Mad About Plaid {Winter Plaid Shirt Outfit}

Hello, and Happy Wednesday! Just think, in a week we will be baking pies and defrosting turkeys. It doesn’t feel like it’s almost Thanksgiving, although I’m not sure why. We’ve had an absolutely gorgeous fall that seems to be going on and on and on. It’s definitely time for Thanksgiving! I’m hoping to set my Christmas tree up this weekend, so maybe that will get me into the holiday spirit.

Thanks for all of the kind comments yesterday! It was fun to read everyone’s feedback. And I’m pleased to inform you that as of 6AM this morning, the reefer coat I styled yesterday was back in stock in camel in all regular sizes! FYI, it also comes in petite. I know some of you were bummed that it seemed to sell out quickly, and I hate it when that happens, but I love it when popular items get restocked, so YAY!

Today is day 2 of 25 Days of Winter Outfits, and I’m styling a winter plaid shirt outfit.

Winter Plaid Shirt Outfit featuring Gap Soft Metallic Plaid Shirt and Frame Le Color Skinny Jeans

Sometimes I feel like my fall and winter outfits are one sweater after another, so I wanted to change it up a bit and try a plaid shirt. This isn’t a look I typically go for, but when I styled a plaid shirt for fall, I was surprised by how much I liked it. For that outfit, I layered a plaid button-down over a t-shirt so I could wear it open or tie it around my waist.

Since this is a winter fashion series, I wanted to style a plaid shirt for cooler weather so I kept it buttoned up and front-tucked it into black jeans. Of course, when it gets cold, I will wear a coat over this outfit, or it would also be cute with a black quilted vest on a mild winter day.

Gap Soft Metallic Plaid Shirt

This is the Soft Metallic Plaid Shirt from Gap. It’s super soft and thin with a relaxed, easy fit. I like the deep, bold colors for this time of year, and the shades of pink and the metallic thread help keep it feminine. This shirt just got marked down from $54 to $43, and you can take 25% off with code MOREJOY, bringing it down to $32!

Also, I don’t know if you’re aware, but Gap now offers free return shipping (and that includes their sister brands, Athleta, Banana Republic, and Old Navy.) So that’s a nice added bonus!

I futzed with it a bit and ended up going with a front-tuck. I still think this looks weird from behind, but I tried tucking it in all the way around, and it looked even goofier. The model on the Gap website has it untucked, but she’s probably at least 5’10” and it isn’t too long on her. When I leave mine untucked, it’s too long and looks sloppy, plus it throws off my overall body proportion, so front tuck it is!

Winter Plaid Shirt Outfit featuring Gap Soft Metallic Plaid Shirt and Frame Le Color Skinny Jeans

For accessories, I wore a mixed metal pendant in the neckline, and I went with silver hoop earrings. The shirt pretty much stands alone and I didn’t want my accessories to compete with it.

Winter Plaid Shirt Outfit featuring Gap Soft Metallic Plaid Shirt and Frame Le Color Skinny Jeans

These are my Frame Le Color Skinny Jeans that came from Trunk Club a few months back. I love them, but they’re almost too big on me now. They fall down as I move around, so I either need to wear a belt or get a smaller pair. Considering that price tag, I think I’ll be wearing a belt! But if they’re on your radar for purchase, I advise sizing down.

A similar pair for less is the Wit & Wisdom Ab Solution Stretch Skinny Jeans for $68. This is the same pair I have in blue denim, and they are great jeans for that price point. They fit nicely and don’t bag out as you wear them.

Winter Plaid Shirt Outfit featuring Gap Soft Metallic Plaid Shirt and Frame Le Color Skinny Jeans

My Maui Jim sunnies came in handy yet again. You can probably tell, it was quite sunny the day we took these pictures. I love the color of these glasses. It plays so well off the pinks and burgundies in my wardrobe.

Winter Plaid Shirt Outfit featuring Gap Soft Metallic Plaid Shirt and Frame Le Color Skinny Jeans

Finally, I kept it simple with black pointy toe ballet flats and my black moto hobo. I toyed with wearing my pink suede flats, but it seemed a little too fussy. Maybe I should have gone with pewter to help tie in the metallic detail in the top. Next time I’ll try that. When it gets colder, I’ll wear this outfit with my black wedge booties or tall black boots.

So what do you think? Are you a yay or a nay for plaid?

Winter Plaid Shirt Outfit featuring Gap Soft Metallic Plaid Shirt and Frame Le Color Skinny Jeans

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Metallic Plaid Shirt (40% off!) // black skinnies (less expensive option) // black pointy toe flats // Maui Jim sunnies c/o // my Stella & Dot Luna Necklace // moto hobo

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the winter outfit she’s styling today!

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40 thoughts on “Mad About Plaid {Winter Plaid Shirt Outfit}

  1. I started wearing plaid flannel shirts last year. I thought they would be too rugged for me, but as long as I keep the color scheme feminine I love the look. This is a great outfit and could be worn for me on most days.
    Happy Wednesday.

  2. I really don’t have many plaid shirts in my closet—I usually think of them as a men’s print. But I have been seeing them more and more in the women’s sections and they are fun!
    I really love how you basically dressed this one up Jo-Lynne!! Maybe it’s the darker colors or the cute shoes….but you look absolutely fabulous!

