Early Spring Try-On Haul

Hi friends! I’m wrapping up spring trends week with a try-on haul. I’ve ordered and tried on lots of items this week in preparation for my trip to Florida, and these are a few I wanted to share with you.

I’m going to post these in more of a conversational format because it makes more sense with my thought process as I was trying things on.

Early Spring Try-On Haul

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually take a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, and size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

I ordered a few items from Express because they seem to have a good selection of modern classic work wear at accessible price points. I haven’t worked outside the home in 25 years, so work wear really isn’t my thing, but I get a lot of requests so I ordered a few things that I thought might be helpful.

In my attempts to find pants that aren’t black, I ordered these twill skinny pants in the Seneca Rock.

Express Zebra Print Portofino Shirt (S) // Express High Waisted Supersoft Twill Skinny Pant (8) // Sam Edelman Beth Pump in Black Croco (8; also at Zappos)

It’s a nice color, and the pants have a flattering fit, but the fabric isn’t very forgiving. I took a rear view shot that I will not be sharing with the world. I think they would look better in one of the darker colors. Express evidently hasn’t gotten on board with the vanity sizing. I ordered the 6 and the 8 in these pants, and the 8 is snug, so definitely size up if ordering.

I’ve had the Express Portofino shirts before, and I always liked them. They look great with jeans and a moto jacket for date night, but you can also pair them with pants for work. This zebra print is kind of fun. I can see this look with a black blazer.

Express Zebra Print Portofino Shirt (S) // Express High Waisted Supersoft Twill Skinny Pant (8) // Sam Edelman Beth Pump in Black Croco (8; also at Zappos)

Then I decided to try this zebra print blouse with my Vince pants, just to see how it would look with black. I definitely prefer the silhouette of these pants, a little shorter and wider in the leg opening, plus the quality of the fabric is evident in person.

Express Zebra Print Portofino Shirt (S) // Vince Crop Leggings (M) // Sam Edelman Beth Pump in Black Croco (8; also at Zappos)

I’ve ordered a bunch of things from Evereve in preparation from my trip to Florida. They are one of the few retailers who seems to be getting a headstart on the spring fashions.

I wanted to like this dress, but it’s doesn’t have enough structure for my curvy figure, plus it’s too tight across the hips in the size small. I do like the quality of the slub fabric, though, and the henley styling on the neckline. It also comes in black and rust.

Z Supply Blake Henley Dress c/o (S) // Vince Camuto Miyuki Sandal Slide c/o (7.5) // Laurie Stone Bracelet c/o // Lena Sequin Hoop Earring c/o

I threw a denim jacket on top, and it definitely helps the overall silhouette. If I sized up in teh dress, this might work… as long as I don’t take off the jacket.

KUT From The Kloth Jacqueline Denim Jacket (S) // Z Supply Blake Henley Dress c/o (S) // Dolce Vita Mavise Heeled Sandal c/o (7.5) // Laurie Stone Bracelet c/o // Lena Sequin Hoop Earring c/o

I took this picture to show you the close-up of the detail on the side. It’s a nice quality dress, just not well-suited to my body type.

KUT From The Kloth Jacqueline Denim Jacket (S) // Z Supply Blake Henley Dress c/o (S) // Dolce Vita Mavise Heeled Sandal c/o (7.5) // Laurie Stone Bracelet c/o // Lena Sequin Hoop Earring c/o

This next dress is also from Evereve. It looks great on the model, but not so great on me. I just can’t wear these boho-inspired ruffly frocks. They do nothing for my figure. I think it’s because my actual waist is an inch or two higher than the waistband of the dress, so it makes me look bigger than I really am.

Roan + Ryan Elsa Dress (S) // Vince Camuto Brelanie Sandal (7.5)

This one is marginally better, but it’s still not something I would keep. I do think these are cute dresses; they just don’t work for me. The sandals are very comfortable, by the way, and they run true to size. I’m holding onto them for a while.

BB Dakota Fresh Squeezed Dress (S) // Vince Camuto Brelanie Sandal (7.5)

This next dress is a Maggie London from Nordstrom, and this one I actually like. It’s still a little froo-froo for my personal style, but It’s not unflattering, and it’s kind of fun for a change. I’m wearing the 8, but I ordered the 6 to try because this one is a little roomy.

