Winter Party Outfit: OTK Boots + Shift Dress

For Day 18 of our 25 Days of Winter Fashion, I’m styling my OTK boots with a shift dress I received in a recent LeTote.

Fashion Over 40: OTK Boots with a Knit Dress

This outfit is definitely outside of my comfort zone, but I see tons of women wearing their OTK boots with dresses on Pinterest and Instagram, and I wanted to give it a try. I actually love this. I hope I can get up the nerve to wear it out to a holiday dinner or blogging event.

These boots are still on sale for $199, but unfortunately the sizes are limited. I hope they restock. They are great quality, and they’re actually quite comfortable — both the footbed as well as the shaft of the boot. Someone asked how they feel to sit in, and they are totally fine for sitting. There’s a split in the back so they don’t bind the knee area at all. They also help keep me warm. 

Fashion Over 40: How to Wear OTK Boots

I accessorized with my Stella & Dot tassel pendant necklace (ON SALE!), but next time I might try a blanket scarf for something different.

Fashion Over 40: OTK Boots with a Knit Dress

I really like the quilted fabric and the color of the dress. I sent it back in my last LeTote, but I would request it again if I had an occasion to wear it.

LeTote is a clothing rental box service. I’m enjoying it for the purpose of having new pieces to show here on the blog. It would be perfect for the working woman who wanted a lot of variety in her wardrobe. The products they send me are good quality, and I can always request them to send something back again if I decide I want it down the road.

Fashion Over 40: OTK Boots with a Knit Dress

For a bag, I like how this metallic perforated double clutch plays off the metallic tones in the necklace. It’s also a Stella & Dot piece. FYI, I am a Stella & Dot stylist, so I get most of my pieces at a discount. If you’d ever like to hold an online trunk show and earn free jewelry, let me know! I can help you set that up!

Fashion Over 40: How to Wear OTK Boots

I’m really pleased with how this outfit came together. Now I just need a date night!!

Fashion Over 40: OTK Boots with a Knit Dress

Outfit Details: Quilted Sheath Dress via LeTote | Dolce Vita ‘Ohanna’ Over the Knee Boot on sale for $199 (option $127) | My Stella & Dot Milana Tassel Necklace on sale for $50.36, Renegade Cluster Bracelet $59, and Metallic Double Clutch $89

Here are some other sheath dresses to consider, if you’re looking to add one to your wardrobe.

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26 Responses

  1. You look great. I love that color on you and the boots are to die for!! The Stella & Dot necklace is one of my favorites. I finally bought it and enjoy wearing it.

    1. I think petite ladies can pull them off, but I would definitely recommend heels, and not everyone wants to tromp around in heels. 😉 Fortunately ankle boots are super on trend as well.

  2. I know we’re not suppose to covet, but I am over this entire outfit! You look hot, but in good taste! Swoon your husband and wear this on a date night!!

  3. KEEP the dress! Not only does the color look fabulous on you but the color of the boots as we’ll as the heel look fantastic!
    I’d plan a date night around the outfit! LOL????

  4. I’ve worn my OKB with a knit dress of a similar length but I wore tights. It gave me a little more coverage and I liked that look on me.

  5. Go for it JoLynne! You look fabulous. I have spent my whole life dressing in my comfort zone. Don’t be that person!

  6. Those boots and that necklace – love them both! I don’t have any yet, but I’m really diggin what you did with this outfit. For winter date nights, these would be great!!

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