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This is the hardest time of year to figure out what to wear. I know that the fashion rules about wearing white and linen are supposedly antiquated and we’re supposed to let it go, but I was raised in the south and I just cannot quite embrace this fashion freedom.

Plus, you know, the weather is just fickle.  One day it’s 74 and sunny and the next it’s 56 and drizzly. My closet suddenly becomes a mish-mosh of 3 different seasons, and I obsessively check accuweather.com so I know what to wear on any given day.

I thought I’d have some fun with Polyvore and put together some great in-between outfits for this time of year.

But first . . .

Tips for Dressing In Between the Seasons

1) Opt for brighter colors.

Brighter colors make me feel like spring even if it’s still only 40 degrees outside. I usually wait on pulling out the linen and white and other light colors and textures until after Easter.

2) Layer, layer, layer.

Cardigans and jackets are your friend. This way, you can easily add or subtract articles of clothing, depending on the temperature.

3) Invest in cute ballet flats. 

I usually ditch my boots long about the middle of March, but it’s too soon to dig out the sandals, so I end up wearing ballet flats almost every day. I like to have a few pairs to rotate so I don’t get bored, and this is a great place to add a pop of color.

Fun with Polyvore

How cute is this!?

Spring Layering Looks

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Or this? casual spring look

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What tips would you add to my list? Do you save the white and linen till after Easter? I would make the exception for white jeans. I love the idea of wearing white jeans in the off-season, as long as they’re paired with the appropriate colors/textures/accessories.


Spring Look with White Jeans


Which look is your favorite?

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  1. The highs here are already in the 80s. I couldn’t help myself… Wore my white denim capris yesterday and my white CAbi jeans today. Those outfits you put together are adorable. I haven’t been able to shop for colored denim yet, but I like the look of it.

  2. Those are all cute, but the second is my favorite! I can totally relate to what to wear “in-between”. I have this problem every year. Here, it’s the 60s/70s, I have a classroom that is freezing, I have recess duty, and I’m always cold. I never know how to dress. Yesterday I tried on 4 outfits before I headed out the door!

  3. It’s almost 90 here! It went from cold and rainy to Summer in about a week. I have picked up a few light sweaters and cardis for the cool-ish evenings, though, and bought a cute striped sweater at Loft for a movie date with The Hubs tonight.

    I’ve had my eye out for a great pair of multi-colored flats that are affordable.

  4. I wore white shorts Wednesday. But with darkish color top, so it worked I think. And it is already mostly consistently warm here anyway. I’ve been wearing my cuffed jeans, they hit right above the ankle, so not quite jeans but not quite capris. Usually with sandals or flip-flops but sometimes with my Converse.

    1. I love ankle-length jeans. Yeah, if you’re having warm weather, it’s a different story. I’ve always wondered what y’all do down there in the south where it never really gets cold. Do you just wear darker colors in the winter?

  5. I love the layers in the “in between” times but struggle with what to wear on my feet. Love the ballet flats idea. I also love Toms shoes and cannot wait to get myself my first pair soon!

  6. I work retail and have a hard time finding ballet flats, (or other cute shoes), that have enough support to stand in all day. Ideas?

  7. Hi, Jo-Lynne. I found your blog, looking for fashion blogs on google. I really enjoy reading about your life and seeing all the cool outfits you have put together. I also recently learned about Polyvore and enjoy creating my own ensembles. I posted, for the first time, on my blog about fashion, with pics, and have linked it to your blog hop/carnival! I look forward to seeing more of your posts and sharing my own fashion passions. My blog started out as a Christian-focused outreach to other women, but I’m finding it to be about so much more.

  8. So, inspired by your red pants post, I purchased a pair of purple pants.

    Except. I have no idea what to do with them. They’re purple skinny jeans, I got them from Old Navy. Very cute. But I have NO CLUE what sort of shirt or shoes to wear with them.


    Also, the flats idea is a good one, but I can’t find any casual enough! I’ll keep looking, though.

    I suck at fashion. Your tips are always so approachable which is why I like when you post fashion pix. 🙂

    I like the first Polyvore set best.

    1. Ronni, I was working on a polyvore outfit for you and got distracted. 🙂 I would start with black or white or gray. I am most comfortable pairing neutrals with my colored denim.

      If you feel that flats are too dressy, what about Converse style sneakers?

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