Fall Outfit Ideas: Tunic + Distressed Denim + Ankle Boots

Happy Labor Day!! I hope everyone has fun plans, or at least is able to relax and enjoy this last day of summer. I know that fall doesn’t officially start for a few weeks, but Labor Day always seems like the last day of summer to me.

If you’re not in the U.S., then this is probably a regular old Monday to you. I’m so sorry. Have an extra cup of coffee this morning, and give yourself a few minutes to read your favorite blog — as long as it’s mine. Ha! Or even if it’s not, I hope you get to take it easy this morning.

Of course, it’s not only Labor Day. It’s also Day 6 of 26 Days of Fall Outfits! (What? That’s not on YOUR calendar??)

26 Days of Fall Outfits: Ivory Poncho + Destructed Skinny Jeans + Mushroom Suede Booties

This outfit will be perfect for lunching with friends or a day at the mall once the weather cools down a bit. The ivory cowl neck poncho came in my latest Stitch Fix box, and I love it.

If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix, you sign up and fill out a profile with your wardrobe preferences, and they send you a box every month with 5 items to try. The pieces you like, you keep and pay for them. What you don’t like, you send back in a pre-paid envelope at no charge to you. You can set your preferred price range, and the stylists do their best to work with you and send you things you want. I’m a huge fan. I almost always get a least one thing in my box that I want to keep. It’s a great way to expand your fashion horizons and force yourself to try new things.

This poncho is something I’d have nabbed myself if I’d seen it at the store. It’s totally up my alley — cute and chic as well as comfortable and practical. I especially like how it has short sleeves, making it a great transition piece. And also? It’s nice and roomy so no one will know if you put on a few extra pounds on vacation. Not that I’d know anything about that…

26 Days of Fall Outfits: Ivory Poncho + Destructed Skinny Jeans + Mushroom Suede Booties

Here’s a view of the back. It’s a loose knit, so I wore a white tank top under it.


These jeans arrived just last week from DL1961. They sent them to me to style for one of my 26 days of fall outfits, and I have a feeling you’ll be seeing them more than once! When I opened the box and saw the slashed knees, I had to laugh because I’ve been wanting a pair but couldn’t pull the trigger and make the purchase. I’ve always liked destructed denim for the cool, casual vibe, but I thought I’d feel silly wearing jeans with ripped-out knees.

Not. At. All.

I love these jeans, and I don’t feel silly in them at all. Maybe it’s because they’re so comfortable, but I find myself wearing them every chance I get.

DL1961 Florence Skinny Jeans in Vortex

DL1961 makes a fabulous pair of jeans. Yes, they’re spendy, but they’re worth every penny. The DLX 4-Way Stretch Denim moves with you but never bags out, and the Instasculpt design is engineered to “instantly sculpt” the legs, rear, and waist. I have several pairs, and I can attest that they do exactly what they claim to do. I’ve never had a better fitting pair of jeans, and my rear view has never looked so good!

If you watch, you can find them on sale. I never pay full price for premium denim. In fact, in honor of Labor Day, these select styles are 35% off with the code LABOR35. There are a lot to choose from, so check it out if you’re in the market for a great pair of jeans.

Finally, let’s discuss these boots! I discovered The Walking Company a couple of years ago when I was searching for comfortable yet stylish boots that don’t aggravate my plantar fasciitis, and since then I’ve accumulated quite a few pairs of their shoes. Some I’ve purchased, and some they’ve provided for me in exchange for coverage on this here blog of mine. They recently sent me a gift card to use towards a pair of boots from their fall line, so last week I took a trip to the King of Prussia Mall to see what new styles they have this season.

I tried on several pairs before I spotted these Mushroom Suede Umberto Raffini Kiki Ankle Boots. The second I saw them, I knew they were destined to be mine. 

26 Days of Fall Outfits: Ivory Poncho + Destructed Skinny Jeans + Mushroom Suede Booties

These boots are AMAZING. I love the nod to Western style, the versatility of the soft mushroom suede, and the unlined shaft with a bit of a slouch. The heel is only 1¾ inches so it’s not hard on my feet, but they give me a little extra height, which is always nice when you’re only 5’5″.

These are so easy to wear — the perfect marriage of casual comfort and sophisticated style. I have a feeling I’m going to want to wear them with everything. Between these and those leopard flats, I may not need any other shoes this fall. (But ummm… Don’t quote me on that!)

26 Days of Fall Outfits: Ivory Poncho + Destructed Skinny Jeans + Mushroom Suede Booties

Even though these are skinny jeans, they don’t hug the ankle so to keep my pant legs tucked into the boots, I wore thin socks and pulled them up over the bottom of the jeans. Then I scrunched them down just below the top of the boot shaft so they weren’t visible. It worked okay for the photo shoot, but by the time I took them off, the jeans were already starting to bunch over top of the boots.

