Trunk Club Unboxing

It’s been a while since I’ve placed a Trunk Club order so I decided to request a Trunk and see what Erin would come up with for me.

For those who aren’t familiar, Trunk Club is a fashion styling service owned by Nordstrom. You actually have your own personal stylist at your beck and call. She will likely offer to hop on the phone with you and get to know you and your style before she sends your first Trunk, and you can email or call her at anytime afterward.

All of their merchandise is sourced from Nordstrom, and it is all currently available on the website, so you know you’re not getting last year’s leftovers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… but you can also cross-check the prices and make sure you’re not getting up-charged. You pay exactly what the items are going for on the website, so if something goes on sale before you make your final decision, you will get the sale price. You have 5 days to try on and return the products you don’t want, and shipping is free both ways. They have recently instituted a $20 styling fee, but that can be applied to anything you purchase from your Trunk.

In case you’re wondering, I am not in a working relationship with Trunk Club, but I am sharing my referral link. Everyone who signs up gets a referral link to share with their friends, so you can earn credits to shop with, which is another great bonus to trying it out!

Trunk Club Unboxing

For this Trunk, I asked for a mix of things, mostly casual, but I said I wasn’t opposed to a dress or two. Because Trunk Club sources their merchandise from Nordstrom, the price point of the things they send can be all over the map. I do give them a price range to stay within, but they usually try to tempt me with a few higher end pieces. I actually like that they do that. It’s nice to see what else is out there in the departments I might not always frequent, and every once in a while I splurge on something if I think I’ll get enough wear out of it.

This Trunk actually had quite a few tempting splurge items inside, but it also had some more moderately-priced pieces. Erin knows my love for jeans, so she sent three pairs. She also sent a couple of sweaters, a few tops, a leather jacket, a dress, a handbag, and a pair of booties! I think there were 12 pieces in all. They used to send 15 in each box, but it seems like they’re cutting back a bit on that. Still, 12 pieces give me plenty of choices, and I’m struggling a bit with a few of them. I’m hoping you can help a girl out.

In this outfit, the leather jacket, blue sweater, and black jeans all came in my Trunk. That black flats are mine.

Trunk Club Unboxing: Leather Jacket

Trunk Club Unboxing: Trouve Leather Moto Jacket

Trunk Club Unboxing: Moto Jacket and Step Hem Jeans

Trouvé Leather Moto Jacket $299// I wanted to love this jacket, but I think the lapels are too big, and when it’s unzipped, the front of the jacket hangs open instead of curving in at the waistline. I would hardly ever wear it zipped, but I did take a picture just to cover my bases, lol. It looks better zipped than unzipped, I think, but the lapels still overwhelm me. While it’s a decent price for a leather jacket, I don’t want to spend that much unless I absolutely love it, so I think it’s going back.

Trunk Club Unboxing: Theory Cashmere Sweater

Trunk Club Unboxing: Theory Cashmere Sweater & Paige Jeans

Theory Cashmere V-Neck $265 // This sweater is lovely, but it’s too low-cut for me, and it’s thinner than I’d like. I couldn’t help but admire how nicely it matches my nails, though! Ha! (For size reference, this is a small.)

Paige Hoxton High Rise Step Hem Skinny Jeans $209 // These are extremely comfortable. The material is more pant-like than denim-like, and I like the higher rise, but I’m not crazy about the step hem that’s so trendy right now. Thoughts on those? By the way, they’re sold out, but these are almost identical. At that price, I’ll wait for a sale. FYI, these are a 29 and fit perfectly, so I’d say they run true to size.

Trunk Club Unboxing: R Minkoff Feed Bag

R Minkoff Small Feed Bag $245 // This bag is adorable, and you know how I love R Minkoff bags. I can’t help but think how cute this would be in outfit pictures for the blog! If you’re looking for something on trend and mid-sized, this is a fun one! It’s unlined, and the leather is like butter.

