Weekly Menu Plan 11.17.13

gluten menu plan

Happy Sunday! I’m spending yet ANOTHER Sunday at home as my son still isn’t 100% yet. I think we’re getting there, but I am beginning to feel like a hermit and definitely in need of Vitamin D!!!

Anyway, here’s what I’m planning on the meal front this week!

MONDAY: boneless pork chops, pain fried, with a side of Tat Soi with Bacon and Onions (using my Bok Choy recipe) and if I get really ambitious, I’ll whip up some of my Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese

TUESDAY: at my son’s request, Chicken Chili, most likely with Heather’s cornbread on the side

WEDNESDAY: Philly Sausage & Peppers

THURSDAY: Crustless Chard Quiche with a side salad

FRIDAY: Triple Threat Meatloaf, boiled potatoes (we always slather them with plenty of butter and salt & pepper!) and steamed broccoli (tip: throw a clove of garlic in the water, and it lends a nice flavor – just toss it in whole, and remove when you serve the broccoli; and make sure to add butter and salt & pepper)

SATURDAY: I am hoping everyone is well enough to go out to eat cuz we have a full day and there will be no time to cook!

What are you eating this week?

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19 thoughts on “Weekly Menu Plan 11.17.13

  1. Thank you for hosting 🙂
    I am sharing my Creamy Dreamy Chocolate “Milkshake”. It has all kinds of things in it. Banana, romaine, cucumber, cacao powder and more… We love it and it certainly doesn’t taste healthy 😀

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