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Today’s post is bit of a mish-mosh. I woke up this morning with nothing prepped and not sure what I wanted to post. I have a ton of posts started in my queue — more outfits, gift guides, a what to wear on Christmas Day post I’m planning to update for this year, and my winter wardrobe essentials… to name a few.

But the sales are so stellar this weekend, and it’s our last chance to get free shipping in time for Christmas, so I decided to round up a bunch of things that are on sale, what I’ve been wearing, and some new try-ons from a LOFT visit yesterday.

What I Wore + Dressing Room Tryons: Loft, Banana Republic, Madewell, and more!

LOFT Try-On Sesh

Let’s start with the LOFT try-ons. Last night I attended a holiday shopping event at my local LOFT store. I mentioned it in my daily email yesterday and invited anyone local to come out, and I was so excited to meet Nancy! (I hope she doesn’t mind me giving her a shout-out.) I recognized her name from her email, and it was so fun to meet one of you and chat for a few minutes about fashion and raising boys.

I brought a couple of friends along, and the folks at LOFT had a nice little spread for us. There were snacks and drinks and raffle prizes, and of course we all wanted to try on some of the newest styles. (I actually won a necklace.) I shared it all on my Insta Story, but I also exported the dressing room pictures to share here.

FYI, everything at LOFT is 40% off with code HOLIDAY and an additional 50% off if you use your LoveLoft Card.

As usual, dressing room lighting leaves much to be desired, and my mirror was dirty, but I tried to doctor up my pictures in Lightroom so hopefully you can see the details okay. Let’s start out with a dress!

LOFT Ribbed Tie Back Sweater Dress // I’ve linked to this sweater dress in my favorites a few times, but I hadn’t tried it on. It’s really cute on, but a little short. I think it would be fine with tights, though. I like the tie back detail.

I’m in the small, but I might size up to a medium for some wiggle room. Also, I would not wear it with these boots; I just put them on to have something on my feet.

LOFT Flare Sleeve Sweater // This sweater is adorable, and I’m not sure why I didn’t come home with this in all three colors. It comes in the two colors shown here, as well as a bright pink. I already have two bright pink sweaters, so I didn’t try that one, but it’s probably my favorite of the three.

I almost bought the oatmeal one, but I ended up leaving it in store because I have a few sweaters in that color… and I also purchased a v-neck (below) but I’m seriously considering going back for it after looking at these pictures. In addition to the chunky cowl and adorable sleeves, I love the length and the fit through the midsection. So flattering.

LOFT Cable Tunic Sweater // This was the other sweater I almost bought but left in the store. I have quite a few charcoal grey sweaters, but none like this, so again, I’m second-guessing myself. The cable stitching and slouchy silhouette that is longer in back than front isn’t as flattering as the flare sleeve sweater above, but it’s a whole other look, and I love it for casual everyday.

Leggings // I can’t find these leggings on the website, and it’s making me cranky. You can’t see the detail in these pictures but they have a very subtle, small check print to them. These did come home with me.

I hardly ever wear leggings, but these are thicker than most, and the pattern is really fun. I think they’ll be adorable with the black turtleneck tunic from Ann Taylor that I styled with faux leather ponte leggings in this post. If you see them, give me a shout out so I can add the link.

LOFT Wide V-Neck Sweater // I was drawn to this sweater for the neckline, and because I realized a few nights ago when trying to find a cute “date night sweater” in my closet that most of my sweaters are cozy everyday sweaters. I made a mental note to find something a little more fun for those occasions when I want to level up a bit but still be comfortable.

This color isn’t the best on me, but I’m thinking I can jazz it up with jewelry. Then I came home and realized it also comes in plum, and I think I want to exchange it.

LOFT Flecked Side Tie Poncho // This right here is why I don’t wear ponchos. They’re cute on other people, but not on me. I do love this one, though… for someone else.

The donegal knit is so pretty, the wide neckline is flattering, and the side ties are really cute; but I totally lose my figure in a poncho, and this one looks really boxy on me. I think you have to be smaller chested to pull off a poncho.