Trunk Club Unboxing: Vince Camuto Booties

Trunk Club Unboxing: Vince Camuto Booties

Vince Camuto Fritan Booties $149 // These, I love! This is a great bootie for anyone looking to add a fun pair to her wardrobe. They’re very comfortable, and I really like the geometric cutouts on the topline and heel. I have a few pairs of Vince Camuto shoes, and I can attest to their good quality. While I don’t have any grey booties and I’m tempted to keep these, I just don’t wear booties all that often, so I’m not sure I want to invest in another pair this close to springtime. These are a contender, but I’m trying to talk myself out of them, can you tell? These run true to size; I’m wearing my usual 8.5.

Trunk Club Unboxing: Equipment Silk Blouse

Trunk Club Unboxing: Equipment Silk Blouse & Frame Skinny Jeans

Equipment Carina Print Silk Blouse $198 // I’m not a fan of this style top. It’s too long and throws off my proportions, making my legs look short, and it hangs very straight and hides my curves. Quality-wise, the silk material is gorgeous, and it feels very rich. It looks better on the model on the website, so I think it’s just not made for my body type. Maybe if I were taller… a lot taller! LOL! For size reference, this top is a small.

Trunk Club Unboxing: Theory Yorisa Scoop Back Stripe Tee & Frame High Rise Skinnies

Theory Yorisa Scoop Back Stripe Tee

Theory Yorisa Scoop Back Stripe Tee $160 // I love the idea of this top, but it’s waaaaay too tight on me. It’s a medium, so I think it’s just supposed to fit that way, but it’s a little bit out of my comfort zone. That said, I love the ballet neck with scoop back and the elbow-length sleeves. It would be a really cute piece for spring on the right person.

FRAME High Rise Skinny Jeans $215 // I have one pair of Frame jeans, and they’re fabulous. They fit like skin. These have a lot of potential with a nice dark wash, raw hem, and comfortable 9″ rise; but I wasn’t a fan of the rear view. In this case, the pocket placement is okay, but the pockets are quite large, and they kind of flatten the derriere. I’ve noticed that Paige and AG make their jeans with smaller pockets, and I find them to be more flattering on me.

Always look at the rear view, ladies!!! Every woman is different, so you really have to try on a bunch and figure out what looks best through trial and error. The good news is, once you find the denim brands that work for you, it’s usually pretty easy to shop from there on out.

NYDJ Henley Blouse $88 // Again, I’m just not a fan of this style top, although this one is slightly more flattering than the one above, and it’s definitely more affordable. I can see how this might be nice if you need work wear, but I still don’t think it’s terribly flattering. Maybe it would look better on a different body type. For size reference, this is a small.

Trunk Club Unboxing: Vince Camuto Lace Sheath Dress

Trunk Club Unboxing: Vince Camuto Lace Sheath Dress

Vince Camuto Lace Sheath Dress $168 // When I pulled this dress out of the Trunk, I might have actually squealed. I love the flattering fit, the gorgeous shade of red, and the faux wrap skirt. Doesn’t this just scream Valentine’s Day!?! I only wish it had a deeper neckline. The jewel neck really isn’t my best neckline, but overall I think it’s stunning on. It’s fully lined and runs true to size. If you need a party dress for an event this winter, look no further! I wish I had an occasion to wear it. This is a size 8, so it runs true to size.

Equipment 'Asher' V-Neck Cashmere Sweater & Paige Transcend Verdugo Skinnies

Equipment 'Asher' V-Neck Cashmere Sweater & Transcend Verdugo Skinnies

Equipment ‘Asher’ V-Neck Cashmere Sweater $171 // When I first pulled this sweater out of my Trunk, I figured it was going back because it’s so long, but if I place it at my hips, it stays put and creates a relaxed look that doesn’t completely loose my waist. I know it would be more flattering if it were more form-fitting, but I’m thinking it’s fun for a change. This is already small, so I don’t think I’d want to size down. It’s a gorgeous quality cashmere, I love the color, and it has the perfect v-neck. Plus, it’s also 40% off, so I’m debating this one.

