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A Complete Winter Running Outfit

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I always tend to slack off with exercise around the holidays because I’m so busy with work and family commitments, but I’m ready to hit it hard in January. I thought I’d share a complete winter running outfit for anyone who’s in the same boat.

Maybe you need a refresh as well, or perhaps you’re setting new exercise goals or planning to start a new workout regimen this winter. Either way, Backcountry has all the gear you need. (And if you’re more of a walker than a runner, this outfit works for that too!)

Stoic Midweight Crew Baselayer Top (S) // Backcountry Frary Fleece Jacket (S) // Patagonia Pack Out Tights (S) // Smartwool Performance Run Cold Weather Mid Crew Sock (M; option) // Brooks Ghost Running Shoes (9; newer model) // Maui Jim Starfish Polarized Sunglasses // Gore Wear Windstopper Headband // Outdoor Research Flurry Sensor Glove (M; option)

Layers are key when it comes to outdoor exercise of any kind this time of year, and when putting a winter running outfit together, I like to start with my base layer.

This midweight crew top is a little heavier than most of the long sleeve running tops I already have, which makes it a nice addition to my winter workout wardrobe. It has flattering seaming and extra long arms with thumbholes. The material is soft and stretchy, and it’s warm enough to wear alone on milder days, but it layers nicely under all my running jackets and fleece hoodies.

Flattering and functional running jackets can be hard to find, but this fleece jacket does it all. I tend to gravitate to neutrals, but when I run on the roads, I always feel safer in a bright color, and this Winterberry is so pretty and aptly named! I also really like the black and grey accents.

It’s made of a moisture-wicking polyester and it has a coating that repels moisture and light rain. In fact, I went running in this outfit right after shooting this look, and it started to rain on my way back to my car. The water droplets just beaded up on top and didn’t saturate the fabric. That’s a major win in my book!

I also love the off center zipper and neck venting for when I start to get overheated, and the unique zipper design allows it to work as a layer under a shell on the coldest days. I rarely need a third layer here in Pennsylvania, but I know some of you exercise outdoors in much colder weather than we have here.

Both the top and jacket are true to size; I’m wearing the small. They also come in other color options as well.

On the bottom, I’m wearing the Patagonia Pack Out Tights. These are thick and soft and stretchy, with a brushed interior that keeps you cozy and warm. They’re full-length tights with a 29″ inseam, which is important for cold weather activities.

I paired them with these Smartwool mid-crew socks. They’re a medium weight that’s designed to keep your feet warm in cold weather, and the mid-crew style fits perfectly under the full-length leggings, so no skin is exposed to the elements.

Finally, don’t forget to protect your hands and your ears. In fact, my hands and ears are the first parts of my body to turn into icicles when I’m running or walking on a cold day, so I often wear these pieces even when I’m not all layered up.

These gloves are nice and thick, and they have a little clasp that holds them together so you don’t lose them. They’re also touchscreen compatible, and they have grips on the palms, which come in handy more often than you might think!

And the Windstopper Headband is perfect for windy days on the trail. Again, I was able to give it a test drive the day we shot this look. It was suuuper windy, and I was so glad I had this headband. It did a great job blocking the wind, and it stayed in place even with high impact activity.

I also wore my go-to Brooks Ghost running shoes, which have been replaced with a newer model.  I have both models, but I wore the older ones with this outfit because I like the colors better. Of course, that isn’t what really matters when it comes to running shoes, but it’s fun to have a few options if you wear them a lot.

Backcountry is running an exclusive styles sale through December 24, and my jacket and baselayer top are both 30% off right now. You can also use code JOLYNNE15 for 15% off your first purchase at (exclusions apply.)

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photos: Alison Cornell

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15 thoughts on “A Complete Winter Running Outfit

  1. That is really a nice color jacket and, it looks soooo much more well-suited than wearing just a hoodie (or some bulky ski parka!) for Winter fitness activity. I agree about the gloves too — I am constantly washing my hands now after being in any public environment and they wind-up feeling chapped like lobster claws in this cold weather (I hate when the sides of my fingernails split and bleed — ouch!).

    Do the tights come in black so that the darting seams don’t look as “bandage-y” on heavier legs? Thanks.

  2. This post is perfect timing for me. I have moved to a colder climate. I run outside in the mornings(some mornings). And it was 25 degrees on Monday. My current running leggings were NOT warm enough. I need some. You mentioned your leggings kept you warm but did not say what temp you run in. What temp do you run in? I have been looking this week for warmer running leggings. And I have noticed most don’t say in description a temperature range they would be good for. I guess everyone’s body temperature would be different but it does make it difficult to decide what would be good for me.

  3. I’m not a runner but a walker and need warmer leggings for sure and love the color of that jacket. 🙂 I’ll have to take a look. I think the leggings would be too long for me at 5’3”???? Are you sure your Jo-Lynne 15% discount code works for sale items? Just mentioning as I went to order something from here with Cyndi S. Code and it said not eligible. So I called company to ask and they said they were having some trouble with those codes so I asked if I could have their 15% off for first time ordering. She said she didn’t have code if they didn’t send me email with it…. I signed up with my email for it and never received it. So she said just let her order for me on the phone and she’d take off the 15% but once she saw I was ordering something on sale she said codes don’t work for sale, only full price. Crazy huh? So I just hung up and ordered the fleece I wanted with sale price and no discount code. Just giving you heads up if these items of yours are 30% off your code may not work. :). Heading now to link into your fleece jacket. Just love the color. :). Have fun baking the Shane cookies. They look amazing. My family can’t have them. We have too many food allergies. Baking Christmas cookies has become quite the challenge now. But, I work at finding ones I can bake for us.

    1. Yeah, that’s why they had me make sure to include the “some exclusions apply” clause on that 15% off JOLYNNE15 code. A lot of times, they don’t allow you to layer sales, so if the item is already on sale, the 15% off probably won’t apply. I wasn’t aware there was any problem with the code working on qualifying products, though. But the 30% off is a separate sale and doesn’t require a code. The sale price is marked on the product page.

  4. I love the look of the running jacket. I went out walking this morning and wished I’d had on something warmer and waterproof as we get the misty, wet foggy air in the mornings. The color on you is great.
    Question: What size do you wear in the Nadam crew neck sweater? I’m going to order in the black. It’s such a cute neckline and I’m looking for a sweater to pair with a green satin midi skirt I just bought. Happy Friday!

      1. Thank you. Just ordered in black! Now I’m heading out to finish my Christmas shopping! First day of my two week vacation 🎉

  5. I had to do a doubletake on the photos because the background looks so similar to my local greenway where I run! Are you sure you didn’t take these pictures in Nashville?

    At any rate, I love this jacket, but I wish it was a little longer. I have learned the hard way over the years that I really need a jacket that will cover at least part of my rear end when I’m running in cold weather or I regret it.

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