7 Easy Ways to Update Your Home Decor {2018}

First of all, I realize I am probably the east qualified person to write a post like this, but I’m learning a lot as I decorate my new home, so I might as well share, right!?!

I mean, let’s face it. I wasn’t particularly knowledgable about fashion when I started writing about it, and look how that turned out.

No, I’m not planning on becoming a home blog, but there are actually quite a lot of parallels between home and fashion, and my personal experience with each is pretty similar.

I like fashion, and I like home decor, and I think I have good taste (or so I’ve been told, ha!) My problem is, I’m not really good at putting things together. Fortunately, both fashion and home decor can be taught to a certain extent if you’re willing to put the time and effort into it.

I’ve shared already, but in case you missed it, I’m working with a designer on my current home, and she is worth her weight in gold. Even though I have her, I still spend a lot of time reading design blogs and informing myself on current trends and tips on how to make this home my own. While my designer can guide me in my choices and recommend the right sizes and make sure everything works well together, ultimately I make the final decisions about what we purchase, so I want to be sure I’m choosing things I truly love, that I won’t tire of in a few years.

All that to say, as long as you realize that I am speaking with no authority on the matter whatsoever, I’ll share what I think are some easy ways you can “fight the frump” at home, or rather, here are 7 easy ways to update your home decor.

7 Easy Ways to Update Your Home Decor for 2018

#1. Move away from earth tones. 

Those of us who decorated our homes in the mid to late 2000s probably have a lot of earth tones throughout, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it may be time for an update.

This does NOT mean to go out and start decorating your house in all gray, but it does mean you may want to start incorporating some lighter, cooler tones into your decor as you can.

I like how Yvonne at Stone Gable incorporates both warm and cool tones into her decorating for a soothing mix.

{source: Stone Gable}

I’m not saying you have to go and overhaul your entire house, just start incorporating some lighter/cooler colors as you go.

I moved into my former home in 2006, so I fell right into the Tuscan decor trend, but as time went on, I saw those trends changing, and I wanted to move away from the earth tones. Plus I’ve always liked a light and airy feel to my home — my first 3 homes were decorated in a lot of white and blue and yellow, so I started longing for a lighter, more soothing space.

I couldn’t redo everything at once (who can???) so I started incorporating white and sage green and slate blue wherever I could. Some rooms I repainted, and in others I just incorporated white and blue furniture and accessories. It really did help modernize the space, and I liked the combination of colors a lot. It obviously resonated with someone because we had two offers the first day we put that house on the market!

In this house, I’ve intentionally gone towards the light neutrals in my decor, but I’m also trying not to go too far off the deep end into the realm of all grays, because that can be cold and will be dated very soon — if it’s not already.

I’ve learned a ton about color — especially choosing neutrals — from Maria Killam’s blog. If you like home decor, you MUST follow her. I subscribe to her emails so I don’t miss a post, and I always end up going down a rabbit hole when I read her posts because she always links to other posts that further explain the issues she is trying to fix.

#2. Don’t be afraid to mix metals.

Just like with jewelry, gone are the days when matchy-matchy in home decor was considered a good thing. Mixing metals keeps things interesting, and it’s more modern than having all the same finishes.

These days, shiny brass and chrome fixtures are taking a backseat to matte black, matte gold, oil rubbed bronze, and brushed nickel — but any metal can all look great if it works with your overall home’s style aesthetic and the rest of your decor.

See the image below — I love how they mixed matte gold and matte black in this gorgeous bathroom.

{source: Banno Lighting}

#3. Consider painting wood stained cabinets and/or trim.

If you have wood stained molding throughout your house, consider painting it a soft white. This isn’t always the answer, but it can really modernize a space.

One of our former homes was a turn-of-the-century Dutch colonial. It was our third home but the first house we owned, so it was the first time I was able to paint and really make a space my own. It had all the original woodwork with solid wood doors, 12″ baseboards, and rosettes on the window moldings, and it was all stained medium brown. It was gorgeous, but dark, and also kind of beat up in spots due to the previous owner’s dogs.