PAIGE ‘Transcend – Verdugo’ Ultra Skinny Jeans $189 // I have the Paige Verdugo in the ankle length version, and I’m a huge fan. They’re super comfortable and very flattering. I like this light grey a lot. Unfortunately they’re a size too small. I usually wear a 29 or 30 in Paige, and these are 28.

So that’s a wrap! What do you think? What would you keep? 

I’m realizing that this was a pretty expensive Trunk, all told. In the past, they’ve sent a wider variety of price points for me to consider. If you’re thinking of giving Trunk Club a try, don’t let that scare you away. Just be very specific about your budget parameters, and they should accommodate you.

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82 Responses

  1. Wow! Nice collection! I like the pink sweater too! And the purse is adorable and fun. Those two would be the ones tempting me!

  2. I’m so envious that you know EXACTLY what looks best on you. I drag so many items home only to find out they’re too big or something I would never actually wear. Then back I go for returns & it all starts again.

    1. Honestly, it’s that Adore Your Wardrobe class that did it. I sort of instinctively knew some of this, but to have a specific body type applied and then rules around it have changed my life! LOL!!! It really is nice to know what looks good on you, but then it’s tempting to be so picky that nothing is ever quite right. I wish you could tailor sweaters, lol.

      1. I started my AYW class this week and I’m so happy to have learned about it from you. I’m not the only one- you’re getting lots of shout outs from other women taking the class 🙂

  3. Hi Jo-Lynne, it’s fun seeing you in so many different styles and pieces at one time, and reading your comments on them. It’s a reminder that you face challenges, just like we, your followers, do. I think you look fabulous in the red lace dress, but if you don’t have a need for it, send it back. The bright sweater in the last picture – keep it! I bet you will get a lot of wear out of it.

    Have a great day! It’s going up in the 70’s here, again, with pretty sunny skies.

  4. Fun! I love the pink sweater, like you say, it has a nice casual vibe and would be great for days where you’re running around and want to be comfy. Also, that red dress is STUNNING. I would create an occasion to wear it, LOL. Too good to pass up. I also love the booties, I have a similar pair and love them!

  5. That dress fits you like a glove and looks gorgeous on you. I also think you should keep the pink sweater, it’s great with your skin tone! Have a wonderful weekend = )

  6. I LOVE this lace dress on you. I do understand how you feel about the neckline, as I have the same issues…HOWEVER…I think this dress is STUNNING on you!! 🙂 I think you should keep it!

  7. I like the pink sweater and the red dress is definitely a YES!!! Find a place to wear it and add a statement necklace to fake the v neck you like! It is stunning!!! I also like the black jeans. I have grey vince Camuto booties (different style) and wear them ALL the time — I’m usually a flats girl since I’m a teacher. Fun to watch you try on stuff! I also tried the Adore your wardrobe class and totally agree — I thought I was a whole different shape than I am! IT has changed my closet!

  8. LOVE the hot pink sweater– the looser fit is a nice change. And love the feed bag! Funny thing is, I keep looking at it on the RM website where it’s on sale. Different colors, though. i definitely don’t care for the step hem on the jeans and I like deconstructed jeans if they’re not too holely. Speaking of jeans, NordstromRack online has had AG jeans! Happy Saturday!

  9. The red dress looks tailor made for you! It’s fabulous! I would throw a party just to wear it if I were you! I love the way the booties are cut lower in the front so the cuffs of your jeans won’t bunch up.

  10. Wow – for once I’m actually commenting on the day of a post – lol! My two favorites – the black jeans and the pink sweater. The hem on the jeans would drive me mad too but that’s a quick fix to even it off and I think the fit looks amazing on you (without seeing the rear end that is 😉 ). The pink sweater is just a no-brainer on all fronts. Thanks for sharing your unboxing – I wish we had a comparable service in NZ – it looks like Christmas has come again 🙂

  11. I wold keep the booties and the red dress. I pretty much matched your take on each piece of clothing. That red dress looked amazing on you, but the lapels on the leather jacket made me think of “The Flying Nun”…LOL!