Maggy London Abstract Swirl Print Tie Sleeve Dress (8) // Vince Camuto Brelanie Sandal (7.5) // Sam Edelman Kia in Gold (8; also at Nordstrom)

I also really love these shoes. They’re very comfortable, with a slightly padded footbed, and the ankle strap keeps them stable on the foot. Also, the cylindrical heel is really fun and on trend. It also helps keep them stable to walk in. Definitely keepers.

Sam Edelman Kia in Gold (8; also at Nordstrom)

Next, I tried this jumpsuit from Evereve. It’s very soft and comfortable, and while I wish the waistband sat up a little higher and closer to my natural waist, I think it works. I appreciate the wider, bra-friendly straps and flattering v-neckline that isn’t too low. This one is coming to Florida with me!

Michael Stars Wide Leg Jumpsuit (S) // Vince Camuto Molisana Wedge c/o (7.5) // Madewell Beadlink Drop Earrings

This sweater is perfect for spring — lightweight, nice details, and very comfortable. I also grabbed these AG Mari jeans in an updated wash. I really like the slim, straight ankle-length silhouette and the medium-dark wash.

525 Cotton Cable V-Neck Pullover c/o (S) // AG Mari Straight c/o (28) // Vince Camuto Molisana Wedge c/o (7.5) // Ali Initial Necklace c/o // Laurie Stone Bracelet c/o // Lena Sequin Hoop Earring c/o

And I had high hopes for this white gauze top, but it’s way too sheer for my comfort level. Unfortunately, it’s going back.

Michael Stars Draya Gauze V Neck (S) // Vince Camuto Molisana Wedge c/o (7.5) // Mother Insiders (28) // Madewell Beadlink Drop Earrings

I ordered this Caslon jacket the second I saw it on the website because it reminds me a lot of the Rails Collins that has been around for a few years. The KUT from the Kloth Bri is a similar style, but this Caslon version is a little thicker and stretchier, and I also love this shade of green. It also comes in navy and a bright blue.

Caslon Stretch Organic Cotton Soft Jacket (S) // Caslon Rounded V-Neck T-Shirt (S) // Mother Insiders (28) // Vince Camuto Molisana Wedge c/o (7.5) // Lena Sequin Hoop Earring c/o

This jacket runs true to size, and I think it’s a really nice choice for spring transition season. I also ordered the KUT from the Kloth Bri in the olive, although I also have it in the black from last season. I’ll post a comparison next week, but if you like this, I wouldn’t wait around. These jacket always seem to sell out fast.

Okay, so next up is an experiment in denim styles. I mentioned last week that I used to love the AG Legging Ankle Jeans from some of those throwback pictures in my 5 ways to wear series and some people said they preferred that style on me.

They still sell this style, so I ordered them and I tried on a bunch of different jeans with the same top and shoes on the same day to compare. First, here is the AG Legging Ankle Jeans with sneakers and a casual pullover. This is how I might wear these today. Also of note, I ordered both the size 28 and the size 29 in these jeans because I wasn’t sure how they would fit my current body. I can fit into the 28, which is what I used to wear in these jeans, but they were definitely looser then.

The low rise feels odd to me, but I have to admit, the leg style still looks pretty good. They’re just slightly longer than I prefer these days. If I were to keep them, I’d probably hack off an inch and leave a raw hem.

AG Legging Ankle Jeans (28) // Treasure & Bond hoodie (S) // Veja Esplar (39)

And here they are with clogs. I actually think they work really well with these. These jeans have a 28″ inseam with a 10″ leg opening and a 9″ front rise.

AG Legging Ankle Jeans (28) // Treasure & Bond hoodie (S) // Steve Madden Hilde Mule (7.5)

Next, I tried them with this bright pink top from Express and my new Dolce Vita mules. I love these shoes for spring, and this top is a nice basic. It’s supposed to be an off the shoulder style, but it works fine worn in the traditional way. This really does look good, and while it’s not super trendy, I don’t think it looks terribly dated.