In a perfect world, I would only wear these boots with jeans that have a tighter ankle, but I want to be able to wear them with ALL of my skinny jeans, so I just ordered these boot straps. They velcro over your pant leg and supposedly keep your jeans in place. I’ll let you know how I like them!

For accessories, I wore my Reverie Chandelier Earrings with my Renegade Bracelet and Alex & Ani Wire Bangles. I also wore my Maylee Ring. I wanted to carry a bag that worked with the colors of the outfit but still had enough style to stand on its own. This Dooney & Bourke Croco Lexington Shopper is old, but such a classic. I love pulling it out every fall. Unfortunately, they’re not making it anymore, but this one is similar.

26 Days of Fall Outfits: Ivory Poncho + Destructed Skinny Jeans + Mushroom Suede Booties

I absolutely love this outfit. Now all we need is for the weather to cooperate!!

26 Days of Fall Outfits: Ivory Poncho + Destructed Skinny Jeans + Mushroom Suede Booties

Outfit Details: Ivory Cowl Neck Poncho via Stitch Fix | Florence Skinny Jeans in Vortex c/o DL1961 | Umberto Raffini Kiki Ankle Boots in Mushroom Suede c/o The Walking Company | Stella & Dot Reverie Chandelier Earrings | Renegade Bracelet | Alex & Ani Wire Bangles | Maylee Ring | Dooney & Bourke Croco Lexington Shopper (similar)

Now hop on over and visit Cyndi to see the fall outfit she’s styling today!

Happy Labor Day!

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45 Responses

  1. I love the poncho – you could also wear it with a long-sleeved tee as long as the sleeves are pretty snug to the wrists.

  2. Love the poncho, totally my style! I probably won’t be wearing destructed jeans, just not for me. I like the look on others, when I try them on, I feel sloppy. Doesn’t make sense. I’m 52. Also, the boot straps should work. I had a pair of them many, many years ago. Glad to see they are back! I’ll be getting a pair.

  3. i have an old pair of jeans that still fit well that the knees ripped on, that will work for deconstructed denim for me lol. i usually wear them on my days off from work. and i just bought those boot straps too but haven’t used them yet.

  4. That’s a pretty cowl neck poncho!

    White or ivory with denim is an unbeatable combination, and one I wear a lot. And it works for either dark or light denim.

  5. Very cute and fun!
    Thanks for boot info! I Hv never tried
    Walking store. I like the color and low
    Heel! Happy Labor day!

  6. Do you have any trouble with Stitch Fix items not lasting very long. I have been disappointed in their quality lately?

    1. Hey Kathy, yes, I actually have had issues with the quality. It’s hit or miss. I am hoping this poncho holds up b/c it was $65. I still can’t quit the Fix, though. LOL! I love getting that box every month.

  7. I love your poncho, too! It’s flowy, but doesn’t swallow you, which, I think, is a fine line.

    OK…the jeans, the boots, the accessories. Girl…I just…well. Swoon.

    Happy Labor Day.

    1. Thanks, friend!! You’re right – finding that perfect balance with the poncho is key. I just ordered one from QVC – not the one you have, but the similar one that I linked to in the FB Group this morning. I hope it works!

  8. I really like those boots, so based on what you wrote, I ordered them just now! I recovered from plantar fasciitis 10 years ago, but I have to still be very careful with the shoes I wear. I need room for inserts, and it sounded like the removable footbeds would be helpful for me. I usually don’t like to order shoes without trying them on, but these sound promising, so I’m taking the chance! Also, I bought those boot straps at Old Navy a couple of weeks ago! They seem like they will work. It’s just been too hot to really try them out!

    1. That’s awesome, Suzanne! Let me know how you like them. My PF is much better, but I can feel it still lurking so I’m trying to be smart about my footwear this fall so it doesn’t come back.

  9. Over $100 for torn up jeans? No way. If over 45 – Might be pushing the jean style, IMHO. The goal, I think, is to dress fashionably, smartly, but not look like wearing daughter’s clothes.. Poncho and boots very cute.

    1. Well, I’m 43 – do I get a pass till I turn 45? LOL. I know they’re not for everyone, and I hear ya on paying for ripped jeans. That was what kept me from getting a pair before these.

      Funny thing, my 12-year-old will not wear pants that are ripped. When we went to American Eagle to get her jeans, the sales girl kept pointing her to the ripped ones, and she bought the only 2 pair in the store that had absolutely no distressing. I’m sure that will change, but right now I think it’s kind of cute. Plus, I’m not sure her school’s dress code allows ripped jeans? That used to be a no-no.

  10. At Macy’s I saw a look-alike to the white top last night. It’s Style & Co. Sport Thermal Cowl Neck Pullover. It’s available in 5 colors. I saw the white one in the store, and it’s really cute. It’s online and in stores. It runs a bit big IMO.

  11. I have just joined and am going through your Fall looks, catching up 🙂 This is my favourite outfit so far! I love everything about it! Those jeans are fantastic, I love the poncho and the boots are awesome. I think I need it all!!! Now to see where to buy them in Canada!

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