  12. I do think it’s fun to see what others would pick out for you, because I think we get in a comfort zone with shopping!
    You probably know what I’m going to say, Jo-Lynne…..wait for it….THAT DRESS! It’s the most perfect thing on you! Hot mama alert!!! And the fit, gosh begosh!! You should keep that just to have an excuse for a fabulous date night.
    Besides that, everything else just seemed so normal. I do love the color of the pink sweater, but truthfully, I’m not sure it’s anything so special for that price! Just my opinion, of course!!

  13. Interesting to see all the pieces you received and your take on them. That helps me with my thinking about outfits. Since you asked, in my opinion, those that look the best on you are the Step Hem Skinny Jeans, the Vince Camuto Booties, and the deep pink cashmere sweater. The sweater is a different, slightly looser fit, yet it is looser in the right places and doesn’t look sloppy at all. The two blouses look like they’re made for someone quite a bit older who has things to hide (speaking from my experience! ha) The red dress is gorgeous, but somehow I keep thinking the short sleeves and rounded neckline also make it look a little “matronly” even though the lace and shape is beautiful. I believe it needs cap sleeves (or even fitted, 3/4) and a v-neckline to be “perfect” for you. I agree that the pockets on the Frame Jeans are too big (for anyone!), and the blue sweater would be too low for me, too. The bag is cute, but there are so many cute bags…I’d always rather pay for clothes! ha Have a good weekend!

    1. I agree with all of your feedback! I carried the bag this morning for a photo shoot, and I really do like it. It’s a great size, and it’s so fun to carry, plus the leather is like butter. But at that price, with another bag I love in a similar color, I think it has to go back. 🙁

  14. That red dress is everything, you look amazing in it!! My favorite is the bright pink sweater, LOVE it and you would get a lot of wear out if it!

  15. LOVE those Vince Camato Fritan booties and they would be a definite keeper! I like the pink sweater but if it comes in an XS, I would consider it. The the small looks a tad big on you. I signed up for the Adore Your Wardrobe course that just opened and I love it so far! Knowing my body type has already helped me stay focused with things items in my closet! Have a wonderful weekend Jo-Lynne!

  16. I love the last pink sweater on you. Although the lace dress fits you well, there’s something about it that’s not quite right. Maybe the short sleeves hitting you at the bust line and the neckline is not the most flattering. The color is good on you but I think a red that has more blue in it would flatter you even more. I also question the length of the dress. I’m thinking a little shorter might be more flattering and it doesn’t seem to be able to be shortened because of the lace. You would lose the look of the hem

    1. I think you’re on point with the dress. I learned a while back that the sleeves ending at the bust aren’t a good idea – I kind of forgot that “rule” but I think a cap sleeve would be so much more flattering.

  17. I LOVE the red dress! I think you should definitely keep that! I have to disagree about the Frame jeans–I saw the pic before I read your comments and thought how great they looked from the rear view! I also think the striped top is darling–I wonder if you could size up in it? Super cute!

  18. I think you are spot on, and I envy how you rationalize each piece on the fit. I tend to let my love for a piece blur my judgment on how it actually works on me.
    I tried a similar jacket recently, but it had the exact same problem..the lapels were just way too big and it flared out on the sides when open.. I just couldn’t handle it.
    Those booties! I have them in brown and they are probably my most adored shoe of all time, lol. They are the ones I was “saving”. I just love every single thing about them, and I know I’ll wear them for years.
    I think the dress is stunning and I would at least get dolled up for pics in it if nothing else! Gorg!!
    Pink sweater is a keeper!! I love the relaxed fit. I can’t say I could justify at full price but 40% off would be hard to pass up!
    Whew, that was a long one, lol.