I painted all of the doors and trim white.

People acted like it was sacrilege to paint that 100-year-old molding, but you know what!?! It was stunning when it was all done. It lightened up the whole house, and it worked so much better with the yellows and blues and greens I painted and decorated with.

I wish I had before and after pictures, but that was before the era of digital photography… if you can believe it! But my point is, if you’re struggling to pick a paint color that works with wood-stained molding, consider painting the molding too. It can give a whole new life to a space.

Likewise, if you have wood stained cabinets in your kitchen or bathrooms that are starting to look dated, a few coats of paint can go a long way towards modernizing those spaces.

{source: House Mix}

Painting your cabinets is a simple change that can really transform a space, and it doesn’t have to be white (although it can.) You can go with white, off-white, grey, navy blue, black… the possibilities are virtually endless. I love how in the example above, she even painted her backsplash.

One of my good friends did this to her kitchen recently, and it looks amazing. Painting your cabinets is not terribly expensive to hire out, or if you’re ambitious, it can be a weekend DIY project… Okay, so it may take a little longer than weekend, but if you take them a section at a time, it doesn’t have to be too overwhelming.

#4. Choose a decorating style, and incorporate other styles sparingly.

This is easier said than done because it’s natural to gravitate to whatever is currently trending, and right now that seems to be “modern farmhouse.” I mean, as far as I know, that wasn’t even a term 5 or 10 years ago.

I like modern farmhouse and cottage styles, but when I do a gut-check, I realize it’s not really me. I prefer my decor to be a bit formal, even glam in certain areas, although I definitely want my home to feel comfortable. I gravitate towards traditional styles and fabrics, but I like to incorporate modern touches where I can to keep things fresh.

It’s good to mix styles to a point, but there should be one prevailing style throughout.

Also, don’t be afraid of color. I say this because trends right now tend towards neutrals, and while neutrals are beautiful, color is what will really make your house your own. I’ve used a lot of neutrals in this house, particularly for foundation pieces that I don’t want to change when the next trend takes off — namely window treatments and paint colors — but I’m in the process of incorporating color with my furniture and accessories, and I can’t wait to see it all come together.

For example, when picking my family room couch, I didn’t want to go with the popular white/grey/beige that I’m seeing everywhere. I have a couple of white chairs, and they show denim transfer and are already looking dingy after just a couple of years. But a couch is an expensive piece of furniture that I won’t be replacing every five years as trends evolve, so I wanted to choose something that I won’t get tired of.

I read somewhere (probably Maria Killam’s blog) to always buy a couch in your favorite color, and you’ll never get tired of it. So I sat and thought about that.

What is my favorite color? What won’t I get tired of?

As I thought through the options, and recalled my favorite rooms in past homes, I decided a good shade of navy blue was a safe bet. It’s neutral enough to give me a lot of options for accent colors, but it’s a color that makes a bold statement, and most importantly, one I’ve always loved.

Of course, now I’m seeing navy everywhere on design blogs. Ha! I guess it’s a popular choice with all the beige and white that is trending, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be tired of it when the next trend du jour takes off.

By the way, the family room isn’t done yet — it’s in desperate need of accessorizing. I’ve ordered an upholstered ottoman that will bring in muted greens and blues, as well as accent pillows for the couch that will bring in more color and texture.

I’m not sure what we’re doing with the end tables yet, or if they’re staying or going, but whatever we end up with, they need lamps. Even though we have recessed lighting, it’s nice to have lamp light as well. For one thing, lamps are a nice detail and a great way to anchor a room, but the light they provide is much softer and more cozy than overhead lighting.

#5. Use texture and layering to add interest to a space.

What’s the saying? The devil’s in the details… It’s the attention to detail that takes a room from nice to amazing, and those small details are what will give a room its personality.

