11 Ways to Wear White Jeans This Summer

Today I’m doing another fashion collab, and this time it’s all about white jeans. I love my white jeans, so even though I’ve posted on the topic before, I decided to join in.

Every time I post a photo of myself in white jeans, I get at least one comment from someone saying they are afraid to wear them for fear of getting them dirty.

Ladies, listen up. There is no one, and I mean NO ONE more klutzy than I am. If I can wear white jeans without getting them dirty, then so can you!! (And if you get them dirty, they will wash.)

White jeans make such a fresh, crisp fashion statement for spring and summer. Definitely give them a try.

Fashion For Women Over 40: How to Wear White Jeans for Summer

One of my favorite ways to wear white jeans is with a black and white top. Black and white is always sophisticated. This embellished striped top is from White House Black Market, which is currently my favorite place to shop for tops. This one is from last season, but they have about 20 new ones to choose from this year.

Fashion For Women Over 40: How to Wear White Jeans for Summer

When I wear black and white, I like to incorporate a burst of color somewhere in the outfit. Sometimes I will wear an orange bracelet or throw on red shoes, but often I carry a colorful bag. This pink clutch is one of my favorites for summer. I love the contrast of the geranium pink against the white jeans.

How to Wear Black & White for Summer

Finding a great pair of white jeans can be a challenge. These are by DL9161, and I love them because they are thick enough that you can’t see through them, but they have enough stretch that they’re comfortable and they hold their shape. There’s nothing worse than wearing jeans that get all baggy in the bum the first hour you wear them. I also like the shape of the leg. They’re skinny jeans, but they don’t hug the ankles so they create a nice straight, lean leg line.

Fashion For Women Over 40: How to Wear White Jeans for Summer

I could have worn either black or white shoes, but I decided to go with black because I don’t have any white heels, and I like this outfit better with a bit of a heel. These black patent with cork wedge soles are my go-to sandal for summer. I picked them up at Famous Footwear a few years ago on a whim, thinking that I didn’t really need them. Little did I know I’d be wearing them almost weekly in the summertime!


Because the top already has embellishment, I kept my jewelry simple. I went with a large silver chandelier earring and a stack of gold and silver bangles. This outfit is perfect for a summer date night. I might also wear it to lunch with friends. In fact, I like it so much, I might just wear it around the house for the fun of it. Ha! It’s as comfortable as it is cute.

Fashion For Women Over 40: How to Wear White Jeans for Summer

black & white top (similar) // white jeans // black wedges (similar) // textured bangles (similar) // silver chandeliers (similar) // pink clutch (similar)

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21 thoughts on “11 Ways to Wear White Jeans This Summer

  1. I bought 2 white jeans before my trip to Mom 2.0 but I haven’t worn them yet might break it out this weekend. I’ve been a bit self conscious because I’ve gained a few pounds. Anyway, love the combination you’ve here though.

  2. Absolutely stunning! You always look so gorgeous and classic!!!! I LOVE those white jeans!!!!!! xoxo

  3. Wow, what a terrific fitting pair of jeans. You look amazing! Runway-ready. Who takes your pictures? And what kind of camera do they use? I am on the verge of buying a (better than my phone) camera but can’t afford to spend a fortune. Also need a tripod and remote. Your pictures are always so clear, bright and colorful. Please advise!!

    1. Oh, thank you! I’ve been working hard to up my game with my outfit photos. My husband took these pictures with our Nikon D7000 and a 35mm pancake lens. I also have a Sony A6000 that he got me for Christmas that I really love. If you’re looking for a better camera, I recommend looking at that one. Plus, it is small so it’s easy to take along when traveling. We also got a 35MM lens for it, that I use pretty much all the time. Lenses are probably more important than cameras. The kit lenses that come with the body are usually not great. My 12-year-old daughter often uses the Sony to take my pictures if my husband’s not around.

      I have a tripod and remote and I can’t seem to get my act together and use them. It’s just a pain, if you ask me. But I know that Cyndi Spivey does almost all of her photos that way, so it may be worth investing in if you don’t have a family member who is willing to be your photographer. 🙂

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