  3. I like plaid but haven’t had any in my closet for a few years. After seeing the cute pink in yours I should probably remedy that! I’ve actually been eyeing a black and red buffalo check that I might just snag first if we ever get any cooler weather.

  4. This is such an easy but elegant look. You look lovely in this shirt. i like how you’ve added the loop earrings and i agree that a simple necklace at the neck finishes it off just right.

  5. Yay for the plaid! A different look for you, and you rocked it, as they say! I like that color plaid, something different than the typical plaid flannel shirt. It looks like a pink vest would go with it? At least that’s the color that it looks like from my ipad! I just love a vest for the fall & winter, as I’m not a fan of a bulky coat. But when it gets really cold, we have no choice! Glad to hear the house is back in order. Can’t wait to see some pics of the new floor!

  6. I love plaid. I have quite a few. My go- to lately are 2 I got from old navy.

    Off subject… can u please link the enchilada recipe you recently brought up. I’ve been looking for it and can’t find it.

  7. Jo-Lynne, I’m glad you are branching out, just like you and @CyndiSpivey encourage us to do. I really like your plaid top because it is on the feminine side. For lower price points, I bought a feminine red plaid top at Target last year, that is soft, etc. You are very lucky to be enjoying a regular Fall because we definitely aren’t in GA. Congratulations on the floors! When it is taken over with your children’s things, that means y’all are a family that is actually ‘living’ in your home instead of living in a museum. I’ve had my tree up for over one week and the lights on. It definitely helps you feel like Christmas.

    Have a blessed day!

  8. I feel the same way about plaid….I like it but I didn’t have any plaid shirts. I bought one from Old Navy (boyfriend plaid) to just try it out. I love it! Paired it with skinny jeans and wedge booties. It looked great and I felt hip. Love your blog!

  9. Perfect outfit!!! Here in Minnesota, I wear alot of plaid flannel shirts especially this weekend when our first snow storm is expected! Just love it!! I get my plaid shirts at either Gap or Eddie Bauer. I too wear mine with quited or puffer vests and I will layer with a tank ot tshirt underneath depending on the cold. Thanks again for sharing the perfect outfit!!!

  10. This looks great on you!!! Love the pink in there. Okay, please don’t think I think it looks bad on you, but do plaid shirt sleeves that are loose annoy you? Some I’ve bought are so loose in the arms. Anyways, I love this one and looks great with black!

    1. Hey Laurie, yes, the sleeves are a little loose, but it didn’t bother me. I hate it when shirts like this have sleeves that are too short or snug. These will look nicer rolled up, but being a winter fashion post, I left them down. I also think they will probably take up some when I wash it.

  11. I love plaid for fall and winter. Mine are all flannel though and therefore probably not meant to be dressed up. I do have a couple of cotton gingham shirts that I do dress up sometimes. Great outfit! But now that lauripop2 mentioned it, the sleeves look a bit big (running to my closet to check my sleeves now, lol).

  12. Very nice! I really like that plaid shirt. You always make things look better than the models online. I have purchased several items after seeing them on you!

  13. Love the plaid! Colors are beautiful. I have a cute reddish/cranberry one from Target, but love the darker colors of this one.

  14. Looks GREAT on you, much nicer than on the model. I’m going to treat myself (as it’s also available here in the UK) to wear it with my new black bootcut jeans … alas my figure doesn’t do skinnies 🙁

    Love your website, was so pleased to find you as you have the style that I aspire to have.

  15. You look so cute! I have a couple of plaid shirts but I usually only wear them in November and December. But we’re in the 80s today in the Dallas area! Crazy! It’s record high, but a cold front is coming on Friday.

  16. I love the plaid with the pink. I too just added plaid to my wardrobe and my shirt also has pink. Love how you styled this one. Also after yesterdays post I was thinking about weather I could pull off camel color – usually I don’t like it with my skin tone but I was in a Thrift store today and got a brand new camel blazer for $4.50 so now I can try the camel trend. Just have to get the plaid scarf so it looks better with my skin tone. Thanks for the great ideas. Love the winter ideas so far!

  17. I am mad for plaid. Just in shirts, mainly. Funny, you would think after Catholic grade school in plaid, I’d hate it! I did for many years, but those Old Navy plaid shirts are sooo comfy.

  18. I LOVE this look, so my style!!! Just an FYI, since the shirt has metallic thread in it, do NOT wear it on an airplane!! I made the mistake this past weekend of wearing a sweater with metallic threads in it and when I went through the X-ray at security I lit up like a candle!!! Instead of just having me take off the sweater (I had a shirt on underneath!) they did a complete body frisk on me!!! 🙁 Oops, won’t do that again!!!

  19. You know I love a good plaid shirt, and this one is super cute. For some reason I tend to lean more toward the more rugged, almost masculine plaid (cut and print). Didn’t even think about it until now. If it has red, navy or black, I want it, lol. Maybe I need to girl it up a notch. 😉

  20. This outfit is so cute on you! I love anything plaid. Talbots’s has some really cute plaid vests and shirts this year. 🙂

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