Layering helps add dimension and interest to a room. Add a throw and a bed tray to your bed, or create a vignette for your coffee table. Just like layering jewelry, layering your home decor accessories can be really fun — just be sure not to overdo it.

Another detail that is important not to overlook is use of texture. A room will fall flat without use of textures, so consider adding fabrics like linen, burlap, raw silk — anything that has a great texture to it because that helps add dimension to your decorating.

{source: Randi Garrett Design}

There are so many great examples of layering and textures in the room pictured above — the vignette on the coffee table, the various textures in the pillow materials, the layering of the throws and pillows on the couch, the pattern in the rug, even the brass nailhead accents on the sofa.

I love Randi’s modern glam take on style, and hers is another blog I’ve been enjoying a lot lately.

#6. Update your door hardware and light fixtures.

Another detail that is easy to overlook is your door hardware, but it can make a big difference. People think I’m nuts, but one of the first things I do when I move into a new house is change the hardware on all the doors — both doorknobs and hinges. It’s details like that that give a home a more modern feel immediately.

In my last house, I went with oil rubbed bronze in some areas and brushed nickel in others. In this house, I’m doing all the door hardware in matte black, and I’m incorporating some satin brass (a.k.a. matte gold) in light fixtures in my more formal areas.

See how the matte black door hardware in my guest room works so well with the drapery rods and the metal bed? I’ve done the same in my master bedroom, and I’m working on other areas of the house as I can.

bed // curtains // pillows here and here // throw // bedspread // wall art

Also, light fixtures can instantly date a room. This house was built almost 15 years ago, so the light fixtures that were passed down to me all look pretty dated. The would have been lovely at the time it was built, but it’s time for an update, so I’m working on switching them out as I can.

So far, I’ve changed out the gold and white ceiling fan in my master bedroom to a black one, and I updated the chandelier in my dining room. Next on my list is the light fixture over my kitchen table.

Even if you don’t entirely update all of your decor, a simple switch like an updated light fixture can make a huge difference in a space.

#7. When in doubt, go big or go home.

Big and bold is more modern than a bunch of small objects grouped together, so rather than grouping a bunch of small accessories, use one large one. Rather than a hanging of small pictures on a wall, choose a few big pieces. If in between sizes, choose the larger area rug. Hang an oversized mirror over your hallway console table.

In fact, my designer has suggested a full-length mirror behind a console table in my foyer, as in the example below. I’m still debating this one… what do y’all think?

It may be too dramatic for me, but on the other hand, I like the idea of doing something unexpected since I tend to play it safe in my decorating style.

{source: Decoist}

Okay, so that turned out to be a lot longer than I expected! Who knew I had so much to say about updating your home decor???

Anyway, a lot of you have asked for this post, so I hope this is helpful. While I’m no expert, I do pay a lot of attention to details and trends, and I think it’s fun to see a space transform with a few basic changes.

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66 thoughts on “7 Easy Ways to Update Your Home Decor {2018}

  1. I am really enjoying all the info. on decorating!! I love the full length mirror in the entryway!! It looks so glam and like you are entering a 5 star luxury resort! Definitely keep it!

  2. Great decorating suggestions! I’ve been wanting to paint my wood stained kitchen cabinets for a while.  Maybe soon … 

    By the way … did you know your email subject and the actual post title are different?  Kind of threw me iffy this morning. Lol.  

    Love seeing how your new house is transitioning into “your” home so keep the updates coming.   😊

    1. Gina, my daughter painted her kitchen cupboards herself. They were older, stained wood.  She got some advice from a painter, hit the local Home Depot and went to work. They turned out great and the white lightened her kitchen. She also put in new cushion floor as the old was tired and outdated. A few not expensive changes and she brought her kitchen into the 21st century. Go for it! 

  3. JoLynne—love the large mirror behind the foyer console table.  I also have traditional furnishings for the most part but have added quite a bit of contemporary artwork.  It works together beautifully.  My tastes have changed and evolved through the years and. I wouldn’t have used contemporary art years ago but I love it.  Kind of unexpected.

