What I Packed for my Disney Vacation + My Travel Outfit

Greetings and happy Friday! Today I’m sharing what I packed for my Disney World vacation last week and my travel outfit.

The temperature was in the low 20s the day we flew out of Philly, plus I looked ahead and saw that it would be in the 40s that evening in Orlando, so I went ahead and wore my winter coat and a scarf.

white sweatshirt // AG jeans (budget option) // sneakers // scarf // sunnies // suitcase // tote (similar/budget option)

My coat is no longer available, but I love that it’s lightweight but also fairly warm. I wear it on all but the coldest days, when I break out my heavy duty long puffer coat.

I wore this same outfit to the Magic Kingdom that night to watch the fireworks — scarf and all — and I was glad I did, as it was quite chilly. Fortunately the weather warmed up after that, and the next few days were perfectly warm and beautiful.

We were in Orlando for 4 nights/5 days, and I packed my 24″ suitcase. Each of the girls took a 21″ carryon, but I didn’t even try to fit my stuff in a carryon. #highmaintenance

This is one of the few trips I’ve taken recently that I didn’t plan a photo shoot for the blog, so I only had to pack what I actually wanted to wear while we were there. You would think that meant I went super minimal, but no. Not me!

This is what I packed:

Sure, I could have definitely scaled back, but I don’t regret bringing anything. The only piece I didn’t wear was the striped tee, but I still think it was a smart item to pack. It’s lightweight, long-sleeved, and casual. I just didn’t happen to need it.

Including the pair I wore on the plane, I had 4 pairs of pants and 2 pairs of shorts, and I wore them all at some point during our stay.

The weather was quite variable during our stay, and I changed at least once a day — some days twice. I also got a stain on my jeans the first day and was so glad I had another option with me. I almost left the cropped skinnies at home, but I ended up wearing them twice and was so glad I had them.

Then I brought a variety of tops — a couple of lightweight long-sleeve tops, a few t-shirts, a cardigan, and a denim jacket. I also brought my favorite pajamas.

For shoes, I wore my sneakers on the plane, and I brought 3 pairs of sandals.

I brought the Tory Burch sandals for the pool and also to slip on in the mornings when I went out to the lobby to work. The supportive Abeo sandals are a must-have in the parks. I alternated them with my Veja sneakers.

If I’d wanted to scale back, I would have left the wedges at home, but they fit in my suitcase, and I did wear them twice. We had a few dining reservations with dress codes, and it felt nice to gussy up a bit after being in the parks all day.

I also picked up a new crossbody bag before the trip, and I’m so glad I did. It worked out great, and it packed easily in my suitcase.

I also finally got my new makeup organizer figured out, and I love it. In fact, I love it so much that I never unpacked it and I continue to use it at home. It’s so much easier to find what I need, and I can simply zip it up and put it in my closet in between uses.

It’s definitely a little cumbersome to pack and takes up a bit of room, but then so did my other makeup bag.

Let’s see, what else? I also packed my travel hair dryer, my Elderberry for immune support, a bag with my Coola sunscreen products, and one of my Truffle cases with extra beauty/skincare products.

photos: Alison Cornell

While I was there, I actually did wear almost everything I packed. Here’s what I wore.

What I Wore In Disney

The first night, we went to Citricos for dinner at The Grand Floridian. They had a dress code where jeans and shorts are discouraged, so I wore white jeans, a floral blouse, and my denim jacket.

denim jacket (similar) // blouse // white jeans (similar) // wedges (similar) // crossbody // bracelet // similar necklace

After that, I changed back into my travel outfit to go over to the Magic Kingdom for their new fireworks show, which was AH-mazing. I got a few shots on my iPhone that don’t nearly capture it, but this one is pretty cool.

