What I Wore Lately Vol. 76

It’s that time again! I’ve rounded up my daily outfits from the past couple of weeks.

In my last What I Wore Lately, I said the weather was warming up and I’d have more spring transition outfits to share this time. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out that way. It warmed up for about two minutes, and then it plunged back into sub-freezing temperatures, where it has remained.

I knew it was a risky move to put my heaviest winter clothes and boots away a few weeks ago. I even put a picture of my cleaned out closet on Instagram and said you can blame me if it snows in April… and I wouldn’t rule it out, considering we had a snow squall here on Monday.

Anyway, my point is, getting dressed for this transition season continues to be a challenge, but I’m trying to make the best of it.

What I Wore Lately

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ with an hourglass shape. I usually wear a small in tops, but I’m in between a 28 and 29 in jeans, and I take a size 8 or 39 in most shoes. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

Also, I tried to link similar options to the pricier pieces I’m wearing, so I hope that’s helpful.

This first outfit is from the Wednesday two weeks back. I met a friend for lunch, and we ended up collecting a few more ladies and hanging out all afternoon.

That was during our two minutes of nice spring weather, so we were able to dine outside, which was lovely. I wore this cotton sweater, jeans, and mules. This sweater is on sale, by the way!

sweater c/o (S) // jeans c/o (28) // similar mules // earrings c/o // necklace c/o // bracelet c/o // similar crossbody

I had a doctor appointment the next day, and it was another mild one, so I pulled out this lightweight sweatshirt from last spring and my favorite AGOLDE jeans.

My pearl earrings are on sale, by the way, and they’re an additional 25% off the markdown price.

Rails pullover (S; option) // AGOLDE Toni (28) // P448 sneakers (39) // similar crossbody // similar crossbody // pearl earrings (option)

My parents came in the next Friday for a visit, and before that I had some errands to run. I threw on this easy outfit that you’ve seen many times before.

I always struggle with whether not to front tuck this top. It’s a little long without it, but with the tuck, it looks kind of awkward from the sides since it has a high-low hem. It also could use a belt.

dolman top (S) // Fidelity denim (28; option) // similar espadrilles // pearl earrings (option)

I ended up ditching it and changing into this Everlane cotton v-neck sweater from a few years back. I always love this sweater at this time of year, and it’s so easy to style because it fits closer to the body, and it’s short enough to leave untucked.

Everlane sweater (old) // Fidelity denim (28; option) // similar espadrilles // pearl earrings (option)

For some reason, I didn’t get a picture of my Saturday outfit. We went to my daughter’s drumline competition and then came home and grilled steaks for dinner.

I put this outfit together for church that Sunday. It’s mostly old, but I did find this t-shirt on sale at Saks Off 5th. Unfortunately, it’s sold out in the white, but I ordered the black and the navy since they’re such a good price. Definitely size up, if ordering.

Marrakech jacket (sold out; option) // ATM tee (M; option) // Mother denim (28; option) // Kork-Ease clogs (8) // Tory Burch hobo // AllSaints belt (similar) // earrings // necklace

That’s about when our two minutes of nice weather ended. It was freezing when we got out of church that day, so I changed into a cozy sweater to attend the high school play that afternoon.

Jenni Kayne sweater (S; option) // Mother denim (28; option) // Kork-Ease clogs (8) // earrings

Then there were a few days of hibernating at home, and I just wore my workout clothes or cozy sweats.

Vuori hoodie c/o (S) // Athleta tank (S) // Zella leggings (S) // On Cloudflow sneakers (8.5)

Lou & Grey sweatshirt (S) // Lou & Grey sweat pants (S) // UGG slippers (8)

We had an alumni event to attend last Wednesday night, so I polled our Facebook Group for advice on the dress code. The general consensus was business casual attire — a sweater dress, or pants with a blouse, but not jeans.

It was extremely cold and windy, so spring clothes were out, but I already sent my heaviest winter sweaters to the dry cleaners for the season, and I didn’t keep any long-sleeved blouses. They really aren’t my thing.

I briefly considered a sweater dress, but I put my tall boots away, so I decided to wear my Vince crop pants with one of the few cashmere sweaters I kept in my closet “just in case.” FYI, I believe these are the same pants, and they’re on sale at Bloomingdale’s. They have a few other colors available too.