Express Relaxed Off The Shoulder London Tee (S) // AG Legging Ankle Jeans (28) // Dolce Vita Mavise Heeled Sandal (7.5)

I decided to see how this outfit looks with other jeans in my closet. Here’s the same look with the AG Mari — a slim straight ankle jean. These have a 29″ inseam with a 13″ leg opening and a 10″ front rise. I feel like these are just as flattering and maybe a little more balanced. I also find the 10″ rise more comfortable.

Express Relaxed Off The Shoulder London Tee (S) // AG Mari Slim Straight (28) // Dolce Vita Mavise Heeled Sandal (7.5)

This is the AG Mari in the white, and this is a crop length, so they have a 27″ rise with a 14″ leg opening and a 10 1/2″ front rise. I think they look good, but I prefer the longer length in the pair above.

 Express Relaxed Off The Shoulder London Tee (S) // AG Mari High Waist Slim Straight Crop Jeans (28) // Dolce Vita Mavise Heeled Sandal (7.5)

These are my AGOLDE Toni, and they’re similar to the AG Mari but a little shorter and not quite as snug in the thigh. They have a 26 1/2″ inseam with a 13″ leg opening and a 9 3/4″ front rise.

For some reason, while the AG Mari crop (the white pair directly above) looks awkward to me, these do not. I guess these have a slightly smaller leg opening? That’s the only big difference, besides the rise, which you can’t really tell by looking at them.

 Express Relaxed Off The Shoulder London Tee (S) // AGOLDE Toni Mid Rise Ankle Straight (28) // Dolce Vita Mavise Heeled Sandal (7.5)

Then I decided to try a light wash slim straight jean in a full length, and I pulled out these NYDJ Marilyn straight leg jeans from last year’s #NSale. These have a 16″ leg opening with a 9 1/2″ front rise and a 32 1/2″ regular inseam.

I feel like this look is very slimming and elongating. The biggest issue I have is that the jeans get caught under my heel when I walk when wearing mules or clogs.

 Express Relaxed Off The Shoulder London Tee (S) // NYDJ Marilyn Straight Leg Jeans (4) // Dolce Vita Mavise Heeled Sandal (7.5)

Finally, I pulled out my old friends, the Mother Insider Crop Flares. I like this look as well. I know some don’t care for this silhouette, but I think it’s cute. These have a 26″ inseam with a 15″ leg opening and a 10 1/2″ front rise.

I like how the flared leg opening balances out my larger hips and chest, and the cropped length doesn’t really make me look stubby as long as the top is front-tucked to draw help define the waist.

 Express Relaxed Off The Shoulder London Tee (S) // Mother The Insider High Waist Crop Step Chew Hem Jeans (28) // Dolce Vita Mavise Heeled Sandal (7.5)

Here they are, all lined up side by side. Which denim style do we like best? Keep in mind, these are all jeans that I own and love. I guess it would be more illuminating to try on some others pairs that I don’t care for, but this will have to do for now.

Mother Insider // NYDJ Marilyn // AG Mari // AG Legging Ankle Jeans // AGOLDE Toni // AG Mari Crop

Okay! Moving on. Yesterday I shared this look with Nordstrom. The idea was to feature accessory trends, but I struggled a bit to come up with an outfit I liked. I thought I’d show you the process.

I knew I wanted to wear those Vince Camuto square toe flats in either the bright green or bright pink, and I picked up this purple sweater to work into the outfit. I thought it might look good with the green shoes and white jeans, but when I tried it all on together, it reminded me too much of how we used to wear color a few years ago.

It’s a pleasing color combination, but it seems busy and a little dated to my eye. I can’t really explain why, but my gut told me this isn’t the way we’re doing it for 2022.

Halogen sweater (S) // AG Mari Crop (29) // Vince Camuto square toe flats (8)

Next, I tried the same look with neutral shoes. I like this, but it didn’t help me with my post because I wanted to feature a bright colored pair of shoes.