The next day, we had breakfast at the Grand Floridian Cafe, and then we headed over to Disney Springs. I wore cropped jeans with a grey tee and pink cardigan. I wore my Tory Burch sandals to breakfast, and then changed to my Abeo sandals for the rest of the day.

cardigan // tee // cropped jeans (similar) // sandals // crossbody

My dad and I came back to the resort for a while that afternoon to rest, and I changed into a tank top and jean shorts to go sit by the pool. That night we went to Animal Kingdom, and I changed back into my outfit from the morning for that.

tank // shorts // sandals // similar necklace

The next day, we got up and left bright and early for breakfast reservations in the Magic Kingdom.

denim jacket (similar) // tee // similar jeans // sneakers // crossbody // sunnies

It was chilly that morning, but I knew it was going to warm up, so I wore these pink jeans with a white tee and denim jacket, and I went back to my sneakers. I don’t like wearing the same shoes two days in a row. It’s best to give your feet a break, if you can.

denim jacket (similar) // tee // similar jeans // sneakers // crossbody // sunnies

We ate breakfast at the castle. My girls had requested the Princess breakfast, but I think they realized once we were there that they’re aging out of it. They were good sports, though, and took pictures with all the princesses.

We stopped on our way in and had our picture taken by one of the Disney photographers. This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip — me with my mom and my two girls. I don’t have many of these! My dad wasn’t with us that morning — he chose to sleep in.

I came back for a couple hours that afternoon to do some work, and I changed back into my tank top and shorts.

That night we ate dinner at 1900 Park Fare, back at the Grand Floridian, and I wore my white jeans, this striped sweater, and my wedge sandals. I could have worn the pink jeans outfit, but they got dirty at Magic Kingdom. Once again, I was glad I’d brought several pairs of pants.

sweater // white jeans (similar) // wedges (similar) // bracelet // similar necklace

The next day was a lot warmer, and we were planning to spend the whole day and the evening at Epcot. I wore my tank top, jean shorts, and sandals, and I also brought along my pink cardigan.

tank // shorts (similar) // sandals // similar necklace // bracelet // similar necklace // crossbody

I took the cardigan off and on a lot throughout the day, but I was definitely glad I had it with me.

cardigan // tank // shorts (similar) // sandals // similar necklace // bracelet // similar necklace // crossbody

Finally, to travel home, I wore this grey Madewell top with my white jeans, denim jacket, and sneakers. It was hot in Orlando the morning we left, and I knew it was going to be in the 50s when we got back to Philly, so I figured I was fine with my denim jacket. I packed my coat in my suitcase.

denim jacket (similar) // sweater // white jeans (similar) // sneakers // similar necklace // suitcase // tote (similar/budget option)

Phew! That ended up being a lot longer than I planned. It’s probably overkill, but I had the pictures, so I thought I’d share them.

I hope you all have a great Friday, and be sure to visit Cyndi and see the spring outfit she’s styling today!

What I Packed:

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63 Responses

  1. I love your white jeans! Definitely going to add a pair to my spring wardrobe. The picture of you, your girls and perhaps your mother is priceless. Love it too!

  2. Even though I looked at your Instagram posts while you were at Disney, I really enjoyed this recap.  The iPhone pic of the fireworks is STUNNING!  I do have a few packing questions:  How far in advance of your departure do you actually put your clothes in the suitcase?  With the way you folded your clothes, tops in particular, do you have to iron them once you reach your destination?  We only do road trips now, which can take several days to get from point A to point B, so my clothes can be in the suitcase for an extended period of time.  Most of the time I leave them on the hangers or will take my hangers.  I usually end up either wearing wrinkled clothes or ironing them, and neither one make me happy.  Thank you!

    1. Haha, Ginger, I started packing at 7PM the night before. I had thought about it, but I didn’t actually get to packing till that night.

      I don’t think the way I fold my stuff makes it any more wrinkled than when I fold them flatter. It just makes things fit better. I sort of half roll, half fold. I didn’t iron a thing at Disney. Sometimes I have to when i travel, but it just depends on the item and how much I care about looking pressed. 🙂 The Loft tops don’t wrinkle, and they weigh nothing, so they’re great to bring along. The t-shirts may wrinkle a bit, but I hang them in the hotel closet, and I don’t usually feel I need to iron them.

      1. Thanks Jo-Lynne!  I think that I need to get over feeling the need for all of my clothes looking so pressed and perfect, like my mom did when I was little.  Whenever we are going on a road trip, I will just hang my clothes together & hold off putting them in the suitcase until the last minute.

