getting the kids ready to go back to school. The weather was cool and rainy, so I went for my comfy cargo jogger pants and and favorite side tie tee.

I didn’t actually wear these sneakers — I guess I wore my Miller sandals, but I came home and these had arrived in the mail, so I put them on and took this picture.

They’re actually a half size too small, and I’m waiting on a few other options to arrive before I decide if I want to order these in the next size or not. I’m definitely loving the snake print sneaker trend, though!

outfit details

On Saturday, I helped my son move into his new apartment. I threw this on to run a few errands that morning, and then I realized I’d need something more conducive to cleaning and hauling stuff, so I changed into shorts and an old t-shirt.

Oh, well, I was cute for a few hours, anyway!

outfit details

Sunday was church, and this time of year, I’m all about getting one last wear out of my favorite summer wardrobe items. I’ll be putting away this floral shirt and the blush espadrilles on Labor Day weekend.

outfit details

And then I wore this on Monday to meet with our accountant. Afterwards I needed to run to the mall for a few things, so Paul and I grabbed lunch together.

outfit details

And finally, this is what I wore yesterday after I got home from my photo shoot. It was chilly and damp outside, and I had this cardigan out from the photo shoot, so I threw it on with a tank top and jeans.

outfit details

And that’s a wrap!

You’ll definitely see a transition in my next What I Wore post because I’ll be packing away my summeriest clothes and shoes this weekend, and I’m starting to wear more neutrals and fall hues.

Even though it’s usually still warm well into September, I like my outfits to give a nod to fall.

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39 thoughts on “My Daily Looks: What I Wore

  1. Had to chuckle about you picking the outfit off the floor, LOL!  Love your everyday outfits that you always make look classy!  I, too, want to stretch my summer tops out one last week!  I even switched out an outfit on Sunday that had a fallish look, for one more wearing of the summer top!  The temps have been all over the place here, it was 44 on Monday, the grandkids first day back to school, brrr.  Then this morning it was 63 & feels sticky/humid. Honestly, I hate to see summer end, as we’ve had a great pool season once June was over. But I’m ready to nest & start wearing my favorite colors, which are fall colors!  And purge my clothes!  I’ve purchased a few  new fall tops hoping they’re basic enough that I’ll wear them a few years & not tire of them. I DON’T need a lot of clothes & am really trying to stop buying clothing thinking I’m a Grammy Fashion Blogger!  

  2. Love seeing what you’ve worn throughout your week. Our weather got a little cool over the weekend but is going to warm up again starting today into the 80’s and 90’s with some humidity back. Makes getting dressed interesting lol and I find myself changing many times throughout the day, the sign of things  to come. I packed away all my spring things ( clothing wise) and the really summery items in clothing which gave me some extra room in the closet to start implementing my transitional pieces as I’ve needed them . I’m still wearing and buying tanks , short sleeves etc( I’m more fall colors) and have been adding cardigans to cover on those chilly days and evenings. The rest of the summer items will go away when it’s definitely fall.
    Have a great day

  3. I love these posts, too, Jo-Lynne. Thanks for sharing. Seeing you in your green cargos made me excited to pull mine out of the closet. They were my big really-don’t-need-but-going-to-splurge item last spring and I ended up wearing them a ton. Worth every cent. (Now I’m eyeing the AG cigarette jeans.) My cargos are coming out this weekend as I’m packing for a trip to Yellowstone. I can’t wait to pull out jeans and a sweater!

  4. This time of year is so hard for dressing. Getting cooler, but some warm days, some humid, some sunny, some cloudy… I am trying to wear my favorite summer outfits a few more times 🙂 I am just throwing on a cardigan in the mornings since it is still cool on my way to work. I am having a hard time letting go of summer, and we will have a big End of Summer Bash on Sunday (when it is supposed to be cloudy and only 70! Only the kids will end up in the pool, although we will heat it up.) Still will be fun with everyone here, by the pool, bar-b-q and great friends. Thanks for all these outfits.

    1. We’re having a big end of summer bash this weekend too. We don’t have a pool heater, so hoping it’s warm enough to swim! It looks promising… we should be back in the 80s by Friday.

      1. While I am at work, one of my neighbors is at our pool with a group of 13 year old girls for her daughter’s birthday party. Wish I were there with them! Have a great party this weekend! We really love having people over, especially around the pool.

  5. Jean shorts and a tank…my summer uniform! I’m going to have to see if the Gap still has that tank. Very cute! Last summer I tried to “level up” and I bought several Old Navy tank dresses. Nope. I’m just not a dress person unless I have to be (for a wedding or whatever).

