2018 Fall Fashion Trends Under $100

Yesterday we talked about fall wardrobe essentials, and today I thought we could talk about some of the fun fall fashion trends for 2018 that we may want to incorporate into our closets this year.

2018 Fall Fashion Trends Under $100

I talk a lot about cost per wear when I’m discussing trying to justify pricier purchases, but it’s just as pertinent when buying trendy pieces.

If I’m only going to wear those floral velvet booties twice this season, I definitely don’t want to break the bank to purchase them! So while I’ll spend a little more on the basics that will see a lot of wear and tear and hopefully be in my closet for several years, trendy pieces like the ones I’m sharing in today’s post are the ones I recommend buying at more budget-friendly prices.

Obviously, you can splurge on trendy items if you want and if you think you’ll get your money’s worth, but I recommend trying a cheaper version first to be sure you will really love them and wear them a lot. To keep things in a budget-friendly range, I’m trying to keep all my product picks under $100.

2018 Fall Fashion Trends Under $100

#1. Animal Prints

Before you tell me this is nothing new, take a look at the animal prints that are trending this season. They’re definitely not quite as literal as the animal prints of years past, and we’re seeing a wider variety of prints represented — think bold tiger stripes and white snow leopard designs.

Shop Animal Prints Under $100: (Click the arrow to scroll right for more of my picks!)

#2. Mules

Mules were a big trend in shoes last fall, and they’re an even bigger trend this year. While they can be hard to walk in, I admit, I really love this style for some reason. It’s the perfect marriage of feminine and masculine, and they go with everything from jeans and shorts to dresses and skirts. Plus mules make the perfect transition shoe, when it’s too late in the season for sandals but too warm for boots.

Shop Mules Under $100:

#3. Blouson (or Balloon) Sleeves

I’ve mentioned this before but I’m seeing tons of blouson sleeves for fall — mostly in sweaters, but also in tops and dresses. I didn’t think I’d like this trend, as I feared it would create visual bulk near the hip area, and trust me, I do NOT need any extra weight there, visual or otherwise. But I actually like this trend a lot.

Blouson sleeves have a feminine flair, and they don’t get in your way when you work at your desk or reach across the dinner table like the bell sleeves that were trending over the past few years. Like bell sleeves, they come in a variety of sizes and lengths, so you can participate in the trend without going overboard with super dramatic sleeves… unless you want to! In that case, there are plenty of those out there as well.

Shop Blouson Sleeves for Fall:

#4. Straight Crop Jeans

These were gaining popularity last year, but they were on the periphery. I see them becoming more mainstream this fall. This style looks great with ankle boots, mules, and slides — all of which are trending right now. Usually they have a higher rise and look best with a top that is tucked in or provides some structure to offset the more relaxed fit on the bottom.

If you’re a regular around here, you know I’ve experimented with this style a few times, with varying degrees of success. Skinnies are still my favorites, but I finally found a pair of slim straight ankle jeans at the #NSale that worked for me, so I’m going to try to incorporate them into more of my outfits this fall.

Shop Straight Crop Jeans Under $100:

#5. Floral Dresses

I included this in my fall essentials, but perhaps I should have held it back for this post. I do think having a go-to dress for fall is an essential, but it doesn’t have to be floral. If you like to be up on the latest trends, then a floral midi dress is one to try. Think Laura Ingalls Wilder 2.0.

Shop Floral Dresses Under $150: (I had the hardest time finding cute dresses for under $100 so I included a few that were over. We have more options as more retailers start stocking fall merchandise.)

#6. Slouch Boots

Another shoe trend I’m seeing this season is slouch boots. We saw some of these last year, but this year they seem to be gaining ground. I loved these in the 80s, but I’m not quite ready to embrace them again just yet. As with most trends, designers manage to tweak them just enough that they seem fresh, so I’ll probably end up with a pair before the season is over.

I did have a pair last year (I styled them in this post) that I liked a lot, but I didn’t find myself wearing them as much as I expected to. This year I’m seeing more of the knee-high slouch boots (I was drooling over this pair of Stuart Weitzmans during the #NSale, but I didn’t pull the trigger) and I think they’re really fun with pencil skirts so maybe I’ll try to find a less expensive style to try. These Sole Society boots look promising, but they’re sold out in my size.

Shop Slouch Boots Under $100: (It’s hard to find boots under $100, especially tall boots, so my picks here are somewhat limited.)

What do you think of these trends? Are there any you plan to experiment with? Which is your favorite?

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16 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness!  Slouch boots!  I loved those in the 80s.  And there is something about the Levis you featured that put in my mind late 80s fashion as well, perhaps its the color/higher waist combo.  And another blast from the past, yesterday I saw banana clips in the hair styling section at Walmart!  Trends do seem to come back around, but I agree, there is a freshness about them when they do.  