I ended up deciding between these two outfits. Both sweaters are sold out, but I can link other colors of the boatneck.

Shoes were also an issue, as I put away most of my booties and even these suede pumps. I went to the basement and dug them out because they’re so much more comfortable than my black leather pumps, which I keep in my closet year-round.

I like the color of the mauve sweater best, especially with black pants, but I wasn’t sure about the proportions of this outfit. I wear this sweater a lot with straight ankle jeans, but for some reason, it looked off with these pants. I especially didn’t care for the side view. It seemed a little schlumpy.

Naadam boatneck (S) // Vince crop legging (M; option) // Marc Fisher pumps (8) // similar shoulder bag // Yurman earrings & necklace

I also tried it with loafer mules, thinking the pumps might be a little much for this event, but they didn’t seem quite right. I ended up back in the pumps.

Naadam boatneck (S) // Vince crop legging (M; option) // Vince Camuto mules (7.5) // similar shoulder bag // Yurman earrings & necklace

Here’s the oatmeal v-neck from both angles. It’s plain, but it seems a little more polished than the boatneck sweater. It also allowed me to drop my necklace to the lower setting, which fits perfectly inside the neckline.

Naadam v-neck (old) // Vince crop legging (M; option) // Marc Fisher pumps (8) // similar shoulder bag // Yurman earrings & necklace

The next question was to front tuck or not. Fashion is hard, y’all.

I like this sweater front tucked into jeans, but with these pants, I felt like the untucked look was more streamlined and classy. I also knew I’d be futzing with it all night if I tried to keep it tucked.

So this is what I ended up wearing. In retrospect, I think a bolder necklace would have really pulled this outfit together, but I love my Yurman pendant, and I do think it made more of an impact in person.

If I had to err on one side or the other, this was definitely a “less is more” type of occasion, so I was happy with how my outfit turned out. I felt very appropriate when I got to the event, and I noticed that the only women wearing jeans were much younger than I. Most were in pants or casual dresses.

Naadam v-neck (old) // Vince crop legging (M) // Marc Fisher pumps (8) // similar shoulder bag // Yurman earrings & necklace

The next day, it was back to my usual disheveled hair with an elevated sweatshirt and jeans.

I think Paul and I visited a kitchen & bath store the day I wore this outfit. Otherwise, I was just working from home.

Rails sweatshirt (S; option) // Mother denim (29) // P448 sneakers (39) // Lagos earrings

I scheduled a last minute photo shoot with Alison for last Friday, and Paul and I made reservations for dinner that night. I wanted to wear something other than a sweater and jeans, so I tried this outfit.

KUT from the Kloth Kara (old) // ATM cheetah tee (M; sold out) // Paige denim (28; option) // Paige booties (8) // AllSaints belt

It’s cute, but it seems very fall, and I was afraid I’d be cold, so I grabbed that mauve boatneck sweater that didn’t make the cut for the alumni event and swapped the booties for pumps.

Like I said, I only have a few winter sweaters that didn’t get sent to the dry cleaner, so it’s slim pickin’s right now.

Naadam boatneck (S) // Paige denim (28; option) // Mark Fisher pumps (8) // Yurman earrings

I took pictures to check the side view, and I feel like this sweater looks better with the flare jeans than it did with the Vince crop pants. I guess it’s because the flare at the ankle helps balance out the boxy top?

At any rate, this is what I wore to dinner on Friday night.

Naadam boatneck (S) // Paige denim (28; option) // Mark Fisher pumps (8) // Yurman earrings

Saturday was cold and windy, yet again, and I wore this outfit to run some errands with Paul.

Nordstrom Signature sweater (S) // Agolde denim (28)  // similar mules // pearl earrings (option)

I know someone is going to ask if my feet are cold in pumps and mules, and the answer is, not really. I’m never outside for long, and I don’t get too bothered by cold feet. I’m tired of sneakers and boots, so I’m willing to deal with a few minutes of cold ankles.

I wore yet another pullover and jeans for church on Sunday. I have the ivory in the sweater, by the way. I got it on sale a few months ago, but it’s still quite spendy. This Quince fisherman sweater is a good budget-friendly alternative.

Jenni Kayne sweater (S; option) // Fidelity denim (28; option) // similar mules // pearl earrings (option)

And this was Monday. This is called, It’s 25 degrees at the end of March… Yeah, I basically just kept on my workout clothes and threw a Barefoot Dreams cardigan on top to keep warm in the house. And my trusty UGG slippers, of course.