  6. I love these posts too! Thanks for sharing! The Steve Madden snake skin slip on sneakers are cute – will check them out. I agree with the other comment about how to transition your closet for the seasons. Do you box it up? Hang in basement? Use rubbermaid containers? Always curious how others organize their closets.

  7. I really enjoy these posts!  When I carefully compare the two picks with you wearing the cigarette jeans, I can see how much thinner your ankles looks with a bigger cuff.  Once I’m able to wear my jeans again, I need to pay closer attention to where they hit my ankles.  You look great to in the maroon and coral colored tops!  I also enjoyed reading the Ask & Answered in the email.  Have a great day!

  8. All your looks are so cute and flattering!

    I was wondering if you still wear your espadrilles well into September (weather permitting).   I mean, it’s still summer… But ppl aways seem ready to move into fall shoes.
    The cold months are sooo long, I love to eke out a little extra from my navy suede…but that straw bottom…too summery?

    1. Yeah, I usually put mine away. But it’s annoying b/c our summer season is so short. I don’t get to wear them much until July. I probably should wait till the First Day of Fall to move my summer stuff out, but I know I won’t be reaching for them once Sept is in full swing, so I just like to get them out of the way.

  9. It’s always fun to see what you actually wore. I’m envying all of you who are starting to see cooler temps and anticipating wearing fall clothes. It will be at least 4-5 weeks of more summer here in Northern California. Highs still hovering around 100 this week and September temps will stay in high 80’s. Usually it’s mid-October before I wear any fall clothes. Summer is endless here and not in a good way… LOL. I can’t wait for my favorite month, October!

  10. I always enjoy these posts and especially love #justkeepingitreal!  😉
    You and Paul are such a nice looking couple.  

  11. I would love to try the cigarette jeans but I wear a 4P. Are there any sites I can go to which carry cigarette jeans in a petite?

  12. Sure, I can tell you what I do. There are no rules, of course. But I do love the feeling of switching over my wardrobe for the season. 🙂

    I’ll do a post on it for Friday.

  13. I do enjoy these posts.  I love that you picked your outfit up off the floor and wore it again the next day!  That’s real life.  Ha ha   I know I said NO to snakeskin, but I have to admit the slip on sneakers don’t make me shudder. You make them look good!  My SM leopard slip ons are the youth version. I wonder if the snakeskin comes in youth sizes, as well?

  14. I liked your answer to Belts, In or Out? You mentioned not buying obvious dupes to the Gucci. I agree! I’d like to buy one of the belts you suggested. How do you measure for a belt? Most of my new jeans/pants sit higher this year. I noticed you don’t wear a belt. Can I ask why? 

    1. I’m not really sure about how to measure… I usually try them on in store, I guess. I haven’t bought one in ages. I do have a leopard one, though, that I should wear some!

      I don’t usually wear one b/c I don’t need it. My jeans are usually tight in my waist already. I do think they add a nice finishing touch though, when the button on the jeans/pants is visible.

  15. Love all of your outfits (you always look great)!! I notice that your pictures show that you always have on earrings, bracelets/watch, necklaces. Could you please let me know if you always accessorize with your outfits and if that is something that we all should do? I usually only wear earrings and I’m wondering if a little more jewelry is more in style and if so, how to decide if it’s a bracelet, or necklace, or earrings, or all three? Thanks!

    1. I always wear earrings, and beyond that, I usually wear a bracelet. Unless I’m wearing long sleeves that interfere with it. The necklace is sort of based on the outfit and my mood. 🙂

  16. Can you do a post showing what youre putting away and what your getting rid of? Also what youre taking out for early fall?

  17. How long will you wear your LV Azur bag?  Do you think of that as a summer bag?  I have an azur speedy that I love.  Mine is older, so the leather is a slightly darker tan than yours.

    I really enjoyed the talk on instagram about transitioning to fall.  I’ve started moving my brihter, lighter items that just look too summery for this time of year.  It really makes my closet look bare.  I have fewer dark, light weight than I realized!

    1. I don’t know… I’ll see how I feel about it come Sept. I think it will have to do more with how it coordinate with my outfits and less about the time of year. I expect I won’t find myself reaching for it as much b/c my outfits will get darker. Ya know? I do hate to put it away tho.

      1. Yes, it’s hard.  I think since my leather is tanned, I can wear it with tan booties and it lessens the light look, but in years past, at some point, it just looks wrong.  Sigh.  At least it’s fun to pull out next spring!!

  18. I love these posts. The picture of you and Paul is adorable – such a gorgeous couple. It is amazing how different that shirt looks with the jeans and then for church with the white pants. It really looks like two different tops. Since I live in South Texas we have summer till November but I still look forward to the fallish colors.

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