April 1st

Is this a sick April Fools joke or something?

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13 thoughts on “April 1st

  1. JL? The baby goes in the garage. Please please please put the baby where it belongs. For real. I can’t stand to see it outside like an orphan.

  2. You think that is bad, you should see it where I am. Five inches by the time I woke up and it is not scheduled to stop until this evening.

  3. Here in the beautiful state of Washington we too struggle with the late springs. Last year it arrived just in time for my son’s HS outdoor graduation party–MID June-not kidding. We’ve now lived through the 4th rainiest March on record. We adjust, we move on (well sort of-but we all complain too) It is frustrating when the stores are full of fun spring things to wear. I tell clients and people I help at the boutique to brighten it up with lightweight cardigans in lots of fun colors. Scarves are an absolute must have for spring and also give outfits some life. Great choices in this post.
    If florals aren’t your thing or patterns for that matter, try them in small doses. First with a scarf, then a top combined with a a cardi or jacket which “tones” down the pattern when you’re not used to them.

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