Halogen sweater (S) // AG Mari Crop (29) // Vince Camuto Brelanie Sandal (7.5)

Next I tried on the pink shoes. I hadn’t considered pairing purple and pink, but it actually kind of works. I just didn’t like how stark the white jeans looked against the two bright colors.

Halogen sweater (S) // AG Mari Crop (29) // Vince Camuto square toe flats (8)

I went back to my closet and pulled out these light wash Mother Insiders, and I threw them on with those tan suede mules. Again, it didn’t help me with the post I was working on, but I do like this outfit a lot. I guess I’m just really used to wearing neutral shoes! Color seems hard.

Halogen sweater (S) // Mother Insiders (29) // Steve Madden clogs (7.5)

I tried the pink shoes with this outfit more or less out of desperation because I needed an outfit for the Nordstrom post that was due the next day, so I had to make something work with what I had. I was pretty surprised when this actually worked. I feel like this kind of plays into the color block looks that are trending right now.

While the light blue denim, purple sweater, and bright pink shoes aren’t all the same color, they’re sort of in the same family. Then the white bag with gold hardware along with the pearl and gold jewelry pull it all together. I was so pleased with how this turned out.

Halogen sweater (S) // Mother denim (29) // Vince Camuto flats (8) // Coach handbag // Baublebar pearl necklace & link necklace // Argento Vivo hoops

This sweater runs true to size, by the way. Or if you’re smaller on top, you could maybe size down. It’s very lightweight, and I like the subtle detail in the knit around the v-neckline. It is a little longer than most sweaters these days, so if you prefer a more traditional cut, you should like this. It does say to wash on cold and lay flat to dry, so be aware that it requires a little extra care. And these jeans run small; I sized up to the 29. They’re nice and soft and stretchy, though. Very comfortable.

And that’s all I’ve got for today!

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48 thoughts on “Early Spring Try-On Haul

  1. That purple sweater is fabulous on you! I know price point of P448 is a lot higher than Vans but how do they compare in comfort. Also I got Vuori tights and love them.

  2. Loved seeing some of the new spring things coming out. I actually really liked those Express pants on you, but I will take your word for it that the back view was a no-go. 😉 Also loved the different stylings of the pink top with multiple pairs of jeans. I still think the skinny look good, but I also like the Mari (a personal fave, because I’ve got a couple of pairs) and the Mother Insiders. I just ordered (and received) a pair of clogs that you showed a couple of days ago. I think they were in the shopping widget below the ones you tried on. (Ordered from Anthro, and was shocked that I received them the next day.) I actually love them, and they’re very comfortable, but if I can’t figure out what to wear with them, they’re going back. They have a rounder toe than the (suede?) ones you’re wearing. I tried them with a pair of looser fit full length jeans that I also just received from the Gap. A definite no. But I think I may try them with some cropped jeans, and maybe a slimmer fit to see if I like them. And maybe I just need less of a round toe.

    I also enjoyed seeing the process of figuring out the Nordstrom outfit. The end result was beautiful!

  3. Great post! The side-by-side display of the jeans helps for comparison purposes. I have to say that I love them all, but if I had to choose, my fave is the blue AG Mari jeans. I love the jackets too. Yikes–I swore I wouldn’t spend money today!!! I don’t have an event for that jumpsuit, but if I did, I’d buy it. LOVE!

  4. Love your blog and all the links! I especially am loving the Vuori leggings! WOW!!! I can’t stop wearing them. Well worth the price for lounging, travel and working out. Thanks for all your hard work!!

  5. Suggestion for dresses – thick belts? I’ve been trying to find one myself to try with dresses. I can’t do the frills (thighs) but I have a waist so Im trying to work that out. If you have suggestions for thick belts, thick stretchy belts, let me know. Also jeans with hot pink top, #3 and 4 were my fave.

    1. Check out ADA Collection wrap belts. They look so chic in pictures and come in different widths and lengths. I have seen them on sale at Zappos. I’m not sure I am confident enough to pull one off but they really elevate a simple tank and skirt or shift dress.

  6. That jumpjuit is fabulous! Perfect vacation piece. I appreciate the jean try-on. So many options these days, it takea trial and error to figure out what works!

