Try-On Hauls

Try-On Haul: Denim Shorts, LOFT & Evereve

Good morning! I have a new try-on haul today, with a bunch of denim shorts as well as a smattering of other pieces from LOFT, Ann Taylor, and Evereve.

I took most of these pictures before my trip to Florida, right after I got my spray tan, so I’m looking a bit like an Oompa Loompa. It evened out and looked pretty good, but the first day is always a little dicey.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually take a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, and size 8 shoe. 

Denim Shorts Try-On

I ordered a bunch of denim shorts recently, and I already have a few favorites. I’m kind of in between sizes right now, and I don’t like my shorts too tight, so I ordered both the 28 and 29 in all of these.

I have rather wide hips compared to my thin legs, so shorts can be a challenge for me. When they fit in the waist and hips, they’re often too wide in the legs, so I pay attention to the leg opening measurement as well as the inseam and rise measurements. I’ve provided all measurements above my commentary, so you can compare if you like.

Joe’s Jeans The Ozzie Distressed Cutoff Denim Shorts in Clematis ($98)

shorts (28) // tee (S) // sandals (8) // earrings

  • 4″ regular inseam; 22″ leg opening; 9 1/2″ front rise; 14 3/4″ back rise (size 29)
  • 99% cotton, 1% spandex

As I said yesterday, I’m so happy to see shorts with a 4″ inseam coming back. I’ve always liked shorter shorts, and I was comfortable in the 3″ or 3 1/2″ inseam in the past, but now that I’m approaching 50 and not running as much as I used to, I really appreciate that extra inch.

These fit in my usual 28, but they aren’t as comfortable as I’d like, so I would definitely need to size up. I don’t love the wash though, so I did send these back.

VERDICT: I returned these because I found some others I liked better. The size 29 came in later, but I didn’t even try them because I don’t really care for the wash. It kind of looks like acid wash.

Joe’s Jeans The Ozzie 4″ Cutoff Short in Alma ($98)

shorts (28) // tee (S) // sandals (8) // earrings

  • 4 1/2″ inseam; 22″ leg opening; 9″ front rise; 14″ back rise (size 29)
  • 98% cotton, 2% spandex

These are also by Joe’s, but I like this fabric better. It has 2% spandex rather than 1% like the pair above, there’s a little more stretch. I also like this wash a lot. The 9″ front rise is comfortable to me, and they seem to fit well all around.

I tried these in the 28 and 29 and liked them both. They didn’t feel a whole lot different, but I think you can see that the leg opening is slightly wider in the 29. This is the 28.

And this is the 29. I’m going to wear the 29 around and see if they stretch out or not. If not, I will probably keep those just to have a little extra wiggle room.

VERDICT: Keeping one of these, probably the 29.

Joe’s Jeans Frayed Denim Shorts in Shira ($98)

shorts (28) // tee (S) // sandals (8) // earrings

  • 5″ inseam; 24″ leg opening; 10″ front rise; 15″ back rise (size 29)
  • 99% cotton, 1% spandex

I also like this pair a lot, and the 5″ inseam is a nice option to have. The rise is a little higher as well, but not too much. In this case, I don’t feel the need to size up. The 28 fit perfectly.

The frayed cuff is a nice touch, although a little dated maybe. This was really popular a few years ago. I’ve always found a cuff helps shorts not look too wide on my thighs, so I’m a fan.

VERDICT: Keeping. I actually had this pair one or two years ago, and I don’t know why I didn’t keep them.

AGOLDE Parker Vintage Denim Shorts in Swapmeet ($138)

at Nordstrom // 10% off at Evereve (28) // tee (S) // sandals (8) // earrings

  • 3″ inseam; 24″ leg opening; 11 1/2″ front rise; 15″ back rise (size 29)
  • 100% cotton

I have these from last year. They’re kind of The Shorts to have, and I ordered them because I kept seeing them everywhere, and everyone seemed to love them. I was surprised by how much I liked them, and how comfortable they were for 100% cotton denim, but they are so short.

Again, my legs aren’t what they used to be, so I’m not sure I’ll wear them much this year but they’re perfect for the beach, and we are taking a beach trip this summer.

VERDICT: I already own these but I probably wouldn’t buy them again.

AGOLDE Parker Long Shorts in Swapmeet ($138)

at Nordstrom // 10% off at Evereve (29) // tee (S) // sandals (8) // earrings

  • 4″ inseam; 22″ leg opening; 10 1/2″ front rise; 14 1/2″ back rise (size 23)
  • 100% cotton

So these shorts are the answer to those who want a longer option to the pair above. However, I don’t like these as well as the other 4″ inseam shorts in this post. Even though on paper, the leg opening is similar, I feel like they look too wide and baggy.