    Love your blog. Hate to see summer go, but looking forward to trying out these fall fashion trends. 🙂 

  2. I am definitely going to try blouson sleeves and slouch boots this fall. Just wondering; will a blouson sleeve look bulky under a jacket? I have wrestler girl arms as it is, I certainly don’t want to scare people when I am out in public 🤣

  3. Hi Jo-Lynne, praying for you to have a smooth and lovely day tomorrow when you take your son to college. You really just never know how you’re going to feel until you’re fastened into your seat belt and pulling onto the highway returning home! Honestly, it’s a mixed bag. But it’s all good.

    Great post. I’m just not loving the blouson sleeves. Maybe it is the whole 80s thing. I lived it, and I’m not really wanting to relive it. Ha! Or it may be one of those trends that I hop on with about three years into it and I catch the tail end of it. But not this year. LOL! I think that’s the thing about trends, though. We don’t HAVE to wear them. And we can pick one or two.

    Have a great day!!

  4. Another informative post!  I’m glad you were able to get out for a run this morning.  The humidity has returned here, as well, so I will not be doing anything outside.  I used my walk behind mower for 4+ hours on Monday, and my body is paying for it.  Fortunately, I did not end up going to the ER, but I was close to it.  Any way, the Vionic mules I ordered from Nordstrom arrived yesterday.  I want to walk in them on the carpet to ensure they are going to be comfortable.  I do think that your sons excitement about heading off to college, will help you not be as upset.  Have a fantastic day! 

  5. After taking my two sons to college six and two years ago, I can relate to your apprehensive feelings.  My oldest chose to go to a military junior college because they were going to apply for a waiver to admit him into the United States Army (also his choice – not momma’s!). I took a picture of him sitting on his dorm bed right before we left and it shows the uncertainty in his eyes to begin his new endeavor!  But he flourished, is now a First Lieutenant in the Army and will begin his last year of law school in a week.  My youngest son was more quiet and timid than his older brother and I always thought he’d start out at the community college just a short drive away from our rural town.  Imagine my surprise when in the middle of his junior year, he announced that he wanted to attend one of the large, four-year universities in our state!  I believe I was more fearful than he was of the drastic change from our tiny town to a huge college university and city.  But he was ready – like your son seems to be – even though my son didn’t know anyone in the honors dorm he chose to live in the first year.  He called a week or two after starting school and when telling me about his new friends, said in an excited voice, “Mom, these are my people!”  He finished his first year in his chosen major of mechanical engineering (loving it) with a squad of about 25 kids who became such amazing friends.  I tell you, God works in tremendous ways!  All we have to do is trust Him to keep leading our kids after they leave the proverbial nest.  But I admit, I cried after I left each one at their dorms, and that’s okay too!  We are their mommas!  The most important thing is realizing that they aren’t going to need us in the same way anymore and it’s time to let them fly!  As one chapter ends, another begins and it’s thrilling to see how their story evolves!

    1. Thank you, Shirley. It sounds like you raised some amazing young men! I appreciate your encouragement, and I think I’m going to be okay today. I think we’re all ready for this. I expect there will be some sad days this week as we adjust, but I’m excited for him, and seeing him excited makes it easier to take this next step. 🙂

  6. Good luck tomorrow with your son! My oldest daughter started college last fall with a week of marching band camp. It was still hard to see her off, but band was the best start for college I think she could’ve had. She’s great friends with 3 girls and this year they and 3 others are living in a house together. She is excited and raring to go and move into the house next week. BTW her school is a Division 3 school in Wisconsin but has one of the largest bands, up to 400 members this year! Can’t wait to see what they do this year! Hang in there!

  7. I’m excited for the blouson sleeves! It balances my narrow shoulders over my slightly wider hips. 
    I didn’t Iike cropped straight legs last year but they are looking good to me this year. I wear a lot of booties and normally cuff my jeans. I’m ready to try some on. 
    The slouch boots were never on my radar. That’s one trend not coming home with me. 
    I do love the softness of a floral dress. You picked some nice ones. Below the knee is very flattering on me. 
    I bought an animal print sweater but it sits in my closet. Maybe, if I see more of them on the street I’ll be tempted to wear it. 
    Slides are a no for me. I’m too clumsy. 
    Love seeing your take on the season’s trends!

  8. Fun post!
    And thanks for letting us know about the Banana Republic sale.  I just ordered the joggers you mentioned in another post (always using your link) at full price yesterday.  I reordered those and a few other things & will return the full price.  I’ve been looking for light weight black pants for years!

  9. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. Hope the move in goes well. Definitely exciting not knowing what tomorrow will bring. I know I enjoyed my college years and I’m sure you did too. He will be so busy at the beginning with band and school. It’s a happy and sad day. Good Luck and hope it goes smoothly!

  10. Great post ! Could you show a few ways to style the straight cropped jeans with booties ? I just can’t figure out how to make it look good , I find flats or sandals easier with this style. 

  11. Your comment about designers tweaking fashions to make them fresh is so true. My hubby is the worst when it comes to getting rid of things and will tell me that I shouldn’t get rid of out-of-style clothes b/c they’ll come back in eventually. I can’t get it through to him that the basic style may be the same, but it’s different enough to be noticeable, in most cases. And I still get rid of stuff, even though he doesn’t like it. 😉

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