Barefoot Dreams cardigan (old) // Zella tee (M) // Vuori leggings (M) // Ugg slippers (8)

And that’s all I’ve got! I wore that Rails pullover with Mother jeans and P448s yesterday, but I didn’t bother to take a picture.

Actually, I must have worn this outfit three times in the past week because I just found this picture from 3/23. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Rails sweatshirt (S; option) // Mother denim (29) // P448 sneakers (39) // Lagos earrings

So yeah, that’s it for this week. I would love to think I’ll be wearing more spring styles in my next What I Wore Lately, but I may have to break into those winter sweaters when they get back from the dry cleaner. I’m beginning to think I’ll be wearing turtlenecks and boots until June!

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15 Responses

  1. The links under each picture have always worked for me on my Android or laptop. The olive jacket with white T is perfect with the color of belt and shoe! I will definitely be copying that combo. ☆Surprised how much I love the clogs!☆ Unfortunately those Mother jeans are sold out except for one or two sizes.

  2. I live in Northern VA and I still have a lot of my cold weather stuff hanging around, including most of my booties, because we can have chilly weather into May (remember last year’s Memorial Day weekend chill!?) and I’m cold natured, so my outfits are selected with the goal of being warm, regardless of the season. Although I try to wear lighter, spring colors and put away thick sweaters. One thing you might want to do is buy knit tops that are not sweaters but not thin blouses or shirts and that way you have something stylish and warm but not too exposed. I have a few tops like that, mostly from Loft. I also have a couple Rebecca Minkoff Janine sweatshirts in spring colors and they look casual but chic.

  3. Yeah, I’m over this cold weather. I’m hoping this is the end of it. Tomorrow would be lovely if it wasn’t raining. If we can stay with highs in the 50s after that I’ll be satisfied, LOL. I.I’m wearing a 3/4 sleeve sweater today because it seems a little springy while still warm, but so far I haven’t taken my coat off at work.

  4. I still need the link! Not sure what is going on with that. I also have trouble on Apps like FB and Instagram. So annoying!

  5. These post are great. You are so real and its good to see I’m not the only one who struggles to dress this time of year, especially when I’m home most the time. Our weather in NW Oregon hasn’t been cold, but its been a little dreary and some rain on and off. I just don’t feel much like putting on white jeans and brighter tops when the weather is like this. I really wish I had more lighter colored transition pieces that are warmer. I too have been wearing mules and sneakers, as can’t get myself to put on booties anymore. I’ve worn my rubber booties a few times. I’m so ready for consistent sunshine to brighten up the days. We all need it for sure.

  6. What did you mean by you got rid of your long sleeve blouses? Did you give them away, sell them or pack them away? I love a good floral or other blouse, but these days just don’t get much use out of them, but wearing to church. I feel fussy a lot when I wear them. I love the white peasant blouse from Old Navy you recommended, I haven’t worn it yet…….waiting for the weather to turn nicer. I’d like to see 5 ways to wear it post. 🙂

  7. I really like what you wore to the college alumni event! Mother Nature sure is fickle and she does a great job of messing with us, doesn’t she. We continue having lows in the upper 30’s to 40’s, then it will make it into the upper 60’s or 70’s, so you have to shed some layers. I kept one pair of decent sweatpants and just a few warm tops in my closet, so like you, those pieces have been on repeat. Later today our wind gusts are going to strengthen and could be above 40mph, so even if the temp is in the upper 70’s-low 80’s, it won’t feel that warm. Stay warm and have a great day K

  8. I also like the white tee and olive jacket combo. I haven’t yet switched out my winter clothes for summer; it was 32° here in Ohio yesterday. It’s supposed to be 65° today! But then in a couple of days it’s going to be in the 40s again. 😕

    1. Yeah, it was too early but I just didn’t care. That’s part of the problem with my job, I start styling the next season so early that it seems like forever until I can actually start wearing those clothes. So I always tend to switch my closet over on the earlier side. This year seems extreme, but I think I say that every year, lol.

  9. I’m with ya!!! I think this has been the coldest March ever! March (in KY) usually has a few consecutive warm days but no so much this year. And it’s been so windy and/or raining! 🤞🏻that April is a little nicer!

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