    The biggest mistake that I’ve seen in people’s home is using small artwork and not hanging it at the right height.  People tend to hang their art too high and space farther apart than they should.  Maybe that’s to compensate for choosing smaller artwork in the first place?    Listen to your designer.  I’m sure she has a wealth of information to share. 

    1. Yes, I learned that tip about wall hangings a long time ago — my husband always wants me to hang things lower than I like. I don’t know why, I like them higher, but he is usually right in the end.

  4. What a great post! Thanks for sharing all your “new” decorating tips! Also, the names of the home decor blogs! That full length mirror sure is dramatic ! Will be anxious to see what you do!

  5. Great posting. Your home is beautiful. I love the big mirror behind the table. I like the look of the unexpected decorating. That’s my style.

  6. This was a fun post, and give you a mini break from styling an outfit for us.  I really like the full length mirror behind the hallway console table!  We live in a modular home that was manufactured in 1998.  The man that had it built was retired military.  When he sold it to us, it was turn key, meaning all we had to do was bring our food and personal items.  We are pretty sure that he bought the furniture, etc., at the commissary or from a place where he got a discount, but it has worked for us.  Over the years we have added a master suite, a screened in back porch, a wrap around front porch, had the carpet replaced, and have gotten rid of most of the furniture he had.  While we recently had the whole inside of the house painted, I am itching to update more.  However, our retirement income isn’t going up and Larry’s cancer diagnosis and treatment has put a very big dent in his abilities to implement his handyman skills.  Since I need to do all of the inside and outside chores, I am being very selective with the little updates I decide to do since Larry doesn’t always feel like helping.  Adding the bright yellow accent in the whole kitchen area has really jazzed up that space.  I also changed the hardware on the kitchen cabinets to something fun, that makes me happy.   I want to replace the vanities & cabinets in the two older bathrooms, but we haven’t found ones that will fit in the smaller space.  I have threatened to rip out the stupid brass lights in them because they are so dated and crappy looking.  Well, I will end up writing a book, if I keep going.  Have a fantastic day!

      1. Thank you Susan!  Larry had an auto stem cell transplant in April 2017, which should give him at least 10 years of a better quality of life.  He is used to being very active doing woodworking, hunting, etc., so this new normal of not being able to do those things is a challenge.  Larry does pay attention to his body, which is important.  Now that they have him on a 1 week on/1 week off schedule with the oral chemo, his WBC is remaining in the good range.

  7. Thanks for all of the ideas and the other blogs to follow! I’m always interested in home decor but I’ve painted my entryway about 5 times now and I’m at an impasse with my husband. Maybe the color lady can help. At the moment the REAL update my house needs is a good decluttering and rediscovery of horizontal spaces! Too bad I can’t hire that out! Ha ha!

  8. I see we follow some of the same blogs. Decor Gold and ZDesign are good ones too. They tend more towards glam then country, but we can learn from all. I remember Maria Killam saying go with a color in your sofa that you will love for years. We always want to play it save. Don’t you love the color in her home? I tend to keep mine fairly neutral. Playing it safe, I guess. 
    I went big with my accessories and I’m so glad I did. It makes a bigger impact and less clutter. It’s also in style to go big with your lightening, as in chandeliers or lanterns, which are huge in the design world now.
    I do the same as you and change out my door hardware either because they have seen better days or not my style. I changed mine all to dark bronze with glass knobs. It gave it a subtle bit of glam. My lightening and curtain rods are either bronze or matte gold. 
    Another trend is to hang your drapes high above your window, even to the ceiling. I hung mine 8” above the trim. It makes your ceilings look higher. It also meant I needed to buy longer curtains. I had my main living area custom and found 96” lined ones for my bedrooms & office off the rack. I love that look! 
    Your rooms are coming together nicely. It’s nice to have someone to make suggestions and bounce ideas off.
    If the big floor length mirror seems questionable, how about a good size mirror over the console? It will bounce light around without being too dramatic.

