What I Wore: Late Summer Wedding

Greetings and happy hump day! Today I’m sharing what I wore to my nephew’s wedding last weekend.

This is probably the last summer look I’ll be posting to the blog. With school starting next week and August coming to an end, I’m going to be shifting my focus to transitional looks and now-and-later outfits, but I thought it would be fun to share this one last summery look with you since I just wore it.

Plus this dress is actually a nice transition piece — you can easily throw a jacket or cardigan on top and wearing it well into fall.

This is the Vince Camuto crepe sheath that was part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

It’s a nice quality fabric, fully lined, and I particularly like the criss-cross detailing at the waist. It’s a subtle detail, but super flattering.

I struggled with the sizing on this dress, though. I ended up with a 12, and I typically wear an 8.

I won’t say that doesn’t mess with my psyche, but I know it’s just a number, and it doesn’t affect the other size 8 dresses I have in my closet that still fit perfectly.

Truthfully, I probably really am a size 12. I was wearing 10s and 12s when I was this same weight 25 years ago. Vanity sizing much???

Anyway, my point is, if you’re considering this dress, you will probably need to size up one or two sizes. I also had it tailored at Nordstrom — she shortened the straps about a half inch for a better fit.

In looking at these pictures, she probably could have also taken the skirt in a bit on the sides and maybe shortened it a half-inch or so; but she thought it fit well, so we left it.

This crepe sheath also comes in a classic black and a gorgeous teal teal. If you’re in need of a LBD, this would be a nice option.

For shoes, I wore nude ankle strap sandals with a 3 1/4″ block heel.

I would have preferred a more delicate heel, but I knew this wedding was outside on grass, so I opted for a more practical pair. Plus we ended up dancing for hours, so I was really glad I had the extra stability these shoes provide.

If you’re in the market for a classic pair of ankle strap sandals with a block heel and don’t want to pay Stuart Weitzman prices, Nine West makes a nice under $100 option with a 2 1/2″ heel. (I like the color called light natural leather.)

This style of shoe goes with everything from jeans to dresses, and they’re a closet basic I wouldn’t want to be without.

I kept my accessories simple with a pair of delicate chandelier earrings (old) and a mixed metal cuff bracelet.

I like it with these simple accessories, but you could certainly jazz it up with a contrasting color shoe and some bolder jewelry. You could also pair it with low-heeled pumps and a cardigan or blazer for the office. There are so many options with a solid sheath.

This is pretty much my go-to look for dressy summer occasions. I’ve worn a few longer, flowy, floral dresses lately; but I always feel most confident in a sheath, and I love this bold pink hue.

Outfit Details:

pink sheath // sandals (option) // similar bag (option) // bracelet // similar earrings

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26 Responses

  1. Looks great! I may order it for a late summer wedding, too. I have been trying on dresses and I have had to size up to a 12 in Vince Camuto and it *is* demoralizing.

  2. That sheath fits you beautifully-and you look fantastic!
    I hear you on the sizing – I used to wear an 8 and now I’m either 0 or 2 depending on the label. It’s crazy 

  3. You look beautiful (as always)! Sizing is so strange these days. I spent time trying on all my jeans the other day: same company, same type of jeans, different sizes fit. Go figure! I plan on wearing some of my “summer” dresses into the fall with a cardigan.

  4. What a pretty look on you Jolynne!  I hear you about this vanity sizing.  I am very petite and am finding it harder and harder to find clothing that fits.  I was always a 0 or 2, and an extra small in tops.  Where do you go from there?!

  5. You look so nice in this dress!  In the pictures it looks like the color of it is red instead of in the pink family.  Boy how we wish the temps, heat index, and humidity knew that summer is coming to a close.  It will probably be mid September, at the earliest, before I can start thinking about changing out my clothes.  And even then, a lot of my short sleeve tops will remain in my closet since it doesn’t get really cold here, like it does in Philly.  Have an awesome day!

  6. Such a great color on you, Jo-Lynne! A sheath dress is always my go-to when I want something dressy, though I tend to go with an open neckline. And I ALWAYS size up. Isn’t that interesting? I find the whole sizing issue in a general a trial. Such a trial that I’ve taken to ordering a M and a L in any tops. Between and fit and fabric (will it shrink?), even with my favorite brands, it’s easier to make decisions when I can try on 2 sizes. Happy Wednesday!

  7. You look beautiful. I wish I could pull off that dress. Alas my favorite season is almost over. On the bright side we do have a couple of Fall weddings to look forward to. Thank you for such a helpful Blog.

  8. What a gorgeous dress on you! You look fantastic and confident. The waist criss cross detail is very flattering. Sizing is so tricky nowadays especially with vanity sizing. Even my husband was caught off guard when he bought a small size in a sweater compared to his standard, usual medium (and he is his usual weight – no drastic weight loss)…. Even men are being targeted for vanity sizing!😂 Who knew?? Enjoy your hair cut salon pampering!

  9. Love this look on you. The color, the fit, and the style are so flattering! That mid-knee dress length creates an elegance to the outfit. ❤️

  10. Such a perfect outfit for both you & the occasion!  I actually thought it was red until you wrote pink sheath, #oops!  But either color looks great on you.  I love the block heel sandals – good choice if there’s grass involved, LOL!  I’ve been eying up that bracelet you’ve styled a few times. Is it pretty easy to get on/off?  I’m “short-wristed “ (like some people are short-waisted,) so it has to have a bit of flexibility going on, and not be too wide.  Enjoy that fresh hair color, it’s always a pick me up for me!  I’m not ready to give into the gray yet, but I just had to change my color schedule, ugh, every 5 weeks now……rotating between touch up, then full all-over color. 

  11. I’ve been wondering what you ended up wearing. Thanks for sharing. You look great! Also, I appreciate your reference to less expensive options.

  12. Yup sizing seems to be all over the map… can’t wait for your transition posts. I’ve been buying lots of those pieces lately as our falls stay warm.. I’m at the hairdressers too:) highlights time😀have a great day

  13. A bought a black crepe sheath dress last year with a matching blazer, sadly for a funeral. Then..when it became cruise time I bought two shortish jackets ( 1 bronze & 1 pearl)  for evening. Add some heels and some bling and it was all dressed up. I love this colour!  
    You looked wonderful in this dress, JoLynne. 
    It’s actually a little cooler in the early morning and evenings here. Bring on the transitional looks! 

  14. You look stunning Jo-Lynne. My daughter got married last year, and when I bought my mother of the bride dress, I had to go up three sizes from my normal size.  It does kind of mess with your psyche. 
    Again, you look so classy and elegant! 

  15. What a beautiful dress and you look stunning in it, and I think perfect accessories. I know all about that vanity sizing. It really does mess with our heads! Don’t know if I could pull off the gorgeous bright pink, being a pale light blonde person, but the black is a perfect option.

  16. Thought this was sooo beautiful on you.  What a striking color!   

    I was wondering if you ever feel pressure about your outfits when you go to these things because people know you’re a style/fashion blogger?  I mean, you sure DO get it right, but for me that would be an issue, haha.

  17. Love your little red dress! I agree with you about the alterations…could be taken in the hips and shortened a bit. (I like VC, but the dresses never fit me.) I don’t know what it is with the tailors at Nordstrom…it seems like they never want to do the work. I always have to insist on alterations for my clients. For myself, there are only a couple of tailors at Nordstrom I trust. 

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