Vuori’s Newest Collection Just Landed… And It’s SO GOOD!

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In my attempts to keep this 50-year-old body fit and limber, I recently signed up for Pilates classes with a friend. I love the idea of combining social time with exercise. This will be in addition to my regular weight lifting and my 5K training, so I’ll be spending more time than ever in workout clothes this fall.

Vuori AllTheFeels™ Legging (M) // Vuori AllTheFeels™ Bra (M) // Vuori Feather Tee (M)

And by workout clothes, what I really mean is Vuori because they are practically synonymous in my wardrobe. I’ve pretty much replaced all my performance apparel with Vuori at this point.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, they come out with a whole new line that is even softer and lighter than the favorites already in my closet.

It’s called Vuori BlissBlend™, and it’s a 360° stretch fabric that’s moisture-wicking and made of 75% recycled materials. It’s super stretchy and lightweight, and it’s designed to get softer with every wash.

The Vuori AllTheFeels™ Legging comes in a variety of colors, and I even surprised myself by choosing PINK! I just thought it was so fresh and fun, and the perfect way for me to turn over a new leaf as I try a new activity.

These leggings are so lightweight, it’s almost like wearing air. I never wear leggings to the gym during the summer because I’m always way too hot, but I wore these to a workout last week to test them out, and I couldn’t believe how comfortable I was. Not once did I wish I’d worn shorts, which is what usually happens when I forget and pull on a pair of leggings.

The Vuori BlissBlend™ fabric is a supremely soft performance stretch knit that is lightweight and breathable, and it has just the right amount of support to smooth and sculpt without feeling constricting.

These leggings have a comfortable high rise design, and they even come in short sizes for those who need that.

The other piece in the Vuori BlissBlend™ Collection is the Vuori AllTheFeels™ Bra. I wish I’d ordered the large; I usually size up in Vuori’s more form-fitting pieces, but for some reason that didn’t occur to me when I requested the medium in the bra, and I really need the extra coverage, so I took a flat lay picture so you can see the design.

It’s made of the same breathable, soft, lightweight Vuori BlissBlend™ fabric, and it has an impressive amount of support for a wireless bra. I love how it makes a matching set with the leggings.

The Vuori AllTheFeels™ Bra fits perfectly under the Vuori Lux Performance Tank, which I also have. It has a more body-con fit, so I recommend sizing up in that, as well.

When you want a more relaxed fit, the Vuori Feather Tee is the perfect solution. It’s made of a super light organic cotton with performance stretch knit that is perfect for activities like yoga and Pilates, as well as travel and casual wear.

This tee comes in three great neutral colors, and I’m always a sucker for a good heather grey, but I think I need the washed black and white too.

I could have probably sized down, but it’s supposed to have a relaxed fit. And I have to say, there’s something so nice about throwing on a workout top that glides over the body without clinging. Plus, it’s just extra soft and stretchy and so very comfortable.

This easy outfit stands on its own when I’m going to the gym to lift weights or to a Pilates class, but the Halo Performance Hoodie 2.0 or Halo Essential Hoodie will make a great top layer to throw on top when the weather cools down.

Shop the entire Vuori BlissBlend™ Line here:

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photos: Alison Cornell

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16 Responses

  1. I’m excited to try this new fabric. Good luck with Pilates, I’ve considered trying it but haven’t gotten around to it. Let us know how you like it!

    1. I liked my first class! It didn’t feel like I was doing much, but I realize I have to get used to it. I spent a lot of time figuring out the correct position. The instructor was great, though. I’m going to try to do one class a week and I look forward to getting to the more advanced levels.

  2. What beautiful color selections in the leggings! I’m bummed that the Bliss line legging doesn’t have a side pocket big enough for a phone. I have stopped buying leggings without them. While I don’t play pickleball with my phone, I do walk with it and I also end up running errands in them before or after a workout. The funny thing is, I dislike dresses with pockets. I don’t like the extra fabric at my hips or the way they make the dress sag/bulge when I use them. The tee is cute though so I may try that! By the way, Jo-Lynne, I use Monday as my “go nowhere day” when at all possible. I still have to work, but I do admin and don’t go to appointments or run errands if I can help it. So I actually look forward to Mondays. I think I would love pilates. I may look into this fall. Is your class with the machines, Jo-Lynne?

  3. These look great and I will have to buy a set. Could you tell me your go to, most comfortable workout shorts?

  4. I got on the Vuori train last Christmas and love their Pieces! Not too heavy! I’m going to try the leggings once my color and size come in in the short! It’s nice the link will take me to the Canadian website so you hopefully still get the credit!
    Hope you don’t get too much rain! We’ve got some coming tomorrow from round one of the first hurricane!
    Praying all stay safe in the affected areas!

  5. Loved yeserday’s try-on haul. Want to try the EverEve sleeveless black vest, green cardigan, and the dress.

    The Leenah is not restocked in my size.

    Curious if you are using the Pilates machines or if you are on the mat?

    Also want to try the Vuori leggings.

  6. Good morning, I have been in search of good workout clothes and would love to try these. Could you tell me what size you wear in their leggings??

  7. I don’t mean for this to be flippant-sounding (actually, the opposite): but, how/why are you sooo self-critical of your body type? I *WISH* I had no stomach or “pouch”, lol, the way you DON’T! You are in great shape (and, really, it can’t be shaping shorts ALL THE TIME?! — I try shaping shorts under leggings and; either, the banding above the knee shows through the fabric and looks unflattering or it’s a hassle having to literally not have them roll up as your putting compression stretch pants on 🙁 ). I am a superfan of Vuori and, love how you described them as feeling “lighter than air”. I find that when I’ve been active in hot weather: the right blend of a long pant legging is A LOT more comfortable than shorts exposing your skin to insect bites or the way your legs just (at least in my experience) seem more tired when they get clamy taking a power walk in 80-degrees.

  8. Thanks for the good info! I know you have probably posted before this info but what brand shoe is this? Is it a running shoe specifically or cross trainer? Thanks much!

  9. $98 isn’t as out-there-expensive as other brand active I’ve seen (and: I do think Vuori’s color pallette and fit are tremendous). However, I wouldn’t “risk” schlepping around in $98 workout clothes (something I’m always self-aware about doing with costlier leggings I set-aside for the gym; then: they’ll feel TOO GOOD to not want to change out of the rest of the day!).

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