  3. What a great post, I always tend to overpack when traveling. Will be pinning this one for future references. And love that makeup bag! Also, would you say the Abeo Sandals fit true to size? I wear an 8 in sneakers, loafers and boots, sometimes have to size down in sandals…

  4. Hi Jo-Lynne, I ordered that makeup bag a couple of weeks ago first in the blue floral then in the gray. I returned both because I didn’t like the blue floral color and the gray was fabric and I didn’t like the idea of not being to wipe it clean and keep it sanitary, I’m picky like that! I’m thrilled it’s coming out in the rose gold and already have it in my cart! I think it was last year, that you posted a beautiful makeup bag you were currently using at that time. I’d like to compare the two bags if you still have that Post. Do you like this newest one from Amazon better and if so, why?

    1. I do still have my old one, and I love how pretty it is and the quality of it. You can find it here – https://shopstyle.it/l/0Ocw.

      I really didn’t want to switch to the Amazon one because it looks and feels cheaper to me, and that is usually the deal breaker. BUT the functionality is SO good that I can’t stop using it.

  5. I really like seeing how you packed. I tend to take too much. I purchased the same makeup bag but in the larger size earlier this year. Yes , it’s big but I loved that I could leave everything in there and just set it on the counter to use. I also recently bought the pink cardigan from Amazon you styled and love it! It is so soft and comfortable. Such a nice weight. I even went back and ordered the striped one also. 

  6. I loved this post. I have a question. Where did you get your necklace(s) you are wearing in almost all your photos??

  7. Thank you so much for this! This is what I struggle with this most- looking put together and being comfortable at fun, casual events/trips. I am usually pretty good at selecting what to wear for dressy events, but tell me we are going to the state fair and I panic. Will definitely bookmark these looks.

  8. Great post! I am the WORST at packing.  It takes me days to figure out what I’m going to bring and then I waste all kinds of time trying to edit.  I wonder if I’ll ever get better at it.  Btw…that picture of the fireworks is amazing.    

  9. You do not pack light. My kinda girl! 
    I guess you should make reservations for your restaurants ahead of time. I never thought of that but the wait times would probably be long, if not impossible. Thank you for the hidden hint. 😉
    Great picture of three generations of family having fun together. 

    1. Ha! Packing light is not in my vocab. 😉 We always reserve ahead at Disney. There is usually nothing available for walk-ins, or it’s a long wait. It’s gotten SO crazy crowded in recent years that we make meal reservations first and then plan everything else around them.

  10. I love that you took elderberry! When we did the big Disney trip a couple of years ago, I practically sprayed my kids down with Lysol every day. (Just kidding…barely!) Anyway, I always love the outfits you style but I am hoping you might offer some more budget-friendly options. For example, I would rather buy three pairs of moderately priced shoes than one $150 pair.

    1. Hey Rebecca, I hear ya. Moderately priced means different things to different people. I have what I not-so-lovingly call “finicky feet” and I do spend more on shoes because I find it really makes a difference in my comfort level. That said, I try to share different price points, and I didn’t really do that in this post because I was short on time and it was mainly about what I actually wore. Typically I try to share other options for less, and I can add some options here too. 🙂

      1. Awesome! Definitely some things are worth the price – I’m willing to spend more when it’s something I will wear for a long time and I pick cheaper options for stuff that’s trendy, but that’s just me! (And I’m kind of a cheapskate. LOL.) My favorite is finding a high-priced item on clearance…I still talk about the $200 Banana Republic blazer I got for $16…twenty years ago. HAHA! (And I still have it!)

        I love your blog and seeing how you style different things…keep up the great work!

    1. The case I have is super duper old — it was made by a blogger friend. I have been looking for something that I really love, and haven’t found much yet. The irony is, I wore the same jewelry the whole trip, but I did bring options. That is something I could have left behind. 🙂

  11. Hi Jo-Lynne! What a fun post…and trip! I love your fireworks photo. Question: are your wedges stone or blush? They look great with your outfits! Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. I love this kind of post – sooo helpful! I came back from a tropical vacation and find packing tricky. My husband always says “bring half the stuff and double the money” but then again he’s a guy who can get away with golf shirt and nice shorts every day, everywhere! I will book mark this post for future warm destination trips! Thanks!!

    By the way, you are looking super toned and trim! Not saying you were ever chubby (never know if its wrong or offensive to compliment someone if they look more toned!) That photo of you in tank top and jean shorts says it all – you look terrific! Have you been doing anything special? Good for you!!
    So glad you had a great trip! Its always nice to go on a winter getaway for us northerners.

