What to Wear to a Graduation

Tis the season for graduation ceremonies, and many of us will be attending graduations and parties this spring. It’s been a while since I’ve attended a graduation, but I expect the appropriate attire is similar to baptisms and First Communions, and I have attended one of each so far this spring.

When I went to a friend’s First Communion party last weekend, I wore this black and white jersey dress.


I love this style of dress, and I have several that are similar in different colors and patterns. It’s dressy enough for most festive occasions, but comfortable enough to wear all day, and you can layer a denim jacket or a blazer over top if it’s cool outside. (I went with the blazer.)

I wore low-heeled wedge pumps, which helped dress the outfit down somewhat, and they also had the comfort and support that I needed to wear them for several hours.

There were other women there wearing more casual attire such as a maxi skirt with wedge sandals and a drapey cardigan, and I’m sure that would be fine for many graduation events as well. If the after party is at someone’s home, then something like this would work fine.


If the after party is at a fancy restaurant or country club, I’d definitely go for a dress and heels.

Here are some suggestions.

SO many cute dresses. I wish I had room in my closet for every one!

If you want to go with a more casual skirt and top, or even white jeans and a blouse, you’ll find lots of options at stores like Kohl’s, Nordstrom, LOFT and Anthropologie. And don’t forget to check Ross, Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx. Or, better yet, shop your closet!

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10 Responses

  1. 2 great looks Jo-Lynne. Great styling, especially of that first ruched dress which looks fantastic on you. Pleasure linking up as usual. Welcome by. =)

    Have a great weekend! Ada. =)

  2. I almost forgot about the graduation season. 😉 My family are more casual than others so I saw them wear Jeans for just about every event. I am always the overdressed one. Lol!
    Like the first dress very much. It is so chic!


  3. My daughter’s undergrad college graduation is today, and I’m having trouble deciding what dress to wear! Thank goodness it’s suppose to warm up this weekend after being cold all week. 🙂

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