6 Wearable Makeup Trends for Fall 2019

Yesterday I asked on Instagram Stories what people are looking for this month on the blogs they’re reading, and makeup trends for fall came up a few times.

I’m not one to change up my makeup too much from season to season, but I do like to be apprised of what’s trending so I can stay looking current. I did a some Google research on makeup trends for fall 2019, and here’s what I found.

6 Wearable Makeup Trends for Fall 2019

Of course, all trends must be weighed against what looks best on you. We all have different coloring and skin tones, and as we age, our makeup should become more subtle, so I tried to round up makeup trends for fall that most women should be able to wear.

6 Wearable Makeup Trends for Fall 2019

#1. rosy glow //  This trend is inspired by the flush you get when there’s a chill in the air. To achieve this look, choose a blush in a rosy tone that works well with your complexion.

I just ordered Nars Amour to try. I’ve been wearing their iconic Orga$m color for years, and I generally wear it all year-round, but Amour is a bit deeper and richer, and I think it will be a nice change for fall.

2. mauve accents // Mauve makes a nice transition color because it’s more dramatic than the lighter summer shades but not as heavy as the deeper fall tones. You can wear mauve on your lips, nails, cheeks, and even your eyes.

CND makes a nail color called Married to the Mauve, which is one of my favorites for fall. I wear this on both my fingers and toes.

#3. rich red lips // Tread lightly here. As we age, conventional wisdom states that we should lighten up on our makeup — especially lipstick. I personally don’t like bold lipsticks because I have very thin lips, and it think bold colors accentuate that; but if you like to wear a bold lip, this fall is the time to do so!

If you’re into this look, Maybelline Color Sensational Ruby for Me is a good one to try.

#4. subtle smoky eyes // This is a trend I can always get behind. While I generally avoid bold lip colors, I love a good smoky eye, and I like the idea of going more subtle with it for an everyday look. Again, this works well with my coloring and features, so take that into consideration when deciding which trends to experiment with.

You can do a smoky eye with almost any palette, but after some research, I decided to try this Tartelette In Bloom Clay eyeshadow palette for a more subtle smoky eye. This palette contains some mauve shades, which incorporates that fall 2019 makeup trend into your eye shadow as well.

#5. natural brows // As we age, our eyebrows tend to get sparse, so penciling them in becomes more and more important. This year the trend is going towards more natural looking brows, which is awesome. I’m not a fan of super thick or super thin brows.

My favorite brow product is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencil; I use the dark brown, but it comes in tons of shades. There is definitely something for everyone. It’s a retractable pencil, so you never have to sharpen it, and it has a brow brush on the other end.

#6. glossy lips // This one seems contradictory to #3, but of course there can be a variety of trends going on at once. I prefer glossy lips to the deep matte shades that are also trending, so I’ll be going with this one!

I usually wear a tinted gloss over my lipstick because the color lasts longer that way. My longtime favorite gloss is MAC Lipglass in Cultured, but it comes in lots of other shades as well.

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23 thoughts on “6 Wearable Makeup Trends for Fall 2019

  1. I love anything makeup and fall colors are my favorite! Thank you for the post. I am very much a red lipstick girl and it is hard to tone it down. I love it too much!

  2. Fun post!  Even though it’s only August, with so many schools going back earlier and earlier, I find myself ready to start to transition into fall colors.  I like the mauve idea.  Next nail appointment, I’m going with that 🙂      

  3.  I keep my make up simple. A little mascara, a lite foundation or bb cream and lipstick. As for lipstick, I’ve tried some different tints of red but they are just not my thing. I prefer a plum or rose tint. 
    Next pedicure, I’ll be sporting mauve toes! 😀

  4. Thanks Jo-Lynne, I don’t comment much but I do appreciate all the hard work you do for us.
    I live in Texas so I’m ready for “fall” anything.
    It’s been 100 degrees everyday for a week and supposed to continue for the next two. 🙁
    Thanks for giving me some hope. 😉

  5. Loving the colors. Not sure if they will look good on me.. I have fair skin… What do you use for foundation? I would like a full coverage but not heavy, Cakey or thick.. I have yet to find that perfect Foundation I’ve been using BB cream but that does nothing for covering up imperfections and such… Have a great late anniversary night out!


  6. Have you tried the Tartelette pallette? I was wondering which colors you have worked with from this palette to achieve a subtle smokey eye and if you were pleased with the look.

  7. I’m not one to change up more than my lipstick and nail polish and I will certainly be trying the mauve color polish  🤗. I had great success with the winter glow you styled last time. 
    Yes this week is flying by and so is dinner… Enjoy  your dinner . It’s always better when someone else has cooked the meal for you 😋

  8. Please let us know what you think when you try the Tartelette palette, I’m curious if you like it and I may purchase it too. You had recommended the LORAC lip gloss in the shade Goddess several months ago. I receive many compliments when I wear it! Enjoy the remainder of the summer. 

  9. Like some of the others I need a     I might try the eye shadow you suggested. My foundation needs a update as well. Thank you for sharing exactly what I was looking for!  
    Happy Anniversary too you both! Hope you enjoy your night out! 

  10. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    Just wondering what eye makeup remover you use.  Sometimes I feel like I’m rubbing my eyelashes off.   Love your postings, so helpful.  

  11. So I have to say I purchased the eye pallette. No mauve colors all different browns. I even checked your post thinking I got the wrong one. Nope it is the same.

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