{Gluten Free} Meal Plan 4.04.11

I’ll make this short and sweet because I want to tell you all about my event on Saturday in my next post!

I’m still being vigilant about keeping gluten out of my diet so all of the following recipes are gluten free or can be easily adapted. If I list in the ingredients bread crumbs or flour, I am using a gluten-free version. You can find both in almost any grocery store these days. Usually gluten-free ingredients are in the organic/health food aisles.

MONDAY: Ina Burgers* on the grill (it’s going to be 75 degrees today!!), sauteed spinach (it’s now in season locally!!) and raw veggies (for the kids who aren’t so fond of spinach)

Ina Burger

*I eat mine off the bun, of course. And yes, I still buy Martin’s potato rolls. Some things are just irreplaceable.

TUESDAY: Baked Salmon, brown rice and roasted broccoli

Baked Salmon

WEDNESDAY: pan fried pork chops with collard greens and herbed new potatoes


THURSDAY: Tequila Lime Chicken, quinoa, fresh veggie of some sort with guacamole and chips as a pre-dinner snack

Girlymama's Guacamole

FRIDAY: Chili (Unfortunately, Friday looks like it’s gonna be a chili kinda day. Will spring EVER stick?)

Friday Night Chili

WEEKEND: Leftovers