    1. Yes, I love the big chandeliers and lanterns. I’m working on picking something else for over my island. The issue is, I eventually want to change the counters, so we want to make sure whatever we pick will work with whatever I end up doing there.

      Good tip about the drapes — I have been doing that for so long, I didn’t think to mention it.

  9. Great tips! I totally agree about the painted cabinets. Our cabinets are painted  espresso-over what was probably light oak. It was a major selling point, as I was super sick of oak in my old house. 

    I love the full length mirror in the foyer area! Maybe you could even move the table from time to time for your outfit photos. 

    BTW, we have finally decided on Edgecomb Gray. Seeing your beautiful walls was a huge influence on me. When we actually painted swatches on the wall, White Sand was a bit yellow but even more, it reflects tons of light, so I thought it might take over the rooms. So…thank you!! 

  10. Hi Jo-Lynne. Your house looks lovely! Just a quick question-what type of homeschooling does your daughter participate in. My grand-daughter hates school also. She wants to be homeschooled. Just not sure which one to choose. Lots of options.

    1. Hey Debbie. Her school is a public cyber charter school. Not all states offer this option, but Pennsylvania has quite a few to choose from — over 30, if I recall correctly. Charter schools are privately run using public funding, so while it is not part of our local public school district, it is a public school under the jurisdiction of Pennsylvania. Cyber school is school done primarily online. A computer and all other materials are provided. It is totally free of charge. We mail it all back at the end of the year — even text books and novels she needs.

      Cyber charter schools are all run independently, so they’re all different. Some kids area required to log on at a certain time every day, some have to attend virtual classes online. Ours are optional. There is a brick and mortar building — in our case, just 30 minutes away — where the teachers actually go to work every day. There is a principal, a secretary, guidance counselor, even school nurse. (I don’t know why… except to keep up with all the public health records, but anyway.)

      My daughter only has to go to the school for annual PSSA testing. Otherwise, she does all her classes online, and she talks to her teachers through the computer. She can access them at any time during the school day through online forums.

      It’s very interesting, and I’ve been impressed with how personal it feels. Each student is assigned an academic advisor each year as a contact person, and they check in regularly, talk to us on the phone, etc. It’s a great option for kids who don’t do well in a traditional classroom, but the parent doesn’t want to be the teacher. I still help her out some, and we actually have a friend who comes over a couple times a week and helps her with more difficult assignments, but I don’t do any teaching. So when I make references to her being “home schooled”, I use the term in the most literal sense. She does school at home, but I’m not teaching her.

      Also, there are opportunities for field trips, picnics to get to know other families at the school, even prom. She has no desire for any of that — that is why she left school, she says. But it’s an option for those who want it.

      I have no concerns about her socialization — before someone brings it up. 🙂 (They always do.) She goes to church youth group, she have been in dance class the past two years (taking a break this year – doing voice lessons instead) and she gets together regularly with friends from church and our old neighborhood. Plus she babysits for a friend regularly, and we have an active social life with our friends who are sweet to her and engage with her as is appropriate. She was a miserable child when she was in brick and mortar school, but she has totally changed since being at home — happier, more well adjusted, and she has matured quickly since taking her out of school. It’s been really interesting to see.

      My other kids both did thrived in traditional public school and have no desire to do the cyber school — just goes to show there isn’t one right answer for everyone. 🙂 It was hard for me to taker her out of school because I loved school and I was a teacher, but once I did, I saw her change almost immediately, and my only regret is we didn’t do it sooner.

  11. I love this post, JoLynne. I also really love the idea of a full length mirror in your entry way. It is a bit dramatic, but not overly so, and is beautiful! 

  12. Great decorating suggestions! I love the navy couch. My husband wouldn’t let me get a dark color because we would get dog hair all over it. 🙁

  13. I chose blue for my couch 10 years ago and I still love it. It makes me smile. It is leather so it still looks good

    People gave me such a hard time about it but so happy I stuck with my gut!. 