LOFT Modern Velvet Ankle Zip Skinny Jeans // These jeans are soooo cute. They’re velvet with moto details, and I love them for elevating a basic sweater and booties for holiday. The only reason I didn’t bring them home is they were kind of snug in the waist, and fit everywhere else, and I know that would bug me. I’m sure they’ll stretch some with wear, but I’m afraid they won’t stretch in the right places.

I have a friend who bought these and was telling me about them; she has a larger waist to hip ratio than I do, and she struggles to find pants that aren’t too big in the waist, and she loves these. All that to say, if you are more of a pear shape, you might really like these. For reference, I’m wearing the 28.

LOFT Modern Fairisle Sweater // This sweater is really cute, and the colors are gorgeous. I don’t love how long it is on me, but I’m sure it’s a good length for someone. I did a front-tuck to show the zippers on the jeans, but I’m not a huge fan of front-tucking sweaters. It seems kind of awkward with chunky knits.

That’s all I’ve got from LOFT last night. If you missed last week’s try-on sesh, there are some more LOFT pieces that are really good, and they’re mostly all still stocked.

Here I am with the friends who joined me. The LOFT staff set up this festive little photo area for us, so we couldn’t resist getting a picture.

Tammy is wearing the LOFT Bobble Stitch Sweater, and Shannon’s tee and jeans are both from LOFT, but I’m not sure of the exact links. I felt bad that I didn’t wear any LOFT styles, but the things I have, I didn’t feel were right for the occasion. #fashionbloggerfail

I’ve linked everything above plus some of my other current LOFT favorites below:

What I’ve Worn Lately

This is what I wore to host a Christmas tea for the ladies in our church last Saturday. Unfortunately the bow flats are sold out. I linked up the rest of this look below.

I scrolled back through the photos on my phone to find some pictures of what I’ve worn lately, and for the most part, I’ve been living in comfy favorites. There are many days that I don’t even document my outfit, but here’s what I’ve got. I’ll also link up some of my favorite wardrobe pieces that are on sale this weekend.

I wore this cozy outfit to cut down our Christmas tree last Sunday afternoon.

It was freezing, so I bundled up in a similar outfit to what I wore to NYC — cozy turtleneck sweater, quilted jacket, jeans, and my Blondo OTK boots. This time I wore my red puffer because Christmas! I should have worn my long 3/4 length puffer, though. Did I mention it was freezing?

Here I am with the girls. Unfortunately D wasn’t able to join us, and Paul was taking our picture, but at least we documented the experience.

And this is what I wore to church that morning. I don’t have links because this dress is from Ann Taylor last year. It’s hard to see, but it’s a really pretty cable knit pattern. I wore black tights and OTK boots.

Here’s another view. Also, I wore my red wool coat on top. We had plans after church for a Christmas brunch with friends, so it seemed like the festive choice.

One of the most popular questions I get is what to wear for a trip to New York City. I always tell people that they will see everything on the streets of NYC, and while of course we want to look chic, comfort is key… and you can never go wrong with black. Here’s what I wore for my day trip with my daughter on Wednesday.

I started building this outfit with my footwear. These boots have an incredibly comfortable footbed, and I knew I could walk all day in them. Plus the OTK style is warmer than an ankle boot.

I decided on black jeans because they’re slightly dressier than bluejeans, and we had theater tickets. It was a matinee, so I knew I didn’t need to dress to the nines or anything, but I wanted to look nice. On top of that, I went with a grey cashmere turtleneck (c/o) with a thin layering tee underneath for added warmth, and I wore my favorite black quilted jacket.

I brought gloves that I only used a few times, but I was glad I had them. I probably should have had a scarf, but I was afraid it would be cumbersome, and I was okay without it. If I’d carried a larger bag, I would have probably brought a scarf along to be on the safe side, but I opted for a crossbody.

Again, I knew we’d be walking around all day; plus we had theater tickets, and that’s always tight quarters, so I decided to see if I could fit everything I thought I’d need in my favorite crossbody, and it worked.

As for links, everything I’m wearing is pretty splurgy, but if there is ever a time to wear all of my favorites, it’s for a trip to NYC, amIright?

They don’t make my coat anymore, so I linked to a similar style. For everything else, I’ll link up what I wore and some lower priced options below.


Madewell is doing 25% off this weekend, and here’s another outfit I wear frequently with one of their sweaters. These boots are on sale as well.

I love this sweater too.