    1. Haha – “bring half the stuff and double the money” – too funny.

      I don’t think I’m anymore toned. I think it was the magic Disney mirror. I swear, that thing took 10 lbs off.

  13. Wow… thanks for sharing all the pics and outfits you wore.. looks like you had a great time and best of all it was time with your family:) I love Disney and can’t wait to go back. As our kids got older we ventured more to Disney Springs, and universal , island of Adventures and last May to Volcano Bay which everyone had a blast:) those fireworks gave me chills lol… have a great weekend we have lots of rain coming but I’m thankful as it will get rid of the little bit of snow we have left. We actually enjoyed some really nice mild spring like days.

    1. Yes, I found it interesting that the girls both enjoyed Epcot the most this trip — in the past, it was their least favorite. I’ve always liked Epcot. I feel like there’s something for everyone there.

  14. You have shown us your suitcases before.  I think you did a marvellous job this time!  I have very recently acquired the skills to travel with just a carryon and manage to do a capsule wardrobe for travel.  It is not for everyone!  Loved seeing all your outfits. 

    1. It is definitely a skill — and I agree, not for everyone. I don’t care if I overpack. I have never regretted overpacking, but I have definitely regretted trying to scale it back. And I always check my bag – even if it’s a carryon. I hate dealing with a bag in the airport and on the plane. So what does it matter if it’s bigger? That’s my logic. 😉

      Still, I have to say, when I can travel with a carryon, I do feel quite victorious. I did that when I went to Maine last fall – it was a good feeling, but it was only 2 nights. I still had options. 😉

  15. Loved this post. This is extremely helpful to me, because I am just not good at packing! Looks like a great time! Also, love your new specs!

  16. I always enjoy your packing and travel posts! I like to pack options, too, and I’ve never been sorry.

    The cute striped sweater you wore, I think that’s the Caslon Side Slit Sweater at Nordstrom? I bought that sweater in solid pink, and I love it. It’s a nice weight for spring. I like the vertical seam, V neck that isn’t too deep, and ribbed cuffs. The Pink is a light violet/pink. It looks colorless online, but in person it has more color. I bought it in the store. I felt it ran large and ended up with Extra Small. It’s also available in petite sizes online.

    That’s a beautiful picture of three generations of women!

    1. Yes! That’s the sweater. It really is a nice one. I agree that it runs large. I actually shot a whole post with it today and when I was looking at the pictures, I was wishing I’d sized down to an XS. It may shrink up and be ok tho.

  17. I love posts like these! So helpful! I am an over packer for sure but it seems like you were very efficient in the items you packed and wore. Great pieces!! I have so many basic things in my wardrobe but when it comes to traveling, I loathe packing and never know what I’ll need, despite looking at the weather and knowing the itinerary. I like options and therefore always have the biggest piece of luggage. Ugh! 

  18. Loved taking this virtual Disney trip! I enjoyed your photo of your girls and your Mom with you-what a nice memory…and I now have a couple items to shop for. It’s so nice to see how you style these pieces, it helps me since our fashion style is so similar.
    Have a great weekend ❤️

  19. Love all your outfits.  Wanted to know how comfortable are the Caslon wedges?  My feet are kind of narrow and was wondering how the fit was.  Are they true to size? 

  20. I can never pack minimally, either. I have a friend who limits everyone in her family to a carry on…NO WAY! Also wanted to say you look SUPER fit in these pictures.


  22. I can’t believe how much you packed  but, as you say, you weren’t trying to cut down. I travel a lot for work and can never check bags so I’ve learned to streamline what I pack. It’s fun to see what others pack who don’t worry about overpacking 😄  You looked very nice!! What a beautiful family!

  23. Great post! I know you said your quilted winter coat is no longer available, but what brand was it? I am looking for something similar and packable, and love that yours has a hood. Loving these Pennsylvania ‘winters.’ (I’m from the southwest PA area)

  24. Hi I loved seeing what you wore to Disney. Being about a 45 minute drive from Disney we have annual passes, so always looking for different things to wear. I sit sometimes while my friends are on rides and watch their babies and watch the people, thinking what on earth was they thinking that day when they got dressed, let me tell you I have seen a lot of um well clothes. Looking good no matter wear you are at is important to me. Thanks for the share

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