What to Buy: Shopbop Spring Forward Sale

Friends, Shopbop just kicked off their Spring Forward Sale! Take 20% off select denim, dresses, shoes and more with code SPRING20! (Look for items labeled Use Code SPRING20.)

PAIGE Nellie (29) // not on sale: Dragon Diffusion tote // Treasure & Bond Print Top (S) // Vince Camuto slides (8)

I look forward to this sale every year, as it’s a great time to grab some of the season’s newest premium denim on sale. They also have a really good shoe and handbag selection.  

For those who are unfamiliar, Shopbop is an online retailer that carries a lot of popular designer brands — MOTHERPAIGE, FRAME, VinceAG JeansTory BurchRebecca Minkoff, Sam Edelman, and Stuart Weitzman… just to name a few.

Shopbop Sale Shopping Tips

Here are a few tips I’ve learned from shopping this sale over the years.

1. Things do sell out. They have limited quantities they allow to go for the sale price, so don’t wait around to make a purchase.

2. Products only stay in your cart for 30 minutes, so don’t walk away and expect them to be there when you get back.

3. Shopbop is an Amazon company, so you can log in with your Amazon account and get Prime shipping!

4. Return shipping is free… but ONLY for 15 days. Mark your calendar to avoid return shipping fees.

Okay! That’s all the housekeeping details. Now, let’s get to the fun part — shopping, of course!

Things I Own & Love

not on sale: AG Chiro jacket(S) // Frame tee (XS) // Dragon Diffusion tote

PAIGE Leenah Trouser Jeans (29) // My go-to dressy white jeans for summer. I love the trouser styling, and they have such a nice, flattering fit and leg-lengthening silhouette.

Frame Le High Straight Leg Jeans (29) // This is a nice classic straight leg white jean. They have a slim, straight silhouette, with no distressing and a clean finished hem.

PAIGE Nellie (29) // An elevated pair of white wide leg crops. I can’t wait to break mine out again this spring. They run true to size.

MOTHER Weekender Fray Jeans (lighter wash option) (29) // These are my favorite pair of flares; probably my favorite jeans, period. My exact wash isn’t included in the sale, but I really like that lighter one for summer, and the darker one is nice too.

Mother Insider Crop Jeans // These were once my go-to “dressy” black jeans for summer, before I outgrew them. I’m thinking of purchasing another pair now that they’re on sale. The cropped flares are perfect for balancing out wider hips, and the finished  hems keep them looking polished.

not on sale: Robin Piccone tunic cover-up (S) // Madewell packable hat

Hat Attack Straw Tote // This is the perfect beach bag/vacation carryall. It’s stylish and sturdy enough to hold all your stuff, but it folds flat for packing. I’m so glad to see they still have it this year!

VEJA Esplar Low Sneakers (39) // If I could keep only one pair of fashion sneakers in my closet, it would be these VEJAs. They look great with everything, and I find them very comfortable, once they’re broken in. I have three color ways, but this white pair is the most versatile. They run true to size.

NAGHEDI St Barths Medium Tote // My black tote is not included, but there is a pretty coral, and the larger size is on sale in a classic navy and a dip-dye two tone print.

Some of my favorite belts are part of this sale, as well. I just ordered the FRAME Art Deco Belt in the cognac color, and the FRAME Twist Buckle Belt in Espresso to go with my darkest brown shoes and bags. (I already have the black, and it’s a nice quality leather with understated hardware.)

What I’m Eying & What I Bought

My Favorites from the Shopbop Spring Forward Sale

Denim & Pants:


Shoes & Sandals:

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. I stopped getting your daily emails after you announced your new site. I signed up again today. I can’t see any comments either.

      1. Hey Sandra, are you saying “same” to the emails? Because you are replying to a comment, I assume you can see them. 🙂

        I’m not sure why you would not be getting emails as a result of the blog redesign. I looked, and it seems like you are subscribed now. Isn’t technology fun?

    1. Hi Yvonne, that is strange. What device and browser are you using to view the blog?

      As far as the emails, I’m not sure what is going on with that either. I’m glad you were able to re-subscribe.

  2. Will you be adding your sizes so we have something to go by and if they run true to size, large or small, etc? Thank you

  3. I’m a petite and confused on lengths for denim. It seems to be all over the place. Do you have recommendations for the different styles?

  4. Waaaayyyyy back when you turned me on to DL1961 denim. Curious if you’ve tried any recently? I’m seeing it quite a bit.

  5. Oh Jo-Lynne, I’m so sorry you sprained your ankle! I severely sprained mine a couple summers ago, right before we were moving our son from Kansas to Boston. I stuck a brace on & kept walking on it. I did not have time to be incapacitated! I paid the price for that as I have a weak ankle now. I’m glad you are taking care of yours!

  6. Hi JoLynne – I’m shopping Shopbop on my lunch break. Would you say the white Paige Leenah jeans run TTS for Paige? Under the “Size and Fit” info the bar is all the way to the right showing “lots of stretch.” I always buy a size 28 in Paige but wondering if I should size down to a 27. Please advise! 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Honestly I would order both and return the one that doesn’t work. I feel like my size recommendations aren’t as reliable as they used to be because my weight fluctuates so much these days. They seem to be TTS For Paige. I feel like Paige runs bigger than Mother.

  7. I bought the black Mother Insider jeans and can’t wait to get them. I remember that outfit you styled a few weeks ago, it was a good one! I’m thinking about the Frame straight leg in white, are they true to size? Shopbop says it runs small and to size up but I’m rarely a 28.
    I hope your recovery is speedy! I sprained my left foot on St. Patrick’s Day 5 years ago and guess what I did afterwards? Went grocery shopping with my oldest son! What a dummy! I had no idea how serious it was and then got an x-ray and found out I had a small hairline fracture in my ankle. Fortunately I didn’t need a boot, just a support brace. I used crutches some, but in the house I mostly hopped around and crawled up the stairs and scooted down. I had to work remotely for a couple weeks. I ended up buying a pair of Rothey’s Point shoes since I had few practical shoes (that weren’t sneakers) and none that were cute. That was the worst part, not being able to wear my cute shoes (heels, sandals). Priorities, right?!

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