This ruffle cuff sweater dress has been restocked, AND today Banana Republic is doing 40% off plus an additional 20% so it comes down to $71. Plus if you have a BR card, I believe it’s an additional 10% off that!

Ann Taylor is doing 50% off plus an extra 15% off shoes and boots, so that means these tortoiseshell heel booties are under $100!

And I think that’s about it!

Honestly I thought I’d have more, but this is probably plenty. I always do a full sale roundup in my Saturday newsletter, so if you’re not signed up, you should be!

I’ll be back next week with my men’s gift guide, my winter wardrobe essentials, some Christmas day outfit inspiration, and a few more winter outfits I have been saving. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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14 thoughts on “What I’ve Worn On Sale / Try Ons

  1. You tried on some great pieces at Loft!  It looks like you and your friends had a very nice time.  I know y’all are glad to have David home for one month.  Have a great day!  Oh, I was starting to get concerned because I had not seen your email pop up yet.  I was just about to send you a message.

  2. Sounds like you had a great evening last night. I just finished the last of the Christmas baking with my Oreo Cream Cheese Balls. That’s it I’m done!! LOL Tonight we have a Christmas banquet to go to at our Church and we are all going so it should be fun. Tomorrow our daughter hosts her annual Christmas Party and will have 30 guests, and our son writes his last exam today… so all exciting times and good Christmas Cheer. I love what you tried on at the Loft and my favorites was the Flare Sleeve Sweater. I also have another one in my cart but I’ll have to wait until The Loft on line offers some deals to us Canadians . That flare sweater on the Canadian site is a big $83.51 no sale or percentage off, plus my shipping and tax. I really wish they would extend the same offers to us. LOL. I love shopping at the loft in the states and the loft outlet, but on line they make it near possible. I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the baking….

  3. It looks like you had a nice time last night. It fun to get on a Friday sometime. But i always feel old and tired the next morning. I went to a dinner w my church ladies group and didnt come back till 10. My daughter said wow look at you staying out. Lol these are some great outfits. You nailed the NYer look !  Have a great weekend 

  4. I love the Loft Fair Isle sweater! I agree with you that ponchos swallow me up too and make me look like a shapeless dumpling!😂 Hour glass shapes + ponchos = bad combo.
    Glad you had fun in NYC and at the Loft event. Have fun making cookies with your girls!

  5. Looks like a fun event at The Loft at Towne Center. Wish I lived close enough to join you, I live about an hour away, but my daughter lives nearby and we go to that shopping center a LOT!!! Did you have drinks later at Firebirds? Love that place. Glad you had a great trip to NYC with your daughter. I would plan my outfit the same way you, starting with the footwear! Lots of walking in the city!!!! Have a wonderful weekend (even though it’s dreary and rainy!!)

  6. Hi Jolynne,
    Your hair is so pretty. Maybe do a video on how you style it, the products you use, etc?
    Oh and because of you I just ordered the Blondo OTK boots!

  7. I love the Fair Isle sweater on you, it’s flattering. Do you feel comfortable in a Fair Isle? I love them but am busty and petite. Every time I try one on, I feel they accentuate my chest. I’m not sure if because I’m busty or just short. I’m only 5’3 so you’re taller than me. Just wondering how you feel in them.

    1. Hey Nancy, I don’t feel they add too much visual bulk — maybe because the pattern is more above the chest? I like them, but this one was kind of long. I have a few others from Bloomingdale’s that came in on Friday I still need to try. I’m hoping I like the length better.

  8. Happy Monday Jo-Lynne! My red puffer coat has arrived and I am wrapping it as a Christmas gift from my husband – HA! I hated to do it but we are having a “heatwave” for us so it looks like I will be able to survive a week. I also ordered the tortoiseshell heel booties for $96.90 – amazing price – thanks so much for the insight and heads up! And finally my question is what do you do with all the footwear you feature? Do you put something on the bottom so they are protected from wear during your photoshoots? Again, thank you so very much for your help and down-to-earth keeping it real posts. Happy Holidays!

    1. Hey Cindy, I have thought about doing that! Haha. But no, the ones I don’t keep and wear, I end up donating to a friend or to a resale shop like Style Encore. I’m so glad you scored them for that amazing price!

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