5 New Product Finds

It’s been a while since I’ve done a product roundup, and I have a few new things I’ve discovered lately that I want to share with you. Admittedly, I don’t try a ton of new products. I’m more of a brand loyalist; I tend to find something I love and use it for years. But every once in a while, something comes along that I have to try, and some are winners and some are losers. I’m going to share some of the winners today!

5 New Beauty Products To Try Right Now

#1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz: I believe in my last post like this, I said that I’ve tried a gazillion different eyebrow pencils/gels/powders, and I hadn’t found one I really liked. Either they are too dry and pull on my eyebrows, or they’re too goopy and go on to dark and thick, or they’re . . . something! I was having the darnedest time finding one I could stand, and I need eyebrow pencil. My eyebrows are very sparse, and I don’t leave the house without it. One of you actually recommended the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, so I ordered it.

I. am. in. love.

The ultra-fine, retractable pencil is perfect for filling in areas where the brow hair is sparse. It mimics hair-like strokes, and the smudge-proof formula stays put all day. There is a brush on the other end, and I love that the caps are interchangeable (I’ve had brow pencils like this before where the cap on one end was different from the other — ANNOYING!) It goes on smoothly without pulling out any of my few remaining eyebrows, and it never dries out. It lasts a decent amount of time too. I had another one like this that seemed to last only a week! Also, it is free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

Now I make sure to buy a new one when I open my old one, because I’m terrified to ever be without it. When World War III breaks out, I’ll be sure to grab my Brow Wiz and my kids and hunker down in the cellar for the duration. Ha!

There are a gazillion different shades, so you just have to guess. I use the Dark Brown (formerly Brunette) and it works well for me because my hair is very dark. It can look harsh at times, so I may try the Chocolate next time. Either way, if you are like me and rely on a little help with the eyebrows, try this. You won’t regret it!

#2. Rodan + Fields AMP MD System: Full disclosure, I sell Rodan + Fields, and I am linking to my biz site. If you have a R+F consultant, I encourage you to contact them and order through them. I signed up to be a distributor primarily so I could get the discount on the products, and I also wanted to be loyal to one skincare system instead of trying new ones all the time, so I figured I may as well sign on to be a distributor so I could link to my site from the blog since I do talk about skincare periodically. I absolutely love the products and the company.

The AMP MD System includes the Rodan + Fields patented AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller and their REDEFINE Night Renewing Serum. I already use their Redefine Regimen, and I recently added the roller and serum to my skincare routine. It isn’t cheap, but the roller should last a long time, and you can replace the serum as needed.

The AMP MD System utilizes micro-exfoliation roller technology for visibly advanced skin-firming benefits. Based on our clinical studies of our REDEFINE Regimen and the AMP MD System, smoother, softer skin can be experienced after just one use. With continued use, the REDEFINE Regimen and the AMP MD System are clinically proven to help skin appear firmer and make lines and wrinkles less noticeable for a more luminous and refined appearance.

I kept hearing about this amazing tool and didn’t want to shell out the dough, but I finally did it, and I only wish I’d done it sooner. It immediately makes my skin look smoother and tighter. It’s truly remarkable. I use it 4 or 5 nights a week on my face and neck, and I do believe it has made a difference in my skin over time, although there are some immediate results as well.

#3. Colgate Optic White High Impact White Toothpaste: I’ve used various boxed whitening strips in the past, but it’s a pain to remember to apply them every night, not to mention the time it takes away from my beauty sleep! I mean, when I go upstairs to go to bed, I want to wash my face and brush my teeth and crawl into my comfy, cozy bed with as little preamble as possible. I hate waiting for whitening strips or a face mask to do their jobs. So when Colgate offered to send me their new Optic White High Impact White Toothpaste to test out, I was intrigued. They claimed that it whitens more than a box of the leading whitening strip and can give you 4 shades of visibly whiter teeth after just 3 days. All you have to do is brush your teeth with it 2X a day and wait for the results.

Guess what??? It works. I’m truly impressed. After I used it for a week, I gave it to my husband and told him to use it. He is ditching his whitening strips as well. It claims to be enamel-safe whitening and good for daily use, and it contains fluoride to protect against cavities.

#4. Truth Vitality Advanced Complex: This is another product that was sent to me to try out. Just FYI, I am always up-front with brands when they offer to send me products to try. I tell them that I’d love to try it, and if I love it, I will share it with my audience. Many products don’t make the cut. You can trust me to give you my candid opinions.

I have written before about thinning hair and how demoralizing it is. Right now my hair is in decent shape, but it is still very thin around the hairline, and I live in fear that it will thin out again like it did a few years ago when I wrote that post. It’s a constant worry, which probably sounds insane, but then again, what woman wants to lose her hair?

I was offered the chance to try this Truth Vitality Advanced Complex that claims to fight hair loss, decreased volume, shedding, and a lack of shine by strengthening the hair follicle and thus lengthening the hair growth cycle. The active ingredients are Capixyl (Acetyl tetrapeptide-3) to stimulate proteins to reinforce the structures surrounding hair follicles, Red Clover Extract with antioxidants, Copper Peptides to increase cellular reproduction for healthier hair, and Zinc and Magnesium to strengthen hair and lengthen the life of strands.

You just rub the serum on your damp scalp after shampooing and dry as normal. I’ve been using it for a few weeks, and I’m trying to be consistent with it. Hair growth is a slow process, and it will take weeks or months before I’ll be able to tell a difference, but I’m going to stick with it and see how it goes. I know hair loss among women is not a rare thing these days, so I’m willing to bet many of you would love to know if I see a noticeable difference. I’ll keep you posted!

#5. Rusk Texture Dry Finishing Spray: This is not a new discovery, but more of a renewed discovery, ha! I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I want to share it with you again because this stuff is amazing. I ran out a while ago and didn’t replace it, and since then I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated with how flat my hair looks, and also thinking it was thinning out again. (See #4.) Then I remembered this stuff, and I placed an order last week.

Oh. My. Word. I will always keep a back up in the house from now on. It immediately gives my hair a lift and some extra texture without making it feel sticky or goopy or icky in any way. I forgot how amazing it is. I’ve tried other products like it and nothing works as well and feels as good. I can still run my hands through my hair, but the extra lift lasts all day. AND it is currently on sale for 25% off at Ulta! If you have fine, thin hair, try it. I bet you’ll love it.

So that’s a wrap. Those are my latest product discoveries — the ones worth mentioning, anyway! Have you tried any new beauty products lately that you think we should know about?? Share in the comments!

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