  19. I agree with you on all those. The red dress looks great on you, but the length is weird to me.
    I say keep the pink sweater..send the rest back.

  20. Hi, I think the grey/ blue Henley blouse looked the best. Tired of the same sweater look. The dress is beautiful on you but length is too long.

  21. I’d say the pink sweater is a keeper. As soon as I scrolled down to it I thought “now that looks like Jo-Lynne”????. It does look super cozy too, which is always a plus. The red dress was pretty, but I’m like you and need more of a v or scoop neck. Crew necks do nothing for the shape of my face. I think it’s funny that you thought your legs looked short with the sleeveless top because when I was looking at that pic before reading what you said I thought, “she must have long legs”. HA, everyone sees themselves differently. How tall are you Jo-Lynne? My legs are about 2 feet tall????. Have a great weekend!!!

  22. I think I’m in the minority here on that red dress: I didn’t like it at all. The first thought i had was “matronly” which someone else mentioned. It’s most likely the neckline as you said.
    I love the pink sweater and it would be gorgeous with your white skinny jeans and those grey booties,

  23. Wow !!!! That red dress looks awesome on you and I really like the pink sweater and gray skinny jeans.
    Have a great rest of the weekend!!!

  24. It was fun seeing all the different styles on you, and you seem to know exactly what you like and what looks good on you! But I really like the NYDJ Henley blouse (for me!!). Now that I’m over 60, I’m fighting that post-menopausal middle roll, so I tend to wear tops with more looseness around the middle with skinnier bottoms! For you, have you ever considered belting a longer, flowier top?? Just wondering since I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with a belt over a top!! I would also wear a shorter, more fitted denim jacket over the Henley, another way to camoflauge my middle!! Enjoyed the entire post today!

    1. I can’t wear belts. I’m short waisted, and they don’t work on me at all. I do hear ya on the blouse being nice for camouflaging some extra stuffing as we age. 🙂 I thought it gave me some shape, it was just overall too long and thin for my tastes.

  25. WOW! Do you think we LOVE the pink sweater or what!?!!! Keep it – something about that color always makes you smile and feel good about what you’re wearing!! Love the gray booties!!! Also like the red dress, just don’t have the need for one – and it was a rather expensive trunk, wasn’t it? You style much better and give us so many options!!! I’ve purchased quite a few items from your post and still cringe every time you wear your TB dove gray convertible bag! Man, I hate that I actually bought it then sent it back… Please tell us when you decide to auction it off!!

  26. I’ve been using Stitch Fix for the past couple years, but haven’t scheduled a box since last September because I hadn’t been real happy with the quality in the last few “fixes.” I’ve been thinking about signing up for Trunk Club so I appreciate you sharing your recent unboxing.

    My thoughts: I’d keep the booties and send the rest back. I love the shade of gray on those Paige jeans (although you said the sizing was wrong), and I liked the color of the pink sweater with your coloring (def one of your colors- so pretty on you) but it’s too long and looks funny bagged up on your hips; too much material there. The red dress is awful IMO; I don’t mean that to sound harsh because you are beautiful and it fits your body well and all, but the actual lace material and nude lining underneath and that high scooped neckline and the tight, weird-length sleeves ….I just don’t think it’s a keeper. I’m also not a fan of big back pockets on jeans and an uneven hem. Don’t mind the “raw hem” but the uneven/step hem makes me feel like the manufacturer is doing an “Emperor who wore no clothes” trick on us…..like they made a mistake but decided to call it “fashion” and charge a lot of money for them and convince us to buy them because it’s “stylish.” ????

    Again, thank you for sharing your Trunk Club box! i love your blog!

    1. I haven’t been happy with the quality of my StitchFix items, either, Heather. My last box was full of polyester blouses that were just awful. I’m dying to try Trunk Club, too.

