Mom Style: What I Wore This Week 03.30.11

This may be the last week I do this for a while. It all feels a bit weird, posting all these pictures of myself. On the other hand, I love seeing other people’s WIWW posts, so I dunno. What do you think? Dreadfully self absorbed or… what else could it be, really? LOL.

Any-who. Since I went to the work to take pictures this week, and my draft folder is empty, here goes.

Old man winter has been particularly tenacious this year. The cold is not letting up, and it’s starting to get me down. You will see a pattern in the outfits from this week. In fact, here is the Cliff’s Notes version: plain jane turtlenecks, jeans, and boots. The end. You can move along now.

But if you are a glutton for punishment, here you go:


Wednesday was cold and dank and wet and dreary and all I cared about was being warm and dry as I trekked to Target and preschool drop-off/pick-up in the monsoon. No pictures, sorry!


Another cold day, but at least it wasn’t raining. So there’s that.

Comfy gray turtleneck, skinny jeans, hoop earrings, cozy gray Uggs.


The trend continues. It must not have been quite as chilly out because I traded my turtlenecks for one of my signature tank and hoodie ensembles. I don’t remember if I went anywhere besides preschool drop off and pick up.

Blue Gap hoodie, lavender tank, same jeans, same boots, same bag and my Studio Jewel earrings and necklace. Gosh, this is getting pretty repetitive.


Wait for it…

It is… yet another tank and hoodie! Because I believe in living on the edge, this hoodie is cashmere instead of a Gap BOGO sweatshirt.

This sweater is actually is one of my favorite tops because the color is flattering; and because it’s cashmere, it’s as comfy as my coziest sweats. I like the combination of gray and red with denim.

Same jeans, same boots. (Hey, Mom, at least you’re getting your money’s worth!)

Again with the Studio Jewel accessories:

And the garnet ring was a Christmas present from my dear husband. I always wear it when I wear red.

I don’t have photos of Monday because I was in my sweatpants and dirty sweatshirt all day. I just threw on my husband’s windbreaker to take my daughter to and from school. Oh yes, I am a prize. But it was cold, windy AND rainy. And honestly? You’re just lucky I didn’t wear my pajamas all day.

I don’t have photos from Saturday or Sunday because I’m lazy, and really, how many photos of me do you really want?

And there you have it.

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32 thoughts on “Mom Style: What I Wore This Week 03.30.11

  1. I don’t think it’s self absorbed! I understand why you’re tired of posting pics of yourself (I’d probably feel the same way), but I love seeing what other real mamas are wearing and it inspires me to take better care of myself and put some effort into my clothing! We don’t have to go around all day in yoga pants!! It also gives me ideas. So even though it feels weird, THANK YOU!! I really appreciate you sharing.

  2. I think these posts are very self absorbed, but I LOVE them! It definitely makes me want to buy cute boots and try to look a little more pulled together. We could all use a little inspiration.

    1. LOL. Ummm… thanks?

      I think if I keep them up, I need to challenge myself to find new ways to layer and put things together. I’ve always wanted to be better about that.

  3. I love these posts. In fact I am sick as a dog today and I lugged myself to the computer to see what you wore Wednesday.

    I need a life

      1. See now, I was thinking something along the lines of…. wow that’s dedication. But dork works too. 😛

        I wouldn’t worry about repeating outfits, seriously. Ya know how Nester shows us the same wreath 30 times on 483 different walls? It’s because we can’t remember jack squat no matter how long we study something. She’s not showing us the wreath for the 31st time to belittle us she is doing it so it is ingrained in our heads that this isn’t as hard as we make it out to be.

        I like that about you – you don’t make fashion hard. (Well unless you are ME and can’t remember or comprehend jack squat). I need to see the same outfit worn 300 times in order for me to catch on to what it is I need in my closet.

  4. I think these posts are fun… of course I don’t participate – my mom has been griping at me about not sending pictures of the kids, I take them but never seem to download them from my camera, I guess if I did this one week I’d download all those pictures and could send her some 🙂 maybe… it’s more likely that my post would be a “What I Wore 3 Weeks Ago Wednesday” post!

  5. Not self absorbed at all, just havin’ a little fun.

    And I love your comfy looks. Even though you are cozy, you still look very put together and lovely.

  6. Oh, don’t stop the WIWW posts! I love them! I enjoy seeing what you put together, it’s always nice to get new ideas from another at home mom – especially one who is always so up on the best looks. And you are so chic!

    1. Aw shucks. 😉

      The bag is an Orla Kiely. I love her stuff. I got it several years ago, and I still carry it more than any other.

  7. I love the WIWW posts personally.

    THE BAG ! Orla Kiely – I was going to ask but I just noticed in the comments someone asked. I’m going to be scouring ebay for this one.

  8. I love the bag too! I’m glad someone asked where you got it. Also, anyone who has read your blog knows you are not self-absorbed. Like others said, it’s nice to see how other people put together outfits and look pulled together. It’s so easy to fall into the sweats slide when you don’t have a job that you need to get dressed up for.

  9. Oh, I definitely think you should keep going. Personally, I think it’s so much fun (albeit a bit awkward). 🙂 Great outfits. I’m really loving your boots!

  10. I usually hate Uggs, but yours are really cute! I’m sorry you still need to wear them though. We are in the midst of a cold spell, but that just means it is in the 50s and we’ll back to the 80s by Friday.

  11. Wow. Seeing this makes me blush. If you saw what I wear when I go about the preschool drop-off/pick-up you’d stone me. Hint: think work out clothes and tennis shoes.

    PS. I appreciate these posts. I mean, besides the whole shame thing. 😉

  12. fun! I know this is totally random and off-topic. But, speaking of garnets, did you know that the rocks in Fairmount Park are full of little garnets!? I was down there once and saw this couple intently brushing around in the dust like they were looking at something, and once he pointed out where the garnets were I could see them everywhere!

  13. I just have to say that I am so relieved that you wear the same pair of jeans all week. I have a favorite pair that I could wear every day, all the time. Now I feel like you’ve given me the go-ahead. Thanks, friend! 🙂

  14. I second almost all of these comments. I really like the WIWW posts. I can understand feeling a little odd taking pictures of your outfits all week, but it’s not self-absorbed because your doing it for your public at large, not yourself. 🙂 Love that Orla Kiely bag too! That’s my all time favorite print. I have that same print in a different style and use it all the time! It’s not like Vera Bradley where I felt like I had to keep up by getting a new pattern each season. Love the Uggs, too. They seem so comfy but I’ve always felt a little too old to wear them, but those definitely work for the “over 20” crowd. Thanks!

  15. Just want to let you know I like your WIWW posts! I am a stay at home mom to 2 babies and your posts encourages me to make the most of my waredrobe. It’s so easy to stay in my comfy clothes but you give me inspiration to look cute! Keep it up!

  16. Please don’t stop! I love these types of posts- I’m thinking of starting them on my blog. They are fun and inspirational!

    1. Ha. No. Not at all. I feel like a slug. For these pictures I suck my tummy in for all it’s worth and choose the most flattering post out of like 800. LOL!!

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