Which Way?

One night before bed, I was praying with C, and at
the end I prayed that C and D would grow to repent and believe in

When I was done, C said, "D doesn’t want to go his way." 

wasn’t sure which "his" she was referring to, so I said, "What way
does D want to go?" 

She said, "God’s way."  Wow, I’m thinking.  We’ve
done something right.  LOL!

Curious, I said, "So what way do you want to go?" 

"My way," she replied, in a tone that indicated that this was the
most obvious thing in the world.

At that point, I was trying
really hard not to laugh because I knew that this was one of those golden opportunities upon which, as a mother, I am supposed to capitalize. 

I silently prayed for wisdom and replied, "Well, I am going to pray that God gives you
the grace to go His way."   

She thought a minute and said, "I don’t
want to go God’s way.  I don’t like him." 

I asked why, but she didn’t have much of an answer to that. 

So I began to wax eloquent.  I explained that it’s only with God’s grace that anyone can go
His way.  I told her that I would want to go my way and Daddy would
want to go Daddy’s way, but God gives us the grace to want to go His

She said petulantly, "But I don’t want
you to go God’s way." 

I said, "Well, what way do you want me to go?" 

And in that same tone of voice that insinuates that the answer is
quite obvious, she said,  "MY way."

As you can see, I have my work cut out for me.

Originally posted May 29, 2006