Wearable Fall Fashion for Moms

Today we’re talking fall fashion trends — not high fashion runway fashion trends, but wearable fashion for real women.

fall 2012 fashion trends

I’m certainly not suggesting that you run out and buy everything on this list. You should pick and choose what works for you. Style isn’t about being trendy and blindly following every trend that comes down the pike. It is about knowing what is on trend and then deciding which styles work for you and how you can incorporate them into your personal style. That’s my goal, anyway!

So here’s a short list of some of the hottest looks right now. I’d love to hear which ones you’d like to wear and how you will wear them.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are super fun. They’ve been around for quite a while, but they are becoming more and more mainstream — especially in articles of clothing, not just shoes. I love this Old Navy Black Leopard Crepe Roll-Up Shirt. I love how they pair it with green jeans — I have green jeans and I’m definitely going to rock that look!

black leopard blouse old navy

Speaking of green jeans . . .

Colorful Jeans

Colorful jeans weren’t just in for summer. They’re still going strong into the fall. Old Navy has a fabulous selection of colorful jeans.


Leather never really goes out of style, but its popularity is making a comeback. I used to have a fitted, cropped black leather jacket that I wore All. The. Time. I miss that jacket. I think it’s high time I invest in a new one. This time, I would opt for something other than black. A deep burgundy would be super cool, and it’s a color that is supposedly hot this fall. Or maybe I’ll opt for a neutral camel color that will go with everything.


I was a solids-only girl for a long time, but I’m really enjoying the prints that are coming out this year.

I’m not QUITE ready to embrace the patterned pants . . .

But I do like these chiffon blouses . . .

And I’ve added several printed dresses to my wardrobe lately that I’m really enjoying.

Pencil Skirts

I’m SO glad to see pencil skirts back in vogue. For several years, I felt like I could only find A-line and fuller skirts. I find pencil skirts to be the most flattering cut for me, so I am all over this trend this season!

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are still hot this season. I don’t know how a woman could NOT have a few pairs of ballet flats in her closet. Bypass the black and brown and opt for pattern and color instead.

Ballet Flats from Old Navy
Ballet Flats from Old Navy by jolynneshane featuring ballet flats


Love ’em or hate ’em, this trend is sticking around, and this year I daresay the bootie is a wardrobe essential. Wear them with skinny jeans or skirts — either way they will instantly update your wardrobe. I love this charcoal gray wedge ankleboot.

Color Blocking

Color blocking can be tricky, but this color blocked striped jersey dress translates this trend perfectly. (Remember that this model is probably seven feet tall; it’s not likely to be that short on us mere mortals.)

Bucket Bags

You know me, I can’t make a list of trends without a handbag, and these bucket bags are right up my alley. They offer plenty of structure so you can find things easily inside, and the handles are often long enough to put over your shoulder — an essential requirement for a handbag, if you ask me. I’m loving a Drawstring Bucket Bag for fall.

So . . . which trends are your favorites? Which ones can you see yourself incorporating into your wardrobe this fall???

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