I’m also wearing the size 29 because the size 28 did not arrive. These do run true to size, as indicated on the website, and the 29 is too big for me.

VERDICT: Returning; not a fan of these.

KUT from the Kloth Gidget Fray Shorts in Stimulating $69

on sale at Zappos // at Nordstrom (6) // tee (S) // sandals (8) // earrings

  • 4″ inseam; 22″ leg opening; 9″ front rise; 14″ back rise (size 8)
  • 99% cotton, 1% spandex

This Gidget style has been around for years, and they’re a really good option for a mid-price range. The 4″ inseam is very wearable, and they’re extremely comfortable.

I ordered the 4 and the 6 because I recall that they run big, but they really don’t. The 6 is comfortable, but I wouldn’t mind sizing up to the 8 for a little more wiggle room.

VERDICT: Keeping for now, but ordering the 8 to compare.

DL1961 Karlie Boyfriend Shorts in Bluegrass ($127.95)

at Zappos // at Nordstrom (29) // tee (S) // sandals (8) // earrings

  • 3 1/2″ inseam; 24″ leg opening; 9″ front rise; 13″ back rise (size 29)
  • 98% cotton, 2% spandex

There’s something about these I just don’t love. The side is tacked up, and that looks weird to me. They’re pretty comfortable, though.

VERDICT: Returning. Just don’t love them, and there are others here I like better.

Other Spring Try-Ons

The rest of these are just random things I’ve ordered lately. LOFT is having a mystery sale this weekend. My discount is 40% and I have no idea if they vary or not, but the code is SURPRISE. Evereve is having a spring sale, with 10% off sitewide. There are a few brand exclusions, but most of the store is on sale. I have a lot of favorites, so I rounded them all up in a convenient shopping widget. You can see a lot of these “in action” in my last Try-On Haul.

LOFT Striped Zip Tunic Sweater

sweater (S) // jeans (28) // sneakers (39)

This sweater is really soft and comfortable, and I love the red and pink tones in the stripes, and how the stripes on the sleeves are different than the ones on the body.

My only complaint is, it’s kind of long, and it doesn’t look good with a front tuck. If you don’t mind the length, it’s really nice quality, and also 40% off right now.

VERDICT: Returning, I don’t care for the length.

LOFT Zoo Dot Smocked Ruffle Tie Neck Blouse

blouse (S) // jeans at Nordstrom // jeans on sale at Evereve (6) // sandals (8)

I thought this blouse could be cute for church this spring, but I’m not crazy about the length on this either. I tried to style it how I might actually wear it, with white jeans and black sandals, but it doesn’t look great front-tucked, and when it’s untucked, it cuts me in half visually. Maybe if I had a longer pair of white flares, it would work, but I don’t want to buy a new pair of jeans just for this top.

VERDICT: Returning. I need something like this, but I’m going to keep looking. It’s also 40% off with SURPRISE. FYI, these jeans are on sale at Evereve. You can see more on them in this Try-On Haul.

LOFT Ruffle Mixed Media Shell

top (S) // jeans (28) // shoes (8) // earrings

I love this navy shell; this is the type of top LOFT does so well, and I’m happy to see they still have a few. I hope they do some more as we get further into spring and summer.

VERDICT: Keeping, love this. It will also layer nicely under a denim jacket.

Edwin Bree Straight

 jeans (28) // top (S) // shoes (8) // earrings

  • 10″ front rise; 27″ inseam; 13″ leg opening
  • 89% Cotton, 6% Polyester, 5% Lycra

These jeans are on sale this weekend, and I really like the cut. They fit well all the way around, and that 27″ inseam with the 13″ leg opening is my sweet spot for straight ankle jeans. The 10″ rise is comfortable too.

I love that off-white denim is trending this year, but this pair is more yellowy than I prefer. I still think I’m going to keep them because I love the fit so much.

FYI, these shoes are also part of the spring sale at Evereve. They run narrow, so I recommend sizing up half, and the jeans are true to size or maybe size down if in between. The 28 is very comfortable on me, and I’m definitely flirting with size 29 these days.

VERDICT: Keeping, in spite of the yellowy color. I think I’ll find plenty of ways to wear them. They look really good with navy.

Ann Taylor Twill Trench Coat

trench (S) // jeans (28) // sneakers (39) // earrings

I ordered two trench coats, but I forgot to take a picture of the LOFT one. I will do that this week. This one is from Ann Taylor, and it’s nice, but I always struggle with a double-breasted style. This one does pull a bit across my chest. That said, I love the color, and it also comes in a nice beige.

VERDICT: Returning, but I do recommend trying if you like it. I think I’m keeping the LOFT one I linked to. I may have finally found the perfect beige trench!

