Athleisure At Home with Nordstrom

I’ve had a lot of requests for more outfits featuring sneakers, so I’m teaming up with Nordstrom this month to share a couple of athleisure looks with you!

Athleisure At Home with Nordstrom

Athleisure At Home with Nordstrom

Nordstrom has become my one-stop shop for athletic wear in recent years. I’m particularly a fan of their Zella brand because they have really cute styles, and the quality is fantastic. I’ve sung the praises of their high-waist leggings many times, and those are my favorites for running and working out, but today I’m styling their straight-leg plank pants for an athleisure at home outfit.

You can certainly work out in these pants, but I particularly like them for hanging out at home and running mundane errands when I want to be super comfortable but still look decent. The contoured seams down the sides and the straight-leg style creates a flattering silhouette, and the wide waistband is comfortable and holds you in check. The waist isn’t as high as the high-waist leggings, but it’s high enough to look nice and stay in place.

These pants are also great for throwing on after work in the evenings with your favorite hoodie, or I’ve even worn them out and about with a graphic tee and a jean jacket. I typically advocate wearing jeans instead of yoga pants or leggings, but every once in a while, it just feels good to have an elastic waistband, can I get an amen? These are about as flattering as yoga pants can get.

I paired the plank pants with Zella’s Etoile pullover sweatshirt. I was immediately drawn to this top when I was perusing the Nordstrom website. I love the ultra-wide neckline and the pleats on the sleeves and the back. Those details elevate this top above a basic sweatshirt, and the material is so super soft. It feels fabulous against your skin.

Athleisure At Home with Nordstrom

It’s lightweight for a sweatshirt; I would consider it more of a top, but it’s perfect for spring or mild winter days like we’ve had this week. The day I wore this outfit, it was in the 50s here in Philly!

Athleisure At Home with Nordstrom

This is the perfect outfit for days when you don’t need to leave the house, but you still want to be put together. I’d even wear this to run out to the grocery store in a pinch.

Athleisure At Home with Nordstrom

Athleisure At Home with Nordstrom

Athleisure At Home with Nordstrom

I wore my Nike Free sneakers. These are by far my most comfortable sneakers. The Adidas Superstars would also be cute with this (particularly the ones with the black stripe) but I was asked to style black trainers recently, and these are the shoes I typically wear with my plank pants. For some reason, I tend to wear my Converse and my Superstars more with jeans, although they would certainly work with this outfit too.

Mine are an older style, but I highly recommend any of the Nike Free sneakers for super soft, comfortable shoes you can wear all day. I don’t run in these because they don’t have enough support for that, but they are perfect for wearing around the house and walking the dog, and they’re also great for traveling with you’ll be doing a lot of walking.

Athleisure At Home with Nordstrom

Savannah’s always happy when we do these photo shoots because she gets a walk. We don’t take her out every day because we have an electric fence and she can do her business without us taking her out, but she loves to walk… or run, rather! Once she gets to the sidewalk, she takes off, and it’s up to me to keep up… thus the need for sneakers!!!

Athleisure At Home with Nordstrom

Athleisure At Home with Nordstrom


Zella Etoile Pullover Sweatshirt // Zella Plank Pants // Nike Free sneakers // faux pearl earrings

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27 Responses

  1. I’ve been looking for some long pants like this that are straight leg and not flare. All I can find lately are flare. These are perfect!

  2. Cute! I need some new workout/hang around clothes! I’ve spent so much focus (and money–haha) on going out clothes, I’ve really neglected my workout things!! How do you think the sizing runs in the shirt?

  3. In reading some reviews of the pants they say they run small? Did you buy your normal size? And does the waist fit more like leggings/yoga?

    1. I always buy medium in Zella pants, and they fit fine. If anything, they’re slightly too long for my liking, but that’s good news for the tall girls! If I really wanted them to look perfect, I’d have them hemmed up about an inch. The waist is wide and comfy.

  4. Those are cute. Maybe if I order some, it will motivate me to go to the gym?! It can’t hurt. Savannah is cute. We have an 11 year old Maltese named Rufus. He looks harmless but thinks he’s a big dog, so his name fits him. It’s fun to see different parts of your life on the blog. Enjoy the weekend and the snow! We are getting rain all weekend. Just 5 degrees cooler and it would be snow here. Sigh

  5. Very cute! I have several similar tops that I wear around the house and occasionally to do errands. I love the added warmth given by having the longer sleeves with thumb holes. BUT it can be so annoying trying to get things done around the house with those sleeves. They are in the way if you need to cook, wash dishes, etc. LOL! I end up just folding the bottom of the sleeve into a big cuff with an odd looking hole in them. 😉

  6. Love the leggings and will be checking them out! I have a dog that looks alot like your Savannah. My dog’s name is Nash (because we live in Nashville) and he is a Shichon (Shih Tzu/Bichon mix). Is Savannah a Shichon? Just curious. Love your blog and read it every day!

  7. When they say “plank”, are they referring to the cut; or just a cute name to call them e.g. Pilates, ?
    I have difficulty finding a pair of yoga pants that stay up and don’t start pooling at my ankles! I am not sure if it is the material, waist band, my butt or something else. Have you had this happen to you? I am assuming the pants that are posted here on blog don’t present this problem.?
    BTW, Savannah is adorable!

    1. Hm, that’s odd. I have no problem with these staying up. They’re pretty snug through the hips and thighs. I don’t have any trouble with the Zella leggings either.

      I have no clue why they call them plank pants. 🙂

    2. I’d say they’re called “plank” because of the contoured seams down the sides. These are so attractive and slimming. I might be ordering these soon! I wish they were on sale but I’m guessing they don’t discount these very often.

  8. Love your dog! We have a mix of half poodle and half shitzu….she is sweet and loves to walk. Thanks for info about Zella. It is nice to have a place to just go to knowing you can be happy with something. I will be checking out Nordstrom when I need more leisure wear.

  9. I really need to get some workout gear that can double as a comfy outfit to wear around the house. I usually wear capri length pants for exercising but it’s far too cold to wear those around the house at the moment! I love the style of your leggings, particularly the cuffed ankles.

    Emma xxx

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