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A few years ago, I had the opportunity to tag along with my husband on his business trip to Seattle. I had never been to the Pacific Northwest, and I immediately fell in love. While he spent his days in meetings, I roamed the city, exploring Pike Place Market and touring the vast array of coffee shops and wine bars that Seattle is known for.

In one of those coffee shops, I was introduced to Nutella.

I had heard of this culinary delight, and when I caught a glimpse of the marvel they called Nutella Brioche, I knew I must have one.

I placed my order and sat down with my indulgent breakfast treat and a steaming hot cup of espresso. I carefully split it in half, and thick, creamy Nutella slowly oozed out of the pastry and onto my fingers. I took one delicate bite, and the rest is history. I savored every last bite of that Nutella Brioche, leisurely sipping on my espresso, trying to make it last as long as I could.

I can honestly say, that Nutella Brioche was one of the most delicious things that has ever passed my lips. In the years since, I have often thought longingly of that delectable pastry and wondered if I’d ever come across such a delicacy ever again.

While I have yet to relive the wonder of that original Nutella Brioche, I have discovered what might be the next best thing.

These gluten free bagels from Against the Grain have a texture that is similar to a brioche roll because the dough is made primarily from tapioca starch, milk and egg. When you heat one in the microwave for 30 seconds, it is the perfect temperature and texture for spreading with Nutella. Add some fruit and a glass of milk and you have a balanced — if a bit indulgent — breakfast!

My daughter, who rarely eats breakfast in the mornings, will happily join us when our Nutella bagels are on the table. She likes to first dip her raspberries in the Nutella, then she eats the bagel and washes it all down with a glass of milk.

Nutella is a tasty hazelnut spread that gets its unique taste from a combination of simple ingredients like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. I love that Nutella has no preservatives or artificial colors. AND it’s gluten free! Score!!

Have you ever tried Nutella?

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  1. I had thought that anything with vanillin instead of real vanilla was not gluten free. I’ve been avoiding Nutella because of that.

  2. We are huge nutella fans in our house. Since my daughter can’t take peanut butter to school, she has a ‘tella sandwich for lunch every day. And often a ‘tella waffle for breakfast.

    if you haven’t had white grapes dipped in nutella, you are seriously missing out in life.

  3. I first had Nutella with strawberries and a baguette sitting in a hotel room in Paris, France in 1987 – it was a group of high school-aged girls’ idea of an exotic “picnic” dinner (I am pretty sure we were out of money to eat in a real restaurant) and have been buying it for several years for my family. I won’t admit how many of the large jars we go thru each month. My girls live on whole-wheat mini-bagels with Nutella for their break time snack. The youngest likes it on waffles. We also like tortillas rolled with Nutella and banana or strawberries – it makes great take-along snacks for the car.

    1. Yeah, it’s sugary but fun for a treat! We eat a lot of non-real food things, but I do try to find the ones with fewer ingredients, and when I can pronounce them all, it’s a bonus. 🙂

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