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32 thoughts on “Try-On Haul: Denim Shorts, LOFT & Evereve

  1. I love the Oompa Loompa comment😆. I haven’t done a spray tan for that reason.. love the recommendations!

  2. Hi! Of ALL the jean shorts you’ve tried and shown us- which one would you suggest if a gal only wants one? I didn’t see you mention the 7’s here. Which one is the winner? pulling the trigger today on a pair! Thank you 🙂

    1. Yeah, I don’t know how I didn’t get a mirror selfie with those. I guess I could have added the pix from St. Augustine in here. I will add them. If cost were no object, those would be my top pick. but the Joe’s Ozzie and the 5″ cuffed ones are also good. And also the Gidget.

      1. I can attest to the wonderful Gidget short—I have 3 different shades in denim, white and a pretty orange. I love them.

  3. Great post. Thank you for the denim short try on:) Question regarding the Frame jeans you mentioned on sale at Nordstrom-is there a similar pair w/o distressing? I love the washed black version! Thanks

  4. Knowing how I feel about 3-5″ inseam shorts, I researched the average weight and height for American women. The average height and weight for women over age 20 is 5′ 4″ and 170.6 pounds. I am not alone. What alternative suggestions do you have for longer styles to wear in similar situations where shorts are appropriate or even a summer skirt to wear to the beach or a pool party? Secondly, less expensive options would be greatly appreciated and more in reach for most of us.

    1. I was thinking the same any longer options and less expensive items to share for future posts? more variety too, these all look so similar.

      1. Yes, they are very similar. To find the best ones, I like to try a bunch of similar styles. I already knew I wanted something in a 4-5” inseam. As the season goes on, there will be more shorts in my try-ons.

  5. Thanks for the try-ons, especially the denim shorts. I just ordered a pair from the Gap. I have decent success with their 5″ denim. A couple years ago, I was feeling comfortable enough with 4″, but I’m back to feeling a little more comfy in the 5″ length. I am totally with you on not being a fan of the acid wash. I recently ordered a pair of Gap jeans – full length, slightly wide leg, and seemed like a really nice light-to-mid wash. When I opened the package, they definitely seemed like an acid wash to me. Even if that wash is trending, I really am not a fan. The jeans went back.

  6. Hooray for 4 inch shorts! They are definitely what looks best on this 5 foot 2 inch, over 50 gal. My code at Loft was 50 percent off, and I grabbed a pair of their soft moss 4 inch chino shorts (among other items). This is the first time since the pandemic that I’ve felt like the old Loft quality and selection are back! My favorite denim shorts are the AG Hailey! I got a denim pair last year, and I got a white pair this year. Yes, they are pricey, but they are the ones I reach for. Cost per wear, you know! Thank you for all the hard work and research you do!

    1. Yes, cost per wear is important to remember when judging prices. 😊 I loved the AG Hailey in the past but thought they were shorter. I’ll look for the newer ones.

  7. I forgot to add that they honored my discount in the store, even though it was “online only”. And what they didn’t have, they ordered for me with the discount and free shipping. Great customer service!

  8. Thanks for the jean shorts roundup. I love jean shorts in the summer. My favorites are Old Navy Rockstar but always looking for more to add the collection…4 1/2″ or longer. 🙂

  9. I haven’t tried the shorter Parker shorts, but they look great on you! I do have (and love!) the longer version, but my legs are not as thin as yours so I appreciate the roomier fit. Something for the other ladies to consider before taking the plunge (or skipping them.) They are VERY comfortable– I wore them almost every day last summer!

  10. The Loft discount does change. My first click to the link yesterday on a blouse I was looking at was giving 50%. I didn’t order. Today went on to order and my discount was 40%. I’ll wait as things go on sale at Loft all the time and another 50% will come up. I think Loft selection is coming back after Covid. Yeah!!! You look good in all the shorts. I just don’t like myself in shorts.. Just can’t get a good fit and length I like and my legs aren’t what they use to be lol. Never thought I’d quit wearing them but I’m about there. Trying to find more casual dresses.

  11. Any 9” shorts out there that you’d recommend? I like them to hit about two inches above my knee. I saw some 9” AG shorts on the Zappos website that looked cute but more distressed than I want.

  12. Hi there! I’m fairly new to your blog but am loving your casual style. I just read your “about me” page and saw you grew up in SW VA. I’m from Roanoke and now living outside of Pittsburgh, but unlike you, I want to get back to the south as soon as I can😂

    I’m wondering if you ever do travel capsules? My husband and I go to FL every few months, for just 4-5 days, and I want to pack light but still have some variety.

    Thanks for your style inspiration!

      1. Oh my goodness!!! I’m actually from Salem but no one ever knows where that is. I’m Salem high class of 85, how about you?

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