  7. Fun post! I like seeing all the jeans together. I like the AG leggings the best.

    I love all the color. I let my hair go gray and need something bright so I don’t look washed out.

  8. 💕 the jumpsuit. Looks fabulous on you and will be great for your trip. I’ve never shopped Evereve hope they carry petites 🤞

  9. The side by side comparison of all the jeans is really helpful. Thank you. I think that the AG Mari and AG leggings jeans are the most flattering on you. The lilac purple sweater is gorgeous on you! Love the black jumpsuit! If I had somewhere to wear it, would get it but life is pretty casual nowadays. Have a wonderful work trip to Florida! Safe travels.

  10. Loved the Kut from the Kloth jacket last year, just ordered a small and medium in the green jacket. Never sure on sizing.
    The jumpsuit looks amazing on you. I’m thinking of ordering that also.

  11. AGMari Slim Straight and the AGMari Ankle Legging Jeans are my fav with the top. The black jumpsuit looks fab on you. I always appreciate the way you describe the fit, quality of fabric and tips as to what fits your body so I have a comparison to mine. I have a longer waist and find the waist on dresses hits me wrong and so I avoid dresses or opt for a waist that is not defined.

    Thanks again for all the detail you put into each item!

  12. Thanks so much for the denim comparison! I do think the AG Legging still looks good, and I really like the NYDJ style with that outfit, too– you look so long and lean! The new longer, wider-leg silhouettes work well for me, as long as the top is well fitted. IMO some of the jeans you featured would look better with a dark or skin-tone shoe instead of the ivory; it’s pretty, but the light color kind of throws things off. I got this one that’s on sale now at Nordstrom (in tan suede, TTS) & think you might like it too: And I LOVE that black jumpsuit! I think I’ll have to order that one. OH– and I really love the BB Dakota dress on you! I’m not sure why you don’t like it? I think it’s much more flattering than the Maggie London. Thanks for the fun post! 🙂

  13. That was a great post to see the jeans side by side. I think you look good in all of them, but I think my favorite is the AG Mari. The AG legging looks good, but with those mules, I think the little bit wider at the bottom looks better. Plus, I hate to even say it, as I love my skinnies, the AG legging looks more dated. I also like the Adole Toni for the leg and my eye is starting to be more drawn to the lighter washes. The jean thing makes me crazy. I still don’t have it figured out for me. I have no idea what I’m going to be wearing. I don’t like shorts on me these days and with the jean deal, oh my. LOL Back to the jeans. I don’t know if I could go back to the under 10 waist height. I think I like 10-10 1/2 these days. In the 9’s seems low……looks dated and harder to front tuck and not look strange. So, to find the right length, waist, denim color for my shorter height, its hard. Loved this post and you are going to have a great time in Florida and we will reap the benefits of seeing your post.

    1. Hey! Your comment wasn’t moderated. I have my tech team on it. Maybe they figured it out.

      I think you have to figure out the inseam and rise you like best, and then order a bunch of options within those parameters. I’ve narrowed it down so I know I can’t go higher than a 11″ rise and no lower than 9.75″ — I prefer 10 or 10.5″. And as far as inseams, I know that 27″ gives me that perfect ankle length and 26″ or 25″ is a crop. Anything shorter than that is too short. I also kind of know how the leg openings will work for me, so like 12″ or 13″ is perfect for a straight fit and no wider than 15″ for flares. It makes ordering so much easier b/c you can eliminate a lot just based on measurements.

      1. Thanks Jo-Lynne. I guess I am going to have to get into my closet and figure out the measurements of the jeans I have that work and go from there. I never paid much attention to it until following you and I do know some of what I like best and works. 🙂 I’m glad it may have gotten fixed about moderating first. I sure wish the reply comments by email could be worked out. I still don’t get any reply in my email, even if I mark the box and am signed up. I alway have to go back later to check to see if anyone comment or answered if I had question. I can’t figure out why.

  14. That jumpsuit looks amazing on you! I’ve had it in my cart at Evereve and just rushed to check out before it sells out. I didn’t want to miss out on this item the way I missed out on the green Marrakech bomber that you featured last year!

