Fashion Friday: Florals are BAAAACK! (and a rant)

I am just going to continue to post about Spring trends in hopes that if I do, spring will actually arrive in Pennsylvania sometime before the fourth of July.

Today is the worst day yet. Did I, or did I not predict that it would snow on April first? I believe I did, but I’m too lazy to search my blog and find it.

Well, today I awoke to a mixture of rain and sleet, and the weather forecast predicts snow before all is said and done – the PERFECT day to cram five preschoolers into my car and chaperone a field trip to the grocery store. NOT. But that is what I have agreed to do.

What does one WEAR to participate in such a thing?

I really wish I’d sucked it up and bought those rain boots a few weeks ago. I had no idea how many times I’d wish I had some over the course of this “spring” – or whatever it is, because THIS IS CERTAINLY NOT SPRING.

But whatever.

These are the cards we’ve been dealt to let’s make the best of it, shall we!?

So this spring the floral trend is back again. I think I posted about this last spring, and my opinion hasn’t changed much. Basically, my thoughts are this:

The trend is cute, but it is not for me.

I wore enough florals in the 1980s to last me a lifetime.

However I can appreciate the look on others, as long as it is the RIGHT floral.

Yes, there most definitely is a RIGHT AND A WRONG when it comes to floral. Whomever it was that determined that there are no moral absolutes clearly did not consider the floral trend in his soul searching.

Here are some florals that are modern and fun, and if they fit into your style aesthetic, go for it!

I love this whole outfit even though I don’t think I could wear that top — too many ruffles in all the wrong places. However, it’s a great top for, ahem, smaller girls. It creates a balance that might not otherwise exist.

See how the chunky shoes give visual weight at the bottom to balance out the volume on top? The ruffles and floral in the top lend a feminine contrast to the skinny cargos, and the sweater keeps you warm when spring doesn’t arrive when it should.

Let it go, Jo-Lynne. LET IT GO.

Okay, I’m moving on. I promise.

This dress is wrong for me on many levels, but it really is sweet for the right person. With a light cardigan, it would be perfect for Easter Sunday.

This classic sheath might actually work for my conservative style, although I never wear yellow (or belts).

This I love, although it is so not me. But if you can do boho chic, here you go!

Now, here’s a floral I might be willing to try — a floral scarf.

I’d have to think about how to work that into an outfit. A floral scarf could really dress up jeans or skinny cargos and a basic T or tank IF IT EVER WARMS UP – and of course it would also work with a light cardigan or a long sleeved, V-neck sweater in a coordinating color.

Oooh, like this!

I love that boyfriend cardi.

Old Navy has a bunch of cute outfits. This outfit puts a floral skirt with a ruffled knit bolero, a white T and espadrilles.

And I love their floral scarf print totes.

You know me, if I’m going to go out on a limb and try a floral with any one item, it would be with a handbag.

I could post pictures of outfits all day, but it looks like the field trip is a go so I better go make myself cute so I can get there on time.

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19 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Florals are BAAAACK! (and a rant)

  1. Love the scarves and those Old Navy outfits.! We’ve had rain and temps. in the 40’s all week here and I live in the South! Our normal high for this time of year is 68. Sunshine is finally back today. Hang in there! It’ll make it back your way soon.

  2. I like florals but I gravitate to small patterns. I think if your gonna do big florals they need to be in small doses. These are all really nice examples of florals done right 🙂

  3. I am loving that jeans, cardi, t and scarf look. . .I have to be careful with too clingy cardis because they stick to my curves and that is NOT flattering =)

    I’m with you on the rant friend – this weather is terrible!


  4. I’m with ya on the lack of spring. We are supposed to get snow accumulation here in Central New York. I did go with a spring color on my nails this week. A lavender metallic. And next week I’m getting a Lavender French manicure. Looks so springy.

    I don’t know how I would add florals. Still learning what works with my new body, I lost 100 pound over the last year with Gastric Bypass. I’m still rather busty so I don’t think a floral on top is a good idea, especially not with ruffles.

    Now if this snow would just GO AWAY!


    1. The website link on my original post is incorrect. This one should be right. Just started my website so, I’m still new at this whole thing.


  5. You are FUNNY! I don’t like florals either. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I see them on other people and think – oh those are so cute. And I put one and me and think, OMG a walking garden of weeds.

    Snort, that dress would be wrong on me on so many levels too. And yellow? no. No can do.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees this same thing because I tried on enough floral stuff on Monday to choke a horse and it just looked bad. And wrong. And I looked heavier (nothankyou).

    Have fun today.. I won’t tell you that it’s sunny (albeit chilly) here. My son wore shorts to school yesterday.

  6. Last year I never would have considered wearing yellow. Or a belt. And I’ve broken both those rules and been so thrilled with the results. Never thought it would look good on me (my mother always tells me that yellow is the worst color for me), but it’s now become one of my very favorites.

    I love your floral suggestions. Just the perfect pop for the un-floral lover!

  7. Where can I get that yellow floral sheath? I generally don’t do florals either but that dress just might work for me!

  8. I think I could definitely do floral in a skirt. Just enough of a pop of color. I do love that skirt you chose. And that scarf and bag are super cute, too!

  9. I’m not fond of the florals, or the snow either. Being short, I tend to go for the more graphic looking florals. I also think I’d prefer wearing florals as accessories to dress up an outfit.

    I found a dark purple floral blouse with a ruffle at Goodwill this week. It’s a wrap blouse. I’m going to wear it tonight with a black cardigan since the blouse is short-sleeved.

  10. I know you were not trying to make me laugh with your ranting, but I so did. I’m so sorry you are having such miserable weather. I am with you on the floral–mostly not into it, although there are a few items here and there that I like.

  11. I’m having a love/hate with florals. I have always hated small florals. Rarely wear florals at all. But… sometimes. In the right moment, exact write look, I’ll flower it up. (you’ll see soon enough.)

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