Back to School Outfits for Teens #AEOStyle


It’s August, and my Facebook feed is slowly filling up with back to school pictures and anecdotes about the end of summer and the start of a new school year. Thankfully, here in Pennsylvania, the kids don’t go back to school until the end of the month. I’m all for eeking out every last drop of summer, but I realize that many of you are in the throws of back to school shopping or have kids who have already started school!

As our kids get older, back to school shopping tends to get less exciting and more angsty. It’s hard to know where to shop and how to find styles that are stylish yet modest. Our kids are developing their own personal style, and sometimes we don’t see eye to eye. It can be stressful.

I’m fortunate that my daughter and I generally agree on her wardrobe choices. Ever since she graduated to the junior’s department and started shopping women’s sizes, American Eagle Outfitters has been one of our favorite places to shop for her, so we’re excited to team up with them on this post to share a couple of back to school outfits for teens.

Back to School #AEOSTYLE

Caroline is going into 8th grade this year, and it will be her second year at the middle school. Last year everything was new and unknown, but this year it’s old hat. We know what to expect, and she is more confident in her choices, so we’ve had more fun shopping together.

This one is a jeans girl like her mother. She lives in jeans and cute tops — even in the summer, she often wears jeans. Clearly the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. All of her jeans are from AEO. They have a great fit and quality, and the price tag doesn’t break the bank. They often run nice promotions on their jeans too. In fact, right now they are BOGO 50% off so it’s a great time to give them a try or stock up on your favorites.

Caroline tends to have a little boho chic going on. She’s drawn to flowy tops with ruffles and lace details — unlike her younger sister, who is happiest in athletic wear. It’s fun to see how they differ in their clothing choices.

We went online to order her a few things for school, and she was immediately drawn to this Lace Bell Sleeve Top in the brown. Online it looked more rust, but it is definitely brown. It also comes in blue and ivory.

Back to School Outfit for Teens #AEOSTYLE

I love the lace detail and the hi-lo hem. Look how cute it is from the back.

Back to School Outfit for Teen Girls #AEOSTYLE

I personally didn’t think the top needed the tank underneath, but that is our go-to solution for any top that pushes the limits of modesty. She almost always wears one, even under t-shirts. I think it just feels comfortable to her.

She’s wearing the AEO Denim X Skinny Jeans and Mix Buckle Sandals.

Back to School Outfit for Teen Girls #AEOSTYLE

These jeans are made with 53% Cotton, 34% Viscose, 12% Lyocell, and 1% Elastane for a high-performance stretch that is designed to hold its shape and hug your curves. They’re a little large on her right now, but the size she’s been wearing were getting snug so we decided to size up. She’ll grow into them in a blink, I’m sure.

She will wear sandals to school for the first few weeks until it gets cold. We both thought these were super cute, and she says they’re quite comfortable.

Back to School Outfit for Teen Girls #AEOSTYLE

She also picked up this adorable ruffle hem sweatshirt in orchid. We both love how it combines the comfort and practicality of a sweatshirt with the trendy hi-lo ruffle hem. For size reference, she’s wearing a small in both tops, and she’s about 5’3″.

Back to School Outfit for Teen Girls #AEOSTYLE

AEO also has a lot of cute jewelry. I always have to drag her away from that section when we’re shopping in the store. She picked out this Cream Stone Charm Necklace to accessorize the sweatshirt since the front is rather plain. I’m not sure what happened to the other charms. Ooops!

Back to School Outfit for Teen Girls #AEOSTYLE

These are the same jeans and shoes from the previous outfit, but we also bought her these skinny jeans in Blue Heaven. These are made of 83% Cotton, 16% Polyester, and 1% Elastane, and they fit more like a traditional stretch jean.

She also has a pair of their Jeggings, but those fit super tight and have a lot of distressing so they’re not really appropriate for school. (She loves them, though, and they are really cute!) I personally like the Denim X Skinny Jeans on her best of all.

Back to School Outfit for Teen Girls #AEOSTYLE

This is the type of outfit my 13-year-old wears every day to school. It’s simple, cute, and comfortable.

Back to School Outfit for Teen Girls #AEOSTYLE

AEO has tons of different styles of jeans and a huge selection of tops and tees as well as shoes, accessories, and outerwear. In fact, we purchased Caroline’s winter coat at AEO last winter. She is also a HUGE fan of the AEO Soft & Sexy Tees and their Twill Midi Shorts. She has multiples of both.

If you’re back to school shopping for your teens or looking for some affordable jeans for yourself, this is a great time to shop because for a limited time AEO jeans, pants, and shorts are BOGO 50% off at!

Everything we’ve ever bought at AEO washes and wears extremely well, and their styles fashionable, casual, and affordable. It’s definitely our go-to retailer for back to school teen fashion.