  27. You definitely got an interesting mix of items in your box this time! Initially I loved the color of the light blue sweater on you because I don’t remember seeing you in that color recently. Once I read the price of it, I thought it would have had to be *perfect* for me to justify it, and if the cashmere was thin as you say, it would be a no-go for me as well. The dress is lovely but it seems a little long to my eyes (honestly, it could have been how you were standing in the pic) This week I tried on nearly every dressy-dress at my local Nordstrom (and bought a navy Eliza J lace dress) so I think you could find one that is exactly right for you. I *do not* understand the hem on the black pants….I know it’s probably supposed to show off your cute booties but I’m pretty sure it would drive me nuts on a daily basis 😉 But I know how hard it is to send back a pair of pants that fit well because they are hard to come by! I’ll be interested to hear what you eventually decided to keep. The majority of the other items I felt were nice but not showstoppers and more expensive than I would have expected to pay. Overall, I love the idea of Trunk Club but would have to make sure I didn’t try to justify a “so-so” item just for the convenience. Reading blogs like yours reminds me to step out of my comfort zone when I am in the stores and try on things I wouldn’t normally try to get a better idea of what looks good on me.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Interesting perspective on the dress. I do think it is a tad too long – that was my initial impression when I tried it on without heels. And also that neckline bothered me from the get-go. I can see the matronly aspect. I think it could be stunning with the right accessories and maybe a delicate, strappy heel instead of pumps, but I don’t really have an occasion for it, so I think it’s going back. I do love Eliza J dresses. They seem to nail it every single time.

  28. Have you tried the blouses with leggings and the boots? Agreed the pointy shoes make your legs look shorter. The pink sweater, the red dress and the booties are keepers!
    Good luck ????

  29. In the minority here. The fabric of the red dress is too trendy, and I’m tired of that flat lace look. Just spent yesterday looking for a Winter Ball dress for my daughter, and that’s all we saw. I think you’ll be sad in a year with that dress–it’s not timeless enough. You are too gorgeous for it. I’ve seen much better on you!

    Love the pink sweater. What a great color on you. The leather jacket is great, but I”m with you on the lapels.

  30. I like the striped top on you. I think if you size up ( the shoulders are too narrow and it’s too tight ) you will love it. I find a striped tee goes with everything and it’s easy yo mix with other patterns. The dress! You have to keep that, Jolynne. It’s do flattering for your figure and famine but a touch sexy. Perfect for any special night out. The rest us blah. Send back. ????

    1. I typed this earlier when I was short of time. I think auto correct messed with my spelling, or I needed another coffee.
      I just looked through your pics again and read the comments. I can’t believe anyone would think that dress looks matronly. I think it’s striking and shows off your gorgeous figure beautifully. Ask your hubby what he thinks. I’m betting he loves it. Keep us updated on your keeps versus returns.

  31. What I want to know is how you find sweaters with the perfect dimensions. They sit not too high or too low on your hip. They give you shape without showing off your lumps and bumps and yet they aren’t baggy. You look casually sophisticated without looking overdone or frumpy.

    Do you have tips on how you find such a perfect fit? I just ordered over 20 sweaters and they all seemed to fit wrong. They were too boxy or too short or too form fitting.

    1. Hey Karen, I feel your pain. Trust me, I send so many clothes back…. I spend a couple hours every Saturday boxing up returns and updating my spreadsheet. (I record all purchases and returns.) That said, I have gotten better at knowing what will work and what won’t, and the key to that is knowing the exact length that works best. If you have a sweater that is perfect, measure it from shoulder to hem and keep a note of it so you can look for sweaters that length. Most sites give that measurement — not all, but most do. I am always looking at the measurements before ordering. Same with jeans. I know the exact inseam and leg width I like, and I always compare those sizes before ordering. But I still send back 75% of the stuff I order. It’s crazy!

  32. I like the booties, the pink sweater and the gray jeans. I hate to say it because most people disagree, but I think you can do better than the lace dress. I don’t like the length and even though it fits you amazing and you look so fit in it, I don’t like the nude part underneath.