  14. You had some good ideas.  I’m not good at decorating at all and so even these seemed overwhelming.  My house is in need of updating, but its one of those things I don’t even know where to start.  Not sure even what is my style.  I don’t think I’d know how to go from room to room just doing a few changes.  I’d have to do one room at at time to get it to be the right style etc.  Anyway, you seem to be confident in what you are choosing and so far it looks like you are doing a good job.  🙂  Have fun.  

    1. I can relate to not knowing where to start. Sometimes going room by room is the better way. This is where a designer might be really helpful — even just giving you a plan you can implement over time.

  15. Great Post! thank you! especially for the link to the decorating website. As for the mirror, go with your gut. If it was my house, I would be thinking “do I want everyone’s attention drawn to the big honkin’ mirror? Will they notice my beautiful hardwood floors and the lovely staircase and everything else?” Since you asked, for me, the big honkin mirror is too much of an attention grabber.

  16. YES! Do the large mirror in your foyer! I have come to really love and appreciate the simplicity of using one large piece… (or large to scale) I have a 40 x 40 picture in my bedroom and a stand up/leaning mirror, and that’s it. When building our home we chose the Mindful gray for the walls because it can go with warm and cool colors. I did go with neutral furniture pieces, though… I like them, and I’d like the option to change out accessories instead of furniture. Throw pillows and rugs are easier to change. 🙂 You home is coming together very nicely! Enjoy the process!!

  17. Love this post and its perfect timing. As mentioned we have been replacing some furniture. I just bought a chair that is almost an identical match to our coach and love seat in the family room and a Hampton blue (I’ll call it leather chair) for added color. I’m looking at a rug from Wayfair that has the blue in it but is a cream background and a hint of deep red ( not Christmas red more cranberry maybe) I love color added but not going over board. I’m looking for a navy love seat or coach for our bonus room above garage. I think that room will be painted a pewter color… it has a Berber cream carpet in it.. The rest of the house is mahogany hardwood floors. I currently have shortgrass prairie throughout except bathrooms and bedrooms which are a color of choice. The decision now is what to repaint the main house with?… We aren’t into greys and I do feel it will be on its way out soon. Its been fun.. as we’ve been in this house 11 years. Built it ourselves… I’m traditional but have also just added some farmhouse type pieces without going overboard as I like to keep the warm and welcoming feel in our home. I love the idea of the large mirror in the entrance way… GO FOR IT. … especially with your large entrance you have… Plus everyone will be checking themselves out big time before leaving the house… Thanks for the house update blogs its a nice change. Especially since its been really hot still and under heat warnings. Cant think of fall….

  18. I really enjoyed this post and like all of your posts, it’s packed full of useful information. I think you should go for the large mirror in your foyer as you have the space for it. Maybe move a large mirror from another room to your foyer to give you an idea of how it would look before purchasing a new mirror.

  19. I love the big mirror behind the console. I think it visually increases the space. It is a sharp new look that also serves a utilitarian purpose (getting a partially obscured look at yourself before you leave the premises). I don’t think you have to spend a lot of money on this look while certainly making a statement.
    I’ve pinned it for future use!

  20. Yeah what is the Cyber school all about?? Is it like home schooling? Maybe its only in the USA? My friends kids hate school so just asking. My oldest is done and my son is halfway through University…

      1. It sounds like a win win… what a great idea. Thanks for the explanation. Good luck to her this  year I hope she continues to thrive. It sounds like she handles this very well and is maturing into a young lady:) 

  21. Hi! Me again! 😏 I thought you might be interested in South Shore Decorating. Today she is featuring 25 home offices. Lots of eye candy on her blog. 