  15. I loved the various jeans you showed us today. It helps to know what’s out there in the wide world of jeans.

    Hope you get your trip planned & enjoy yourself immensely!

  16. I ordered the jumpsuit! It looks so cute & the fact that I can wear comfy shoes & a real bra was a big draw. It seems too good to be true. 😬. I violated 2 rules: buying a jumpsuit & from Evereve. Lol. I know I’ll be annoyed when I pay the return shipping! But hope springs eternal in miserable February! 😉

  17. I love your try on hauls, so many cute things. I especially like your detailed fit descriptions, very helpful. The Caslon green jacket was my favorite. I used your link and ordered it right away.

  18. I think you look the best in the AGMari and Toni jeans. I love when you compare different jeans and shoes. It’s very helpful. You look fab in the black jumpsuit.

  19. Happy Friday! The purple sweater looks so pretty on you; I love your whole outfit from yesterday. I’m so happy to see new styles of ballet flats coming out because they’ve always been a favorite- so comfortable and easy to wear. I was just looking at the Tory Burch square toe version. Have you seen them? I like the Express tan pants on you but thought the portofino shirt looked better with your black Vince pants. I’m going to order that zebra print – it’d be cute with jeans too (I’m a fan of the portofino style!). In your side-by-side pics I really like the Agolde Toni jeans on you and your Mother jeans too (it’s your cool casual vibe for sure).

    1. I just noticed my comment went through without “awaiting moderation” ✅😊 I just ordered the black jumpsuit from Evereve….I don’t usually like them because of the bathroom issue but it’s so cute and would be perfect for spring & summer so I’m going to give it a try! Hopefully the length will work.

  20. Hello!
    My favorite look on you is the ever lane one piece jump suit. My favorite Jeans on you are THE NYDJ Marilyn straight leg. I’m new to your blog and I enjoy it.

  21. When looking at the Jean comparisons side by side I thought they all looked great! Love that purple sweater with the pink shoes so cute!!
    Thanks again for another great post!! 😍

  22. Jolynne, you look good in everything as usual. Love the AG leggings jeans best, but all the ones you have I love and will be wearing these same silhouettes this season. I will be wearing my skinny jeans too whether they
    are in or out, bc they just work on me. I feel like these looser new styles look frumpy on many of us including myself. As far as colored shoes go, love this trend too! Just picked up a light blue pair of woven sandals and will be pairing with neutral clothing. I figure I have to balance out the color, no head to toe colors for me even if that’s what’s in now.

  23. Of the line up of jeans, the only pair I really like are the AG Legging Ankle Jeans. I just cannot get excited about these new trends.

  24. Wow! Jo-Lynne! Thanks for stepping outside of your comfort zone by trying a jumpsuit and some dresses that aren’t the usual sheaths you prefer. Variety is the spice of life! Again, thanks!

  25. Love this! I’m so ready for Spring. The jeans side by side was a great visual. You look great in all of them. I’m thinking for my body type the slim straights are the way to go. I finally measured the leg opening to some of my jeans. I think the 10-13 inch is about my speed. Unless I go for a bootcut. Thanks for all the info!

  26. I love the side-by-side graphic for the jeans. You look good in so many different styles of jeans, but I think because your legs are so thin that skinny jeans are so flattering on you. I also loved the purple shirt with pink flats. So fun!

  27. I like the Toni Agolde jeans and the white Mari jeans on you the best. All of them look good, but those are my favorite.

  28. I love spring clothes. Nothing I didn’t like except those ballet shoes. I ordered the Calson jacket right away. I ordered the medium because I’m several inches taller than you and it looks pretty cropped. Also liked the hoodie. Looks like that’s almost sold out.

  29. I loved seeing all the outfits and reading your comments. I especially like that you share the outfits that did not work as well and your thoughts on why. I learned alot from those outfits. Thank you~~~

  30. I think I like the AG Mari and Agolde Toni looks above best. I haven’t gotten into the cropped wide-leg look (Mother Insider and AG Mari Crop) because I think it cuts off our legs and makes us look stumpy, even with heeled sandals. My opinion only! Thanks for your blog. It is always so fun to read.

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