Accessory Trends for Spring 2022

Greetings, friends, and welcome back to Spring Trends Week! Okay, so I totally made that up, but that’s what I’m calling this week here on the blog. Today I rounded up some of the top accessory trends for spring 2022, and they’re all available at Nordstrom.

Halogen sweater (S) // Mother denim (29) // Vince Camuto flats (8) // Coach handbag // Baublebar pearl necklace & link necklace // Argento Vivo hoops

Adding a few on-trend accessories to your closet each season is probably the easiest way to update your wardrobe, and they can really pack a punch. After all, as the wise Clairee once said, The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.

bag // shoes // pearl necklace // small link necklace // chain link necklace

Bold necklaces are making a comeback, including collar necklaces, pearls, and chunky chain necklaces.

This chain link necklace by Stella & Ruby is a great way to add a focal point to a simple outfit. I love how the textured chain links are joined by smaller links for added dimension.

Pearls are another big trend across all jewelry categories this spring, and layered looks are still in style, but they’re getting chunkier.

A two-layer look like this one, with the pearl collar necklace and gold chain link necklace are one way to interpret this trend.

It has a good balance of modern and classic, and both pieces have a good weight to them without being overpowering. Best of all, these necklaces are adjustable so you can get the lengths exactly how you want them. I also I added a pair of chunky gold hoops.

I have a whole post coming on handbag trends, but one that I’m loving right now is the baguette bag. This bag style gives me all those Lorelai Gilmore vibes.

I discovered this Coach Tabby 26 when I was shopping in-store last weekend, and I literally stopped in my tracks to take a second look.

It’s such a gorgeous pebbled leather with elegant brushed gold hardware, and I like how it gives a nod to the baguette bag trend while maintaining a timeless appeal.

This bag comes with two removable straps — a shorter shoulder strap and longer, adjustable crossbody strap. You can use either one or leave both attached so you have all the options at the ready.

I was also really impressed with the interior of this bag. It’s lined with a luxurious microsuede fabric, and it has several interior pockets for organization. Plus, the flap has a magnetic closure for ease of use.

While bold and bright colors in handbags are definitely trending this spring, so are white and ivory, and I love the versatility of this chalk color.

Speaking of bold and bright, decided to incorporate that trend into my footwear for this outfit.

These ballet flats are a more feminine alternative to the menswear-inspired loafers and mules that I often wear this time of year. The square toe keeps them fresh and current, and the leather is soft, so they’re very comfortable.

They do run a bit narrow, so you may want to size up if you tend to run in between sizes. I’m wearing my usual size 8.

I like these square toe ballet flats so much, I got them in both the Lotus Green and Deep Orchid. I actually tried the green with this outfit, but I felt a bit like an Easter egg, ha!

So I swapped out the Lotus Green for the Deep Orchid, and I was surprised by how much I like this mix of bright pink, light blue denim wash, and purple sweater.

I tend to be a less is more kind of girl, but the power of a few carefully chosen accessories is undeniable.

Which of these accessory trends is getting you excited for spring fashion?

As always, when you shop at Nordstrom, you get their free shipping and free returns. And don’t forget about their BOPUS (Buy Online Pick Up in Store) and contactless curbside pickup options. Also, if you aren’t already a Nordy Club member, be sure to sign up so you can start earning points today!

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photos: Alison Cornell

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27 Responses

  1. Jo-Lynne, you look gorgeous in that purple. That is definitely your color. Other than the sweater (not that it’s an accessory), the shoes are my favorite. I think we’re all craving color and those shoes are good medicine!

  2. I love all these Spring accessories you’ve featured- Now I have Spring fever!
    That purple sweater is beautiful on you!

  3. I’m typically not a Coach fan, but I love this purse! Your outfit looks gorgeous! I’m loving all the Spring accessories 🌷☀️🌸

  4. You look so fresh and Spring-like! I only wish I could wear those shoes, but I can’t wear flats with my high arches. I have also learned I don’t really care for small bags, but I do like Coach, and it is a gorgeous bag. I like the necklaces and earrings, all are pretty!

  5. I like the white and ivory have bags but not sure if I’ll be doing the colored shoes. :)Just so limiting and I’d rather get shoes I can wear often. I was in the mall the other day and wow……Color is out there. I love this purple sweater on you. Ready for your handbag post to come. I need to find one that matches with the dolce vita silver studded sandals we both have from last year. All bags seem to have gold. I know the dress I’m wearing to a casual Summer wedding and it has silver zipper in back up by neck and I have short hair and thought the sandals I have would work nice but may decide it needs more of a heel. Can you find handbags with silver too? The dress is a royal blue… not bright though. Having hard time deciding a shoe and handbag for it. I’m trying to not wait until the last minute like you told us. Lol. Wedding is the first part of August. My dolce vita sandals may be worn out by then. Lol. They still look brand new now. Thanks for all you do to help.

  6. PS. You just look so cute with all the color and sitting with your dog. Purple is your color. I’m glad it’s trending this Spring.

  7. I can totally see layering the paperclip necklace I have with pearls. I wouldn’t have thought of it, and with such a casual outfit, but it looks unexpected and awesome! My pink flats are pointed toe, but I may just have to copy every other part of the look!

  8. I like everything about this whole outfit! I’m especially happy to see the flats coming back. And that color is so happy!

  9. I am a huge fan of lavender, more on the lighter side than dark. It was my wedding color and my bridesmaid wore lavender dresses. The color has been pretty hard to find, though, until this year, so yay for it being popular now! I am a big fan of neutrals when it comes to my footwear, but I think I’m going to have to get the lavender Dolce Vita Paily sandal. That is the most comfortable, yet sexiest, sandal ever and I already have two pairs in Ivory and Cafe Stella!

  10. Love this post! The purple sweater is so pretty on you. The square toed shoes are pretty & I am surprised by how much I like them. Not usually a fan of square toes. I LOVE pearls, always have, so glad to see them coming back.

  11. It feels just like spring today and mild again tomorrow so I’m definitely getting the spring fever.. But I know it’s not going to last so picking up sweaters with some color is on my radar!! That purple is gorgeous on you and one of my favorite colors!

  12. You definitely have hit your sweet spot with purple sweaters! They look great on you in all the shades you’ve shown lately.

    I am, though, having trouble getting excited about those colored, square toed flats. Something just doesn’t feel right to me with these paired with jeans. Or maybe they’d be better with a full length/boot cut jeans. They just look too “precious” or something, as opposed to a loafer or pointy toe which, for some reason, I think look great with jeans of all lengths and widths. I’m feeling the same about the pearls paired with a chain necklace. Maybe these looks will grow on me over time, but I just am not digging them right now.

  13. Hi Jo-lynne! Can you tell me the source of the other large link necklace shown in the group photo of the accessories? This one just might work for me! -S

  14. I LOVE this bag and would love to buy the cream and black but I must say I’m scared! I read the reviews and they were not positive. It seems the latches release Willy Nilly. I hope you can assure me that the problem has been looked into and addressed. I want nothing more than to own these Coach bags.
    Thank you for listening,
    Beth Hendrix

    1. I saw that too, and I agree, it is concerning. With Nordstrom’s return policy, I’m not too worried. If that starts happening, I will return it, but I hope not! I’m bringing it to Florida with me, so I’ll keep you posted!

  15. JL.
    Love the spring color!
    You doggie look like mine pups and a cutie too.
    Bichon poo!?
    Can’t wait for more spring cloths on your site
    Thank you.

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