    I also have a question. A while back you ok’d me wearing skinny jeans at 54 yo. I saw PAIGE at Nordstrom rack today and I tried a couple on. Wasn’t in love with either pair and didn’t have a lot of time to try more on. Wondering what size you think is best if I usually wear an 8 pant? I am 5’5″ but I weigh closer to 145 so I’m heavier than you are. Can you recommend a skinny jean for me to try? Thanks, Jo-lynne!

    1. It’s tough to find the perfect pair, there are so many different styles by each brand. You probably want to try size 29 or 30 in most brands. When I was closer to 145, I found 30s to be more comfortable. I love the DL1961 Florence and Emma, but they may be hard to find at Nordstrom. I also love the AG legging jeans – they come in ankle (28″) and regular (31″). I find the ankle to be a tad short on me, unless it’s the raw hem, which for some reason looks better short. I am hoping to order their regular ones soon – they’re 31″ inseam. I wear a 28 in AG so you may like those in a 29. Also give the Wit & Wisdom Ab Solution jeans a try. They tend to stretch, so a 29 is probably right for those. They’re more affordable, and they do a good job. Hope that helps!

      1. Thank you so much for the recommendations and the link! You are so awesome and you answered me so fast! 🙂
        I’m in Northern NJ and I’m cuddled up watching the snow fall. Glad I ran out to Nordstrom Rack this AM.

          1. Jeggings usually fit tighter than skinny jeans and may have more stretch in the denim. Originally, they had no button, more of a legging type of waistband, but now I notice a lot of jeggings look more like jeans.

  33. I love the pink sweater, the dress, and I actually like the 2 tops too :)… but understand not keeping them if they’re not your style and you don’t love them. I even like the leather jacket… 🙂 … It all looks pretty on you!

  34. What is the “Adore Your Wardrobe” class that you and another commentor mentioned? I have tons (way too many) of clothes and shoes but I need help knowing how to style them.

  35. What fun! I love the pink sweater, bag and the Frame jeans. I like the dark denim, stitching and the larger pockets. You look very curvy in them. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing…so glad I found your blog!

  36. Oh, this is fun! The boots are a must! They have that edge that you like (and I like, too). The dress is a “wow” and you certainly could pull it off but I’m in agreement with others that it’s not spot on. Sleeveless, a deeper neckline and a tad shorter would hit the mark. Even so, you really look beautiful in this dress as is. As a MIL who had to scour Wisconsin for a red dress last summer, I am completely over the lace dress! When I saw this dress, I wish I had found it last year but at the same time, I was happy to commit to never wearing a MIL, lace dress again;) That might explain some of the “matronly” reactions some of us are having.
    Super fun, JoLynne. Thanks for sharing the trunk.

  37. Hi Jo Lynne, great article! I’m trying to get a better understanding of the Trunk Club setup, do they send you a preview of the items before you receive the box? And if so, what is keeping you from purchasing them yourself on from Nordstrom to avoid the stylist fee?

    Also, I love my Paige jeans and was recently at Nordstrom Rack and they have a ton there for half the price! And they’re current styles so definitely worth checking out.

    1. Hey Kaitlyn. They do give you a preview, and you can accept or decline each item. Then when they send the trunk, they always fill in a few extras, depending on how many you declined. Nothing prevents people from taking those ideas and going to Nordstrom, but with the Trunk, you don’t buy them until you’ve tried them on and decide to keep them, so it’s easier than dealing with purchases and returns. At the end of the day, they’re owned by the same company, so it doesn’t really undermine Nordstrom to do it that way, but it might undermine the stylist. I assume she gets rewards based on what she sells. I hope that helps! Thanks for the heads-up on the Paige jeans!

  38. Even though the red dress neckline isn’t your favorite, it is stunning and you rock it!! One of the best dresses you have posted.(on you)

  39. I am so glad to see a dress that is below the knees it is modest and tasteful. Not everyone should show their knees. Hard to find modest dresses.

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