  22. I truly love that you are sharing all this information. So, so helpful. I have not seen the big mirror/console table combination before, but I do like the striking and dramatic look. I don’t like the table shown in this example, though. Makes me wonder if you need to have a really visually lightweight table to make it work? As for big accessories, I totally agree that’s the way to go to avoid a cluttery look, although I have to admit I’ve personally had very little luck finding larger accessories. Most of the larger things I find seem kind of cheapo and/or ultra casual, and that just doesn’t work with my older 19th and 20th century formal furniture. Either I need a redo or the styles need to swing back dressier. Somehow I don’t really see either of those happening…sigh…

    1. I agree, I didn’t care for the actually table and mirror in this picture either. I looked on Pinterest and didn’t really find a combination I like, so I will be curious to see what my designer comes back with.

  23. Great post, especially for a newbie to home decor posting! 👏🏼
    I’m in love with your living room drapes. Where did you buy them?

  24. Go for that big mirror- I’ve never seen that before but it’s cool!!  Thanks for all the tips, that was an interesting read.  Best of luck with the house and with your son off to college!

  25. While I agree with most of your tips, especially minor things like updating paint, light fixtures and hardware, there’s still an important element of personal style regardless of what is trending. Our homes are a tefleftion of who we are and I think it’s okay to not automatically change to fit whatever is “in.” I’ve had both warm and cool toned houses and I feel most comfortable in the warm tones. I’ve always loved shades of cranberry as an accent color and don’t want to get rid of it. I am in the process of getting ready to have my family room repainted to a lighter shade but it’ll be a light buttery chamois color which will still be “warm” and compliment my furniture and other decor. I still love a French country/Santa Barbara style home. My home is my comfort and “happy place” (as I’ve shared before). 😊

    Don’t get me wrong, I DO love the popular gray, blue, and white colored homes I see all over Pinterest and I have several friends who’ve completely redone their homes in the more modern look, but when it comes down to it, I don’t want to change my entire house to match that. And I didn’t really like shiny gold fixtures when they were popular in the 90s (my parents’ house has gold everywhere!) So I have matte black door hardware that we installed 8 years ago and I love it. I remember waaay back when I was an exchange student in France in the early 80s, my French family had white doors with black handles and knobs and it looked so pretty and classy.

    And I just know,  10 years from now everyone will be saying they’re going back to warm tones. (I say warm rather than earth tones because “earth tones” makes me think of the late 70s and 80s with all the avocado green and orange which I do NOT have or want in my house. 😉) 

    So just my $0.02……

  26. This came through my email titled “Rushed sleeve t-shirtdress for fall”. While I enjoyed the Home post…love reading about decor and I painted the main areas of my home in Edgecomb Gray which takes on both grey and taupe tones…I was looking forward to checking out the dress! ;). Can you post it soon?

  27. Keep the mirror!!!! It looks great! You’ve gotta have that big bold statement. I have a wall in my home where the builders put the thermostat right smack in the middle. I mean how do you hang anything there? I put a frame around the thermostat and then decided to make it our signature wall. Every person that enters our home signs the wall…. Yes our plumber is on there too as well as all my kids friends and coaches and family. It’s my favorite wall in the house. We even have footprints and handprints of little babies!!

  28. Most definitely go with the full length mirror in your foyer. I think that looks amazing! I’m going to start following Maria’s blog. I love home decorating as much or more than fashion. That’s a hard choice lol! 

  29. Great post!!! I have the Tuscan look in my home. I’m wanting to make some changes and I love your ideas for incorporating white, sage green, and blue. Please keep posting!!!

  30. I LOVE this post!! Thanks so much – I definitely need to update our home and your suggestions are perfect and even better, within my budget!!! I think the first thing I’m going to do is change out those hinges and knobs around the house!! Thanks!!

  31. I found your suggestions all very helpful. In particular, I love the idea of buying a couch in your favorite color. Can you say orange? Well, somehow I will find a daring way to make it work with my olive and cream area rug. I just need to donate my husband’s old bachelor (leather) couch. Ewww, Thanks for the motivation to change!
    p.s. I love the mirror in the foyer. How does it feel when you walk in though? Calming? Jarring? It is definitely a beautiful statement piece.

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